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"What about Nim? I'll go after Nim, you can go after Rue. I'll be cautious, don't worry."

Without waiting for a reply, Cal turned and walked off. Nim, I'm coming, do you know the whereabouts of where you are?
Rue was kicked many more times before being left alone,She closed her eyes and wished she could sleep. She was bruised, and some parts of her body were now bleeding.
No idea thought Nim. Goodness, it's just firey here. Nim lay still and looked about again.
Alright, I'm on my way, I don't know how long it will take me, so hang in there.
Cal quickened her pace as she thought about all the places that NIm could possibly have been taken.
Nim crossed her fingers the best she could. Don't worry, I'll be hanging she thought with a smile. Nim laughed a bit and then sighed, silencing.
While Rue was sleeping she had begun to take on a fever, occasionaly she would begin to jerk around in small fits, and her breathing was now ragged.
Bradly runs up a tree faceing the camp. He thoughts to Rue. Im caming just dont tell them. He runs off with his wolf. Like a shadow they run though the woods.
Rue faintly hears Bradly,she trys to brake free from her fever but is too exausted to fight it, she slipped back into her fitful sleep.
Bradly sees Rue and cames up from behide her. He wishpers into her ear,"Rue its me Bradly im here to get you out. Juts be still and act as though im not here." He takes out a knife and cuts the ropes. He sees two grauds walk by he jumps back into the woods.
She was to exausted,she could barely hear his words. She feels the footsteps of the troops as thry walk near, on of them kicks her again, and she winced once more.
Bradly holds his anger in. He sees them leave. Then he picks Rue up and put her on one of his wolves. They run into the darkness of the woods again.
Rue felt herself moving and tried to get up, but could barely lift her head.She felt fur beneth her and guesed what Bradly had done. She heard Bradly muttering above her as he ran.
Bradly and his wolf stops at teh river were the others were. He helps Rue off the wolf. He lays her on the ground beside the river under a tree. He takes his cloak off then puts it over Rue. He take his shirt off. He then wets it and puits it under her head.
Rue was semi concious and could feel she was on the ground again,the bleeding had almost stopped and her breathing was returning to normal.Rue tried to move but was still too weak.
Cal had begun running silently now, having a feeling that there wasn't much time left. as she ran, she tried to think about some place where it would be hot nearby, and slowly became lost in her thoughts. All of the sudden, she heard noises and slowed down as she crept cautiously forward. A few minutes later, she saw lights and realised it was some sort of camp, and swarming with orcs.
Nim, I think I've found you...there wouldn't happen to be a lot of orcs around you would there? And if there are, then I've most definitely found you, and now I just come up with a way to get both of us out alive.

Crouching down so that she blended in almost perfectly with the shadows, Cal began to think of a way to rescue Nim.
Nim glanced about her some and nodded. Yes, she thought, there are many orcs around here. It looks like a camp. Thanks again for all that you're doing! Nim smiled some to herself and patiently waited for Cal to arrive.
Where exactly is Nim?? Is she my captive or not? Just let me know. Cause my troops are moving out.

Arthas spoke a few words with the rogue apprentice that his master send over. "So, they are in teh woods westward? Hmmm. Very good. We move out at once! Captain!!! Haul on, we'r back on their trail. Thanks to Thasid here..." he said smiling while giving a pouch full of gold to the rogue. In minutes the camp was empty, and the force was one the move. Soon they were a hundred feet away from Bradly and Rue. There they Thasid's master, the rogue Atamar. He had done his job well, and lead them exactly to the two fugitives. Now they would capture them both!!
Arthas sent some fighters to go around their soon to be prisoners. That way they would have them surrounded.
All was set..... Arthas was feeling good. I
Ethy, Nim is the captive of Arthas. So, you're taking her away with you!
No problemo. Nim is in for some hard jogging, and she's tied up as well!! Ouch!
Rue heard a twig snap somewhere near the tree line, then another." Bradly...go..." Was all she could manage.She slowly looked around, her gaze was met by over a dozen soldiers.

Bradly,lose the fight let the bad guys have some fun for once
Bradly hears them caming. He pulls his sword. Then yells,"YOU WANT ME CAME GET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!"
With that said he runs after the force with his wolves.
Rue still laying on the ground,unable to move,takes a blow to the head and everything goes black...again...
Bradly turns to Rue. He runs to her side and pertects her.
Rue did her best to get up,leaning against a tree she took out her throwing knives,(since they were the only thing she could lift.)She looked to Bradly who was now standing in front of her,"We can take them." Although in her mind, she wasn't so shure.
Bradly says in a deep viceo,"There is 300 men and 100 bowmen." His wolves were around them.
"Way to be positive,not all of them are here I could take an even fifty and then some I'm not shure of your average but the extra would add up to about one fifty",she looked at him,"on the other hand we could just run."
Bradly gets mad. As he gets mad fire begins to form around his sword. "No more running."
"Cool it",she said, "anger hasn't helped anyone so far so it isn't going to help now." She looked at him then uttered a cry in elven,and the few throwing knives she had began to fly (be thrown),hitting almost all thier targets, "Your turn", she says when finished, collapsing to the ground.
Bradly runs into the forest attacking his set. He shoots a fire wave from the sword. His wolves attack also. He runs back to Rue sees them suround her.
Rue had put all her effort into her throwing knives and could no longer stand, as she layed there a soldier kicked her again,she winced and rolled over.
Bradly jumps at the soilder. He cuts his cest open. Then kicks him down. He stands over Rue grauding her.
Rue looks up and can't help but feel guilty,if she hadn't gotten caught in the first place he wouldn't have to fight at all.
Bradly looks down at her. He then smiles at her. He puts his sword away. Then picks Rue up. He jumps on hi seed with Rue on his shoulder. He rides off into the forest.
"Thank you,I can't remember how many jams you've gotten me out of any more",she looks back at the troops,thankful she wasn't with them.
How touching. Just a though. I wont coment the fact that you single handedly beated more than 50 armed soldiers, ill just say that you could make one longer post and then wait for the other (thats me) to reply!! You cant decide what happens on your own. Others are in this as well.

Arthas looked at the dead men. He turned to the captain under his command. "This is pathetic. These men at arms are not trained well enough. Bring me the uruk troops! I shall hunt them down myself this time..."
Bradly says "Its ok." He keeps rideing to the tower.
"What will happen if they take up chase? We won't be safe forever",she says holding on to him.
"Im not real sure." Bradly looks at the sky very worried.
The tireless uruks proved to be better at this chase than the humans. They were hot on the trail, and they'r prey was geting tired....
"Bradly,I can hear them",she says as her hands begin to slip.
Bradly trys to Rue's hands but she falled off all ready. He looks up and see the solders cameing."RUE!!! IM CAMING." He jumps off the horse then runs to Rue.
Rue got up but the soldiers had her surrounded already.
Come on Etharion!
Bradly trys to fight the soilders off. But there was too many. The last thing he saw was Rue crying. And the last thing he heard was Rue's viceo calling him. He falls to teh ground knock out from the lost of blood.

Arthas pushed his was through the surging uruks. (this is like the Sauron scene Elf With a Big Grin Smilie ) He steped forward slowly towards the unconscius prisoners. "Chain them, and then seperate them. But the big one in the front of the march and the girl can be at the back.Move it!!" the uruks jumped uo and did his bidings. Arthas thought Now only to deliver them to him, and the reward is mine...
Wow you're really good at being evil!
Stooop!! Im blushing! So Angry Smilie
Bad King Smilie
Wait if we're being marched does that mean we're awake now?
The uruks are carying you.
Okay I get it .
Bradly are you going to post at all?
Bradly feels sameone's hands. He dosent know were he is or who it is carrying him.
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