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Sorry Bradly, i didnt understand what you meant with the towers....
Rue sighed,"I could have gotten up on my own,you know,I'm quite capable..."She looked back to her sister and smiled,At least she was alright...
while its ok
Hunter says to Rue, "I know but its just better this way." He rides off to the tower to the east.
"Of course it is..." She mummbeled sarcasticly.
Desirre whimpered, looking around the cage she was in. She could hear and smell rats, so stayed huddled up in the corner. Desirre looked sadly up at the top of the cage, thinking her thoughts to herself.
Hunter keeps rideing not saying a word. His hands are still bleeding but they have no pain.
Desirre jolted a bit, waking up. Her whole body ached from being cramped up in that dratted cage. She had cried all her tears out the previous night, and now was just moping, hoping someone would be able to find her.
Desirre heard a sound outside her cell. It was Kel'Thuzad. "Are you comfortable dear? I hope you have everything you need. But im afraid you cant stay here no more. I have orders to take you to the cells bellow..." he opened the cell door, and with him two uruk's came in. As he spoke to her, they moved behind her. "Now dont you worry, this wont hurt a bit. I think..." and he smiled. Just then the uruk knocked her out with his club, and then they moved her to her new cell.
Desirre had slowly looked up when he came. She narrowed her eyes a bit, then sighed, standing, then fell as the uruk struck her. She dazed in and out of consciousness as she was taken to her new cell...
Naesse stood silently observing Desirre. The Master had been pleased, though not enough to forgive her and Kel's slowness in retriening the poniard. Let's hope everything works according to plan and that stupid girl's friends come soon. She turned and walked off as the girl blacked out again and went to go find Kel.
"How are we going to find Desirre? They could be miles away by now,and theres not really anything to follow them by either,for all we know the worst could have already happened..."She looked back to her sisters horse and shifted herself on Hunters.
Hunter didnt even say a word for about 4 mins . He fanily said,"Im not really sure yet,but ill find out."
Rue looked back to her sister for a momment and then returned her gaze to the landscape ahead. Her body ached and her mind was still recovering from that girls previous hold.
Hunter see Rue hurting from the attack. "Here we will take a break here." he stops the horse then jumps down.
"What about Desirre? we've got to find her,rest will have to wait." She sighed and looked down at the saddle,"We can't wast anymore time".
"Fine we will." He turn the horse around the speed off into the disntion the two people went in.
Is Nim still GM? I'm afriad to post and leave her out,we've got so many pages without her and we can't keep pretending she's here...
I dunno what to do! We might have to vote on a temporary GM for now..Very Mad Smilie
Well what ever we do we need to do it now. I have been hearing that there closeing this role play down.
hmmm, I haven't heard that, but oh well, I seem to be rather out of it these days... so who wants to be GM fer the time being?[ oh and also, I believe Eth is out at the moment, unless I can convince him to rejoin.../i]
I'll do it if it means we can keep the thread going...that is if no one minds...
I don't mind Rue doing it, but, hey, I offer as well to take over. Just hope there are no debates... Big Laugh Smilie Exploding Head Smilie
Go ahead! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

But may I add something to speed us up?
PLease do!
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Thanks,mabey now we can get going.

A few days later Hunter and Rue were atop a hill looking out upon the tower,the three had traveled hard and fast and at the momment Rue's sister was sound asleep under a tree. It wouldn't be much longer until they reached thier destination and found Desirre.

Rue clung to the saddle and focased her attention on the tower,"We're almost there",She whispered."Hunter, Ank is in no condition to continue,we need a safe place for her to stay".

Ohhh...I'm sooo tired...need coffee... Good Morning Smilie
Naesse entered the prisoner's cell, and kicked her in the ribs. Time to wake up my dear, you and me have some things to talk about, unless you'd rather not talk, which could result in quite a bit of pain so I would suggest talking, Naesse said into Desirre's mind.

Hey Adreia...if u want me to change the part about kicking you in the ribs let me know. I was just trying to come up with a way to wake you up... :P
Hunter looks at the tower. "I know were she can stay. A farm isnt tro far from here. I know the people who live there."
'Ya, i know the owner of the farm house. He told me to stay away from the barn.'
Hunter pulls his sword out on the newcomer. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"
It's fine, gives it the evil feel Smile Smilie

Desirre rubbed her head and sat up.
"What is it you want to talk about?"
Rue put a hand on his shoulder,"It's alright,put it away, There's no need for weapons now". She climbed up on the horse,"Lets just go".
Hunter nods then puts his sword away. He jumps back on the steed. He rides to the farm. It dosent take long for them to get there. About noon they are there.

Im going to play two people the farm and hunter ok yall?
Go for it Bradly!
Thumbs Up Smilie
Rannek looks up seeing a group of warriors cameing. He sees Hunter in the lead. "HEY HUNTER!" He waves at him as he runs up to Hunterr and the others.

Hunter waves back,"Hey Rannek. Its been a long time."

Rannek,"Yes it has and my crops and my anmails are still the best. In teh land."
Rue looked down from Hunters horse and smiled,"Who's your friend?" She asked sliding down and walking over."Is this the farm you were talking about?"
"Rue this is my good old friend Rannek. And this is the farm. Its one of the best and the busyes in the world."

"Man Hunter stop that you makeing it sound like i have a million dollars or samething."
Rue extended her hand,"Please to meet you,but there are rather pressing matters about",She said glancing to Hunter,"We need to hurry".
Rannek shakes Rue's hand. "What are yall in a hurry for?"

Hunter says,"There is a friend who needs are help."

"Well when yall get her back yall can stay here for a as long as yall need."
"Could Ank stay here now?" She asked rather rudely, "We really must leave and she's far too weak to accompany us".
Rannek nobs his head.

"Thank you old friend. Rue we leave now."
Rue took over her sisters horse and trotted up to Hunter,"Lets ride,the tower can't be that much farther."
Hunter jumps on his steed. Then rides off to the tower.

Rannek helps the woman to a bed so she can sleep. He cooks a meal for her and himself.
Naesse smirked at the girl's facade of utter calm and composure, she would be fun to break.

"Tell me all you know about the scroll and this whole remaking it ordeal. Leave nothing out, I'll know if you do."
"Thats right...." came a voice from the shadows of the cell. "Tell us everything, and be quick with it!" Kel'Thuzad steped out of the shadows as he said that. "Naesse i must leave. Our master has felt a presence near our stronghold. Its that oaf again, no doubt. Ill have to take care of him..."
Thank you sooo much Eth! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Naesse nodded not taking her eyes off the prisoner.
You know how to reach me, should you need me. I'll be eagerly awaiting your return, she said mentally.
Bradly keeps rideing. "Were close Rue." He sees the tower close.
Rue pulled up beside him and quickened her horse eagerly,"I know,but not close enough,I'm going up ahead so if you think you can keep up join me". She spurred her horse and broke into a run toward the tower.
Hunter stays at Rue's side all the way. His horse isnt even running full speed. "Rue becareful will you. I think they know we are cameing."
"They do", She said turning,"Here,how about the trees? We can leave the horses and continue on foot." She slowed to a trot and waited.
Hunter noded. He turn to the trees and place his horse there. He drops down and then waits for Rue.
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