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Psy imprisoned Aegir in a black energy cage."Ahh look a new pet mwahahahaha.You cant escape from this Val so Guards bring him in the cage to the dungeon.and dont try to use magic it will just deflect back and hurt you."The dead skeleton guards came and picked up the cage and walked in unison to the dungeon."Goodbye my friend."He said waving."Ahh no where were we my love?"
"Fine i cant get out i will just take your love with me." A rope of energy tightened around vixas neck. "You take me, she dies. And trust me you cant destroy it." The rope tightened and vixa started chocking.
Vixa merely stood there and let the tendrils curl around her neck. "Don't come near me, darling, it'll only be worse if you do." She could hardly breathe now but she didn't struggle or anything because she knew the ropes would only tighten if she did. And besides, she didn't like to show her weakness. Fortunately, the skeletons had taken hold of Aegir and was giving him something to think about. Vixa didn't know of any magic that could severe the ropes, so she did the thing that came to her mind first: she tickled her brother through the bars of the cage.
Aegir started laughing. 'My sister knows my weakspots' he thought to himself. The ropes were flickering. Aegir held up his other hand with much struggle and a rope appeared around Vixa's hands. Ending her tickling session. "For that my sister you get a level up." The ropes tightened on the hands and throat. And not only that a new rope appeared around her legs and her mouth. "I have had enough of your comments." Aegirs eyes were glowing very brightly.
Vixa was a master of herbs and poisons, so she knew what to do. She shot a meaningful glance at Psy which Aegir missed completely and used her elbow to crack open a crystal phial sewn into her shirt at about the place above her heart. This was merely a knockout potion which would make her seem dead. In a few moments, the colour drained from her face and her eyes closed. Her body became limp and her heart ceased to beat. The potion, of course, was still hidden in her clothes and no one could see it. Vixa slumped on the floor, looking quite lifeless. A gust of wind swept across her and her hair was blown away from her face, revealing not the face of Vixa, but the face of her younger sister, Aranya. Slowly, her clothes changed too, and she was garbed in the white dress Aranya wore.
"Who is that?"shouted Psy at Aegir."This is the woman I really fell in love with!She is hideous!"
OOC: hideous compared to Vixa, right? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
you wish

"Vixa what eveil trick is this, you expect me to believe you. I am having trouble with what you have done with our parents, dont make it harder." Aegir lashed out, the bars did not even shake. "Since i cannot get out, I will take you away." The ghost raven appeared and grabbed Psy in his Talons and flew off into the Horzon.
Vixa dropped her act and her disguise when she saw her brother wasn't fooled. "It would've been fun to let him believe he strangled Aranya..." she muttered to herself. Then she looked Aegir straight in the eye. It was very dangerous to look Vixa straight in her eye. She could hypnotize the weak and twist minds of the strong with those peridot eyes. But this time she didn't try any tricks. Psy was gone, and she felt unnaturally empty, as if she had no more energy left. "Psy," she whispered. "You've taken him." The black bonds were still slithering around her. She bowed her head. "Take me too, into death, if it is what you have prepared for us."
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As they were flying Psy said,"You are weak you fool.You will never kill me.You have the power to but your just to much of a good person."Psy laughed.He cast a spell on one of the birds feet and it let go.He dropped at a steady rate."Goodbye!!!!!!"he shouted laughing.
So i teleported you out of the castle for your safety. I'am in a cage right now but i send Psy flying away with him in my ghost ravens claws. I also have Vixa, or my sister in a bond of ropes. If you want to come and let me out that would be great.
Swirling wind gathered at Vixa's feet. She was rising into the air, though still bound by the ropes. Suddenly she flashed her poisonous eyes and a slender green vine began to curl itself around Aegir. She smirked. Anything that Aegir does I will match too. His spells may be unbreakable, but my spells are inpenetrable...
Aegir looked down at the vines. He threw a slash of energy at them, but nothing happened. Aegir created a buble shield around him and the vines started growing on that rather then him. 'He had to hurt her with his words' he thought to himself. "Vixa you are the one that reminded me of the old times, when we would run through the forest. Being yelled at by mother for being late to dinner. Yes you remember mother, and father. We loved them very much. And now we cant because you my sister killed them. We will never see them again on the earth. Dont you ever wish we could go back to thoughs days? I sure do, and I have a pretty strong feeling you do too.
Out of no where, Aegirs cage suddenly shattered and Loridian appeared off to the side. "What was that all about?" she shouted angrily, seemingly oblivious to the vines coiling around the siblings, "It took me forever to get around those stupid ward spells. And in all this time I've been gone they're still alive?"
Vixa was really choking now. "What do you mean I'm still alive?" she thought. "I'm half-dead..." But she kept her eyes fixed on Aegir, and was moved by his sweet words. Her vines were creeping over the shield, and she deemed the moment ripe. She disappeared. In reality, she only did a bit of transfiguration by making herself one with the green vines, but for half a moment, she looked like she was gone. Then, she reappeared inside Aegir's shield. Before Aegir could do anything she flung her arms around him and sobbed, whispering "Tell me more...tell me more..."
Teh vines shriveled around Aegir. "Sister you know just as well as i do, what the past was like. i would only hope that you have not completely forgotten them. Have you?" Aegir looked at his sobbing sister.
Vixa hid her face from her brother's eyes and sobbed even more. "H-how could I ever forget?" The vines and ropes had all gone now and Loridian was the only person who was a threat to Vixa. So she held her brother a bit tighter, but secretly she was sliding a dart out of her sleeve.
'I cant let my emotions get in the way this time' Aegir thought to himself. "No i cannot expect you to, because you have gone evil. i'am sorry my sister but this is the end. His Sister was thinking the same thought. As aegir lifted up his arms his sister slashed him across the stomach. Aegir fell to the ground. he began to laugh in his pain. "my sister has finally beaten me" he laughed more and was soon gone.
OOC: you mean gone like "dead" or gone like "disappeared"?
Not dead, but dissapeared.
Vixa strengthened a shield around herself and watched coldly as Aegir disappeared from sight. Her eyes were fixed on the ground where he had been lying a moment before, and her body was very still. The atmosphere was tense between the two women. But in truth, Vixa was only waiting for Psy to come back.
Loridian glared at the girl angrily, and without even thinking, her fingers ignited, each of the tips becoming a small flame. "Your brother told me that Psy had found someone who could kill me, he said I would most likely die. It's funny, actually, I thought it would have happened already, if it was meant to happen at all".
Vixa's peridot eyes moved slightly to fix themselves on Loridian under her lids. She raised her brows at her. "Aegir was right. But just because I have the ability to kill you doesn't mean I have to do it." Then there was a flash of green and thick thorny vines blocked the doors and windows. The only source of light was Loridian's hands. Vixa smiled. "I do get lonely sometimes, Psy can be gone for very long periods of time." She made a friendly gesture to Loridian and sat down. "Wouldn't it be better if I let you live to be my friend and companion? Goodness knows, but I need a female companion." She laughed, and her laughter was like sweet bells. "And I wouldn't have to worry about Psy falling in love with you."
Loridian stepped back in shock and the flames in her hands went out, leaving the room in darkness, "I'm sorry but ew, that's a sick thought". She moved along the wall quietly, trying to find a door. Suddenly she asked, "Ever heard the saying; All that is necesarry for evil to succeed, is that good men do nothing?" She stopped for a moment and glanced through the darkness to where the girl had sat down. "I intend to do everything in my power to defeat any evils that threaten the city of Greengul or anywhere else". She continued along the wall until her hand brushed up against a door handle.
There was a slight flare of annoyance in her heart, and Vixa snapped her fingers to illimunate the room. "Where are you going, Loridian?" She stood up slowly, like a snake rising from the grass, and the vines immediately closed on the handle of the door. "Why are you so anxious to go?" She fixed her hypnotic eyes on her and her voice held a tiny hint of mocking in it as she said, "Why would you want to leave me when you have such a chance to 'do everything in your power to defeat evil'? We're alone in one of the remote chambers of Psy's castle, with not even a sliver of daylight shining down upon us and nobody to interrupt with the vines at the doors, just you and I. Will both of us walk out of here alive?"
Loridian rolled her head in the girls direction and spoke with complete sincerity, "I can't answer that. I've seen every opportunity handed to me to make a move, but I can't take any of them. I know that if I want to do everything I can to defeat you or anything else, I need at least half of my strength back. Right now, I'd surly die". She smiled sadly, and suddenly her body melted down into a shadow and disappeared through the floor. She reappeared in a small dark room at another end of the castle and collapsed, greatful for a brief chance to regain some strength.
All of the sudden the room was iluminated as a light shined down apon Loridian. Lordidian was not sure what was happening, untill a voice spoke out. "Loridian, it is I Aegir. I have noticed that you are in a bit of a bind. I myself have to wait through the long process of healing till I may return, but till that time I will use my little power to help you regain your health." As the light got stronger, Loridians power was restored. Untill the light was gone. "Good bye, for now" came the voice one last time as it echoed through out the room
Loridian smiled as Aegir’s light faded and she felt her strength return to her body. "Thanks Aegir, now there's only one more thing to do before this is finished". She pushed the door open and began running down the dark halls, and each window she passed swung open, letting the sunlight pour in after her. She then set fire to rugs and tapestries, support beams and some of the wooden floors. The smoke began to fill the castle and all she had to do was get to the door.
"Loridian." Vixa's eyes closed with weariness. That was one woman who tired her out. And she didn't like being tired out so easily. Smoke was curling around her and the vines were set aflame. Vixa stroked them as they neared their death and smiled faintly. "You'd be better off with Loridian and Aegir or even Aranya than with me." The vines fell to the ground as ashes. Nothing was left of the castle, the walls had been burnt down but the vines (which were designed to stop all intrusion) stopped the flames from getting into the chamber. The only thing that made a shadow in the daylight was a solitary figure standing with her head down and her hair movingin the light breeze.
Psy had been falling for a long time and when he was an inch away from the ground he teleported to the castle or what was left of it."Vixa!Are you alright did Aegir or Lordian do this?I will kill them!"
’Ha, you can certainly try’, said Loridian standing behind him. She smiled and glanced to the castle, still burning in some places, ’You ought to thank me, you know, you have a terrible taste in curtains’. She strode off to the side watching them both intently. Psy looked as if he were about to explode, Vixa looked almost creepily calm. She knew she probably couldn’t take them both on, ’I hope Aegir heals soon’, she thought to herself.
Vixa raised her head and saw her husband. She glided over to him immediately and held out her hand. Psy took it. "It's time to end this war with this troublesome wench," she whispered to him.
’I heard that!’ called Loridian smiling at the two. She continued to move around them at a safe distance, occasionally glancing to the sun to reassure herself of her next move. ’But there’s just one, itty, bitty, little problem, I’m gonna be the one ending this war’. Her eyes darted to Vixa then, ’ You had even more opportunities than I did, and you either blew them off or stalled too long. I even told you what I was going to do. And now I’m here, fully healed and with all the light I need to defeat you two sicko’s’.
Vixa smiled her wonderfully and blissfully un-evil smile. "You have quite good hearing, Loridian. But did you hear what else I said to Psy...with my eyes?" She walked closer to Loridian, until they were an arm's length from each other and gazed questioningly at her.

OOC: This is a distraction, of course, I am merely giving Psy the chance to kill Loridian.
’Did I have to?’ asked Loridian stepping back. She ignited her hands again and glanced between the two, ’You do realize, Vixa, that your husband here hasn’t even come close to killing me? That you have a better chance now, to strike me down than he ever will?’

Vixa didn't answer, she merely looked straight into Loridian's eyes. After a moment, she broke her gaze and inspected her fingernails. "Tell me, Loridian, do you really think I want you dead at my feet?" She knew Loridian was probably just waiting for Aegir to appear, thus she should kill her as soon as possible, but she didn't care. And she made no attempt to stall Aegir's approach either, nor any shield around herself (though she did double Psy's defense). She looked at Loridian's light, smiled and ignited her own eerie blue glow. "Do I really want to you to die?"
’Vixa’’issued Loridian, putting a hand to her forehead, ’If you don’t want to kill me, your husbands enemy, then you’re not evil at all. You didn’t like what you did to Aegir, and you’ve avoided all chances to bring either of our deaths’. She paused a moment and glanced up toward the sun, it was setting fast, she followed it’s path, stepping into some of the last rays until morning. Glancing back to the girl then, ’I don’t want to kill you, but I will if you get in my way. My job is to kill bad people, I’m not here to get rid of you’.
Vixa brought the glow closer to her face and breathed. "Oh no I'm not evil, I'm just sly and creepy and cruel." She turned ,pulled Psy to her side and laid her head on his shoulder. "You will kill me if you even attempt to harm Psy." Her eyes now seemed rather playful and Loridian might've seen a flickering fire behind them. But she continued. "And you won't live if I die either." She held Psy a bit tighter. "Really, you're saying all that about destroying evil again, Loridian. How can you know we are evil? How can it be that I am not evil when my love is, according to you, abhorringly so? How can you judge?"
She paused a while, then spoke again. "How can you even know that you yourself are not evil? You hold lives of others in esteem, and would die to save a young girl from drowning, or an old housekeeper from a fire, yet you throw away the lives of your soldiers, your people, your kin, in waging terrible wars against us. And who are you anyways, to kill people at will? How many innocent soldiers have you killed in war, without thinking about who they are or what they did? Nay, to you every one of Psy's soldiers was an image of Psy himself, fit only to be destroyed. Loridian. You are blinded by wrath and grief. See! You would even kill me! Yet what have I done that you have not? Loridian. Face your blindness and see Psy in a new light. He is not evil. And see also yourself in a new light. You have sinned."
"She is right Lordian."said Psy walking over to her."I may have kille many but I did not betray someone that I gave loyalty to unlike you Lordian."
’No!’ Loridian shouted, backing away, ’No! I’m not evil!’ She shook her head violently and closed her eyes, ’Those people were enemies, I was hired to do it, I was hired to protect people’.’ She trailed off as memories began flooding back and tears swelled in her eyes, she shook her head again. ’All those people’’’, she whispered, her eyes snapping open.
Vixa kneeled down and patted Loridian's back reassuringly. Her eyes told Psy clearly to put a shield against Aegir's coming, but Loridian could neither see nor feel this.
A voice appeared in Loridians head. "You cannot give in tot his. Loridian you must be strong, for the sake of Greengul, the world, and yourself! You must get a hold of yourself. I will be back soon, but untill then you must stay alive. Do not die." The words echoed in loridians head as the voice diseappered.
Vixa comforted Loridian, although she didn't hear a word of her brother's message to Loridian her words were stunningly similar. "Do not despair. The world is not yet fully torn apart, and there's still time for it to heal." She smiled. "You feel weak now, but that's alright, for there are many people in this world, who may lend you a helping hand. But you must get strong! This world needs you. Don't be afraid of what's to come. Just stick to your loyalties and either Psy or myself will always be near you. Don't despair."
Loridian nodded her head slowly and pulled her hands away from her face. She’d heard Aegirs words just as well as his sister’s, but Aegir wasn’t there at the moment. And she’d already begun to doubt whose side she was really on. She stood up slowly and nodded once more, glancing between Psy and Vixa nervously, ’You -you’ll help me?’
Vixa stood up as well. "We have always been helping you. If we weren't on your side from the beginning, you would be nothing but a pile of bones in Psy's dungeon now." She turned back to Psy and smiled. Loridian was now theirs.
Loridian tensed as more faces flashed before her, all the homes and lives she’d destroyed, she remembered each one clearly now. And all along, she’d been blind to the reality of it all. Her hand pressed harder against her forehead as a sharp pain struck through her mind, she tried to ignore it but winced inwardly. ’What happens now?’ she asked hurriedly, closing her eyes.
"What happens now? We destroy Aegir. That worthless piece of garbage."said Psy walking over to Lordian and Vixa.
Vixa saw Loridian's shock at such a suggestion and put a hand on her arm. "It is not what you think, Loridian. Aegir has become ruthless in battle. We must try to let him see truth once more, and stop him from harming more people." She looked at Psy, gently chiding him for speaking so roughly. "Of course, we don't necessarily want to kill him. We just want to call him back." She looked into Loridian's eyes. "Believe me, I don't want my brother dead any more than you do."
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