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yes Rue, I've notised too, tho it's rather hard when we have no enemy or anything to be fighting or any sense of direction as far plot or where we're headed. Oh and Bradly...what tower? Isn't that in Hunt in the Fog?!

Walking through the forest, Cal wended her way toward camp, with Nim close behind.
I thought it was the tower of the warlock guy you were all searching for...

Rue gathered more wood to the fire and warmed her hands.The enemy had fallen back quickly enough to leave her puzzeled.They could have easily taken without much effort,She thought.
c'n i join? Smoke Smilie
I will join if it starts up again(bradley posts)
You guys, Bradly's been gone for a while.
from p-t?
I wish I could've stayed on this one; it was getting good ^_^

yeah, I don't think Bradly's gonna be back fer a while...
Wuuhuuuu!! Dunce Smilie ......oops..ummm.... did i just let that slip? Shocked Elf Smilie Moderator Smilie

I just noticed that somewhere in the middle of all that laughing, it says 'looloo...' haHA!

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