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Hunter looks at Rue."Well Rue i do trust you for what i have heard of you. But you most know you dont need to fight. With the others by your side then you dont have to. Plus me and my wolves are here." He howls at the moon as do his wolves. As he dose 40 more wolves came to his side.
Rue looked at him and petted a wolf. "You are a good companion, if we live through this let our paths cross again". Rue smiled and walked away, She was no longer a loner for friends don't give loneliness an oppertunity .
Hunter walks beside her."Are paths will cross again when this is done."
" Good. It would be a shame if they didn't. Earlier, you said you had a reason for comming with us, what reason was that?"
"the reason was......the person that has the scolls kill my family.
Rue was taken aback," They killed your whole family? Thats most likly the most noble cause there is. But that means you know who they are..., we havn't even figured it out yet! This will definitly help. She turned to him,"If you'll have my support, than I offer you whatever skills you need. Revenge will always be fullfilled."
Hunter stops. Then looks at the ground."They are evil they kill the kids and women then kill the men. I kill about 4 of them." He gets mad and the puinches the ground as hard as he can. He makes a whole the sizes of a lake in the ground.
Rue backed away not wanting to get hit, he takes another swing toward the ground but she catches his arm,"This isn't going to help anyone,you know that". She sat down exuasted from her loss of blood.
Hunter sees her fall. Then before she hits the ground he gets her head. He feels tears roll down his face seeing them hit Rue's face.
Rue see's his tears and feels them fall to her cheeks,"Whats wrong?", She says looking at him.
Hunter looks at her sadly."I wish i could kill all the evil in this land...but i cant"
" Don't worry", she say's,propping herself up,"like you said no ones in this alone, she held his hand ,"There will always be evil, for without evil there would be no good."
"Good is forever as long as a warrior keeps it alive." He looks at her."I am sorry for what i have done."
" But you've done nothing to be sorry about,I think you've given me more than you think,I now have an understanding of friends that I didn't have before." She looked into his eye's and saw her own sadness reflected in them.
Hunter tells one of his wolves toi go to his house and get the sword called Holy wolf. He sees iut leave. He looks at Rue then sees taht she is sad. He hugs her. He then feels rain begin to fall on the ground. He takes off his cloak and put it over Rue.
Rue hugs him back and can't help but smile,"Let our journey be short and safe and may we all walk away after", she whispered to him. They slowly walked back to the others.
Hunter whsipers to her,"If we walk out of this i want you to came live with me." He sees his wolf came back with the sword plus his Raven. He tells Rue,"This sword is for you and so is this Raven. there yours to uses as you please."
Rue looked up at him." If you truly mean that, than I wouldn't do anything else". She accepts the sword and the raven as she hugs him again.

This is really weird my favorite bird really is a raven.I have to go now,it's 9:45 here
so is my
Hunter nods. Then hugs her back. He stays out in the rain. Listing to it fall.
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Rue strapped the new sword on her back crossing it with Dire song,then brought the raven to her shoulder. She looked at Bradly,"We should probably check on the others now I don't wan't them to worry."
I think it would be cool if you were tracking us...but thats my opinion.
Alrighty, sounds like fun. out cuz here I come :P

N’ess’ reined her horse in, and gave a small laugh as she watched the small company fight its way to the elder's grave and the poniard. So my spies' reports were correct, they're trying to stop us, she thought. It's going to be quite a pleasue to annihilate them and make sure they can't make a new scroll.

As the company started to move on again, she urged the horse onward once again, making sure to keep distance enough in between them that even that man's wolves wouldn't know she was there. She would have to tell the others that were still waiting for her confirmation on the matter soon, then it would be time for action...her style.
Hi, guys, I have a flue now, so I'll come back in a few days, sorry, Rue, could you please be a GM during my absence, thanks and see you all soon, I hope Shocked Elf Smilie
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She looked over to the others and finding them asleep decided checking on them would only be a disturbance.Instead she walked back to Hunter and sat down.
"Does your raven have a name?", she asked as she held his hand.
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Name: Kel'Thuzad
Appearance:Fiery red hair, and fair looks.Ever watching red eyes that always gleam with a lust for power, yet can look so cold and unyielding. Dressed in a short brown robe looking garment, that lets him move completly freely in combat. Has detailed embroidments on it.
Weapons: a bastard sword. Very occult signs engrave its hilt and blade.
Abillities:has the abillity to somehow freeze people, paralysing them and leaving them defensless. Very unnerving power, for not many are able to resist it
Background:Not much known. Obiusly studyed dark arcane arts and is somehow conected with the dark ones that are against the making of the scroll.
Yayyyy...More bad guys!!! This is going to be fun!
N’ess’ feels someone aproaching. She looks around and suddenly Kel'thuzad steps out of the shadows. With a pleasat smile,that somehow turns out like grin on him, he says "Greetings my favourite." he greets her by kissing her hand."What are you doing? Tormenting some lost souls? Ah no!!! I see those are the ones that are set on making that danged scroll. Shall we pay them a visit?" he asks while staring in the distance.
"Of course. They won't be able to stand against you and I for long."
N’ess’'s face twisted into something that resembled a smile momentarily and then it was gone. She stroked the handle of her scourge in an almost loving way.
"Do you want a ride or would you prefer to walk?"
Hunter looks at Rue, then said "Her name is Red Wing for her left wing is red." He smiles at her.
Desirre kept to herself, standing out under a tree, hair and cloak soaked sticking to her. She looked up at the sky with a small sigh, then looked at the mud.
" It's a beautiful name", she says,"What do you think we do now? We can't just stay here." She looked to her companions, the girl had awakened and was standing now. Rue was relieved to see she was okay. She let the raven fly into a tree, then looked back to Hunter, He seemed so sad...
Hunter looks at the others then to the ground. "We will move out when the sun cames up ypou must sleep now. Then we will go to a tower that is were the pen will be...i think." He looks at his wolves seeing them sleep in a group.
"I can't sleep right now, Theres too much to think about," She looked to the sky. "It's odd...not many would have survived an arrow to the neck",she says rubbing hers," but I did...I wonder why"

Hunter looks at Rue. Then says in a low viceo. "I know why you lived."
"Tell me", She said.
Desirre turned some, looking and watching Hunter for a moment. She turned away then, sitting up on a tree branch. She pulled up the hood of her cloak, blinking some at the rain getting in her eyes. Desirre then thought about the others, and smiled some, remembering many kind faces. She never had friends much before this journey, so was greatly appreciative of all their help.
Hunter looks at Rue. "You lived because you wanted to plsu sameone wanted you to live. That sameone you should know by now."
She hugged him and starred at the darkening sky.
Desirre looked around her damp surroundings again, the rain beginning to fade away. She slid down off the tree branch and walked to where the rest of the company was. Desirre looked over her shoulder to Hunter. Good, she thought, he's still over there. She went over to where Hunter kept his belonings (if he keeps his stuff in this area of course) and left a note there. It read: Hunter, we need to talk. See me later, friend. -Desirre
Kel'Thuzad looked at N’ess’ griping her scourge. He then looked back up at her and said "Let us take a walk. We can strech ourselves a bit. Off we go my precius." and he steped forward heading down the hill.
N’ess’ stayed right where she was, but edged her horse on after Kel`thuzad. Pulling up alongside him, she gave something that resembled a laugh.

"We could get there much quicker if you would pick up the pace a bit. I would much rather get there quickly so I can have more time to do my job."
"As you wish, precius." he said with a smile. He shouted some word and a black horse came soon after. "Well you sure took your time! Lets go!! We have lives to end!" I
With a quick flick of her reins, N’ess’'s horse began to gallop in the direction of the small company who were still unaware of their soon-to-be demise. Mentally, N’ess’ began to start coming up with ideas of what to do to each individual, after all, one had to think these things out.
And don't forget to ask the creators of the characters and/or the GM if it's okay to kill someone! Mwahahahaha! *poofs away* :P
LOL, who said we were going to kill them yet? We've still got lots planned to do with them before that comes around. :P
Then be sure to ask the creator/GM if it's okay to torture the characters then? I give up -.-
great this sure is comferting!
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