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Greengul is a large city surrounded by walls.It was supposedly unpenatreble.Until now.An evil villian known only as Psydous will risk everything to destroy that city.

Rules there are none.

Name: Psydous
Height: 6'7
Age: unknown
Race: Limdule High Mage
Weapons(powers)-He can use his psyhcic powers to control minds.He is also a master of magic especially dark magic.
Appearence: Black Bloodstained hooded robe that bears ancient writing on it.He has glowing red eyes.And spiked up white hair with red streaks.He also has spikes wrapped around his knuckles wrists and neck.
Backround: unknown
Personality-headstrong ruthless will do anything for power.
Ah, now I see. Hmm...never been evil before... If this thing starts up I'll try being a bad dude Angry Elf Smilie

Age- Not really sure...
Features-Blood red hair, to waist, golden eyes
Personality-Stubborn, moody, usually unemotional, watch out, she may double cross you
Clothing-Red and brown clothing, always wears a deep red, long overcoat, bracers & stuffs
Weapons-Anything, usually her specially crafted knives or druid magic
Psydous was sittig on a hill looking down at Greengul.He had used a spell to make himself invisible."Hmm.I have to get in there."he said to himself.
"Won't be too hard", said a voice behind him. A girl walked up and blew a handfull of powder into the air, as it fell over him, he soon became slightly visible. "You can't hide long if someone wants to find you", She said quietly, crossing her arms, "And you can't get in there alone.
i will join in and try to be evil Tongue Smilie

Another human follows loridian. It may be hard to get in but if the need be i can call on many forces to help us in the conquest. For now you may call me bane.

Name:trying to come up with the name of an evil mercenary leader. but for know it is bane.
Age: 35
proffesion: wizard of power, and swordsman. and leader of a giant mercenary band known for spreading terror throughout the land. called black death.
clothing all black. pants, shirt and boots and cape.
look: many scars and long black hair eyes give away that he is pure evil.
Yay, I've never seen your evil version! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Loridian turned around and grinned, "Well, this is quite a little group here, isn't it? Let's just hope it works to our advantage". She took a step back and sat down on a rock, waiting for the next motion.
lol me either...another one liner... nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So would you guys like people who are good? I would gladly take that position.
yeah I would be a good guy, if u need one.
Etharion as he looked down from the city walls. He was looking at a couple of figures outside the city, a man and woman, through his special lenses. He was hired for his spellcasting abillities by the city rulers, and naturally he was staking out for any odd unauthorized magic close to the city. Now that he saw it himself, he sent a crow to the city lords. After that he returned to follow the figures progress through his lenses of True seeing.

Name: Etharion
Race: elf
Sex: male
Age: unknown
Looks: long white robes with a golden colored vest. Long light brown hair, prominent ears and a satisfied smile on his face. A silver staff, with a golden sun symbol at the top.
Background: A mage lord, with a rich past, seeking to thwart evil where ever he finds it. Curently employed by the lords of Greengul.
Dentarion strode over to Etharion smiling, "Greetings Etharion," then his face fell puzzled, "Why did you send the crow? What have you seen?" He looked over the wall drawing an arrow, "Is there trouble?

Race- Human
Age- 25
Appearance- Dark hair, fairly tall, rangers clothing, bow arrows sword, typical weoponry of ranger.
history- Born as one of the lesser families in the city, as soon as he was of age he joined the city defenders, trained, and eventually became a ranger. Always a naturally cautious person, and ready to spring into action at the slightest provocation. knows some magic.
Loridian stood and looked up at the walls, frowning. She then began weaving her hands in a small circle, and quickly sent a spell forward to the top of the wall, where it came in contact with the lenses watching them. As they went dark, she sat back down for a moment and turned to Bane, "They can't see him", she pointed to the semi-visible figure, "But we're being watched".
I think ill join now

Name: Belegore
Gender: Male
Age: 174
Apearance: Short blond hair, Blue Eyes, Very handsome, Wears a breastplate with the symbol of the lords of the city on, the red dragon. Also has a small maroon tunic.
Weapons: Long broadsword (which he never lets go of), small ceremonial dagger (ruby studded,diamond tip), longbow
Skills: Brilliant swordsman
gibbon i take it you are good...

Yes i have noticed said bane as he quickly turns his back and casts a spell to make them invisible to magic and the naked eye. now we can talk and be heard but not be seen says bane as he casts another spell, and now we cant be heard either by them. so what are the plans gonna be... i think we should come from not 1, but 2 no no 3 nope wont work 4 no i got it 5 we should come from 5 different directions when we attack.
"Or, we could walk right into the city and take out the leaders, and destroy it from the inside, out, if that's any simpler", said Loridian watching the figures on the wall intently.
Noticing Etharion was concentrating too intensely to notice him, Dentarion moved away looking over the walls. Knowing himself to have fairly sharp eyes, he could not see anything. Then he saw movement iin some trees, he aimed at one of the trees in the area loosing an arrow at one of the trunks.
Psydous got up from where he was sitting.He turned away from the city and said,"Follow me.Were going to go to a secret area I know of.We can stay there until we penetrate the city walls."He started to walk away and then he stopped.He waved his hand and chanted,"Azarath Hycos Metro Kikars!"Suddenly the ground lifted up and Revealed an elevator like thing.Psydous got onto it and said,"Well are you guys comin?"
Loridian moved over to the tree that the arrow had embedded itself in and pulled it out, she stuffed it in her bag and walked over and into the elevator thing.
Dentarion watched carefully to an response. He saw a small flicker of light,but that was all. 'Should I raise the alarm? What is it that is making Etharion so concentrative?' notching another arrow hewatched for any other moving. He then realised what he was really up again. "THese must be very powerful sorcerers. How am I supposed to do anything? I'm not that good." he looked over the wall glaring defiantly, "All the same, I better keep an eye out for anything."
Once everyone was on the elevator platform Psy chanted "Hycos Evicus!"They slowly started to descend deep into the earths core.
"You know", Loridian said, taking in everything about the elevator, "I've been in the city before, there's a weak spot in the wall behind an old building, we could just go in that way". She fingured the arrow, her hand still in her bag and glanced to the two men.
"This is interesting," Belegore had recieved a second message, Etharion was known to give false alarms but he couldnt ignore this one. He rang the warning bell. All the guards within a mile would come to him. " What harm can three figures do."
that may work. but i think that we should still have my mercinaries set up camp and prepare to attack that way they are expecting a all out frontal attack.
Dentarion ignored the warning bell, and ordered the company of men he commanded to gnore it as well. "What are the lords thinking? Leaving the walls undefended?" muttered Dentarion and checking his quiver realised something. "Oh no, I just wasted that homemade arrow. Oh well."
"Yes, that's a must", said Loridian in agreement. "There's no telling what could happen, it'll be good to have others around, never know what they've got in store for us in there. Your both aware that they've though of everything to prevent an attack, right?"
"Well we could have live mercenarys that die when they get hit or we could have mercenarys of the dead."Psydous revealed a hidden wall filled with bodies and bones."Watching people die each day hear their screams what do they say let them speak once again.Get up and walk my deceased friends!"He chanted and aimed a spell at the bodies and bones and the armor that was mixed in with them.The Bodies and bones started shaking the floated and formed together to make beings with armor and weopons.There was at least three hundred of them."Well do you like them?"Psy said to the others.
"No", said Loridian wrapping her arms around herself, "They're absolutly revolting, how can you stay down here?" She moved against the wall, watching the figures intently as shivers ran down her spine, "The walking dead, truly disturbing".
io prefer living to dead because all of my generals have a ming of their own while they all follow only one commander and thats you. but i say we might as well use them as the first wave cause it wont matter if we lose them.
Sadly only the most inexperienced had replied to the warning bell, all the most elite warriors were too well trained and arrogant to leave what they thought was important. He would have to make do.
"Dentarion, I thought you would go along with those lows and leave your post." Another captain laughed and then it struck Dentarion, 'the lords might have something important to say, I suppose leaving my pot for a few moments can't hurt,' Dentarion ordered his company to remain vigilant, while he himself and a few other captains who realised it quickly made their way to the tower. They arrived, a bit breathless, "My lords, is there some emergancy where we must leave the walls undefended to go here to the middle of the city?" Dentarion hated to sound slightly hostile, and he had always respected the city lords, especially Belegore and their decisions, but the situation seemed unsual. The other experianced captains likle himself murmered their agreement.
"Finally, some decent warriors follow me the others warriors have already gone."

Sorry for the short post.
"My lords, I ask again, why must we leave the city defenses to come here?" Dentarion half angrily asked. The other captains muttered again, louder.
Ill answer you as a lord 4 now ok
"We called you here because we knew you could tell us why did that bell go off I sense no danger!"said the Lord yelling at Dentrian.
"That is Etharion's job, not ours. I saw him send the crow. I saw movement near the outskirts of the woods near the walls. But I don't know whether there really is a threat, it is not our job, our job is to protect the city, if we see something, we usually don't get all the defenders to the middle of the city. You summoned us to ask us that? Our walls could have been attacked right this moment!" Dentarion angrily stated, other captains also nodding their agreement.
"SHUT UP YOU INCOMPETENT FOOL!!!"yelled the lord angerly at Dentrian."DO YOU WANT TO BE DEMOTED TO A MERE STABLEBOY CLEANING UP THE HORSE DUNG!?!?"shouted the lord angerly.
"Sorry my lords I must ask for your forgiveness. I needed warriors. Trust me." Belegore walked over to the captains and had a quiet word to them."
"My lord Belegore," Dentarion spoke respectfully, "If only the other lord were more reasonable, thank you for explaining" Yelling over his shoulder he shouted to the other lord, "If I must be demoted, so be it, I would rather be demoted than see the whole city perish because of one fatal mistake!" Turning again, he nodded to the other captains who made their way back to the city walls.
"STOP RIGHT THERE!"he shouted to dentrion.When he didnt stop the lord threw a knife at him and it hit him in the shoulder."That should teach you a lesson."
Dentarion looked at his wound in the shoulder. The pain could not be hidden, his face contorted, but he managed to keep it calm. Years of training and hard work made him tough, but it was a wound not easily ignored. Pulling the knife out, he held it up. "This knife was thrown by a lord of this city at one of her defenders. This day, blood has been spilt before the enemy even arrived, bloode spilt by a countryman." using the arm that the knife had hit he threw it at the lords, "Your knife my lord," turning he continued onwith the other fearful and bewildered captains, wrapping a cloth he had around the wound.
Loridian closed her eyes only to open them a moment later, "I can't stay down here. I'll be in the city until you two decide on something, be back later". She issued a whispered word and was gone, finding herself in the back of an old building on the other side of the walls. She smiled to herself, raised her hood and moved on towards the street.
Dentarion and the other captains walked towards the wall, none of the others looked to Dentarion, who barely seemed to notice his wound. Dentarion then turned away from the others, saying he had to check the oldest section of wall, which had more defenders, but he just had to check.
Loridian froze as a man entered the small alley way, she was close to the streets, she could have ran or just teleported (sp?), but any unfamiliar magic would have the guards on her in no time and running was supsicious. She took a deep breath and stayed where she was, waiting for him to leave or at least move.
Dentarion stopped. "I sense something." Drawing his sword he looked around, 'Someone's here.' He looked more carefully, "Curses I wish I had Etharion's lenses, I know a little of this sorcery." He muttered a few words Instantly, the area around him, all 'magical' abilities were disabled, "That trick is something that always comes in handy when you have someone like that here. Come out now, show yourself. Are you friend or foe, I know someone's there, reveal yourself!" Inseide he thought 'Hurry up, this spell doesn't last long.'
Loridian stepped out of the shadows and pulled back her hood, "I hate it when people do that, meddle with my magic, it's really quite annoying". She stopped and studied the figure a moment before reaching inside her bag and pulling out the arrow, "Nice piece of work here, did it yourself didn't you, hmmm?" She tossed it at his feet, "Next time don't waste such fine craftsmenship".
"Well now that shes gone would you like to see something?"asked Psydous to his new companion."Azarath Kihola Bonada!"He shouted and he instantly turned into one of the skeletons."Im going to town wanna come?"said Psy.
Dentarion starred in amazement, taking back his arrow. "But that would mean," his eyes narrowed, and he glanced up at her, "who are you? Why were you in the woods? I haven't seen you around before." He then remembered Belegore's words, "Unless..." he then shook the thought away, " no couldn't be." He then turnned back to her. "Again I ask, who are you?"
She smiled to herself, seeing no harm in answering, "Loridian. But why I was in the woods is not your concern, and you wouldn't have seen me here before". She glanced out to the street for a moment before turning her focus back on him, her voice was direct, "I want to see Lord Belegore".
Belegore turned to the other lord. "There was no need for that! He was one of our best fighters, you may have compromised the whole mission, he knows secrets and now he may feel like helping the enemy if he is wounded for speaking out of turn! This is not a dictatorship, I will not have our people treated like that! Even by you!" He stormed out the room and after Dentarion
"As a matter in fact, I just saw him," Dentarion was careful not to look at his wound, using his non wounded arm he gestured, "Right this way, after you." he was still careful of her, and muttered another spell disabling any magical abilities within the area, hekept his sword at the ready.
Loridian laughed, stepping into the street, "I'm not going to hurt you, here", she pulled her specialy crafted knives from her sleeves and held them out. "I have no magic and no weapons now, please, sheath your sword for the moment".
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