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Unwillingly Irime draws down the bow and lets soldiers take them to the commander.
Etharion, I suppose you're the commander, so...welcome...)
As they entered the tent she felt a dagger press against her back. She looked toward the girl, her face was a mixture of fear and uncertanty.
Holy...mackeral...go to the city for one day and 5 new pages to read...people, you need to slow down! Not all of us around as oftern as you are!
Bradly stands up. He then jumps on his seed and rides off into the woods. He trys to hide but his wolf finds him. He rides off fast to the kingdom beside the forest.

Ok Ok but the only god-mode i had was changeing into teh shadow. So i wont do it again. And Eth you can have same to help u just not me,iri,or rue and i dont think Cal will help you so pick sameone. Like Ice
Sorry Bradly, I wasn't trying to get on your case, just trying to be fair, I admit even I've done it before.And sorry Adreia it's just that I'm not very good at doing anything at a slow pace.
Irime said to Rue mentally not even looking at her: "Don't be afraid, I'm still good. But as they don't know me, let's play a trick on them. You'll be given the important role - you must show that you're fooled by me, show you anger and despair of being betrayed. But don't try to break loose from my grip. You'll understand when to start an action. And we'll kill their commander!"
Then she addresses soldiers:
- Careful, I've brought you this slip of a girl, I want to talk to your boss!
At first soldiers looked at them incredulously, but then smiled and some of them even started to laugh.
- Ok, Lady, his tent is the green one.

Rue had now put up a mind block on the off chance the commander tried this as well she would now have to rely on timing and chance alone. She tried to look helpless or even pretend to struggle, but the fact that it wasn't real prevented her from doing a very good job. They entered the tent.
Bradly is now about 12 miles from the camp. He is by a river and takeing a rest. He hears four grauds came up from behinde him. He jumps at them attacking and his wolf bites them. 8 more cames out of no were attacking him. He trys to attack them. He gets knock out. He and his wolf gets carried off to the camp. He gets throwed in frout of Eth.
Rue couldn't fake it any more. She transformed and began killing soldiers. She let her mind block down and told the girl to act like everything was as it was before. Rue tried to get to Bradly but the troops had her out numbered .She went for the commander but troops had begun thowing ropes about her wrists and neck bringing her down, She willed the girl to keep pretending as she hit the earth. She slowly transformed back.

I've got to leave in a few minutes but I'll be back later.
Bradly who was still knock out. Dose know what happen.
Irime was standing and looking at Rue tied with ropes. She didn't know how long she could pretend and deceive the enemy. All of the sudden several soldiers dragged Bradly who still was out. The minute of silence reigned in the camp. Then the soldiers looked at Irime.
- Hey, what you're staring at me!? You'd better take the prisoners to the tent.
As the soldiers took Rue and Bradly to the tent, Irime opened her mind and said to Rue: "When everything settles down, I'll come and release you! But don't try to do it yourself, ok!?"
Rue could barely hear, her but slowly nodded her head.
Bradly who was weaking up. Looks over at Rue. He then looks up at Eth. He thinks to himself,"Oh man what have i done." He then gets up faceing Eth.
Irime looks at Bradly. She seemed agaze and trying to say him "Fool, what are you doing?! Lay down, in a few minutes I'd release you!"
Rue was angry at Bradly for leaving camp, but didn't have enough strenght to hit him and the ropes were too heavy.
Bradly gets so mad that he dosent hear Iri. He then breaks his ropes. He reaches for his sword but sees its missing. He then punches Eth out. He picks Iri up. He calls for his wolf. His wolf cames he sets Iri on him and tells him to leave now. As his wolf leaves. Bradly sees 14 grauds cameing his way. He fightes them off trying to stay up. He sees one of the grauds attack him with his own sword. He gets knock out again.
The wolf only stopped as he reached the forest. Irime dismounted from it.
- I need to come back, why Bradly treated me like that!? I hope he's still alive! I want to help...
She took step forward, but the wolf blocked her way. So she sit on the ground and started looking at the camp where the action took place and waiting.
Bradly weaks back up fast. He sees that teh grauds covered his body. He pushes them off. Knocking them out. He takes oiff running back to Iri. He fanilly reaches Iri."We need to leave now." He jumps oin his seed and puts Iri on the seed with him. He takes off to the kingdom.
Nim woke up and looked around, tied to a stick. She was surrounded by orcs and fires burning, leaving her sweating. None of her companions were anywhere to be seen.
>If any of you can hear my thoughts,>she thought, >Please! Come help me! I don't know where I am!<
While Rue was tied up she could hear the faint cry for help, she hoped the others were better off and able to return it. She looked around at the troops or at least the ones that had lived through Bradly's attack.
Irime was holding on to Bradly. The race on the wolf wasn't usual for her. But the broad back of her companion made her feel in safety.
Bradly reaches Nim. "Were here to help." He jumps down attack the orges. He kills five of them. "Take my seed Rue and Nim. ill follow yall later. Im holding theose orgers backs." He attacks them with all his strength. He finds one of the warorgers. He kill it in 5 mins.
Bradly, Irime's the one with you I'm still at the camp remember, she was the one with you and the wolf.
Opps i forgot
I'm back! Sorry been rather busy this weekend...suprise party fer my mum. Bradly: you'd better keep ur promise on Weds. :P

Cal heard Nim's messge vaguely in the back of her mind and woke up. She got up and looking around the camp saw that it was deserted. Deciding that everyone was apparently busy else where and that it was useless to go back to sleep she sat up, waiting for the others to return. One wolf remained in the camp, the one that had been Bradly had sent with her. Alright it looks like I stay here and act as the check-in point.

Cal sent a mental message back to Nim that she would come as soon as she could and try to alert the others but to tell her if someone came or if she was desperately in need of help and Cal would come.
Bradly reads back to the camp he had set t gt th the thngs he ss Cal stng th. "Cal we need to go now." He unties herr seed and puuts her things oon t. He jumps up then helps her up. They ridee off into the woods.
Arthas was now recovered. He had some kind of flu, and he was a bit unavailable (that explains why i didnt post anything Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )
He now planed what to do with these rebels.

If you could all please hear me!!! Everyone please post a one lined post with bold letters, stating your name,race and on who's side your on. (good or bad) Thats all i need. Please.
Calenia (Cal), Elf, good...Bradly's side is that all ya need Eth?
Nimrael or Nim for short, of the race of Men, on the alliance of Good
Rue Auburn, Elf, Good.
Lord Bradly Maximo Chism race:human/elf good
Rue struggled with her bonds as the comotion began to settle, for some reason she couldn't transform. Hopefully the others had ended up in a better place than this. 'At least Bradly had killed a good number of them', she thought.
Irime - elf - good!
- Bradly, and what about Rue?! Do you have any idea how to find her!?
Cal was still rather lost as to what was going on, seeing as she had been absent from all the going-ons. She thought about NIm's message and decided to check up on her, just in case. Nim, it's Cal. How are you? Do you need help still? If so, just say so and I'll be there as fast as I possibly can. I'm with Bradly and Irime, but I don't know where the others are. She tightened he grip on Bradly and waited for Nim's response.

"Bradly, what happened? Where are we going? What happened to the others?"
Bradly turns faceing Cal. "Theres sameone who wants me dead. The others are at there camp we are heading to the tower. Oh and Nim is with Iri on her seed." He turns still rideing as fast as he can. He gets up to Iri and Nim.
Rue had gotten tired from straining the ropes and had fallen asleep.
Bradly takes the seed by the rope and leads it to a river. He then jumps down helping Cal down. He then walks to Nim and Rue. He helps them down. He takes the horses to a tree and ties them up. "We can stay here for the night."
Bradly, once again, I'm still at the enemies camp.
i keep forgeting
Don't worry, I'll wear out the ropes eventually!
*goes and pouts in a corner*
What happened to singing me happy b-day Bradly? Sad Smilie
nothing here it is. Happy Happy Britday it your Britday and its your day so have fun Happy Happy
*smiles and hugs Bradly* ty Big Smile Smilie I'll post when Adreia posts some sort of a reply to my messge
Arthas steped out of his tent rather angry. His troops proved totally unable to catch them on their own. But now he was back. He aproached Rue who was still tightly bound by the hard and unyielding ropes. "So....You are a friend of that oaf? Speak up elf!!" he signaled a guard nearby. He aproached and kicked Rue. "So? Will you speak, or shall i let him continue?"

Hear ye!!! Hear ye!!! I hearby call all talented and able role players to join me on the side of evil. Untold riches,goods and women await you. Or men...or get it. What you prefer most. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I
Rue winced at the kick, but stayed silent, her breathing was heavy now. She looked around at the night hopefully. Every time she struggled the ropes seemed to get tighter.Perhaps she could lead them away again...
Arthas spoke a few hushed words with a man in the corner and then turned back to Rue.
"Speak. Where are your little friends?? You better anwser trouthfully, pointy eared girl." he said angrily.
Rue looked up," And what would I gain worth keeping if I told you what you wanted?" She turned away.
Bradly gets down on his knees to take a drink of water. He looks at ever one. "We most help Rue."
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