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Ice jumps up and runs to Etharion. She hugs him tight, saying, "How have you been, Eth?"

Bradly watches them still hearing a sound that dosent belong.
Smiling at the sudden appearance of Eth, Cal walks over to the meat, gets some and sits back down next to Bradly, and hands him some.

"Here, you should eat too, after all you need to keep your strength up too."
"Iv been fine, working on some things. How have you been? And the rest of you as well! What are you doing out here? I barely found you." he says with a smile.
Bradly takes the meat and eats his pieces. "Thanks. Can you hear a vicoe?" He looks at Cal still trying to find the sound.
Cal sat down and listened intently for any noise other than that of her friends and companions.

"Only a vague one, but yes I can."
Bradly looks around trying to find it. He gets up in a hurry. He looks around," go to the group and tell to begin to rest and that ill stay up keeping watch for peolpe and all that."
Nim stumbles along a small path right into Ethy.
"Ohhhhhh I'm sorry SIr."
She grins innocently up to him and continues on.
After glancing worriedly at Bradly, Cal stood up and joined the rest of the group silently, waiting a few moments before speaking.

"Everyone, um, Bradly says we should get some rest now, he'll keep watch. Oh, and nice to see you Eth. It's been a while since I saw you last."
Bradly walks out of the light of the fire still trying to find the sound but just finding dogs running. He walks back to the rock then sets down still watching for the sound but more looking at the group.
Ice has been ignoring the voice until now; she figured it was just some farmer from a village or something. But if I got Bradly this riled up, "Cal, did Bradly say what he thought the voice was?" she asks. She turns back to Etharion, saying, "I've been pretty good actually. I haven't been causing too much trouble..."
After everyone had settled down for the night, Cal noticed Bradly sitting on the rock, and went and sat down next to him.

"I can't sleep, mind if I sit with you a bit?"
"Good." said Etharion to ice. he then took out a pipe and lighted it. He walked for a while and then climbed a high rock. He sat at the top and gazed into the darkness. As the night was deep, the mists rose from the ground and the whole area looked much more mystical and frightening. But he seemed quite relaxed and happy as he puffed at his pipe. He swinged his leg in some rithm and started huming softly.
Bradly looks at Cal. "Sure i dont mind." He feels a cold wind blowing. He looks at the night sky he then says. "It is very quit tonight besides the viceo. I wish i knew what it was."
Ice stood and followed Etharion, after she had told Corath where she was going. She came upon him, sitting on the rock, puffing his pipe and swinging his leg; he seemed to royally enjoy this little spot. She walked over to him, and stood, staring at him, while a soft breeze picked up, making the forest much more barable. The wind blew her red-tinged hair around to her right, and she smiled at Eth.

"Where have you been, Eth?" she asked, the smile turning into a grin.

Cal tilted her head back slightly and looked at the stars.
"I have no idea what it could have been Bradly. Did you ever figure out where it was coming from?"
Corath sat by himself, watching Bradley's odd behavior escalate. Cal appeared to be trying to calm him down. He examined the elf stranger and narrowed his eyes when Ice went over to talk to him.
Corath walked over Ice. "Geez, what's gotten into Bradley?" he asked Ice, oblivious to her old friend. "He's like, paranoid now......." He suddenly noticed Etharion. "Oh sorry....should I go?" he asked sarcastically. "You seem to be pretty popular with the gentlemen there, Ice," he whispered. "How come you never mentioned your boyfriend?" Corath added with a tone of arrogance.

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Etharion opened a eye and stoped huming as Ice came near. "Ah good evening. Me? Ah, i have been to a few towns, and the great mountains. But not very close by if you remember where im from." he said with a wink. "And yourself? Where have you been? And where are you all headed?"
Nim sat on a rock and just stared at the horizon.

((I dunno, my char barely does anything. I can't catch on fast/ I'd love to but I can't Wink Smilie ))
Bradly says in a low vieco"No i havent but i got a good idea who it is."He looks at the stars with Cal.
Talking quietly in a soft voice so as not to disturb anyone else, Cal spoke.

"Bradly, what do you think it was, that voice? Oh, and do you want your coat back? Just tell me if you do."
Bradly looks at Cal speak sofely as will."It is a guy that calls himself the shadow. He lives around here and he wants to battle but snice the ifre is still big he wont come. On and you keep my coat." As he finishes saying that he heres the shadow tell him who he going to attack frist. "Hey Cal you better stay close by me ok so that you wont get hurt ok?"
Though rather confused at Bradly's remarks, Cal smiles.

"Alright, I'll stay close, as always. Though as I've told you numerous times before, I am perfectly capable of defending myself. Oh, and while we're on the subject, what was the purpose of that ring you gave me earlier?"
Bradly tells her with the rings does"The ring lets me know were you are at with my ring. Plus it gives you the power of speed were as my gives me the power of fire. The reason i ask you to stay closed is the shadow is not able to be side but feel and he is fast so he can attack then run before you even know it." He looks around for a second trying very hard noto let her know the reason she needs to stay closed.
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"Alright Bradly. Thank you."

Smiling at Bradly, Cal stood, and walked quietly behind Eth, taking care not to let him hear her, then pokes him in the back. Laughing, but deciding to let Ice and Eth have their privacy Elf Winking Smilie Arwen goes and sits by the fire, staring idly into the flames.
Bradly watches her but still trying to find the shadow.
Nim heard Cal's laughing and looked back to the others. Tilting her head, she was barely able to see Ice talking to Ethy and Cal going to the fire. Nim raised a brow at Bradly's ways, then looked at Corath for a moment before falling back off the rock. She walked quietly in that direction, slowly, hoping not to be seen.
She had been sitting there watching the travelers ever since the troll fight had broken out, thinking of helping but not wanting to be mistaken as an enemy. Now she decieded it was time to reveal her presence. She got up silently knowing if she made a sound the one called Ice would shurely have a knife in her side before she could act to defened herself.She pushed her shoulder lenght hair back shifted her broadsword on her back and brought herself to her feet, then on cats paws stepped into the fire light.

Nim, if you don't feel like you're catching on just start up a coversation, that way you'll become more intuned with the story, look at me I just walked out of the bushes!
Bradly watches them. As he watches them a shadow passes in frout of his eyes. He jumps up pulling his sword. He runs to the fire watching the shadow pass around them. He cuts the shadow but he misses. He follows the shadow. The shadow laughs in the air. "You cant get me Bradly ill kill Cal before yall get to the warlock!!" Bradly yells at the shadow "Ill kill you before you touch her."
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Hello? Is anyone there?
name-Rue Auburn
cloths-brown leggings under a short brown skirt, black knee high boots, green elvish tunic,black cloak ending at knees, and a belt with various pouches and pockets.
weapons-broadsword called diresong, bow'n arrows, throwing knives, whip, daggers, short sword , and a quarter staff.
appearance-bright green cat eyes , fair skin, high cheeck bones, almost shoulder lenght red hair, slightly pointed ears.
background-has been on her own since she can remember, is skilled in many forms of weaponry and toungues, and has an incredable understanding with horses.
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Calm down. He is figthing the shadow thingie he has been talking about for quite a while now, not you. Wink Smilie
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Dont worry. Bradly gets kinda excited every now and then and its even harder to understand him than usual.

Etharion looked a the newcomer with a smile "Hmm. Welcome girl. Warm yourself by the fire, we are all friends here. My name is Etharion. This is Icefangs. The rest of my friends are scatered about." he said calmly.
Cal jumped up when the newcomer appeared.
"Hi, I'm Calenia, who are you?"
Bradly stop seeing the shadow has left. He looks at the new comer. "Hello im Bradly nice to have you join us. Who are you?"
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''Hello, and thank-you sir, I'm Rue Auburn, but everyone calls me Cat'',she says as she extends her hand to Etharion and kneels to warms her cold tired body by the fireside. Caustiously she looks around,she smiled warily at the others who seemed so friendly.
She turned to the man who had introduced himself as Bradly, ''Ummmmm.....what were you going balistic about? She asked, I thought you had mistaken me as an enemy.''
Bradly look at her."No not you but a man who calls himself shadow. Im sry if i scared you." He hands her same meat he cook to bluid her strength,
''Shadow? Him again,'' she muttered, accepting the meat and nodding to Bradly.''This is just great, he's still following me'' She turned around to see the others staring faces.
''Ummm.... I should probably go'', she got up hastily and out of her bag dropped a large book with runes all over the cover, she tried to grab it in time but Bradly's hand shot out and picked it up. Wary Smilie

Very Big Grin Smilie
Bradly picks it up and hands it back to Run. "You dont have to live now. Ill make sure he wont hurt you or any one in this group." He smiles to her then walks to his rock. Still listeing to the sounds.
She walks after him.''I'm sorry I was so rash, it's just... I know him under very unpleasent circumstances and the book you saw was his, I stole it from him after I escaped him. He's been following me to get it back and also to....Well I should probably go, I don't want to, but I can't put you in any more danger.''
Bradly says looking at Run "Well you see he is also after me to get my power. You dont need to leave for i stay in danger. Shadow is also after a friend of my Cal....I hope she will be safe."He looks around for a sign.
''You dont understand'', she began,'' he doesn't want me dead.''
''Do you want to know the reason they call me Cat? Its because..Well I'll show you.''
She pulled her cloak against her and let out a sharp cry. When she let her cloak fall to the ground she had claws, fangs, and ears of a cat, She had red fur cuffs on her wrists and a long red tail, her eyes glowed green.
''Now do you see? This is what happened when I was with him. What if he does the same thing to Calenia?''
(P.s., my name is spelt Rue)
Bradly looks at her. He then begins to say,"He wont do that to Cal for i will kill him before he even begin to attack her. For i can see and hear were he is at." With that said he pulls out his beast sword showing the sword to Rue.

(sry i thought it was Run.)
thats okay
''I hope you're right'', she says examining the craftsmanship, ''and I hope you don't think any differently of me after what you saw, I stole the book to see if there was a cure.''

What time does everyone usually come on? and what time is it where you are?
It's 8:00 here.
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Nim looked on as the newcomer stepped into the spotlight. She tilted her head and walked back into the woods, just glancing about quietly.
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She turned from Bradly to see a girl look at her and move into the shadows. Rue called out after her, ''Hello'', she said starting forward, the girl started to back away.
''Dont worry'', she said and she returned to human form. ''I'm used to that look''.
(its 8:04 here and i got on when i can sry)

Bradly watches her then looks around for he haer samething. He puts his sword away. "Dont worry Rue i have seen more then that. And i wont think any differt of you."
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