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"Humph.That foolish girl thinks she could kill me.She will never learn.Goodbye Lordian I bid you adeiu."said Psy angerily.
"Psydous!" said a strong clear voice.
"I bid you to stay." the voice said again." As Psydous turned to see who it was, 6 feet of 2 inch thick oak flew soaring through the air towards his forehead. "In fact..ill make sure you stay...right here."
"Do think you are in any cicumstances to give me orders?"asked Psy as he raised his hand and stopped the arrow in mid air."Now who are you and do you want to die?"said Psy staring his red devil like eyes at him.
(its not a arrow Psy, its my staff.)
The elf pulled his staff out of Psy's hands in one swift motion. "We meet briefly. I was there, on the city walls, when you decided to trouble this city. I have been...searching. Searching for something. And now im back, with a score to settle. You see, i was asked to help protect this city, and ill be damned if i let some scrawny, necromantic, devil worshipper stop me in this!" he said staring in Psydouses red eyes. "So cut the light show. We arent here to do cantrips."

Who else is in this ? To be more exact, who else is against Psydous, that is on the good side. Just so i know who im with.
"Light show!Are you saying you think my eyes are just for fun!!"shouted Psy angerily.His eyes flared as red as an ember in an evil fire."I'm not one bit threatend by you.You stupid mortal.I am the strongest sorceror ever in a long line of Lim Dule High Mages and I will crush anyone or anything if I have to and right now I WANT to kill you but I'll control myself."
(Um... Haldir, Freyr, Gibbon and I are all playing good dudes.)

Loridian finally unfroze herself, conjured a long metal quarterstaff, and walked up behind him silently. She spoke when she was only a few feet away, "Shove off Psy". She slammed it hard into his back, knocking him off balance.
A dart flashed through the air and buried itself in Loridian's back. Then the girl appeared behind Loridian. "Who are you calling stupid girl, Psy?" Her face was like a mask of ice. She raised her eyebrows at Psy's angry expression. "Surprised I disobeyed your orders?" she smirked, and flipped another dart in her long fingers, coating it with poison. "The most deadly mistake you can make is underestimate someone, especially someone like me." She paused a while, but although she looked at ease, she was quite tense. "But I'm back, once more to help you out of this tight spot. In case you haven't noticed, I am on your side...for the time being." She caught sight of the other guy with the staff and smiled nonchalantly. "Oh you, another troublesome foe, I suppose?" Her fingers spun the dart faster, and she knew he was aware of his peril. "Don't worry, you're not going to die. And Loridian here, " she nudged Lor's elbow, "was just a practise target. I didn't even put poison in." Then the girl narrowed her eyes and her voice became hard. "But you will die. Just not by my hand."
"Good work child.You passed the test."said Psy commendingly to his partner."Although it would have been quite fun if that dart had poison in it."Psy laughed as he watched Lordian lying on the ground in agony."As for you Mr.Im gonna protect this city.Your next.Remeber that."Come on we must be going so we can prepare."Psy quickly stood up and felt his back."Ohhh you might have broken a coule vertabrates ohh well to bad Lim Dule have self regeneration in their blood."Psy laughed loudly as he walked away and faded into thin air.Even after he faded away his evil laugheter still rang out in the dark alley.
Thew ghost raven appeared out of know where and flew straight after Psy. The raven
grabed Psy and carried him off like its prey. Psy was droped in same place he was
before. The Raven landed and Aegir appeared. He smirked as psy was lying there in
pain. His sister ttied throwing the dart at him, but it was useless when it
collided with the energy wall coming after her.
Aegir's sister did not show any outward signs of frustration. Instead she inspected her fingernails and walked closer to Psy. But now she could see that Aegir was very angry. Suddenly she felt a flare of anger too. Something reminded her that she had the same blood running in her veins, and that she was every bit as powerful as him. "Don't you dare hurt my friend." Her voice was low and menacing. She swiped the Raven away. Annoying thing it was, always hanging around to mess things up. And she stood in between her brother and Psy. summoning her power to mass a force equal to her brother's. Her powers met her brother's full on. "You know, you can first go, O greatest of the Lim Dule Mages," she said a bit mockingly to Psy. Then she added quietly," Don't worry, my brother won't dare hurt me He's too noble to kill his own sister."
"Oh please excuse me." said Etharion to Psy in a slow voice. "I didnt realize that you were the greatest mage of the Lime Dull mages....but wait..i never heard of any Lime Dull mages! So that must mean your not so great after all!" he concluded happily. Then leaning to Psy he whispered in his ear "Oh and that was sarcasm..if you missed it." Then Psy left. Turning to the girl with the darts he said " Get your poison swindlling self out of my sight! Oh...and this is for the little dart trick with Loridian." he said. With a swish of his hand and a crackle of octarine light, the girl with the poisoned darts looked at him. Nothing happened. And then she "spontaneously" combusted. Flaming tounges of fire wreathed her body, making her look like a live, flailing, human shaped torch.

Not taking his eyes opf her for a second he asked " Loridian? Are you all right? Need any help?"
Psy made his voice be heard in Etharions mind and said"Never heard of Lim Dule.Hah You imbesel If the elders in The Limmdule council heard you say that you would be sentenced to eternal doom in the hell of Lim Dule."
Ah.. Etharion said. "So you Lime Dull guys have your own Hell eh? I suppose you have your own post office and firefighters..
Lime Dull sure its like hell...being so dull." thought Etharion spitefully.
"Yes we do have our own post office but no firefighters.We do have firestarters though."Pssy said keeping his anger under control.Who did his mortal think he was mocking Psy like.
Aegir laughed at his sisters claim. "You know that i'am the older and more
powerful brother. You powers are different and weaker then mine. And as far as
not hurting you. I will do what ever i can to kill you. You have insulted me
and our family. I will have to end your life." Aegir gave a menesing glare at her,
as he did this he walked over to lordian and used his powers to with draw the poisomn.
"Mortal? You speak to me like that? You? A power hungry necromancer that has just got his hands on some power?
I am Etharion Turambar the Timeweaver. And i am no mere mortal. I have been seeking the path of enlighment long before you were even concieved! But this control of mortals that you seek through terror is just low! It is easy to seek power, and even find it these days (with all the gods mocking about and what not...), but it is a true challenge to control that power! And the responsibilities that come with it! You have no true power here. Go back to the shadow..." said Etharion glaring at Psy.
That was it Psy had heard enough.He used his strongest shapeshifting spell to transform into he nearly invinsible Lim Dule Fire Dragon.It flew over the city gates spewing fire every where.It roared loudly and swooped down towards Etharion.It dived right into Etharion and pinned him against a wall.It spoke in a low raspy voice"Now who has control over their powers."The creatures breath was boiling hot and its whole body was aflame.It roared again and blew fire right in front of Etharions face.It then made a noise that almost sounded like laughter.
Seeing that Belegore was busy with other things, he quickly ran off with his men, calling to other soldiers he saw to join up. Soon a fairly large company was at his back. He turnned a corner and then stopped. "What in the world?" at first he saw Etharion leaning against the wall, but looking more closely he saw a hidious black semi invisible dragon pinning him there. "Curse he's too close to Etharion, I can't hurt him. I msut try to find a weak spot on the dragon." Signalling he called, "Archers, aim at the dragon, fire at will!" He knew it wouldn't do anything but at least it would draw attention away from Etharion. "Citadel Guards, lock shields, archers form up behind before you fire." The lowering his sword, he took out a bow and arrow, he suddenly had an idea, taking a bow and arrow, he aimed for the dragon's eye. And he loosed the arrow.
The dragon saw the arrow coming but couldnt move in time.It hit him right besside his eye and he reared up and wailed in pain.He looked at his attacker and charged shooting fire at him and his men.His me were getting lit on fire and running all over the place....
Loridian sighed, pulling the dart from her back and stood to cast her own spell. She chanted quietly and parted her hands, letting down a rush of pouring rain. The fires diminished but the dragon was still at large.
"To me guards of Greengul, to me!" Those that were not on fire cheered and ran to him, while the others quickly ran to there was water." Arrows now hissed also from the nearby wall, archers on the wall having noticed the dragon now.Dentarion reloaded his bow and shot agains at the dragon's eyes, along with the remaining archers, most of the other guards had fled in fire and panic.
The girl felt the fire wreath around her quite soothing. Etharion the mortal was making a big mistake if he thought he could burn her. She had been dragged to countless witch burnings in her time, each time loving the soft caress of fire around her body. But she stepped out of the fire calmly this time and threw the flames at Belegore and his soldiers who were coming at Psy. She caught a glance of Psy and Etharion fighting and smiled deviously. Etharion was a fool for insulting Psy, and for insulting her. She threw ten needle-sized Poisondarts at Etharion. "That was for the insult, Timeweaver. And now to deal with my arrogant brother." She turned towards her brother and smiled. "Kill me, you say? Hmmm... how many times have I heard that vow from your lips? Ten thousand, million, maybe? You could never lay a finger on me. You're too weakened by your own emotions." She formed a binding spell so that Aegir could not just dissolve into thin air and escape.
"ohh you think that your weak magic curse will stop me" Aegirs eyes lit up and a
huge wave of energy nocked his foolish sister intot he wall. "I have had enough of your attitude. It is time to learn the lesson that you are in need of." Aegir locked his sister in a chain of energy. Now for the dragon. Aegir lifted his hand, and with his hand a lightning bolt made of energy peralized the dragon. Aegir was angry, and his anger made him very very powerfull.
Every part of her filled with pain at her brother's spell, but she clenched her muscles and formed a weak shield around herself. The pain still got in, but it weakened. She could see Aegir was about to kill Psy. "Oh no," she moaned. If Psy died here, which was highly possible due to the numbers against them, she would probably die too, but she wasn't as afraid of dying as she was of letting Aegir capture her. He'd take her back home to that...that family he was so proud of. A swipe of Etharion's sword would be a much better end. She scrutinized the situation and sighed. Looks like she'll have to face her brother again. She knew knives and darts wouldn't work, as the strong shield was around him, so she took a painstaking step towards him, fighting the binding spell with all her strength.
The dragon wailed in pain and lie on the ground not moving.It slowly transformed back into Psy.His eyes were barely open but he muttered"Please dont kill me Im sorry.Please come here."
"Well well well, whos the great wizard now. I will turn this fool over to you guys and do what ever you please with him. As for my sister, I dont know what to do. Maybe you have seeo, dark dungeon that will allow her to think clealy anbd realize what the mistkes she has made have caused." Aegir looked at his sister then the dragon on the ground, he had cast a binding spell on him.
The girl was disgusted at the snivelling Psy. "What kind of evil lord are you?" she asked contemptously. She still fought the binding spell with all her might and was near her brother's knees now. The spell had weakened her a great deal and she could hardly stand. "Should've known better than to face him full on, "she muttered to herself, b"oh well, nothing to do but to die now." She shuddered at the thought of a dungeon. Then her face lit into a devious smile...
As the soldiers walked closer to Psy a black flame rose out of Psy's body.All of a sudden the black flamme shot out and disengrated the soldiers.Psy stood up and laughed "Did you fools really think I would die."I was acting and soon youll be acting acting scared that is."He kept laughing and his eyes shone a glowing white.
The girl clenched her teeth and swiped at her brother's legs, bringing him to the ground. Then quick as anything one of her hands was at Aegir's throat. She smirked at him and glanced at Psy. "That's more like it, Psy. Oh brother, what a sticky spot you're in, eh?" She kept her eyes locked onto Aegir's, her peridot-like eyes glittering mockingly. But she merely stroked Aegir's throat with one hand softly, while her other hand twirled a deadly dart.
Etharion was nowhere to be seen. He was standing against the wall where the dragon pinned him, nd now he was gone.
A hint of anger entered her eyes now as she sensed Etharion escape. But she only caressed Aegir's throat more gently and dangerously. That Etharion! How dare he challenge the great forces of evil? How dare he insult her?! And how dare Aegir be friends with him? He would have to pay...
"Sister sister sister. When will you learn? if your going to do something ot me you have to do it quick, be decisive. It is to late now." Aegirs eyes lit up and a blast of energyr blew his sister away. "I hope that next time you learn from your mistakes. I always knew you were a slow learner." Aegir limped of to stand next to loridian.
Psy rose up into the air not even in control.The black flame engulfed his body and he started laughing in a low tone."You fools will die!!!"he yelled"Come partner come join me so we can decide how to destroy them."He laughed even more.He swooped his hand up and 20 soliers went up into the air.He then raised his other hand and spikes rose out of the ground.Then he dropped both hands and he soldiers went plummeting down onto the spikes.Blood squirted on Etharion and Lordian."How to you like that!?!?!?"Yelled Psy as he laughed even more.
Etharion is no longer there. And he will not come here any more.
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I'am sad to here that, it was fun while you were here. Hope to see you in other RPS. Till then.
"Foul creature of evil." Dentarion remained with a few of his elite soldiers, keeping their distance. Notching another arrow to his bow, he aimed for Psy's eye, and let loose, trying to distract Psy from Loridian and Belegore. His other archers did likewise.
"Brother brother brother..." the girl sneered as she picked herself up from the ground and walked towards Psy. "I just knew you wouldn't be able to resist showing off your energy blasts. You don't know what spell I weaved about you as I stroked you, do you? Fool, don't worry, you'd be better off not knowing!" Then she threw back her head and laughed. "What do we do now, mage, disappear or terminate their miserable lives?"
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"Hmmmmm."murmered Psy as he levitated 10 spears above the others head.He laughed a little and the black flame grew bigger and blacker.
The girl shrugged and winked at her partner. "Guess it's a demolishing party then."She drew a wall of fire around herself and then levitated so that her head was above the flames. She snapped her fingers and tiny balls of fire began throwing themselves at people.
Aegir sat down with Loridian. He looked at his leg. It would heal soon, but not soon enough. He was also starting to cough somestrange cough. It was weakening him solowly. He had no idea what she had done to him. Only one person would know. Aegir looked at Loridian. "I am going to pay my mother a little visit. SHe is an expert healer." With that Aegirs ghost Raven appered and he was gone.
It took the girl quite a while to realize her brother wasn't there with Loridian anymore. She couldn't guess where he had gone though, and besides, she was so caught up in the battle. They were winning. Loridian was almost cornered, and Psy would kill her himself of course. She would not even have to dirty her hands.
Psy grinned slightly as he dropped a spear on a guards head.It went straight through the guards body and into the ground.He then waved his hand and a blood red colored cement came pouring down on top of the guard.It permanately froze him there and there was no way to break the cement."Let tis be a reminder to all who think they can defy me.You will die in the end!"Psy's grin widend as he looked at his partner.
Sorry I was absent for a while, had some medical things going on.

Loridian backed herself up against the wall, her eyes darting from Psy to the girl angrily. As she reached inside her pocket for her supressor stone, her heart skipped a beat, it wasn't there.
"Looking for this?"said Psy holding up the stone and laughing.He made it float into the air and then he blew it up.
No problem

Aegir opened the door to his mothers home. It was awfully quite. "Mother I'am home." He called out, but there was no answer. Aegir opened the door and found his father on the floor. He was not moving. Aegir bent over and sensed in him. His eyes filled with tears. He heard a voice behind him. "She came for us". It was a voice of a young . "Sister" Aegir ran over to her and hugged her. "Who was here"? He asked. "Our sister. SHe killed mother as well" SHe said her eyes filled with tears. "How long ago?" Aegir asked. "Not to long ago. I was out of the house" SHe began to sob. "Our sister will pay for this. I will make sure of it, but first i need a favor of you. She cast a spell on me. Can you cure it?" HIs sister raised her hand and it glowed. And with that Aegir was cured. He looked at his sister. "I will come back for you". His Ghost Raven appeared and he was soon gone. Aegirs anger was so fierce that no one would stop him.
Loridian glared at him as the stones' pieces fell to the ground. She looked around at the dead soldiers and the few surviving ones. "Do you even have a goal Psy?" she shouted angrily, "Or is it just random destruction? Cause if it is, you're not that creative, are you?"
"He might not be that creative, but I am." the girl suspended Loridian in mid-air for a moment. "And I've decided to bring you back to our headquarters and let you die the creative way...hahahaha!" With that she dropped Loridian on the ground and winked at Psy. Together they bound her. The girl boxed the remaining soldiers up in cement like Psy. "Let's go now, shall we?"
"I love the way you think my dear."said Psy evilly."We shall take her back and well find some way to torture her."said Psy laughing.
dude cloveress we should have our psycho characters fall in evil love what do u say yes?
*bats eyelids wickedly* sure Psy...evil love, mwahahahaaa!!!!!

"Let's evaporate before my brother comes along..."
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