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Dentarion stared suspiciously at her, "Know this Loridian, I sense your skill in magic to be beyond mine, and I still have little trust in you." However, he did sheath his sword, although he rested his other arm on the hilt gently, just in case. He gestured to ward the middle of the city, "Now, this way."
She rolled her eyes and continued moving, "It doesn't concern me whether or not you trust me, I have no negative intentions, therefore I have nothing to fear from you or your fellow guards". She glanced around her, at the town folk and shops, "Hmm...this city is not ready for an attack, your soldiers are careless, your Lords angry, and wall's weak".
Dentarion was seething with rage inside but he kept silent. Another captain passed by with a patrol, Dentarion nodded for him to fall in. 'Just in case.' he thought, as they got closer to the centre of the city.
"Ugh! If you haven't noticed", Loridian said impatiently, "I'm not a prisoner, and if you continue to add more guards, I will easily break away and find the lord myself". She crossed her arms as they advanced on the city's center, "And when I speak with him, it will be without an audience".
"without an audience? You walk into the city, without any permission, wish to speak to the lord, and now you want us to leave him defenseless? I don't think so." Dentarion glared at Loridian with suspician.
"Look", said Loridian angrily, stopping suddenly, "I'm not here to harm your precious lord, and I don't need permission to enter your precious city. If you won't let me speak with him alone, than you can choose one, one of your men to accompany me, but anymore I will kill out of impatience!"
Dentarion was about to explode but since she had offered the condition of one man to go with her, he replied, "Alright then. I myself, will be the soldier to 'accoompany ' you to the lord." Nodding to the rest of the soldiers, they returned to their normal patroling routine. "What are you doing here anyway?"
A hand came down heavily upon Loridian's shoulder. " I will take her to the lord. I need to speak to the lord anyway. You are free to return to your post, but it would be wise to check that wound first. Visit the healer's first." said Etharion coming out of nowhere and pointing at Dentarion's wound.
"Lady...if you please" he gestured Loridian towards lord Belegore's palace, and at the same time he diverted her attention to his hand which crackled with octarine light ( the color of magic), as to show he was ready if she tried anything.
As they left towards the palace, the Ordinators (city guards) started their new patrol routes, as instructed by Etharion. They also payed a bit more notice to the weak spot in the wall, behind the old shrine of St.Olma.

Sorry for not writing so long. I had a lot of work with school starting and all...
"Alright Etharion, you handle her. I'll check the walls and I'll join up later." Giving another suspicious glare to Loridian he hurried back to the wall defenses.
Loridian quickly tensed as she was led toward the palace, but noting that the mans magic was as powerful as her own, she went without immediat struggle. "You don't need to worry about intimidating me with your magic, mine's been temporarily canceled out", she looked back and gave the other man an irritated look, "Temporarily".
Dentarion glared right back, having just talked with a captain about taking over the defenses, while Dentarion went along to escort Loridian to the lords of the city. He walked silently along, keeping his hand on his sword, and the other hand ready to cast the disabling spell if Etharion needed help.
Psy walked into the town in his skeleton form.He saw a young guard sitting down against the wall."Hello there weakling."The guard went to run but Psy stabbed the sword that had appeared when he became the skeleton into him.He hung the body to the wall with a spell.
Iess, did u come in through the same place Rue came in?
Loridian turned around to Dentarion with an expression that almost resembled sadness, "One of your men has died, your city is no longer safe".
Bane who had snuck in on another side of the wall came running towards the skeleton figure in gleaming armour from the guards room. he cast a quick spell to explain his plan, and then engaged him in a sword fight making sure to start moving them away from the walls. a message from the scouts. they have been out looking, and an army of what looks like 300 undead are coming towars the walls, and what looks to be a giant army is out there. he also says that at the head of that army is bane.he says i will let them know. he then runs off after the figure who ran into an alley way, then came back out fighting an ilusion he had created that before he delivered the killing blow teleported to the place where the armies were gathering. knowing that his ally would try to look more normal in his human form. he then ran towards the central palace to bring news of the army to belegore. as he was running he noticed that he was coming up upon etharion, where he stopped and explained the news about the armies. after he found out they were heading the same way he joined them not aknowloging the fact that he knew the one being escorted.
Lord Belegore was briefing the troops and marching them through a passage into the caverns under the city. "Remember, they have no idea that we know what their doing so move with speed and silence, every report I get I will relay along the line until we no their exact movements and may spring out at any time." He suddenly stopped as Etharion walked into the room holding a young woman which he knew to be Loridian.
"Lord Belegore," Dentarion stepped unnoticed before forward, "I found this person to have somehow gotten past a section of wall. Scouts report a large army heaing this way." Looking over Belegore's shoulder he saw he was leading troops. "So you knew about this?"

I didn't get that last bit Robbin, i dunno how everyone manages to get inside the city without permission like that.
Why, it's magic, of course.

Loridian grinned and pulled away from Etharion's grasp, "Belegore, good to see you again". She shook her hands outward and her overcoat soon melted into her usual crimson druidess robes. She then turned to Dentarion, and pulled a small stone from her sleeve, "This is called a supressor stone, it dissables all magic around me, during any of the past moments I could have killed you, but I didn't".
There are around 300 undead and an army of mercenarys outside sir. It looks to be banes army, and there was an undead person that was in the castle. he teleported out, but we are noy sure what they are planning to do sir. says the momentarily forgotten guardsmen. he then pulls his sword out, and says sir would you like me to take care of this druid.

my entrance was actually not magic, but an underground tunnel. :P but you really dont know that so...
The guard came charging at Psy.He quickly turned into Dentrion before the guard saw him."What do you think your doing?"He walked over and stared him in the face.He then said"Ohh yes I know what your doing.Dying he said as he shot him back into a wall that had spikes on it with a wind spell.'Weaklings'he thought to himself.

Banes army what !!!!!!!!!lol whatever
Dentarion looked angrily at Loridian and then at the other person who spoke. "Lord Belegore, I don't trust her, walking into the city like that, without first going through the gate with permission like normal people." He glanced suspiciously at Loridian, keeping his hand near his sword.
"Lord Belegore, I don't trust her", she repeated mockingly to Dentarion. "Maybe I didn't walk through the main entrance because maybe, I'm not a normal person? Maybe, just maybe, I'm on your side, think about it, Sir Glares Alot".
"Look they are our only chance of beating them, we need to get out of the city and circle them, these tunnels go through the whole city and half a mile out, only the lords know about these so I'm trusting you."
why would you not trust me sir. i am one of your guards and you can have your wizards look out there and you will see the exact same thing.
Soz changed it
Yeah sorri changed mine as well.
Psydous decided he was gonna pay a visit to one f the lords.His name was Lord Jelegro and he was highly respected."Time to change my appearence."said Psy to himself.He immeadiately changed into himself.He walked to the lords house and knocked.He had his hood on so noone could see his face.The lord answered the door,"Hello sir how may I help you?Would you like to come in?"said the lord kindly."That would be great." said Psy grinning and stepping in.He took of his hood and revealed his face."My name is Psydous and I am the last thing you will remember."he said as he cast a mind controlling spell."I am your master and you will obey me."Jelegro repeated his words."Now my minion go and tell them that there is a disturbance in the middle of the city and if they will not come kill them..." "Yes master I will obey you..."chanted Jelegro back to him."Excellent..hehehe"said Psy to himself
Loridian rolled her eyes and leaned against the wall lazily, "I may not know much about military or combat tactics, but standing around just doesn't seem like the way to get things done". She shrugged and pointed, "As for you, Dentarion, right? Yes, you need to lighten up, I'm not your enemy. I have information to take down the army without loosing all the lives you and your lord are prepared to loose".
"Loridian, what do you know about these people, If we are going to get these fools we're gonna have to find their weak spot." Belegore saw another lord walk up. "Jelegro! How are you! You should be at home this is a warzone."
"No I have an urgent message.Everyone must return to the center of the city those beings have teleported inside."said Jelegro in a strange tone.
'WHAT?! When did this happen, I'll come, I've got to assess the situation, Dentarion, you are in charge." Belegore walked off with Jelegro.
"Wait Belegore bring most of the troops."said Jelegro stopping so that Belegore bumped into him.
"No, I'll bring a company but we still have troops patroling, they'll have picked it up. And if there's to many I'll send a message." Belegore walked over to the small company of men with Etharion, "I'll take this company, come on, there's a disturbance in the centre.
"No I am higher in rank and I say bring 400 out of the 500 men here.And that is an order."said Jelegro in an angry tone.The reason he was getting angry was because Psy was getting angry.
"Calm down Jelegro! You may be higher in rank but only because you know how to win people over. I am more intelligent than you and the general of the army so don't you tell me how to treat my men!" Belegore walked off with his new company towards the centre.
"NO!You will obey me or else!"he said casting a powerful wind spell that knocked Belegore against the wall.
"Hey!" said Loridian, as she sent a waist-high line of fire in between them. She then pointed to Jelegro, lighting the tips of her fingers, "Better knock it off, or you're ashes".
Dentarion stared in disbelief as one of the most respected lords atttacked another lord. 'Somethings weird is happenning here.' he thought drawing his sword, and standing at a distance watching Rue and Jelegro.
"Thought outta teach you to respect me.And as for you."he said looking to Lordian."Respect me I can have you killed at any time,weakling."said Jelegro.Psy made Jelegros eyes flash red he hoped Lordian would recognize this symbol.
Loridain's stance didn't change, but she smiled and spoke, "Having fun, Psy? If you don't back down, I'll destroy your little mind puppet and then come after you. And, if you have any doubts, I can beat you".
"What re you a filthy trader.And if you think you could beat me than your sadly mistaken there missy."said Jelegro in a cocky tone.
"Don't you ever call me missy!" yelled Loridian, chucking a fireball at Jelegro, "You can just stuff it and shove off back to your hole in the ground before I get angry enough to track you down."
Belegore pulled himself up and saw Loridian and Jelegro fighting. He had an idea, he walked over to a market stall and heaved it over. Apples went flying and Jelegro fell flat on his face. Belegore strided over and lifted him up by the scruff of his neck. "What has gotten into you you're acting like a spoilt brat!"
"Im acting like one?"he said in a low tone"I learned from you.... BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE!!!!!"he said casting another spell that got Belegore off of him."You only got to where you are now because your father the great Dardetmost known as the silent shadow threatend to kill the king if he wouldnt move you up in the ranks."There were many gasping guards and some were whispering about if it was true or not.Psy laughed to himself back at the small house."Mwahahahahaha.Perfect.
What is going on out here says the guard as he rushes outside. he notices the lord acting strangely so he goes over and knocks the lord unconsious. itseems like this war has undetermined sides.
Belegore walked over to Jelegro's unconscious body and kicked it. "My father couldn't care less about me. He wouldnt care if I became a lord or not. He's already tried to assasinate me! Too bad he didn't get you and do us all a favour." Belegore didn't care that he couldnt hear him. He walked over to the troops. "WE CONTINUE AS PLANNED"
"NO."the body of Jelegro floated in mid air."You will die."He chanted a spell.It was the self destruction spell."You have 10 seconds to live en joy it 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2..."
Loridian frowned and cast her own spell, freezing Jelegro in time. "Everyone out, if you might have guessed, I can't hold him like this very long", she said gesturing to the door calmly.
Belgore sprinted to the door and out to the street. He sprinted and turned to see if anyone was with him. He stopped and panted. Troops came running up.
The guard quickly opened all doors leading towards the middle of the area, he then grabbed the body and threw it as hard as he could into the middle while everyone else was running away. he then ran knowing Laurien was smart enough to get out of the room.
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