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Dentarion slowly propped himself up, narrowly escaping Psy's rampage. What soldiers he had left were gathered a little way behind him. "What the," Dentarion picked up his sword and backed off as Psy and another person were tying up Loridian. "Archers, on my signal fire a volley at Psy and that other girl, all you others follow me, we may not stand much chance against these evil powers but we can try." Slowly the remaining guard of Denatarion moved into position away from Psy's attention. Dentarion waved his sword, the archers fired, as Denarion led the last of his company in a last desperate charge.
An arrow struck her in the shoulder. Her green eyes flashed as she saw Dentarion. That annoying little prat! She raised a finger to do the cement thing again but sighed. "Moving targets, oh great.Let's go to your castle to deal with Loridian first." Archers were preparing a second volley, but she quickly tugged on the bundle of ropes that was Loridian and they both vanished into thin air. As she disappeared, she left an invisible barrier around Psy so that arrows couldn't hurt him.
Aegir approached the castle. As he flew by Lightning crashed. Anywone that saw his ghost raven fled in fear. He was now outside the castle. And with one blow the wall was sent crashing down. There he saw his sister and Loridian. "Sister I will kill you for what you have done." He held up is hand and a streak of energy impaled her on the wall. It was not a fatal blow, but it caused much pain.
The young lady turned her eyes upon him, and they were filled with sorrow. "Brother, alas! Has our sister stolen you from me again, as she always did in our childhood?" She stepped closer to Aegir, and sighed wistfully. "You don't remember, Aegir, do you? You don't have any recollection of when we were both young and you would sing to me whilst I slept in mother's arms? Have you forgotten when you would take me into the woods and we would come back to be scolded by mother for getting our tunics dirty?" She smiled. "You always defended me then." But her voice was painful as she went on, "Tell me, once-dear brother, what lies our sister spun to take you from me. She was always jealous in childhood. I haven't seen her since she was nine, but I daresay she hasn't changed much. What did she tell you ?"
"Sister if i do recall, you would always play nasty tricks on me. You were a trickster then, and if you think our sister is still a lyer, then i have ever right to think you still a trickster." Aegir looked up at Aegir, his eyes were raw from crying. " I still remember our child hood. The fun we used to have together. Getting chastised by mother. It was good until you were corrupted. Now i ask you if you did not kill our parents like sister said, the who did? Tell me this." Aegir looked at Loridian. She was sitting there looking lost as ever.
The girl laughed softly, and looked more like a girl than ever. "I see I cannot win you back ever again. You're lost. And my words of regret are nothing in your ears. But our parents. You ask how they died? I will tell you, they died because of their only son's foolish love to his youngest sister. You always loved Aranya more than you loved me. Don't you understand those little tricks I played were merely attempts to get your attention? But no, you had to turn to our weakling little sister. But now I am powerful, and though my family has not given me much love I have now found love elsewhere." She stepped closer to Loridian and held a knife at her throat. "I was going to rid you of Aranya forever. But our parents unexpectedly stepped in the path of my darts. They took the poison for her. Out of respect for them and partly for your sake I let Aranya live, but listen well, brother. Aranya is dangerous. You would much better be in league with Psydous and I than with her."
Loridian tensed as the cold blade came up against her flesh. The knife was sharp and clean, the perfect insturment for a quick death. She didn't dare move with the chance of her throat getting slit any earlier than possible. But the conversation between the siblings had her puzzled and her eyes darted from one to the other as it carried on. Her gaze fell upon Aegir for a moment and without regard of the knife; "Your sister is a whack job, don't listen to her".
"Ahhhhh my darling."said Psy."Be careful not to penetrate the skin too much.I want to personally kill her."said Psy with an evil grin on his face.
"Oh, you're here," she smiled at the sight of him but didn't loosen her hold on the knife, "I was getting worried. But you see, dear, that I have, ahem, a little family problem to deal with here." She whispered to Loridian dangerously, "Don't say a word or else your throat will be slit with the deadliest poison seeping through the wound to make your death long and painful." To her brother she didn't say anything, but was beginning to fix him into her green gaze. She knew it would pain him greatly, for her eyes were exactly like her mother's and she (being the supreme actress) could even make her own icy eyes seem warm and loving.
Loridian raised her head and smiled defiantly, "Drop dead". Quickly, she ducked her head under the knife and slammed her body into the girl, knocking her off balance. She rolled off to the side and after a few seconds stood, still working on untying the ropes. "
"Dont do that to my fionce!!"yelled Psy angerily at Lordian.He saw the look of shock on Lordian and Aegirs face."Ohh come on you didnt realize we were in love until now?"

Cloveress I hope u go along with this :>[i]
Oh, you guys have got to be one of the cutest evil couples I've seen.

"Well actually", replied Loridian, rubbing the ropes hastily. "When two tottaly psycho people like you two get together to destroy well, something, love kinda gets thrown in there somewhere". She cast a small spell with what energy she had left and burnt the ropes until they fell away.

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The girl stood up elegantly, walked over to Psy and grinned at him. "Oh, my dear, I told you not to tell my family until I convinced them to let the beauty marry the beast." She threw a dart over her back, and the poisoned tip buried itself in loridian's stomach. She then kneeled down and helped Loridian up, whispering in her ear, "Sorry, but I can't afford you to live and pour my secrets out to my brother." She turned back to Psy and put an arm around his waist. "We should really just kill her now, dear. But my brother will go berserk and I want him to attend the wedding."
Aegir held out his hands and a a stream of light went threw Loridians stomack, exstracting all the poisen. Aegir looked up at thoughs green eyes, he was tranzfixed for the moment, but soon snapped out of it. "You expect me to forgive you by fooling me wiht thoughs eyes. I have learned not to trust them. As for your wedding, I have never heard of a more demeneted couple. Ohh and by the way even if our sister does something eveil, it is better then killing inocent people for fun." Aegir fixed his eyes on Psy. "This man, or what ever he is, is a perfect example of evil."
The girl was inwardly furious at her brother, but she made no sign of it and only smiled at him. "Ah, brother, you just don't know about our sister. Did you know that she's married someone? If you think my choice is a bit distasteful then I suggest you go back home and find out whose house she stays in these days..." She turned to Psy. "Really, dear, we should lift the spells on the castle and let Aegir out." She glanced at Loridian dismissively. "I wouldn't want to deprive you of your prize, so we can find a comfy dungeon for her." She turned back to Aegir. "Oh, and brother, if you call her innocent and kind, you must be really every bit as retarded as I thought."
"Ahhh my dear if you wish to let your brother live today then free him.If you dont crush him."said Psy putting his arm around her.He cast a spell on Lordian that would put her in a state of shock.In her mind she would be feeling pain and suffering.

cloveress we need to give u a name so i guess make one up
Loridian braced herself as Psy cast the spell, but surprisingly, nothing happened. She looked around, confused, she should be on the verge of death or something. She looked down and realized that the cross hanging around her neck was glowing brightly. She smiled and glanced up to the two, "Something that represents such pureness can cancel out the meek powers of sin. Guess all I needed was a sicko to cast a strong enough spell".
Bane walks around the corner to see rue Fighting psy and then wonders what has happened he then turns around and walks back behind a building.
im back!!!!!!!!!!
Bane walks around the corner to see rue Fighting psy and then wonders what has happened he then turns around and walks back behind a building.
im back!!!!!!!!!!
My name's Vixa. And nice to see you Robbin!

"Sure," answered Vixa as she blasted her brother out the window. She deliberately blasted him in the direction of home. Loridian was acting a bit strange, but she could leave her to Psy. Bane had come. "I really really hoped you had gone for good, but it seems that my wishes were in vain." She sighed. Then suddenly her arm flashed out and a dart buried itself in Bane's chest. She traces her lips with a slender finger, and mocked, "Looks like I'm going to be your bane, doesn't it? Too bad you still have seven days to suffer..." Aegir could have easily healed this wound, but she wasn't going to tell him that.
Aegir looked at the blast and laughed, his shield would stop that blast easily. It did, but the force sent him flying out the windows. He stood up and humphed. 'Annoying brat' he thought to himself. His ghost Raven appeared and he found bane, he thought Bane was dead, but he was not. If he only knew.
Vixa was a little shocked at the power of her blast. She looked at Psy, who had an arm around her. "I do believe we're more powerful when we're together. You just enhanced my powers."
A white kughte appeared around Loridian and she was teleported outside the castle. 'For your own good' Aegir thought to himslef. He then faced his sister and Psy. Then the same light appeared around his sister, and she was gone as well. Teleported right in to the dungeron at the bottom of the castle. He fixed his eyes on Psy's. "It is time i deal with you."
The girl screamed and rattled the bars of the dungeon. But after a while she cooled down. "I really regret not taking a copy of these keys now..." She tried her spells on the walls, the doors, the bars, even the floor and ceiling, but nothing worked. Psy's castle had been specially designed by Psy himself. Vixa smiled as she thought of his intelligence. There was really nothing she could do about this dungeon. Aegir wanted to kill Psy. She knew that. There was no way she could help it. Yet a small part of her hoped that Aegir would think twice about killing his sister's one love since the family fiasco.
"you want to kill me?"asked Psy with a look of disgust."Hah.Whats next Lordian will think she will live to see another day."Psy gazed at Aegir."Foolish boy if only you knew."said Psy shooting a beam of darkness hurling towards him.
Aegir smirked at Psy's pitiful remark. he held up his habnd and an energy shield blocked the blast. "I hope you know that Energy shields are my specialty. As for Lordian she will live to be very old when she dies, and you will not harm her I promise." Aegir shot Psy's blast back at him, along with a blast of light intertwined.
" let's see if your little energy shields can block your blood away." She used their blood connection to see, hear and feel everything happening in the room. Psy would have no idea she was there, and if she hid herself well enough, neither would Aegir.
"Hah your magic does nothing but power me up Ive mastered all forms of magic and I will crush you wwith it.After Im done with you youll look like this."said Psy holding up Etharions battered head.
Mwhahaha....yeah right...good one. Im all in stiches..
But i do hope you wont live in his fantasy for too long. Either your next words will be "..and as he held the head, it vanished, for it was only a illusion..", or that post will have to go.. So Angry Smilie
Vixa was so disgusted by that awful head Psy had conjured up. But she was in a position where she could only see and not do. And she had to keep her emotions stable, or else Aegir would feel currents in his head, which could be useful if Vixa knew how to make headaches in his mind, but she didn't. And the best she could do was make herself feel nauseus, which would make him feel nauseas too. But she still wanted to watch more of what would happen, so she made sure that her brother didn't feel anything. She couldn't help smirking herself. When it came to minds and emotion playing, she was the better one and there was no doubt about it.
Psy looked at Aegir oddly."I feel like Ive known for a while like we were friends at some point.Humph that cant be."said Psy hastily blasting a paralyzing spell."Your shield cant stop this it disables all magic but its own."said Psy grinning.

Hey Freyr lets make it be like our guys were childhood friends.ok
Aegir sunk into the ground and appeared right behinde Psy. "It is kind of disterbing that i feel this connection to. i take it psy is not your real name. What is it?" Aegir swung his arm and sent a slash of energy at psy.

Sure it sounds good
"Nasakagi.Why?"said Psy shrugging."I dont think I would ever had been friends with scum like you.Is your real name Aegir or not?"
"No Valhalla is my real name. And i must say your name does ring a bell, but you are right, we are total oppisites. I would hope for my own good i have not known you." Aegir looked at the figure trying to remember where he was from.
"Oh great," thought the girl as she looked on. "My fiance is actually my brother's old best-friend. How very- WHOA!" her brother had done the disappearing trick again. It would have been better if he didn't have to do it through the floor. Vixa rolled her eyes and watched on.
Vallhalla!that was Psys best friend as a boy but he couldnt let Aegir know he was shock."Hmmmm lets see I was a Lim Dule in training but I was exceptional until those stupid Usanagi came and attacked the city Now the rules of a mage was to keep your hood on at all times so I did for I wanted to follow the teachings of our god Zimbai.When they came to kill my parents I was furious.As the Usagi cheif crushed my dads head I yelled my hood and robe went flying off rvealing my body which is covered with Lim Dule omen tatoos.The Usagis laughed but I lifted their cheif into the air and threw a knife through his chest.After that the house and village was destroyed.After that I went to a magic bazaar where I met a friend named Vallhalla but it cant be you for he was killed when an Usagi mage came after me.I tried to save him but couldnt and that is when I went against Zimbais word.I killed who I wanted when I wanted and I was punished or I was supposed to be.Hah fools I eventually killed the Usagi race.and Im hear now to kill you."
Aegir also knew that this was his old friend. "i wanted you to think i was dead. Becasue my powers were a threat they wanted to hurt my family. so i faked my death to save my family. It worked and that is why i changed my najme." Aegir looked at psy in a questioning way. "what happened the friend I once knew. I had a feeling that dark cult was no good. why did you have to join it? Please tell me."
A cold tear ran down Psys face."I joined the dark cult because of your death dear friend.If Id have known yo were alive I wouldnt have turned evil."said Psy landing on the ground and putting his face in his hands.
Aegir would have gone a comforted him, but he knew better then to trust him. So comforting with rods was the next best thing. "I'am sorry, I could not risk anyone finding out. After that incendent only my family knew about valhalla. To everyone else he was just a memeory. And I promise you not telling you was one of the hardest things i have ever done. I am sorry." Aegir looked at his friend as a tear ran down his cheeks as well.
She could feel her brother's pain more stronger than anything. She remembered hearing about his old best friend from the old battles. She remembered she had once even tried to hunt him down for being friends with Aegir. How could this man be him? She had, for years, tried to make her brother's life as miserable as possible, and she didn't even know why. Maybe it was because Aegir had never liked her as well as Aranya, maybe it was the fact that he was always with his friends and she was always alone...Psy was weeping with his face in his hands. She longed to escape and go to him, but her body was in the dungeon, and her mind trapped firmly in Aegir's head. Vixa couldn't constrain her emotions and cried with them, not caring if Aegir found out she was spying anymore.
Psy lifted his head up abruptly."Wait I-I sense something.It feels like.....VIXA!Dont worry my love Ill get you out of the dungeon soon.And Val-Aegir lets work it out and well destroy all the fools who defy us itll be like old times eh buddy?"said Psy questioning Aegir.
"Psy I'am sorry, but this is wear our paths have divided. I dont go around and kill people just becasue they have gotten in my way. As much i miss the old times it is not worth it. I oonly wish you had not chosed this path." Aegir looked at his old frined simpatheticly.
It was time she stopped spying. She did not want to see the end of this conversation. She dropped on the floor of her cell, cursing herself for being such a fool to allow Aegir to teleport her. She was weary. And worried. She took out her knife. There was still one spell she hadn't used yet. And she had no desire to use it, either. but now... "Wait for Psy? That's if my brother doesn't kill him or 'turn him to the good side' first..." she grumbled as she sharpened the knife, "Old friends catching could take forever..."
"Come on."said Psy."Well I-I cant kill you so Ill have to die."said Psy lifting himself into the air.He made a rope appear to hang himself."Goodbye Val I wished it didnt ave to end this way."
"No" Aegir said as he cut the rope with a slash of energy. He ran to psy, he kept the strongest shieled he could up. "please dont, I have lost my parents, I dont want to loose you too. Please dont." Aegir maintained his shieled even in such an emotional moment.
Vixa felt her blood run cold. Something must've happened above. Psy!She was sure it was about him and muttered, "I don't even know if he's being killed or killing himself. I wonder if the lover's bond would work on us?" Holding up the now-sharpened knife, she made the last attempt to escape this dungeon. She slashed her wrist and let the blood spurt out. Then she used her own blood to write ancient incantations on the walls, feeling weaker and weaker by the second. She also wrote a message which (she hoped) would be seen by Psy and Aegir. When the last rune had been written, she sat down crosslegged and began her meditation. The dungeon door opened just as she fainted away...
"Hah you fool did you think I would kill myself?Never!"Psy said enraged hee looked like a psychopath.He laughed and then stopped."Wait I sense something.VIXA!No shes passed out I must help er here Ill let you play with my pets."said Psy conruing up two huge dogs straight from hell they had black flaming fur.Psy teleported to the dungeon and found Vixa passed out."Vixa my love are you okay?"she didnt speak back ."I know Ill try the lovers bond."Psy bent down and kissed her.They rose into the air and Psy hoped she would wake.
Vixa was surprised Psy even knew about the lover's bond. You had to admit that this was not the sort of thing evil lords and ladies do. She remembered how ashamed she had been herself when she was taught this spell by her mother. Lover's bond indeed! But her mother had said it was a powerful form of magic, and she had kept it in mind. As Psy held her she gained consciousness. She noticed him looking at her and smiled,"So, who killed who this time?"
"Un fortunately noone has killed anyone but in the end we will be the last two alive."said Psy he kissed her again and they teleported back to where aegir was.
Aegir looked at the beasts and laughed. They attacked, Aegir sent a streak of energy slicing the beast right in half. "So tough are we". But the beast regenerated its self to become two monsters. "Ohh". The monsters all pounced at once. Aegir blew them back easily with blast of energy, but that did not stop them. And this time not only did they have claws they were breathing fire. Aegir formed a dome shield around himself to block the fire. He thought to himself 'They cant die, so i must trap them'. Aegir teleported behinde them. He sent a streak on energy that impaled the dog on the wall, unable to move. Another one turned around to face him, but before the beast could do anything he was in a cage of energy. The last one pounced, and this one Aegir froze in the air with the bit of telekinese he possesed. And teleported this dog to another cell far away fromt his castle. "come and back you fool" Aegir yelled.
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