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Hunter looks at Rue,"Ok but i can guess you are going to fight about 200 men plus 80 mages. So good lucky." He takes the mud off then puts his shirt and cloak back on. He howls for his wofl then puts his weapons and armor back on.
" I've taken on worse, not much worse but still worse than this. But in order to do it I'll need your cloak and one wolf, can you do that?" She turned to the others, "how long do I have?"
She looked back to Hunter, "No one in thier right mind would guard a simple cave with two hundered men, it's too noticable, I'm narrowing it down to one hundred at the most."
Bradly takes off his cloak and hands it to Rue. Then tells his wolf to go with her. "I dont know but here youy can have them."
She looks at him, "Don't worry you can trust me, and you with have your wolf back again, I promise."
Rue turned away knowing he still didn't trust her." Once you hear the howel of your wolf you will enter the cave, a moment before or sooner and you won't make it out, precise timing is the key."
She walked into the woods.
Bradly waits.
Ankalime addresses Desirrae:
- I'm getting tired of Rue's heroism, arent' you?! Oneday her so-called self-assurance will play a trick on her. She doesn't understand all the importance of our mission! We don't have free time to play war games!
Then she turnes to Hunter:
- Why you've allowed her to take one of your wolves!? You know she won't cope alone with all the guards! Perhaps...
Ankalime didn't have time to finish her sentence. The sounds of battle and then Rue's scream reached their ears. They immediately rushed to her help. But it was too late. Rue was laying at the ground wounded into the neck.
- Rue!
Ankalime got her sward and started striking the soldiers. Hunter and his wolves forced their way through the guards to the cave. Desirrae ran to Rue. After five minutes the silence has filled the forest. The clearing was full of dead men.
Ankalime runs to her sister.
- Rue, you're still alive!? Desirrae, help me take her to the cave, she's out and seriously wounded!
"I never got to them, an arrow came out of the forest, I'm not shure who it was, the wolf is fine though." She looked up, "just having a bit of fun... The soldiers heard me cry out thats why they came."
- Lie still and don't move! The arrow is still in your neck! And you're bleeding! Hunter, help me!
Hunter picks Rue up. Then runs into the cave. He sets her down then takes his shirt off handing it to Ank. "Hold this on her neck ." he takes out a a nail and string. He ties it together. Then sees that blood was running out of the shirt. He moves the shirt and tells Ank,"Hold her down." He makes a fire. Heats the nail and then puts it on the cut. He ties the cut up the pulls same water on it. He then takes out a cloth and ties it around her neck. "There that sould work. Just dont going to fighting for a bout 3 days."
"No!, go after the one who shot it, whoever it was wants the map badly. I always seem to be the one getting hurt but I always walk away, I'll be fine."
Hunter dosent care for the man for he has the map. Sends two of his wolves after the man. He sees them came back with his bow and arrows. "See he left. And you dont need to worred i have the map."
Rue struggled to get up, "Okay... I trust you..." She tried to stand but fell in the prosses.
Ankalime showed Hunter that she wanted to talk to him tete-a-tete. As they walked out the cave she said:
- I'm worried about Rue, she has lost too much blood! I don't imagine how we'll continue our journey. Well, perhaps she'll be better tomorrow, she's very strong! And now let's examine the cave, we could possibly find something...?!
Hunter looks at Rue then to Ank. "I dont know she has lost to much blood but maybe. " He walks to Rue. "Hey yall two stay here. Rue you dont have the strength to walk so stay here and Ank will stay with you. Me and my wolves will go looking for the things we need. Just tell me what we need."
Rue looked to him and for the first time agreed with out refusing first.
- You should find a grave in which a poniard with with diamond runes must be. But be careful, I don't know what obstacles you'll have to overcome.
As Hunter disappears in the heart of the cave, Ankalime addresses Rue:
- Dear, how are you feeling?!
Hunter looks at them,"Dont worring im a hunter i know what i may have to face."With that said he puts his cloak over Rue. Still with out his shirt and runs into the darkness with two of his wolves.
''How do you think I feel?" Rue was defensive now, She hated depending on others,even her own sister. The fact that she was wounded didn't help her trust issue's much either.
Hunter cames up to a opeing in the cave. He jumps to the other side so dose his wolves. Just as he jumps a blade cames out of the ground. It just misses him. He then keeps running.
Desirre looked around, more confused than ever. >So many things going on! It's confusing!< she thought to herself. She just shrugged and sat back against te wall, the mission seemingly aborted by all except Ankalime.
Ankalime sits near Desirre.
- What happened?
Rue was now sleeping, wondering if this quest was even worth it, She thought of what it would be like if she abandoned her companions.
Hunter had fanilly reach the gave. He pulls the lid off. In it he saw the stuff for the ink. He takes it and puts it in his bag. He start to leave then the grauds around the grave came back to left. He puts his bag on the wolves and sends them to Rue and the otehrs. He turns back to the grauds pulling his sword. He attacks them.
Desirre looked up at Ankalime.
"To tell you the truth, I've no idea. Events keep on pouring all over like maple syrup, leaving me confused and lost. So now, I'm just sitting out of the situation."
- Desirre, I understand your feelings. But despite the fact that everything is a mess now, we should keep going! Chins up!
She looks at the cave's entrance.
- What takes him so long?! I don't like that, I'd better go and check if everything's alright. Keep an eye on Rue.
Desirre nodded and smiled. >Will watch her,< she thought. Desirre went and sat by Rue.
"Oh this is really great, now I'll slow down the whole group, I rushed into the whole thing too quickly and paid for it."
Desirre sighed some, looking down at Rue.
"No, you won't. We're bound to go slowly anyway, this is a dangerous trip. So don't worry and get some rest."
Ankalime entered the cave and at once heard some strange sounds. She ran into the darkness unsheathing her sword. All of sudden Hunter's wolves ran towards her holding a bag.
- Hey, stop, where's Bradly!?...What! Go to Desirre and Rue and I'll go help Bradly!
She was running for about five minutes as she saw Bradly attacking grauds. She stood beside him and started fighting.
- Don't you mind if I help you?!
She looked at him and smiled.
Hunter not Bradly]

Hunter looks at Ank. "I dont mind. Get Down!!" He pushes her down cuting off one of the grauds head's. He then helps her up. He kills the other two. "Lets go now." He runs off following Ank.
Rue woke up from a light sleep, "Do you hear something?", She asked the girl. Then suddenly the wolves ran up to them.
Bradly reaches the hold in the ground but it begins to break down. He runs and jumps over it. He calls back to Ank,"Watch out for the hold."
Ankalime jumps over the hole.
- We'd better hurry, the cave seems to collapse very soon! And we should take Rue as far as possible from this cave. She can't move on her own!
Oh, I'm gonna be a bad guy this time...are the bad guys in hiding, coming after you or what? I'll post my profile right now, but I need to know the answer to my question before I post.

Name: N’ess’ Telr’nya
Race: wizard
Age: Unknown, Looks about 21
Description: Pale skinned, darkbrown hair with a (naturally) red lock on the right side, about 5'8", beautiful in a dark, slightly elvish way.
Abilities: skilled with quite a few weapons(preference being a scourge), she is good at manipulating people, and messing with their minds.
Desirre looked to Rue then the wolves, then narrowed her eyes some with a sigh, recognizing them.
"They're the wolves of that Hunter fellow. Where did he go? And Ankalime? Goodness, I hope they're safe."
" Somethings wrong...we need to leave!" Rue struggled to get up. She turned to the girl, " Now!"
Desirre grabbed her arm gently and gave her a firm tug back down.
"No! You're injured, I need to watch you, Hunter is mean enough to protect himself, and Ankalime knows what she's doing! We'll stay here and wait for a bit longer. Just have patience!"
Desirre sat back with a sigh.
'Don't you hear it? The floor the walls? It's become too unstable, it's going to fall!"
Desirre stood up immediately.
"Aye, now I hear it!"
She picked up Rue with suprising strength and ran out, golden and silver hair wild, the wolves on her heels. Right at the last second, they escaped the cave before it collapsed.
I hope they made it out okay..." She walked over to the rubble hopefully.
Is anyone gonna answer my question so I know what to post? Just wondering...
Sorry, but not, you can be iether a wizard or a elf! But I really want you to join us as a bad one!!!
Ankalime awaked in the dark. It was hard to breath. She tried to get up, but as she succeeded she fell down. "Ouch! That hurts!" The rocks and stones were everywhere.
- Hunter, where are you? Do you hear me?
Hunter hears her yell."Yes i hear you look above you." He feels the rocks and his back. He starts to left up pushing the rocks off. He stands up looking at the others looking at him like this is unreal.
Rue quickly limped forward,"What happened", she said as she embraced her sister then walked over to Hunter," Do you need help with anything?, you're a mess",she took his arm and led him away as her sister leaned on her shoulder, She decided to be nicer to Hunter, he had definitly proven his loyalty to the group.
Hunter looks at Rue. "Im fine just tied." He walks to his wolves and takes the bag. Hands it to Rue. "Here this is what yall needed right?" He pets his wolves.
" I think so but you should probably confirm with the others in case I'm wrong." She started to rub her neck,it was now a simple ache.
Hunter takes out a bottle of dragon's tears. Then hands it to Rue."Here put it on your neck. Then there will be no more pain."
"Thank you", she says accepting it from Hunter, "I want to apologize for not trusting you before, I now am willing to fight for both our lives and the groups, not just mine. It may take a while for you trust to form but I'm giving you my word."
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