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The tower is larger than just one tower. It is a stronghold, with many space under and above the earth. The tower itself is on a step and cragy hill, with no visible access.
To reach it the visitor must enter a maze of caves that opens at the bottom of the hill. From the hill itself, many windows and fires could be seen, revealing the presence of orcs inside the mazes.
Ahhh...,then a better word for it would be keep?

Rue slid to the ground and layed back against a tree,"It's going to be hoolies trying to get in,there are countless passages and who knows what else". She took out a water sack and poured it over her head, shaking her dripping hair out before closing it and she looked back up to him."You don't suppose Druid magic would help us much,do you?" She asked awkwardly.
Hunter looks down at Rue,"I dont know really maybe. I know that we can use one of my wolves to go one way and me and you the other way,but other then that i dont know yet what we cna do." He looks at the maze that he could betterly see for the hills but still he looks.
"Have you ever heard of Druid magic? Never mind,it isn't very common around here,but it's fun never the less". She stood and pulled out her throwing knives,"I'm ready when you are".
Hunter nods his head,"Yes i have heared of it. My friend Bradly train in that magic as will as me. I just didnt learn all of it." He pulls his sword then looks at Rue,"Summon Redwing and we will go i have a plan for are aminal friends."
So Bardly and Hunter are not the same person?

The gaping entrance stood empty.....No one could be seen inside, but nonetheless, a uneasy feeling came upon Hunter and Rue. As if they were watched by many eyes...
"I have,all of it,lets just hope we don't need it" She got up suddenly a shiver running down her spine,"Lets go,something isn't right". She quickly turned and made her way into the near trees,Redwing at her shoulder.

(These are Druids hence the sword of Shannara,in case there are others out there I don't know about)
Hey Rue your wrong Druids are master summors of anmials

Hunter follows Rue with one of his wolves following them. He trys to find out what it was following them besides his wolf.
No,there are different types,I'm talking of those I've read about in another series,Allanon is the last of the Druids,who wear black robes and shoot blue fire from thier hands,anyway,he then passed on and Walker became his 'Heir' who them taught 'Rue'.The ones I'm speaking of are masters of magic not animals,they are like sorcerers,only the loner form. I'm sure you're right with your animal thing,but I'm talking of a different kind.
Yes your right there is about 3 types. Ones master of animals, one master of magic, and the last one master of both magic and animals.
"I'm sorry I snapped,alright? Lets just get on with this,time is life," She sighed and continued to walk without further comment. Shivers continued to run down her spine and she repeated looking over her shoulder every few minutes.

Hunter follow Rue as they went. He still had his sword pull and his wolf followed. He gets a bad feeling about this place but keeps it to himself.
I find both your druids somewhat odd. I myself like the D&D version of druids the best.(Dungeons&DragonsRPGgame) There, the druids are priests of nature, using a completly diffrent kind of magic that wizards (divine magic rather than arcane), but they dont use it all the time. And they cannot just summon animals every five minutes, because nature is not there to serve them, but they are there to serve and help nature keep its natural course. But when they use magic they dont just summon animals. They use the roots of the trees, the wind in the forest and the power of sun.
Your druids sound, to me, like some type of ordinary wizards that are just specialized in spells involving nature.
The Druids I speak of are the last Druid council of the Four Lands who reside at Paranor,The Druid Keep,some dabble in earth and element magic but it's usually a raw energy or something along that line. They don't have any contact with animals or nature really. And I suppose you could call them wizards if thats your definition.
Ok, lets get on with the story.
Rue touched Hunters shoulder briefly,"How in hoolies do we get in?" She sat back against a tree and sighed. "And have you thought of what we do once we finally do get in?"
Hunter turn around faceing Rue. "Im not really sure yet. But we will get your sister out." He turn back around faceing the wall. He looks very careful at it.
Nim was playing my sister.

Rue closed her eyes and began to fall asleep against a tree,She sighed and let Redwing fly off into the forest.
Hunter sees the moon rished up from the castle. He sees a laver as the sun rishes. He aweakes Rue and then pulls the laver. A door opens and he walks in.
Rue opened her eyes and slowly followed through the rather convenient door,after calling Redwing back.

Hunter makes a fire on a stick so they can see. As he walks though the maze a door opens under him and he falls through it. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He sees rue jump for him but the door closes on her. He lands in a dark place. He makes the fire again. As he looks around there are died badys all over the place. "Were am I now."
Hey Hey that is wrong
Seeing no other choice,Rue got back to her feet and began to walk down the wide entryway. She wasn't strong enough to re-open the trap door and Hunter would turn up sooner or later. She turned and wandered into the keep.
Hunter walks though the bone yard. He feels the ground shake. He turns around as he hears a soun. A gaint half man half wolf jumps out of the shadoows. Hunter pulls his sword. But he gets throw to a wall by the beast's power. Hunter gets up then runs at the beast. He cuts at it.
When Desirre didn't speak, Naesse smirked. She gave the girl's mind a shock of pain, not very least not by Naesse's terms. After all, she was capable of much worse.

"Whenever you feel like speaking, wench. I can do this all day and all night and I can make the pain worse than you ever imagined in your wildest dreams."

Naesse toed her again, growing rather impatient.
Desirre winced a bit at the pain. She watched Naesse quietly for a moment before speaking.
"I don't remember anything. Being in these cages has made me forget all of what I was told."
She wasn't lying, either. Her eyes agreed to her telling the truth.
"I'm sure over time the memories will return, in fact, there is no doubt they will. You'd best hope they return quickly, because that is the only way the pain will stop, and you'll have any chance of being set free," Naesse sneered, then threw the girl back in the cage and locked it, pocketing the key and stalking off.
Hunter kocks the beast out and kills it after about 15 mins of fighting it. His shirt his cut in half and he was bleeding on his left shoulder and right knee. He keeps his sword out and begins to look for a way out. He sees one and takes it.
As Rue turned another corner she heard another set of footsteps. She backed into the shadows and watched the figure approach.
The footsteps were closer...... a torch light appeared, and holding it was....Kel'Thuzad. He walked down the hallway and stoped.
He sudenly spoke loudly "Come out girl. I know you are here. You cannot hide from me. I want to talk to you. I have removed your large,simple friend only so i could talk to you. Do not worry, both he and you are out of harms way. Now, come out." he says to Rue.
Rue was stunned when the man spoke,but she slowly walked out of the shadows, daggers drawn. She glanced nervously around corridor and tightened her grip."A bit pointless,don't you think?"

Tired,tired, Good Morning Smilie
Hunter reaches a group of stairs going up. He takes the stairs still with his sword out.
Rue backed up farther and almost tripped in her own haste,"I'm not really interseted in anything from a man who rendered me unable to move and then let his friend play with my mind,thank you."
Hunter makes his way to the top floor were he fell through. He looks around for a sign for Rue. He dosent see her but dose see a door. He gos through it.
Naesse smirked as Bradly came through the door into the room she was in. Without belaying any movement physically, she hit him with a mental blow that brought him to his knees as he dropped his weapons. Sighing, she kicked them to the other side of the room and spoke.

"I see our guests have finally arrived, how nice. Tell me, do you really think you have any hope at all of rescuing the wench? Come let me show you to your quarters, I'm sure you'll find them very suitable to your needs."

She continued holding the pressure on his mind, seeing how long it would be before he snapped.
He steped closer to Rue. "I do think you shall listen to me. I have a offer. I can help you free your friend, and escape this dark place." he waited for her response. "Do not look at me with such loathing. I was once on the side of light......i had a much fairer form." his face had a pained expression "But that was long ago.... I have turned from that path, but still.....i wish to see the light again! I am tired of the dark, and the suffering that i am forced to do. could help me break my curse, and set me free! What say you?" he said louder. He seemed to be in a hurry.
Rue backed up quickly and fell against the wall," Where's Hunter? How do I know you aren't lying? You certianly seem capable enough" She fumbled to get up and dropped her quarter staff.
Hunter hits to his knees and sees his weapons go to the side. He stands up faceing Nae. He dosent same to feel the pain on his mind. "I do know i will be able to leave this dark place alive and with her and Rue. But do you think you will leave her alive." He pushes the power she had on his mind off of him. Then walks over to the girl. He breaks her chians then picks her up.
Kel' Thuzad suddenly jumped closer to Rue. Already expecting a attack, Rue hits him on the head, but he simply bends down and picks up her quarter staff. "Here...i only wanted to help...but i see you shall not help me....i must go. Flee from this dark place!" and quickly he ran into the shadows, down a corridor that was hidden behind a wall tapestry.
Naesse smirked as the buffoon in front of her lifted her up. So he think he can defeat me, she thought to herself. Kel!she snapped mentally, Come deal with this stupid git, he's starting to annoy me. The girl we captured remembers nothing, we need the other two for information. Now!
Hunter walks pass the woman with Rue's sister in his arms. He gos back down then sees Rue. "Rue came get your sister and get out of here." He walks to Rue.
Kel'Thuzad was nowhere to be found. Naesse's calls were in vain. He was obviusly busy, or far away.
Rue ignored Hunter and ran down the hallway,leaving her staff behind. "Where in Hoolies..." She let it trail off,There was a slight movement in a hung tapestry,she peeled it back and found another hallway, She stood there,transfixed in the darkness.

Adriea isn't playing my sister,Nim was, and we left her at the farm
Where is Bradly anyway?
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