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The voice appeared once mor ein Loridians head. "What are you doing, do you not listen to me. You must not ally your self with their evil. If I must I will strike you down right here. Loridian I do not have to hurt you, but if I must I will." Aegir was causing a sharp pain in loridians head. And above the lightning began to crash.
Loridian dropped to her knees suddenly and clutched her head, ’Stop it!’ she shrieked painfully, ’Stop!’ She closed her eyes and tried to focus on grasping her magic, but instead of her usual white glow, a dark violet light appeared in its place. ’Aegir’, she hissed, almost angrily through clenched teeth, ’Aegir, I need help, badly, and right now your sister and Psy are willing to give it to me where you didn’t. I don’t want to see you dead, but if you even try to strike me down, I’ll come after you with every intention of killing you myself!’ She shook her head in exhaustion and collapsed, the sharp pain fading away as she slipped out of consciousness.
Vixa watched Loridian in her pain, but she stood helpless, because she couldn't hope to defeat her brother now. She could only support Loridian from falling and slip some healing potion into her mouth. It would not erase the pain, but it helped a little. "Psy, we have to get out of here, this is now open ground, and if Aegir comes to us with an army of allies or something we're all going to be dead." She held Loridian, who was still in a dizzying fit, and looked inquirigly at her husband. "Do you know of anyplace quiet where we can hide and heal?"
A white light pierced the rough and shrowded loridian in white. Loridian began to levitate into the air and was soon above the roof. A voice echoed from above, "Sister you will get no oppertunity to use loridian. She is to valuable. Go now and die in some dark place with, your love. Goodbye!" The voice, the light, and loridian were gone.
Vixa had her eyes fixed on loridian's the whole time, filling Loridian's heart with self-blaming and shame, but also letting Loridian know her friendly intentions and caring for her. It was a deeply touching gaze. As Loridian was engulfed in light, Vixa broke off the connection and turned back to Psy, turning her back on her brother.
Loridian closed her eyes almost the instant everything disappeared. She was incredibly relieved that the sharp pains had stopped, but the look Vixa had given her left a sick feeling inside. She hit the ground then, and opened her eyes, she didn’t know where she was, and she appeared to be alone. ’Aegir!’ she called out, ’Aegir what are you doing?’
"I have taken you to my real home, a place not in your realm of life. This place is all light. No darkness lurks here, exept you. That is why you are here. To come back to the light side and save the world from my sister, and Psy. I need your help. And if you join them we are doomed." A bright light flashed and when Loridian opened her eyes, Aegir was before her.
Loridian couldn’t help but jump a bit when Aegir appeared and move back cautiously. She looked around then, white light and pureness everywhere, the sick feeling inside grew stronger. She forced it to subside and brought upon herself a new sensation. ’So’’.’ She said, smiling mischievously, the violet glow beginning to surround her. ’You want me to come back? When all I ever did was kill innocent people and think it okay?’ She cocked her head slightly and moved off to the side, ’I’m tainted Aegir, and I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it’.
"If you think you have least the slightest chance of defeating me then you have another thing comin. For I will not allow you to leave this place till you have come back to the light. And if you are truly dark, then this blinding light will drive you off the wall. For it never goes out. And there is no place to hide". Aegir bagan to laugh as the glow around loridian grew.
"We must find Lordian.She is truely evil like us and if Aegir realizes it he will kill her instantly and I will not let that happen."Psy saw tears in Vixa's eyes.He gave her a long hug that the held until they heard a bang.
Loridian laughed sadly, looking around at the endless light. She liked it, but something deep inside kept coaxing her back to the comfort of the dark aura. She turned around suddenly, glancing to Aegir; "You can't force me to come back, you’re wasting both our time keeping me here’. She closed her eyes and pulled her hood up to shield her from the light, ’But I can wait it out’.
"As much as you hate it, you are human, and being human requires eating, drinking, and many other things. Eventually you will beg for mercy." Agegir sweeped his hands and the black aura vanished. "See my friend there is nothing you can do!" He laughed at Loridians attempts to fight back.
Her eyes snapped open angrily and before she knew what she was doing, she’d lunged and driven him into the floor. ’I’ll die before I beg for mercy’; she hissed dangerously, her hand clamping around his throat. She tightened her grip around his neck for a brief moment, causing some blood to flow from where her nails had dug in, and pushed herself up. She walked over to the wall, slumped to the ground, and tried to contact Psy or Vixa before Aegir got up.
Aegir took that as a bit of suprise, but she could do nothing to him. After all this was his realm. Aegir stood up and swiped his hand over his throat causing the marks to vanish. "Loridian what did i tell you." Aegir stuck out his hand and Loridian levitated in the air, with the force on her throat. "I will not kill you, but cause you pain. Aegir waved his hand and blood dribbled down Loridians neck. He dropped and she feel to the fround with a large thunk.
"Causing me pain isn't gonna make me want to come back any sooner", she rasped trying to get up. She failed on that note and pushed her way back to the wall, trying fruitlessly to contact either of the others as she wiped the blood away. She pulled her last knife from her robes and chucked it, the blade burying it's self in his shoulder. Using the rest of her energy, she conjured a steel quarter-staff and worked on propping herself up. "Let me out!", she shouted; she was on the verge of breaking down completly.
Psy got a strange feeling."Come on Lordians contacting us we must find her."Psy hugged Vixa and teleported both of them to the Realm of Light."Stop hurting her."yelled Psy to Aegir his eyes glowing red.
"Well if i don't, you will hurt her even more. So infact I am doing her a favor. I know you, once your done with her, you kill her. I am saving her from evil and destroying the world." Aegir held up his hands, psy and vixa were consumed in light.
"Thats...Not...TRUUUUEEEE!"said Psy breakin through the light."She may have betrayed us before but she has the heart of true evil and she could kill you but she will be merciful.Now stop!" shouted Psy teleporting Aegir and him out of the Realm of Light."Now you die."
Aegir laughed at Psy. He knew psy would not lay a finger on, but even if he would Psy could do nothing. Aegir spoke "I hope you know, my old friend, that if you even touch Lordian will die instantly! And we all know you dont want that" Aegir looked at Psy as if he were a helpless child.
"You kill her and I will destroy this planet and I will kill your family!"shouted Psy black tears streaming down his face."Thats right your family is alive. Even your sister so surrender or Ill kill them."
"My Parents are dead, I saw them with my own very eyes. And besides with me standing in the way you can do nothing." looked around, and even though they had left the light relam, light followed aegir and where he was now was now as light as the light realm.
Vixa hardened her heart. So her brother had finally begun to use his birthright as the Monarch of the Light Realm. Didn't he know that she could go in and out of the realm just as easily? The blood of family helped a lot. But Vixa knew she couldn't get into where Loridian was being kept. She clutched harder at Psy, but when he teleported away she decided to stay and try to find Loridian. The light was starting to hurt. Her brother had too much glory in his heart, and it was starting to kill her darkness. But she straightened up and walked off. Brother, you can't kill me.
"Hah! Those two people were not your parents they were two vilage people with a spell on them.Now free Lordian and I will return your parents to you." said Psy in a low voice."I dont want to hurt you....but I WILL IF I MUST!!!!"shouted Psy .Black flames shot out of his eyes ,mouth ,and nose.He let out a shriek of pure hell.
’Let me out!’ Loridian shouted into the wall, knowing the chances of being heard were slim. She slammed her hand against the wall angrily and sank to the ground in a huff. She felt the light healing and hurting her at the same time and the pain increased as she pulled away from it. ’Aegir!’ She shouted desperately into the air, ’I’ll come back, just let me out!’
Vixa crept towards the room Loridian was kept in. She heard loridian's tantrum faintly and knew where she was now. But Vixa couldn't get in that place. She was sure Aegir would have thought of various ways to block her out. The light weakened her, and she couldn'y get near enough to the door for Loridian to hear her voice. "What in the world-" she looked around her and rolled her eyes. "I hope Psy's giving big brother a hard time up there..."
" I would not believe you for one second. You think that even if they were alive you would have the power to kill them." Aegir laughed. "infact you would not even be able to say one word to them before you died." Then the cries of of Lordian rang through his head. He hated having to do thsi to her, but it must be done.
"Are you saying I'm weak! I am immortal watch!" He conjured up a dagger and stabbed it through is stomach. He gasped at first and then he started laughing.He shrieked and said "DO-YOU-WANT-TO-FIGHT-ME-NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"He laughed again
Vixa finally came to a decision. She couldn't get near Loridian, but she knew Loridian would be safe where she was kept. Aegir might harm his own sister, but he wouldn't harm Loridian. But she had to send her a message. She turned herself into a bird, flew to some thirty feet outside Lor's window, and held up a mirror in the bright light of this realm. Then she winged off to find Psy, feeling her strength return as she got farther away from the heart of the realm.
"psy, psy,psy. Don't you know that everyone has a weakness, including you. In fact i think you have many. Just to name one you are so full of your self,a nd let your ego interfeer with your decisions. And you hate large amounts of light." Aegir held out his hand and a light brighter then the sun covered Psy.
Vixa stiffened as she felt light. And it was very very bright light. "Oh," she moaned. "Not again..." She wanted to just forget about the whole thing and go back into darkness, never to come out again, for such was the power of Aegir, but her heart was stuck in her throat as she neared Psy and Aegir. Psy was fading into the light! "I can't go..." Vixa blinked, trying to take in as little light as possible, and stumbled out into the open, in front of her brother, in a most vulnerable state. But she had done her job. She was a lady of the Realm of Dark, and though many others might not be able to cast a shadow in the Light Realm, she could. And a dark shadow she threw over Psy, allowing him to recover. As for her brother, Vixa smirked very faintly. She knew he could not murder her here. Not with the protection of Psy. And besides, Aegir wouldn't dare enrage the whole Realm of Dark by killing their leader.
Aegir was annoyed by his sister's actions, her realm of darkness was interfeering. "Fine Vixa, you want to be in a cell like loridian. well that is fine with me." Aegir lifted his sister up using his telekineses, and moved quite a distance to a cell. "Oh and i forgot to tell you that the cell has 10 times the light of loridians." He yelled after her. As Aegir turned around he realized that millions of demonic creatures were standing behinde Psy, ready for battle, but Aegir was not intimidated. For the light realm had an army as well, though they were fewwer in number, they were more skillied in fighting. And within a minute Aegir had an army at his command.
Vixa hated her brother at such moments. She hated it when he demonstrated more power than she had, and she hated when he shut her up. the light hurt her, but she was satisfied with the outcome of events. She had managed to summon an army, help Psy momentarily, and now all she had to do was wait for them to defeat Aegir, and rescue her. "Oh I just hope they don't kill him... I have special plans for big brother..."
Psy stood up with the daggaer in his stomach and said" Minions of Darkness come to me and lend me your strength!"and as he said the he was engulfed again in the black flame and he emerged half human and half wolf with a taste for blood.
"I wish they would hurry up!" muttered Vixa in her prison.
The wolf lunged at Aegir and ripped out some of his muscles."How do you like that. Mwahahahaha!"
"Did you forget this is my realm, I have a large advantage." Aegir lifted his spear, and stabbed it right through the wolf. He threw to wolf on the ground. And is muscle soon healed. Another spear appeared in Aegirs hand. he charged right into the battle. Aegir blew enemies through the air with every strike. The two armies had collided, and it looked as though it was an even match. Aegir looked for Psy, but could not see him with his eyes. Aegir kept on fighting, while his mind swept the crowd for Psy.
"Men!" muttered Vixa in her cell. "Brother and husband...I won't be surprised if they both come racing back to me with their skin in pieces."
Psy used another spell to grow into a giant sized version of him."Hmmm I grow tired of this so I'm going to see my wife."He teleported to the prison where Vixa was.

I missed bein here guys
Psy appearded in the cell with Vixa."Hello my darling.Did you miss me? Well that pesky little brother of yours is going to die for even though my living dead soldiers are in his realm the can never die for they are already dead!Mwahaha!"Laughed Psy his long white hair sticking straight up because of all the power emitting from his body
"Oh dear husband," Vixa stroked the side of his face tenderly, then pinched his arm in sudden fury. "What in the name of all Underworld have you been doing?!!!" She flashed her poisonous eyes and released Psy's cheek. "Fighting, fighting, and still fighting your very black guts out!! Have you ANY idea how terribly boring it is in here?!? And the light! Oh, you selfish devil! You've been having fun killing my brother while I'm stuck in here without even a magic mirror to watch it on!" She stopped to take a breath, her hair all messed up from shouting and her hand smeared with blood from Psy's cheek. She stared at the blood, then snorted contemptously and turned away from her husband.

Minutes later, she untied a satchet from her belt and stiffly began applying the healing powder to Psy's wounds, avoiding his eyes and furously calming her anger.
"I am sorry my love and I want to take you with me now so let us flee!" said Psy teleporting them back to her brothers realm where they sat and watched his army pound on him.
"That's better."
Things were rather brutal. Even Vixa thought so. but she only raised her brows at Psy. "Where's that dratted brother of mine? Did you kill him?"
"Hmmmmmm.I'm not sure."said Psy looking extremely puzzled
Vixa looked at him mildly. "Oh? Even our great Lord Psy cannot finish him off?" She stole a glance at the battleground and shrugged contemptuously. "Looks like I'll have to do some slaying after all." She jumped down from the rock they were standing on, picked up a scythe from a fallen soldier, and weaved perilous patterns to anyone, friend or foe, who came too close to her.
'sorry I have been gone'

Aegir materialized behind Psy, and took a moment to observe the battle that was unfolding before him. "I always knew that you were to much of a coward to fight on the front lines" Aegir said scoffingly. Psy turned around as if he had been expecting Aegir. It was just them two again, Vixa was to distracted to notice.
Vixa was indeed, busy having fun killing one enemy soldier after another. She didn't notice that she had been fighting through the battlefield and was almost a whole field apart from where her brother and husband stood.
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