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I was thinking about starting a new RPG. So it will be an adventure plus little love story, cause I haven’t seen many of them here. And I hope you’ll like it, anyway I’ll do my best!!!

The story takes place in the world almost similar to the Middle Earth, but there are some distinctions. The three fifth of the earth are forests. There’re many rivers and lakes, but there’re no mountains just small hills. There’re no deserts and volcanoes, only in the part of "bad guys". To sum up, the earth is entirely green. But there’s a special part for ’bad guys’ which includes dark caves etc of that kind.

For three thousand and seven hundred years the kings of the earth have managed to contain the evil. Unfortunately they weren’t omnipresent. The enemy’s forces have increased enormously because of the magic scroll. This scroll was kept in secret for many ages by the elders of the earth’s council. However once a member of this council betrayed the elders and foreswore the most solemn oaths. He stole the scroll and went to desert part of the earth to create his own kingdom. But soon he was gathered to his fathers ’ the betrayer was found and killed. Alas he had time to pass the scroll to his brother who vowed vengeance. Now as he owes the magic scroll he can become omnipotent and bend the earth in his will.
So the aim of the council is not to get back the scroll, but to create another one more powerful. For that several components are needed:
1. An emerald from the caves in the desert land of evil. (to make the ink)
2. A bark of the silver sandalwood. (to write on)
3. A poniard of the first elder of the council. (to write with)

Of course, these things are very hard to find.

You can be an elf, a human, a dwarf, an orc, a wizard. Plus you can be either a werewolf or just a speaking creature. You should choose either you are good or evil; during the game you can’t change your position. Wizards can have only two magic abilities maximum. And such magic abilities like flying, killing everything in sigh, transforming or turning invisible don’t exist. Nobody is immortal.

Ankalime ’ elf ’ good
Desirre - elf - ?
Rue Aburn - elf - ?
Hunter - human - good
Name: Ankalime
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: looks around 20 years old
Appearance: suntanned skin; long brown hair with golden fillets and string of pearls; extremely green sparkling eyes which ’the color of the sea wave, when you look from the coast, and sun rays run through it till the very sand-bed’; slightly pointed ears; tall, slim and graceful.
Clothes: riding habit from the dark green velvet and white silk blouse; green gloves from cobweb under which diamond rings can be seen; traditional elvish green cloak; dark green riding boots; diamond ring as a butterfly on her right pinkie.
Weapons: silver bow and silver arrows with golden arrow-heads, silver bejeweled poniard with emeralds, silver sward called "Naramakil"
Skills: a very good horse-woman, ambitious and mysterious.
Ill see, then maybe i join. I have loads of other adventures right now. But you never know.
I'd love to join, but I'll post later! Yah, kinda hafta catch up on the fast threads cuz people are too fast and can't wait! wow, mellowdramatic....
Thank you, Etharion and Adreia!!! I'd be waiting for you!!!
((caught up mostly so here it goes...))

Name: Desirrae
Race: Elven
Homeland: Rivendell
Gender: Female
Age: around 10,000
Physical Appearence: Long wavy golden hair with silver streaks, sky blue eyes, brown skirt with breeches underneath, green shirt, brown cowboy-like boots (no spurs). Long slender fingers, high cheekbones, typical elven look.
Skills: Carving, working with horses, thinks of (mostly) good strategies, quick with bow and blade
Special Items/Weapons: Small journal, bow with quiver and arrows, sword
Backround/History: for me to know and you to find out :P
I'll join just have to get caught up... I know how ya feel Adreia :P Oh, yeah, and come up with a profile, which I think I've already got figured out.
Sounds like fun!, heres my profile. (I'm a good guy)
Name-Rue Auburn
Race- elven
Clothes-elven tracking boots,brown leggings under short brown skirt,green tunic,long gray traveling cloak.
Appearence- green eyes, short red hair, high cheek bones, fair skin, slightly pointed ears.
Weapons- broad sword called Diresong, bow'n arrows, short sword, daggers, throwing knives, quarter staff.
Skills-excellent tracker,bilingual, skilled warrior, and skilled thief if the need be.
Well, I think we'd start and then the others will join us!

The night was silent and dark. The forest seemed to be sleeping. Only three elven figures were breaking the silence. Ankaline, Desirrae and Rue Aburn were hanging over stump and looking at the strange map with ancient runes.
- I have no idea how to read this map...and it's too dark here, Rue, could you please hold the torch smoothly?! I know we're all tired but despite this fact we should examine this's the clue to the location of the poniard!!!
Some shadows fall on the ground.
" I'm trying, but my arms falling asleep! What else do you need to look at?"
ill join as will

weapon:sword of the beast
armor:warriors armor
skills:hunting, reading maps, and others
desc:i have long midnight black hair. Red eyes. a little tan, 225pls, 6 ft tall. IM GOOD
Sets in a tree watching them. He then jumps out of the tree holding two touches. He lights them handing them to the others. Then jumps back in the tree.
I'll join in after the weekend (going home, you know). Will need some time to breed on a character, but I can already tell you it will be human.
Rue quietly handed her torch to the nearest hand and jumped into the tree after the figure, there was a short cry and she had him on the ground, throwing knives in her hand. He new she was an elf and not afraid to kill him.
- Rue, stop it, you'll kill him...
Ankalime approaches Rue and puts her hand on Rue's shoulder.
"Be patient, we don't know yet if he's a friend or not!" she says mentally.
Then she speaks to the stranger.
- Who are you and why you were spying us?!
Hey, anyone, I need some bad guys!!!
"Don't worry, I wasn't going to kill him right away, just having some fun."
"I know, but we don't have time for fun. We have been entrusted with a very important task! And you realize it fully... now let's find out who is this men!"
" Oh, your always so serious! Have I ever made a life changing mistake by having fun? You know I'm one of the best." Then she turned to the man who she still had pinned down.
"Okay, who are you, and what are you doing here?"
Desirre looked up to the stranger and raised a brow to herself. >Interesting people around here< she thought to herself. Desirre looked back to the map and studied it carefully, runes and all. She kept quiet, waiting for something more to happen.
" What are you doing? I can't keep him pinned forever, tell me what you want to do."
Bradly picks the lady up. Drops her to the ground. "My name is Hunter i am here becuase your on my hunting land. But i saw you was in need of help. So i help." He cleans himself off then looks around. "Who are you?"
Rue pulls out a dagger as a precaution and takes a step forward, "How much did you hear?" She knew he was much stronger than she was, but she was quicker.Humans never see the whole picture, but the elves see that and more.She could easily bring the dagger to his throat and have him at her mercy, but she always liked a fair fight not wanting to make fools of all her enemies.
Bradly takes his cloak off showing that he is wearing his armor up to his neck covering his neck down. "I only hear what i needed to." He holds the handle of his blade. His left eye was glowing as he looks around. He kicks the ladys down to the ground as a armor cames though no were. He cuts the armor in half as he pulls his sword. He runs into the forest. He looks around for who shoot the arrow.
Rue avoided his attack and took off after him. He began shooting arrows through the trees, but this was the soart of thing she liked, back at previous training camps the ones who lived graduated. As she had told her companions she was just having a bit of fun.
"If you here to help us why keep running?" She called out. When he had shown his armour he had made a mistake, showing her the places it was weak.She relized that if she kept running she would tire and create distance between her companions.She turned and walked back to help them and let the strange man keep running. Even turning her back was a great risk, but she didn't care, mabey he didn't wan't a fair fight, but she did.
Bradly gets the man who shoot the arrow. Hr throws him to the ground by the fire. He jumps and lands beside him. He yells in a deep viceo,"Why shoot any arrow at me when you need to came fight me head to head." The strager said "I am not after you but after them for the map." Bradly picks the man up and throws him back to teh ground breaking his left arm.
Ankalime decides to take matters into her own hands. Imperceptibly like a shadow she approaches Hunter and the other man. When Hunter has thrown the man to the ground, she went out from behid the tree.
- Hunter, this man is a spy...I saw him two days ago and he seemed being suspicious.
Then he got her bow and took one silver arrow.
- You won't get the map! Never!
And she shoots the arrow to the stranger. After the moment of silence she turns to Hunter and looks him in the face.
- Surprised?! You didn't expect I would do this?!
She addresses Rue and Desirrae.
- Let's get down to business.
And then again to Hunter.
- You were saying you could help us...can you read this map?
Bradly looks at Ank. "Maybe i can let me see it." He gos to pick up his cloak. As he dose he sees one of his wolves came to his cloak. He pets it. Then looks back to teh others.
Ankalime takes the map and goes to Bradly. One of the wolves blocks her way. Without any fear she strokes his head - the wolf licks her hand and lets her go.
- I think he likes it is...I don't know why but my intuition suggests that you're a good guy! Perhaps you'll read this map.
Rue retrieved the torches and handed each of them one. "What element are we trying to find first?" she asked.
Bradly looks at the map. He looks at it for 5 mins then fanilly says "Yes will the closest thing is the cave. I dont know why yall going there but ill came along." He puts his hood up. Then begin walking to the cave with his wolf following.
- The poniard...but the problem is that the location of the first elder of the council's grave is not known. The information about his grave was lost thousands of years ago. The only clue is this map.
Ankalime glanced at Hunter...
- I trust you, but if you betray know what will happen then.
- In the elder's grave we should find the poniard with diamond runes. With this poniard the elders will be able to write on the new scroll. But I was told that the enemy has already heard about our plans and he'll try to stop us! Rue, how many days do we have to collect all the elements?
Ankalime hails Hunter:
- Wait, so you really want to hep us, but why?
Bradly stops then turn around look at Ank. "Well i have my reasons for it. But dont worry i wont turn agains yall." He turns back still walking.
Ankalime addresses Rue and Desirrae:
- Let's follow him and don't forget to put out your torches!
- Hunter, what kins of place is this cave?
Excuse me.......Did you say you need some BAD GUYS??
Rue looked back to her companion, "The most we have is a little more than three weeks depending on our timing and our enemies. The smartest thing would be to find what we need for ink concerning the fact that it is the key element ."
Etharion, you can help?!
- the ink...yes, it's the most difficult element to be found. We should get and emerald from the caves in the desert land of evil, then the elders will fuse it and make the ink. But the enemy protects that cave...not for a while yet I've no idea how to solve this problem...what do you think?
"When we get there let me take care of them, this guy was a load of fun", she says pointing to Hunter," but I want a fair fight, mabey these guys can give me that." She looked at the others face as they walked, "You know I would be the ideal distraction, you guys could do your thing and I could do mine."
"Don't worry, as soon as you'll get your fair fight, but please, be careful, promise?!"
Ankalime squeezes a handle of the sward.
"Have I ever been anything other than careful? Not counting that time in the tavern, of course, but other than that I'm still standing arn't I."
"Yes, but you should understad, I'm worrying about you! You're my sister - it's obvious!"
All of a sudden Hunter stopped.
" Oh come on!, I've gotten you out of more jams than I can remember, you don't have to worry about me, after all I'm a few years older if you recall."
Hunter stops looking at them. His wolf was down to the ground looking out from under the roots of a tree who was down. He hears same men cameing. He pushes Rue and Ank down to the ground. He then jumps into the tree. He sees them under him. He drops on to them. He kills them. "Here put those graud unforms on and yall can get into teh cave and ill act as a person you coght." He takes off his weapons and armor and puts them on his wolf. The wolf runs off and hides. He takes his shirt off showing his scar up bady. he throws it to the side as will as his cloak. "There we can go now."
Rue walked over to him," You don't need to defend us.. or rather me, I like to fight my own battles, I like to win them. I'm not very good at having to depend on others, it gives me a vunerable feeling. So you worry about yourself and the others."
She walked off into the shadows. While the arrows were flying through the forest earlier one had pinned her shoulder, she rubbed it and finished bandaging.
"There arn't enough uniforms, you three put them on, I'll sneak up behind so I can create a distraction for you guys to get in and I can have the fun I was waiting for."
"Well i saw them adn yall were fighting. But please put the unform on Rue. It will help us out by geting into the cave and pass the gruads." Hunter then puts mud on his body. "YUall going to need to tie my hands together but not to hard so i can break free."
"Oh, come on I've been waiting for some fun since we got started, let me play with them, I promise to leave one for you."
Desirre looked over at Ankalime.
"Any idea of what's going on here? This stranger is throwing me off, and it's frustrating! What are we to do now?"
" Okay, since you arn't willing to comprimise, let me go ahead and take them out then you can have a clear path to the cave."
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