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Belegore watched as everyone stormed out away from Jelegro. He couldn't see Loridian anywhere. He ran back in and saw Loridian standing stock-still. "Come on, you've got to go!"
i just threw jelegro away from loridian.
Loridian turned to face the lord and nodded slowly, stepping towards the door. She took one more glance at Jelegro's body and ran out of the building.
soz changed it

Belegore ran out with Loridian as far as he could then he turned round to her. "What's happened to Jelegro, you were talking to him? I mean, he was always annoying, but never evil."
Loridian shook her head, "Belegore, you really believe that was Jelegro? He was possessed, just a tool for Psy to get closer to you and your men". She winced as her spell wore off and Jelegro's destruction was followed through.
The guard walked out of the building with his armour blacked. I barely made it out of there alive. Now what do you generals think we should do.
"If this Psy guy is in the city then we need to hunt him out like a rat." Belegore drew his sword and chose a company. "Each of us take a company and take a section of the city. I'll head to the crime corner, we'll probably find some information."

It's the GM's choice but could someone take the posh corner where Jelegro's house is, just a thought
i an't evil
gifted will be used by different people. were a gifted class that is diong a study on the way wats with all the elves
If you're doing a study on Tolkien, shouldn't you stick with the tolkien related threads and discussions?
"Darn!" said Psy."If they hunt me ill have to kill a lot of people which i dont feel like doing."Psy sighed to himself.
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A hole appeared in front of him and a girl came out, brushing her dress. She had ravenblack hair and peridot eyes that glittered beautifully but sinisterly. A gust of cold wind suddenly blew her hair up, and she turned her face to Psy. "You wanna take a short cut out of this pace?"

Name: Can I pleez just be the mysterious unnamed charactor?
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, wears blue and black clothes.
Weapons: throwing knives and poisoned darts, not accustomed to close combat
Race: No idea.
Description: Likes to see good guys thwarted, has no love left in her heart for anything.
Personality: Cold, distant, a sinister air about her.
Loridian shook her head, "Simple soldiers won't have a chance against Psy, you'll be sending them to thier deaths. And I'm not sure what you expect to find, but I'll be down in his caves if anyone needs assistance". She turned around and began walking to another , if less weak, spot in the city wall.
A huge ghost raven came and landed right infront of Loridian. A shady figure walked out of the ghost. He wore a white cape and white robe, his here was dark black, but his eyes were soldi white. "I believe i may be of some assitance." Said Agier.

Name: Agier
Appearence: Wheres a white cape and a white robe. His hair is Black and his eyeys are solid white.
Weapons; A large spear, a short sword, and a dagger.
Race: Unknown
Descriptian: Brother of The girl who has no name unlike her went to the goodside, he has the power to control eneregy.
Persinality: Very solem and dark.
"Okay little girl you can help but dont get in my way.or else."said Psy to one of his new partners."That fool Lordian ruined my chances of a sneak attack so we may have to kill like rabid beasts with a taste for blood.You with me?"
The girl smiled deviously. "Tut tut, where're your manners, milord, in case you didn't know, I'm trying to save you here...But follow me down here and you'll get out of this mess in no time. " She glanced contemptously behind her to where there were still sounds of fighting. "As for Loridian, she'll die." She narrowed her dark eyes. "I'll make sure of that."
Loridian continued to walk, passing by the figure, "I'm not interested in assistance. If you really want to help, you'll go to those in need of it". She took a few more steps and slowly faded away to avoid being followed. When she materialized, she found herself back down in the caves where she had first started. She smiled to herself and began searching the area for something that they could use against Psy.
Aegir was not intrested in dadaling around, he knew time was short and about the new girl who had offered her help to Psy. Loridian needed his help. The ghost raven appeared around Aegir and sunk into the ground. He was going to follow Loridian.
OOC: Hey Freyr, maybe we can be the powerful sense-connected sisters, only I'm the fallen angel and you're the high star. Do you agree to that?
OOT: Sure thats fine with me, by the way it would connected sister and brother. SO ya.
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OOT: Ya i'm a guy int his one. i'am being both, Its fun to experiment.
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The girl grinned a bit and led Psy down her passage. She watched his eyes. "Hmm... you really hate Loridian, don't you?"
As Loridian was searching, she realized something, if Belegore used his soldiers against Psy, they would die and he could add them to his army of the dead. Then Psy would have no problem in getting rid of all the other lords and the city would be taken over in no time. She rolled her eyes at how obvious it was, and letting out a chain of curses, teleported herself back into the city to find the lord.
Belegore was creeping down the back alleys with his soldiers. They had spotted Psy earlier but he was with this mysterious figure so curiousity had held him back. They were deep in the suburbs now and they'd lost Psy, he replaced his sword and started muttering to himself.
I also want to play, can I join?! Pleeease!!!

Name: Lina
Height: 5'7
Age: 20
Race: human
Sex: female
Appearence: long chestnut hair, green sparkling eyes, slim and graceful. Black riding clothes, black gloves and a horsewhip. Black stud-horse Cheetah.
Personality: very proud, arrogant, snob, in a word, not very nice character.
Backround: heiress of an age-old duke family who's been looking for her father's assassin.
Weapon: bow and arrows, flick-knives.
As Loridian was walking, a dark figure took her road. Lina fixed her eyes on the girl and softly whispered: "I've been searching for you, we can help each other. It might become a good alliance. But we'd better talk in a more private place." Lina mounted a horse. "Wait a few minutes and follow me. On the crossroad turn left and ride till the brook. And try not to make a lot of noise." Lina put spurs to Cheetah, threw a roll to Loridian and disappeared in the fog.
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Loridian raised a brow as the girl rode off and muttered to herself, "Why can't anyone help the helpless these days?" She waited a few moments and teleported to the spot the girl had mentioned, glancing around as she rode up. "So, you've been searching for me. must be on my list of unpaid debts, what do I owe you? Money or life?"
The dark-eyed girl's eyes flashed for a moment and she had a sense. Someone else had come, someone else had just crossed onto her road. And their fates would inevitable meet...
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Lina turned to Loridian: "I don't have much time to waste on talking, so if you want to know my past, my mind is open to you. One good turn deserves another. Once I did you a service, now I need your help. I'm looking for my father's murderer. It came to my ears that he's one the hired assassins in Psy's army. But the problem is that he's very cautious and sly, I need to take root into the troops to unmask him. I want a revenge! By the way my knowledge can be of use to you... So what's your answer?"
Loridian yawned and closed her eyes, "I don't think I'm obligated to help you with your little revenge mission. My job here is simple, protect this city. If I get the opportunity to kill Psy, then that's a bonus, any other distractions will only get in the way". She tapped her fingers on her leg and after a moment spoke, "If you can get me into his army with you, I'll bring you face to face with your fathers killer. I don't care how you do it, just get me in, do your thing, and get out before Psy finds you".
The white ghost Raven appeared again and Aegir stepped out of it. "Well now that you are actuall not being selfish I have to tell you that Psy has hired a very powerful being. She will not stop till you are dead, and you will most likely die. So I'am here to protect you. Dont do anything stupid OK!" Aegirs eyes flashed at Loridian and the Raven appeared and sunk into the ground.

Whew, haven't been on for a while, tests homework, and of course, my most recent fanaticism on Battle for Middle Earth! Can someone please fill me in on what I missed?
Well not to much has happened since your last post, The cloverness has entered the story and is helping Psy. I have entered the story and am trying to help loridian, and one other girl has joined. Just a lot of joining.
Well not to much has happened since your last post, The cloverness has entered the story and is helping Psy. I have entered the story and am trying to help loridian, and one other girl has joined. Just a lot of joining.
Alrite thanx, I'll try and think of someway to get back in the story.
Psy went back to the caves with his new partner."Hmmmm if I kill Lordian I can use her for my army and she would be a good addition.Ohhh well ill stick with killing little foot soldiers."
K, trying to get back in
Dentarion hastened up to Belegore with some men, quickly bowing and pointing to the weakest section in the wall, "Belegore, we were just surrounded by traitors, down near that section of wall, some men fell but we managed to win the battle. However my lord, I fear there is some kind of rebellious mood spreading. It could be the doing of Psy."
"Oh yes, she'll make quite a pretty sight in your little dead collection," said the girl drily. "Of course, the only thing is that she's trying to kill you and even now there are at least two powerful goody goodies who are helping her to do that." She glanced over her shoulder at Psy, then led him out of the cave through a stone door. Smiling fiendishly, she motioned to the outside of the cave. "You are reunited with your army, Master Psy."
ok changing one thing about Psy's appearance he has long white hair with red streaksssss
Psy put his hood over his head."Cmon letcome on lets go back to the city.I need to meet a merchant there .He has very valuble goods and he thinks im actually gonna bu stuff from him."said Psy chuckling in an evil kind of evil tone."Anyone who knows me knows that I just kill and take.Its as easy as 1 2 3."
Loridian rolled her eyes at the spot where the raven had disappeared and turned on her heal, "Sorry kid, gonna have to take a rain check on this one". She faded away slowly and reappeared in the center of the city, "Come out, come out, wherever you are", she said to herself. "The game's getting old Psy,so why don't you just come on out and let your little sidekick have her turn?"
"You rang?"laughed Psy as he telepathically paralyzed her."What do you need Rue?Did you think I didn't know you would turn on me?I read your mind when we met."Psy laughed loudly."Come out my apprentice.Step out and show yourself to Lordian."
Loridian laughed and stepped back, pulling her suppressor stone from her sleeve. "If you read my mind you should have known I'd keep one of these with me". She looked around and waited for his partner to appear, "Awe, need someone else to get rid of me? Let's hope she's learned something from your past defeats".
The girl felt the presences of both Loridian and Psy nearby. But instinct told her not to intrude upon them. By her own arts she concealed her presence and spied on the happy little reunion between the two, seeking for a chance to do her ultimate job.
Aegir did not want them to know he was here, untill they must know. He was wiating
in the wall next to Loridian. When he was needed, he would reveal himself.
"Balrogs and dragons! Why is my annoying brother here as well? Now he'll sense me out and everyone'll know I'm here." The girl twisted her hair around one finger in annoyance. "But no, I'll stay here, and if he tries to do anything, I'll just kill him off as well." She concealed herself even more discreetly and spied intently on Psy and Loridian. She was so close she could kill either one of them with just a throw of a poisoned dart. She stroked her dart with a slender finger and mused. Should she do it?
Aegir appeared right behind his sister. "What do you think you are doing here" as
Aegir said this he pinned his sister to the wall. "I dont want to have to hurt
you. Please just leave so you dont get hurt. You are getting mixed up with the
wrong crowd. Please for our FAMILY" Aegir had a tear in his solid white eye, but
it was soon gone, along with him.
"Ha Ha Ha .Lordian.You think that stupid stone can stop my magic?Look at this."said Psy pulling out a jet black stone covered with blood."The stone of sin counters your little stone.Now time to get to business.And you both of you get out here!!"said Psy putting Lordian back in parlyzation.
The girl straightened her attire after her brother had left. She had not said a single word during their short encounter. "Family? Humph!" she snorted. "We have no family, fool of a brother." But her finger was still clasped about her deadly dart. She should throw it, kill both Psy and Loridian in one shot. But the glistening tear in Aegir's eye flashed across her mind again. She hesitated. It would not be good to meet Aegir in one of his furies. Psy and Loridian were showing off their stones to each other now. Her long slender finger stroked the slim dart again, but she had tarried too long. Psy knew she was here, and her brother too. She quickly dissolved into thin air.
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