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People!!! You need to slow down!!! I can't keep up!!! It's all-out crazy!!! Please, don't make it a chatroom-ish thingy with so many posts! I've done that before, and it's a bad thing to do.
- First of all, I'd like to pay my obeisance to you. My name's Irime, I'm the daughter of Elemmakil. Long time ago my father helped your parents to escape... now he's dead... the kings that killed your parents killed my father two months ago..."a tear fell from her eyes and turned into a pearl"... my father left me a letter where he told me the story of your parents. His last wish was... he wanted me to find you and help you to revenge...And while I was searching you, I heard a rumour that human kings are searching for order to kill you...
Irime glanced at Bradly...
- My bow and arrows are with you!
Bradly listens to Iri. He looks at her. "Are you race? And i think you for you wanting to help and ill let you help. Dont worrier if i see the kings ill kill them." He looks at her and waits for an answer.
- I'm an elf...from a nobel family...but now my only aim is to help you to revenge for our parents' premeditated murder...
"Irime looks Bradly in the face and... gives him a radiant fond smile".
- I'm waiting for your command...
Bradly takes Iri's hand."Let me show you samething." He laids her to a chiff. Were you can see all the kingdoms of middle earth. "Look over there thats the kingdom we need to destroy." He poitns to the right
I see it..."her green eyes sparkle in anger"...we'll avenge our parents..."While staring into the distance Irime wrings Bradly's hand"
Bradly looks at the kingdom. "Well we better go back to the camp dont want the otehrs to be worried." He begins to walk back to camp.
Resheathing her sword, Cal turned back towards the camp, then spoke to Rue.
"I'm heading back to the camp, are you coming? Or are you leaving us? I hope that you won't, we could use your help, but if that is your wish then may luck and good fortune be with you."
While waiting for some sort of response from Rue, Cal starts to walk and notices that the wolf slowly moves off into the shadows, near enough to protect her if anything should happen and smiles.
Some 20 miles from there, a human commander leading a troop of mercenarys and some uruks, were marching on with great speed.

Name: Arthas
Race: human
Sex: male
Age: 30ish
Looks/equipment: Fair looking human with long pale blonde hair. Clothed in heavy black armor and cloak. Wields a dreaded bastard sword know as Frostmourne.

The mercenary captain turned to his master and spoke "M'lord, why must we rush so much? The men are all soaked and tired!"
Arthas turned to face him and said "Tell them to start marching, and they'll soon dry off. I will have a great reward, as shall you, if we bring this....Bradly.... to his lordship. Hah! I heard that this man were out to catch is some wild, unkept barbarian. We wont have a hard time catching him. Only that storm is getting closer every moment......GET MOVING!!! We have to clear those hills before we can rest! Hyaa!!"
The force resumed their course, with the sky overhead them darkening steadily.
Irime went out the tent in the Bradly's camp. The night was silent and the sky was full of stars. She walked to the river-bank and started looking the horizont...
- I feel something stange in the wind...danger...we shouldn't have spent this night's too perilous...
She approaches Bradly's tent...
- Bradly, are you sleeping!?
"No, he isn,t how could he?" Rue walked up behind her," I feel it too we're all in great danger. The threat is moving closer, if we let ourselves become captives than we will be led to our destination and possibly our doom, but if we keep running we're only delaying the outcome".She turned to the girl," I do not mean to be pesimistic but you know it's true,we will need to face it sooner or later an sooner seems like the most sensible choice.I know the hurt you both feel and I understand that what you make as a decision is of your own view, but think of what I said".
She lept into a tree and was gone from sight .
Bradly picking up his cloak puts it on then puts his hood on his head. "No Iri im not i feel like there may be danger cameing we need to move out now. Plus there is a stomy caming so lets hurry." He walks out of the tent then walks to Cal. "Cal get your things we need to ride out and go tell the others." He runs to the seeds. He jumps onto one. Thyen looks for a sign.
Irime comes to her horse and keeps her bow in readiness. Her green eyes peer into the night. Suddenly a flash of the fire highlights the dark.
- Bradly, is that a sign?! Or...
Bradly yells out "We most leave out now!!!!"
Rue shouted to the companions as soon as she came out of her tree.
"There are troops coming from the north, we have no time to cover our tracks!" She lept upon her horse and readied herself as she transformed to her human form.
Irime leaps upon her horse and spurs it.
- Hurry, we should reach a ford...otherwise we'll be obliged to go into action. Rue, how many of them are there?!
" At the least, three dozen. They know where we are and they want Bradly, but don't know of you yet so you still have an advantage."
- What do you mean by saying that I have an advantage?! We don't have the right to give him Bradly!!! We should do something and quickly!!!
" Thats not what I mean!, you're here for the same reason as he is and they don't know if they should kill you or not that way if they somehow do get him, which they won't, you can still avenge both you parents."
Rue had decieded something.
"You all go on ahead, I'll distract them, and meet you later", then without waiting for a reasponse she turned and rode toward the oncoming threat.
She appeared on the top of a hill in plain sight as the troops marched forward, she had cloaked herself to appear as Bradly and waited to be spotted.
Left,right!Left,right!Left,right!.....and so on and on.....
The force proved to be more than a few dozens. Its nearly 100 strong.And they are getting closer...

Rue watched them from her hill, she knew this was dangerous and she knew she might not live through it. Then she heard someone call out. She had been spotted and they began riding toward her. She turned and began leading them away from her companions.
Cal rode up beside Bradly right as Rue began to lead the troops away. She opened her mouth to shout out then clamped it shut firmly. Taking a deep breath, she drew her sword and uncoiled her whip, ready to fight.
Rue had lead them out about two miles but they were slowly catching up to her. She hoped the others were well off, as she tuned she felt the first few drops of a rain storm. She could hear the troops behind her now and she relized she couldn't make it . Rue decieded to lead them another mile before stopping. She kept thinking to herself that Bradly wouldn't do something foolish and come after her, if he does he will die, she thought to herself.
"Just let him keep going, don't turn back "she said aloud.
Nim kept going at a strong pace, but soon feel behind the others. As she was running out of breath, the troops came up behind her. Someone clamped an arm around her waist and hoisted her up, carrying her along.
Rue was growing confident now, she had lost sight of the troops and was almost to the river when almost half of them appeared out of the forest, they all held crossbows pointed direcly at her. Rue looked around for an opening but she was surrounded. One man called out to her to drop her weapons and surrender, she saw no other choice and slowly dismounted. A man came over to search her, then bound her hands and gagged her. She struggled but was over come, they still didn't relize she wasn't Bradly.
"Two down", he called out to the others.
Bradly sees in his mid what Rue has done. "She is giveing up to them we ride now or never." He rides out to the northwest trying to keep out of stent. He yells back to Cal,"Keep rideing Iri you to keep rideing i must save Rue." As this is said. He rides to Rue's side as he rides his seed transform into a midnight black shadow and so dose him. He picks Rue up as the troops just look at her like she could fly. He rides back to the others.
While Rue was struggling she had been knocked out, she awoke to find that her hands were free and her gag removed. She looked around to see that she was back with her companions. She already knew who had helped her, she turned to Bradly.
"You shouldn't have done that, you could have been caught and I don't want that to happen because of my own well being. I would have led them farther away if you had kept going, but either way I still owe you a thanks."
- Rue, you're lucky...! I suppose you were born under a lucky star!
Irime looked at the palce where enemy's troops should be.
- The troops are returning to their camp. I think we can't let them leave just like that. I suggest us keeping them in view... till their camp!
Bradly changes bacl to his vasblie form. "I had to save you. Plus they couldnt see me. Same how when i was rideing me and my seed change into the darkness its self." Feels the rain. "We need to let them go a ready but not by much ok."
" What if we disguise ourselves as troops and walk right into the palace, then we can slip away and search it." She looked at the doubtful faces," Don't worry I've done it before." She turned to the girl, "Do you think being tuned into a misshappen cat creature is lucky?" She joked.
"Please yall no fighting and we dont need to go into the camp. We stay here for the night." He looks around tieing his seed to a tree. Then places his tent beside it.
"What if while we're sleeping they find us or while one of us is on watch one of them sneak by? Think of all the things that could happen if we stay here."
Bradly turns looking at Rue. "Please i will stay up watching yall go into my tent and sleep. They will not came here in the rain. We will leave before they do ok." He turn puting his hood up he then sets faceing them the camp.
Rue agreed to this only with the fact that sleeping was out of the question, She tuned away. As he turned his head she slipped into the forest bound for the enemy camp.
Bradly keeps watching the camp. He knows why there after him but he dosent know why they dont attak now.
- You're thinking why they dont' attack now?!
Inaudible Irime approaches Bradly.
- They want us to make a mistake...their commander is very smart and artful. Be careful! And you know...I've been thinking of going to the camp and spying a bit. I can't just sit and wait. Inactivity kills me!!!
She looks at him.
- Why do you keep silent?!
Bradly says to her,"You are not going down there spying i have sent one of my wolves down there to do it. And the reason i keep slient is so i can here what my wolf is saying." He looks at her."Ok if you wish to go spy did it so that you cant be seen ok."
- If I don't come back with at the first light of day, it'll mean that the enemy takes me prisoner.
Don't you even think of setting of for rescueing me! It'll be too dangerous for you!
Irime leaped upon her horse. As she rode off Bradly, she stoped and whispered to him:
- It was a pleasure to meet you, I hope we'll see each other soon...
Then she spured the horse and disappeared in the night.
Rue was already outside the camp, 'Did Bradly really expect her to sit and do nothing' she thought to herself, Bradly knew she was here, for his little wolf friend kept him clued into everything. Two troops walked by and almost saw her.She over heard small pieces of conversation but nothing important.
Bradly makes his wolf follow and pertect Rue and Iri. Ass he dose a graud walks past him. He jumps at it killing it by breaking its neck.
As Irime approaches the enemy's camp, she gets down the horse and ties it to the tree as no one can see it. Then she puts on her hood and merges with the darkness. Trying to step like a cat she walks between the tents and stops at the commander's one. Suddenly she feels the presence of someone else. But she can't see him, so she closes her eyes and uses her power to identify this person.
- Rue, it's me, Irime, show yourself!
Ok. Let me see.......
If i see one more shapechanging/invisiblle/superpowerfull/allmighty/something!!; i will go crazy.
Either you stop ALL your GodModing, and riddiculusly strong abillities, or i shall start sending such strong enemies against you, that youll all be dead in 5 seconds.
You are all together against me,that means im alone.....Because of that i shall make my powers equal to all yours COMBINED!! And you wont like that......
This whole thread goes against all the fair play and anti GodModing rules for RPG's.
Maybe i should just report this all to a CM.
But i know you'll all notice my good willed warning and make some changes.
Cause, im not trying to be mean!!! I just wana have fun like you, only with some rules, so that the whole thing dosent turn out like this thread. See yaa Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Once again......Im only trying to make this a better place.
This really isn't some soart of super power, I'm just hidding
Rue lept from her tree and landed beside the girl.
"Who else is here?" she asked, "if one of us gets caught it will be the end!"
Some of the things im refering to are: ALL of Bradly's super powers, that he seems to generate with new ones, every five minutes. And you might just look out and make your transformations limited, or at least beliveable. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Dont can all maybe do cool magic tricks, but so can i. Evil ones with that........ I
I know, I've barely changed at all, and I do agree with you. I've also read the rules about GodModing so I understand where you're coming from. Just cool down and try not to kill everyone at once.
Rue stepped closer to the tent, then heard a sound behind her,whoever was inside must have heard it too, a man emerged from the tent and began to round the corner.
- it's me, Irime... Rue, what are you doing here? I thought you're with Bradly. Sh!!! Someone's coming!
Five soldiers came fast by two girls.
- why it's so quiet in the tent?
As for me, I don' have super-extra-magic abilities, I just have a dark cloak which merges with the night and trees, like protective coloration...) Angel Smilie
"Shh.. duck!", but they were too late, the man had spotted them.
Irime takes her bow and gets ready for the fight.
- there're too many of them, Rue!
In the twinkling of an eye the whole camp lightens. The sound of hurried footsteps draws near them.
"Surrender, it's the only choice, we can help by doing this." She looked at the girl, "You can trust me."
Bradly, please don't try and rescue us let us prove ourselves,( I have a plan).
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