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Hunter sees Rue walk up and stand beside him.
" What are you waiting for? It's time for some fun", She winks at him and drew up Holy Wolf, "I repeat let the girl go",she took a step forward.
Hunter gets mad. As he dose his sword begins to glow a dark midnight black. The letters that were not able to been seen. Now cames out of the sword it reads "Only the one with the beast can make it work" As Hunter reads this. A wolf, a raven, a bear, a snake and other creaters came to his side.
Rue got a little creeped out by the snake but kept her ground.
Kel'Thuzad looked angrily at the pesky mortals. He grabed thier prisoner, the girl, and held her in the air as high as he could. He stood there looking very odd for a few moments and suddenly a huge gargoyle swoped down, grabing Desirre and flying off. "Now she is safe. At our masters fortress." he laughed evily. "No way you can save her now mortals. And as for shouldnt have risked those poor animal lives....." with that he slashed at the weak animals with his bastard sword. They had no armor or tough hide and they fell bleeding before his swipes. Soon, only Bradly, Rue and some birds are left. He then flashed a jet of blue light from his outstreched hand at Rue and left her to stand there paralysed. He faced Bradly and said to Naessa "Why dont you "soften" him up a bit mentally, before i break that fancy sword of his over his head? Ill teach you the true art of swordplay, you lumbering fool!"
Rue watched helplessly as the series of events occured.She felt whatever force there was around her begin to weaken but she wasn't strong enough to break through. She looked to Hunter hoping he knew what to do.
Bradly, nvm the message, kinda too late now anyway. "With pleasure."
Naesse gave final knot on Rue's mental barrier and turned her attention to Hunter. She gave a powerful mental blow, strong enough to kill most men. As soon as you're ready to settle down and surrender I'll stop, or better yet... Naesse began giving gradually harder mental taps on Rue. I can continue with Rue, though I have a feeling you'll warm up to me soon.
Hunter blocks Naessa hit. He then runs at her with his sword in his hands. He jumps at her cut downward at her. He dose a back flip. As he lands he throws about 18 stars from under his cloak at her. He runs at her beisde the stars. He punches her to the ground. Then cuts downward again.
um, Bradly, hate to tell ya, and burt ur bubble...but u can't block my blows, they're mental and impossible to evade.
now you only hit me once
Rue didn't know how the girl could be so intuned with her,but she felt the increase every time. Knowing there was nothing to do but watch she tried to withstand it.
Name: Tathea kyra Celebrindal (Nick: Tiger)
Race: Human (Half elf)
Homeland: Residing wherever she is at the moment.
Age: 13
Physical Appearence: Short Skinny almost emacitad. she wears a simple black gown with a large sword (Ireth) across her back. I do not wear shoes. brown/green eyes deep reddish/burdgandy hair witch falls about halfway down my back is always kept up.
Skills: She has advanced knowladge with swords and other forms of weponrey. A Medium knowladge of magic spells, and A great passion to keep all others around her alive without caring for her self.
Special Items: the sword is a sword of light,
Background: she was trained to be a preistess and when she found out that her dad wanted her to become evil and serve the evil lords she left never to return. When she came to get her sword in another village was there i barely excaped with my life and lost my father. I was looking for him so i could Kill him and the evil lords

(I'll post in a couple of days k?)
Oh come on post now. We can always use another player.
OOC: TIGER!!!!!!!*tacklehugs* I'm so glad you joined. Bradly: The blow I dealt you was a mental blow, not a physical one, which means you couldn't have blocked it.
Bradly, before you start throwing stuff at her, remember, i am in front of you, sword drawn, and ready to hack you up into minced meat.
i know
Hunter staters at them. He stands angerly.
Rue watches as the man steps forward sword drawn,she couldn't break the mind block and it kept increasing as she tried. She looked for something, anything to stop the taps. The girl didn't seem to even think about it,she was a very skilled warrior.
Hunter looks at Rue and then looks back at the evil peolpe.
Naesse laughed mentally at the man in front of her's stupidity. She tightened her grip on Rue's mind, gripping it like a vise until the girl began to show signs of pain. Smiling satisfactorily, she spoke into Hunter's mind again. Just tell me when you're willing to be more submissive, though if I were you I'd make it soon, I don't think your pet is going to take much more and this is only a small fragment of my powers. She looked rather demeaningly at the two trying so valiantly to oppose her and Kel. Kel, my dearest partner, be patient. I have a feeling this egotistical maniac is about to become much more obedient.
Rue was barely holding on now,she cringed inside herself willing the pain to stop,looking at the girls smile,made it even harder to think of a way out knowing her apponent wasn't even trying. Then she remembered,her sister was still okay,the horse carrying her had continued to ride on after the other three had stopped. She smiled to herself despite the pain,her sister could still go on for what was needed.
Kel'Thuzad said "Now...we wish to talk about a scroll. I think you know what scroll im talking about. If you keep trying to obtain it, we will be forced to stop you. Very efficiently, that is." he smiled nastily.
Desirre looked around sadly, keeping still as a tombstone. She looked down at the ground sadly, not wanting to see Rue tortured, and kept her eyes closed, swaying a bit in the wind.
Hunter yells out,"Leave Rue alone. Im the one who knows were the items are. Please leave her alone." He drops to his knee giving up to save Rue. He saids to them,"I give up i will take you to the other items but please let Rue go."
Rue looked at him as if he had just fallen from the sky,was he really giving up? He was risking everything they had set out to do.
Hunter saids sofely,"I would be gald to give up my life for her. Please i will shwo you were they are at." He looks at Rue. Then sends her a message from his mind i am sorry but i have to maybe i can learn samething.
Bradly she put a mind block thingy around me I can't hear you.
Rue kept starring at him as he surrendered not being able to stop him.
Hunter looks back. Then sees Rue is worried about him.
Naesse jumped down from her horse until she was in front of the two, at Kel's side. She smiled softly, so he thought he would be able to learn something did he? Let me tell you something Hunter. Your little friend there can't hear anything you send her, I've set a rather powerful block around her mind. Though I do wish you well in your attempt to learn something, regardless of the probability of that happening being so low. Please sheathe your sword and drop it at my partner's feet. She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for him to obey...the master wasn't likely to wait for much longer. Naesse could feel his increasingly more frequent messages in the back of her mind.
Rue looked away trying to find her sisters horse,it was no where in sight,'good',she thought,'they still don't know of her'.Looking back she saw the girl speaking.
Kel'Thuzad looked at the two struglling with their own minds. He almost felt sorry for them....But then he smiled nastily and said "Now.....give us the materials for the scroll and you may go. You better not try anything stupid...." he said looking mostly at Bradly. "Or she might suffer the consequences....."
Bradly looks at him then says,"We dont have all of them just the ones for the ink." He takes tem out of his bag then puts them at his feet.
The pain was so immenes that Rue suddenly broke whatever hold the man had on her and dropped to the ground in a heap of pain.The girl still had a mind hold on her,she relized.As she clutched herself she slowly came to her knees and looked up.

Should I not have done that?( I just don't want Etharion to flip out on me with more rules).
Hunter jumps up and runs to Rue's side. He holds her in his arms. "Let her out of your power. Please."
Naesse laughed at the pitiful sight of the two in front of her and slightly relaxed the pain she was inflicting on the girl, just a fraction. She turned to Kel.
"Well, what do you say? Let them go?"
Rue was breathing heavily now clinging to Hunter.She looked to the girl and then the man,highly doubting the would let them go.
Suddenly a silver sword let down on Naesse's shoulder and Kel felt the poniard at his throat.
- Let me give you one but very useful advice... let them go or you'd regret...
Ankalime winked at astonished Rue and Hunter...

Hurray!!!!!! Waving Hello Smilie It's great you're feeling better!

Rue looked up slightly but a sharp pain went through her body,wincing she dropped her head. Her sister was fine and that was good,but what about Dessire? Where had she gone? She did her best to breath normally as she waited for the others response,to her sister.
Kel'thuzad hissed at the sudden intruder. Sliping out of her grasp he signaled Naesse to let her go and come closer. She did so and they stood side by side. "Seems our party is over sooner than i planed. But if you dont mind ill have this...." and he snatched the ink out of Bradlys hands, which were still slightly shaking because of the recent
events. "And with this i bid you farewell." he smiled and ran off with Naesse. She knew where they were headed...
Naesse laughed at the sudden appearance of the sword on her shoulder. You pitiful girl, do you really think that was going to stop us?! She nodded at Kel and swiftly jumped back on her horse before any of them could do anything to stop her and rode off. Hurry, the master grows impatient with every growing second. We must go as fast as possible. Leave these vermin, after all..we still have their friend.
Etharion,Bradly dosn't have a mind block.

Rue watched them ride off and slowly came to her feet,she walked to her sister and embraced her,then walked back to Hunter and sat down,still recovering as her mind began to ease.She thought of Dessire,and what had befallen her.
- What happened to Dessire? Rue, who were these people?
Desirre had been taken away by the two when they slipped off. They kept her within eyesight at all times, not treating her the humane way at all. She kept her hopes up though, knowing it would have to come to an end, sooner or later, wouldn't it?
"All I know is that they got the ink stuff and Dessire,I've no idea where they came from."
Hunter gets mad becuase he knows he has failed. He hits the ground so hard that blood stated to run from his hands and leaveing holds in the ground were he hit. He looks at the sky. The yells out,"WHY HAVE YOU TAKE MY POWER AWAY. WHY HAVE YOU TAKEING MY STRENGTH AWAY. I COULD HAVE KILL THEM IF YOU HAVENT TAKEING IT AWAY GOD!!!!!!"
Desirre was in a cell, and it was pitch black. She heard some rats moving around. Except that, nothing was heard or seen...
Meanwhile...Arthas & Naesse were riding full speed towards the stronghold. They had to report their succes and wait for instrucions.
Hunter stands up and tells the others,"We must go find the other items. Now before they do." He jumps on to his horse and rides off to the tower.
But you dont exactly know where this tower is.Its a secret Orc Smiling Smilie
Theres two twoers one with the stuff to make the pen and your tower.
"Then we should move out now",Rue got up slowly supporting herself, and looked at the others. She hoped Desirre was alright,they would have to find her before anything else went wrong.
Hunter picks Rue up and throws her onto his hrose for they only have two now. "Lets move out"
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