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Desirre started a fire where she lay at the moment. She looked up and around some, managing a small smile, warmth flowing through her. Little did she know she would be much nicer than she had been as danger sped closer and closer...
Rue got up and walked into the trees letting Redwing follow her over head. She wanted to observe the area they were staying.
Hunter gets up and walks to his stuff. He sees the note. He then reads it. He looks around for Des. He sees her. Walking over to Des he sets down and askes her. "What did you need to talk to me for."
As Rue walked around she thought about Hunter and the sudden turn of events,it was all so confusing yet all so simple.Rue recited words from her child hood,"Keep your head and your heart in the right direction and your feet will follow".She searched the surrounding woods for nothing in particular,she always wanted to know everything about a place where she could die .

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Desirre narrowed her eyes some, then looked up at Hunter.
"I remember you from a few years back," she whispered, "when there was a big fight, up in the Trollshallows. You saved my life! I Never got the chance to thank you, so, thanks."
She left a white handkerchief with him and went off to do her own business with a smile.
Hunter tells her,"Its ok." He stays there for a sec then gets up and walks around takeing the white handcarenfe.
Rue walked back to the others and sat beside her sister,seeing she was still sleeping,she then walked off again.She thought of starting a fire but the risk was too great.She sat under a tree before falling asleep.
Hunter sleeps in a tree watching the others with his sword over his knees.
After a while Rue woke up and went in search of some source of water wanting to refill her canteen with something fresh. She picked up her weapons and proceded back into the forest,Redwing at her shoulder. She found a stream and knelt to drink.
Hunter was all ready at the stream takeing a drink of it and watching the others. He saids to Rue,"Good morning. How are you."
" Oh",she says looking up,"I didn;t see you",she walked over to him and sat down to refill the canteen. "I'm fine how about you?"
Hunter says,"Im ok." He feels the cool wind go though. His wolves look up at him. He knows why to. "Get the others we need to move ok."
"Let them sleep a little longer,they're still too tired,I'll go find a village and get a horse in the mean time though,that way it will be easier to carry our stuff."
"Theres no need in that." He begins 5 horses. "Here i have all ready got them for us."
" Okay I'll go get the others",she gets up and walks off. Slowly she gets every thing ready and helps mount her sister into a position to keep her from falling.
"Are you ready ?"she called to Hunter.
Hunter was on the horse that was a midnight black color. His stuff tied down on its back. Two of his wolves following him. He rides to Rue. "Yea i am ready. Are you?"
" Almost ",she says tying a rope to connect the others so the girl could keep an eye on her sister. She then mounts a deep chestnut bay and trots up to him,"All set".
"Ok we need to ride to the north for a twoer is there were we can get the pen." He starts to ride to the north.
Rue pulls up beside him,"You seem disturbed... is everything alright?",She asks looking at him.
Hunter looks at Rue,"I feel like there is sameone or samething following us. Im not real sure what but i sent two of my wolves to see."
" I hope you're wrong, I don't want any more trouble." She looks over her shoulder just in case."What do you think the chances are of us surviving?"

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Kel'Thuzad sliped off his horse and entered the bushes nearby. He moved forward a few more feet and then stod silently.The beast was close...He waited a few more moments and then he jumped! The wolf had no time to act, for he froze him solid. It was so easy. Animals were weak minded and so they presented little resistance to his powers.... he finished the wolf of silently and then returned to Naesse. "It is very posiblle that our prey is now aware of us. I found one of their pets, but i fear there are more."
Hunter hears the howl of one of his wolves. He then looks back."We must go faster." He rides faster.
Rue signals to the others, then catches up to Hunter,"Whats wrong and what was the howel for?"
Hunter turning face Rue. "It was one of my wolves the other was killed."
"So that means are whereabouts are known, we're in even greater danger than before." She looked around for the slightest movement. Then, feeling really stupid for not doing it earlier,sent Redwing out to scout thier surroundings.
Desirre shifted nervously on her horse, a sorrel gelding with a flaxen mane and tail. She only rode with a green blanket on the horse's back. She looked back over her shoulder at the direction the howl came from, biting her bottom lip nervously.
Bradly tells them,"Dont worrie they are way off."
"Off is still a reason to be worried", she stated.
Desirre rubbed her mount's neck softly and assuringly, him growing slightly disagreeable. She looked back over her shoulder again, knowing the danger was gaining while they were still slow.
"Hunter, we need to go faster!"
Rue called Redwing back as her companion was calling to Hunter."Hunter you can converse with wolves how about birds?"
Hunter looks to the others,"Yes i can." With that said Redwing starts to call her bothers and sisters. He looks up as 14 ravens came from the sky down to him and Rue. He tells them to go see were the evil is.
"Dang there's a lot of dum criters going around!!" says Kel'Thuzad with a smile. "Its gona be really easy getting dinner tonight." he says as he shoot down a raven. "Mmm, raven stew."
Hunter heres the shoot. He starts to rided faster.
Umm Bradly....How did you hear me shoot down the bird? I didnt acctualy use a gun you know! I used a bow and arrow. Just thought you'd like to know.
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Naesse smiled as Kel'Thuzad disposed of Hunter's spies and did a small mind probe on the company, making sure that none of them felt it. She turned to Kel.

"They are aware we are following them. It is time. That insolent young man is likely to continue his stupid pests after us unless we stop him so be on your guard for them."
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"Hmmm, i see. Then lets ride!" said Kel'Thuzad as he spured his horse faster.
Naesse urged her horse until it was neck in neck with Kel`thuzad's. The anticipation of being able to thwart the possibility of any scroll being created was exhilarating. She was ready for action.
Desirre sighed some at being ignored again. It was normal in this group though. She kept thinking her pessimistic thoughts, then her horse suddenly reared up and bolted ahead of the others. Desirre did nothing to slow him down, keeping him going faster so none of the others could catch up.
Rue slowed and settled into pace with the girl,"What do you think of our mystery followers?" She looked at her.

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Desirre nodded once.
"They'll catch up, sooner or later."
Suddenly, someone came and took her right off her horse, no trace to be found of her.
Kel'Thuzad came back to Naesse with someone writhing in his hands. He smiled and tossed Desirre out. "Try and move, and ill cut your cute little head off." he then turned to Naesse and said "Look what iv got!! A cute little girl, all alone in the wild. What shall we do with her??" he said sarcasticly.
Hunter turns his horse around looking for the others.
"Ah, you would be Desirre, would you not? Maybe now you're regretting not staying close to the others. Tell us, which one of your friends has the poniard? Of course, you could always attempt to resist but I'd win sooner or later. Kel, she will stay with you, now let's go after the others."

Smiling at the astonished look on Desirre's face, Naesse quietly weaves a block around the girl's mind without her notising and then urges her horse onward after watching Kel'thuzad throw Desirre on top on his horse and follow her.
Hunter rides so fast it looks like he is rideing a jet. He came two the peolpe who has Des. He jumps off pulling his sword out. "Give her back or feel my sword over you body."
"Well, well, well, what have we here? Kel, care to do the honors? This one appears to be rather egotistical, it will be a pleasure to break him."

Naesse rode up until she was right in front of Bradly's sword. She sneered and grabbed the handle of her scourge.
Bradly cuts at her. He yells angely,"What are yalls name and tell me why you want us."
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Rue flung a throwing knife at the girl but it missed and hit the horse in it's side,she rode up closer watching every detail. Pulling out her sword she looked to them, "Unhand the girl".
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