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Good one Uruk Slayer, I look forward to taking it. Happy Elf Smilie

You may wish to edit it to include a request: That members shouldn't post their answers in the forum, but to PM or email them to you, (if you can check your email at your friends address, and to also post the cutoff date that you want all entries returned.

Thanks Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Uruk Slayer your quiz is wonderful. I began working on it this afternoon and I only have 4 1/2 questions left. The questions with quotes in them are tough, however, that is great. Working on your quiz has given me the incentive to start my own quiz. I only have a few questions completed so far, although it is coming along quite nicely.

Hahahaahaa! At last, another quiz! Thanks very much, Uruk_slayer! I'll know what to do in my holidays now. Big Smile Smilie I'll start working on it right now. Smile Smilie
I'm glad everyone likes the quiz. I know i appreciate it when others take the time to come up with a great challenge for me and i'm glad to reciprocate. And thanks to Grondy for reminding me about editing my post for policy stuff!
What is the Annon-in-Geldh?

If you mean the Annon-in-Gelydh, I'd be most glad, but if you mean the Annon-in-Geldh, I'm utterly and thorougly lost. Orc Going Huh Smilie

For all the rest I only have #15 left to solve, but that's a hard one, man!
I really enjoyed that quiz, Uruk_slayer. I'm glad you made one up. (I finally find a site with good quizzes! Big Smile Smilie ) By the way, to everyone, I finished making a quiz (75 questions), and might post it after the cutoff for this current quiz. Smile Smilie Though if people want a short, er... intermission between quizzes they can p-m me. Or if someone else already has dibs on quizmaking...etc. Either way, let me know what I should do (post it after August 7, or not).

[Edited on 7/24/2003 by Arcormacolind’va]
Personally, Arcormacolindova, I wouldn't mind if you posted your quiz on here at the same time. Some people (like me) enjoy the challenge.
Well, I'm back from camp with a 75-question quiz, so here it is. Same rules; please private postBody me the answers, do not post your answers here! . The cutoff date is September 2nd; any responses after that will not be counted.

In what chapter of LotR was the phrase "Abidath cuman uncuthe!" used? By whom? What does it mean?

Where and what is ’rensaga?

What is another name for the Bridge of Khazad-d’m?

How old was Tar-M’riel (Ar-Zimraphel) when she died?

Who said, "Yet the One was lost, and while it still lies hid, we can master the Enemy..."?

How many steps led up to the threshold of Orthanc?

Tolkien once wrote in a letter concerning LotR, "I wisely started with a ___, and made the story fit."

Who were the grandsons of L’thien Tin’viel?

What tongue did the Olog-hai speak?

Who was Komosot?

"Komosot" was slain how many years after the Noldor came back to Middle-Earth?

What is another name for Mar-nu-Falmar?

Mount Dolmed was nearest to which Dwarf-cities?

The Birchwoods of Nimbrethil were in what land?

What flower bloomed in Doriath when Tin’viel was born?

Who was Kalimac Brandagamba?

What was Samwise Gamgee's birthday rumored to be?

What was the birthday (month, number, and year) of Elessar Telcontar?

Which twin brothers were buried in Haudh-in-Gwanur?

Who were #s 24 and 25 sons of?

Who was called B’ma by Men?

What tongue did the Stone-trolls use?

What was the name of Thorin II Oakenshield's wife?

In the lore of Rohan, what was Th’oden's surname?

What was ’omer's surname?

Who was Helm Hammerhand's sister?

Did Eldarion have any sisters?

What was absent in the night sky of Lothl’rien?

What emblem did the Orcs of Minas Morgul use?

Who used the phrase " hopeless as a frost in spring?"

Which stream sung about by the Silvan Elves once had golden flowers floating in its foam, and a rainbow on its falls?

What color swans did the Fellowship encounter in the Brown Lands?

Frodo first beheld Weathertop how many years after the destruction of its tower?

Which hobbit in the Fellowship was born one year prior to ’omer?

Who was older, Pippin or Merry, and by how many years?

Who was said to look more like an Elven-maid than a hobbit?

The hobbit that #43 married had the same first name as that of a son of which King of Rohan?

How many children with Rosie did Sam have?

Who made the lament called "Noldolant’"?

Who / what was Gil-Estel?

Who prepared a secret way out of Gondolin?

What is e’ruil’?

What are two other names of as’a aranion?

Which one does not belong in this group, and why?
Aeglos, alfirin, coimas, elanor, lissuin, mallos, niphredil, seregon, simbelmyn’, and uilos.

What is the Quenya name of Ar-Abatt’rik?

Who was master of Telchar of Nogrod?

What do "laireloss’, laurinqu’, malinorn’, oiolair’, nessamelda, taniquelass’, vardarianna, and yavannam’r’" have in common?

What color were the fruits of yavannam’r’?

Where did the things mentioned in #56 exist?

What was Cirion's Oath (write the words)?

What was Elendil's badge?

What was a sandastan (thangail)?

What was a nernehta (d’rnaith)?

A l’r was about how many miles?

What color were the flowers of aeglos?

Which Gate of Gondolin was the last wrought by Turgon before the Nirnaeth Arnoediad?

An Elf of which people wrote the Aldud’ni’?

The Lord of the Falathrim was whom?

Alcarinqu’, Carnil, Elemm’r’, Helluin, Luinil, Lumbar, Morwinyon, and N’nar are all _____.

In what ship did the first N’men’rean to reach Middle-Earth travel?

Who was the 3rd son of Brego? Who claimed descent from him?

Where would you find Anarr’ma, Menelmacar, Soron’m’, Telumendil, Valacirca, and Wilwarin? (Be very specific)

Which does not belong?
Belthil, Cul’rien, Laurelin, and Malinalda.

Who is the Vala and Arata that is the sister of N’mo and Irmo?

What is the Rohirric (and Westron) name for a talan (like found in Lothl’rien?

Bonus: How many miles east of the gorge of Nargothrond were the falls of Sirion?
Wow this certainly looks like a hard one, but I'm going to give it a try. Thanks Arcormacolind’va! Thumbs Up Smilie
Thanks, Tom. I've been paranoid for a couple days because no one was posting any comments or sending me pms about it. I knew it'd take time, but it felt like no one knew it existed! Love your sig. Big Smile Smilie
Arcormacolind’va, I was still trying to finish Uruk_slayer's quiz, which I had to send in with three unanswered and one guess. It was a good quiz, but I have trouble remembering who said what, especially if it is from the SIL or UT.

REMEMBER TODAY IS THE DEADLINE TO GET URUK_SLAYER'S QUIZ BACK TO HIM VIA PM. However, if you send it to him tomorrow, I doubt if you would be penalized.
Love your sig.

Thanks Arcomacolind’va! Big Smile Smilie

Ok some questions for you:

# 14: Can't find this one, but I'm sure he exists because we have/had a member by that name. Driving me crazy this one, and the next one too of course.
# 29: Are you sure about this one? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Every source I find states: no record of any wife or children.
# 52: Ok I have a problem here. There are two things there that don't fit the general line. I don't know what to do here really, I think I'll pm you about this one.
#14: Yes, he exists, but only in a premature version of Tolkien's writings. He was soon writen over. If you have BoLT 1, it might be advantageous to check Smile Smilie
#29: The way I wrote the question might happen to be...misleading.
#52: Recheck the definitions of those two you mentioned in the pm. One has multiple meanings.
Hope I helped. Wink Smilie
BoLT 1

What's that? I'm sure it's some book I don't have. Tongue Smilie

Yes you certainly helped a lot, Arcomacolindova, but I'm still in the dark about #29. I know you can't say more though. Smile Smilie

I was thinking maybe it would be a big help to the others if you told them what you've told me in your pm about the first question. Because I'm not so sure everyone will get that one the way it is. And a hint about the language would be very welcome there. If you're willing of course. Smile Smilie I know you gave me a lot of hints already, but it *is* a very hard quiz. Cool Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Sorry, I just solved part of my own questions. Big Smile Smilie I'm better than I thought. lol

Yeah, I solved #14 and #15, found those in where you said I'd find them. Figured out what BoLT means, thanks a lot! Smile Smilie *happy now* Juggling Smilie
All right, I'll give everyone a hint on #1. First of all, you MUST do #3 before you attempt the first one. It is found in LotR, but you'll not find it looking in LotR. (Huh?)
Example: If I asked you to find a phrase (which is in LotR),
"A Galad ven i reniar," you would not see those words anywhere in LotR, though they're in LotR.
Explanation: It says Gildor Inglorion sang "O Light to us who wander here" in Sindarin. Basically, it WAS in there, Tolkien just didn't give the actual Sind. words; and put it into English instead. Not that #1 is Sindarin or anything Ha Ha Ha Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Oh, and about the language #1 is in? Read Smilie Teacher Smilie
It is a slow tongue, with a strong music to it. It is rich and rolling; and also hard and stern, laden with sadness.
And I guess I'll give you all an example of the language.


Unfortunately, Tolkien usually represented this language by another, because of its analogy to Westron like to another language to English. Therefore the phrase mentioned is in the "other language," not the real language it was in. I.e. if Tolkien translated the Red Book from Westron, this phrase "Abidath..." would be in the new, translated version, not the old version. In the Red Book it would be in the language it was beforehand; but this example (abidath) is in the translated version, an analogy to English like the orig. lang. was 2 Westron.

All right, if you don't understand now, my explanations are hopeless. If you TRULY read this and go "huh?," pm me and I'll tell u what lang "Abidath" is in. OK?
Or, instead of pming me, just read my journal.
Fer’u h’l!
Hey everyone! I'm back and i've got the results of my quiz. Unfortunately, only three people submitted answers but they all did well. If there are any requests for extensions, i'd be more than happy to accomodate them. In the meantime, i'm going to try to work on Arcormacolind’va's quiz. Good luck to the rest of you who are doing the same!
Only 3 ? What the... How could that happen? Shocked Smilie So Angry Smilie
Only 3 ? What the... How could that happen? Shocked Smilie So Angry Smilie
If you haven't noticed, the number of members actively posting this month is quite small. I don't blame the rest of them wanting to lay on the beach, go sailing, or hiking in the mountains in this, the Northern Hemisphere's height of Summer. However, I am sorry for those of you who have been experiencing those ungodly triple digit temperatures (above 37 C), especially when our highs are back in the 70-80 F range with cloudless skies and a nice sea breeze.

Oh, and I only missed four of Uruk_slayer's questions. Happy Elf Smilie
I think I did better than you Grondy! Tongue Smilie

Thanks so much for all the tips, Arcormacolindova! I don't think I would have found anything if you hadn't told me where to look. Well, where to look, gave away the language. Smile Smilie Thanks! Cool Smilie
You're welcome! Wink Smilie

(And I think I did better than Grondy too, ha!!
None wrong and perfect spelling and grammar, beat that!)
I know, it's not a competition...
Unfortunately, only three people submitted answers but they all did well.
Sorry I wasn't able to participate myself, Uruk. The past month I've been rather preoccupied with work, moving house, and then going on holiday. I'm still surrounded by boxes of possessions and clothes scattered everywhere, so it might take me a while before I feel anything like normal again.

When I first posted these types of quizzes I thought I might be inundated with replies, but it is not actually the case. Generally less than half a dozen members actually post in their answers.
uruk_slayer, I am sorry I did not send in my reply. I forgot all about it. I will finish it up and the get to work on the next quiz. I am very glad that people are making these wonderful quizes. I just wish I had more time to work on them.
Good to hear Melli, i'm glad to have another person take my quiz. Take your time with it and i'll pm your results.
Greetings all. I know this post is labeled as uruk_slayer, but he is not here right now. He is graciously allowing me to use his ID until such time comes when I am able to establish my own separate presence here. For the time being, you may refer to me as Melorelin.

For several months, uruk_slayer and I have been working together on answering the trivia questions posted in these forums. Many are the days when we spread the books across my living room floor to search for answers. Big Smile Smilie Which brings me to the reason for this post.

I've been working on the newest quiz, and some of the answers are being more elusive than is generally their habit. I believe between the two of us we have access to: the Hobbit, the LoTR, SIL, UT, Lays of Beleriand, the Atlas of Middle Earth, and the Languages of Tolkien's Middle-Earth by Ruth Noel.

My question is this: are there any answers among these 75 that may not be found within the texts I have mentioned above? If you do not wish to reply for all to see, you may PM me at


"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo."
(A star shines on the hour of our meeting)
I suppose I'll tell everyone which books I own. (and have used)
The Hobbit
The Silmarillion
Unfinished Tales
Book of Lost Tales I
The Lost Road and Other Writings
The Treason of Isengard
Master of Middle-Earth, by Paul H. Kocher

I used some of these. Wink Smilie
Tick tick tick tick...
Only 11 days left!
(Then if no one answers I'll have to extend it Smile Smilie
I will send you my answers soon Arco. I still don't have access to PT at home, I'm in Ghent now, in my room, studying. Animated Wink Smilie
I think I might extend the due date a bit. So far I only have answers from uruk_slayer. Sad Smilie

~ Arco Nimruz’r
And mine. Big Smile Smilie

I was just wondering who's working on the next quiz. Anyone? Question Smilie
Not me! I'm already too busy as it is. I'll try to keep up with things here but it's hard and will continue to be for the next few months.
I'm afraid work committments are taking their toll on my spare time too. Now that I've lost my broadband connection too, I'm struggling to keep up with the forum with the few hours I have available. When things settle down a bit I'll try to get another together, but it'll be a while.
Well I have an idea for my next one, but it will need some more time (a lot more time, at least two more weeks), but I thought there were others working on one too? Peredhil I thought was one of them? Yes indeed:

Mine will be some time yet.

Posted on 5/7

And before that Findekano said s/he (sorry!) was also working on a short one. So I think one of them could have one ready.
I am working on a quiz myself again, it will have 100 questions and it has, let's say, a sort of special format. Anyway, it'll take some time yet, at the earliest next week. Juggling Smilie

Anyone out there who has one ready before then? Waving Hello Smilie Question Smilie
Not much going on here apparently, to say the least. WAKE UP!!! lol

Ok I'll try to put up my quiz next week. Any objections/comments? Orc Going Huh Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie Uh-oh, 'special format??'
This could be challenging. Tongue Smilie
And you're right that no one is really doing anything in here.

I don't have any objections.

Arcormacolind’va, I have a question about one of the answers to the quiz. Number 9 "How many steps led up to the threshold of Orthanc?" Where did you find the answer 22? On TTT page 214 (begining part of Ch 10 if you have a different copy) it says "Up to the threshhold of the door there mounted a flight of twenty-seven broad stairs..."

As regards a new quiz, I can't wait for another challenge! Smile Smilie
Yes, it was just a typo on my behalf. The answer sheet I made had 27. Wink Smilie
Right so two people interested in a new quiz. Anyone else? Or are you all just too busy right now? Orc Going Huh Smilie

I'm afraid it will be some time yet, not quite finished (I know, I know...), but I suppose you can keep yourselves busy until I manage to put it up here. Tongue Smilie
Maybe it's just me but it seems like this has been the busiest year of my life. Things are moving much too fast for my pace and i'm losing too much sleep!!! two hours a night is not enough. anyway, enough whining, i'll see if i can conjure up something over thanksgiving break (that's this weekend people!) it'll be small and shabby but we'll see if it's worthy of attention.

Maybe it's just me but it seems like this has been the busiest year of my life. Things are moving much too fast for my pace and i'm losing too much sleep!!
It's not just you Uruk. I know for a fact this has been the busiest year of my life. Since becoming Head of Research last June, I don't seem to have time to do anything. I find myself having to plan my timetable while I'm driving, because its the only time people aren't bombarding me with other things to do Exploding Head Smilie .

The nice thing is though, I've accumulated so many hours TOIL (time off in lieu), that I'm now owed 275 hours in addition to my 23 days leave that I have remaining. As winter is a bit quieter in my job, they are letting me take 6 weeks off at Christmas because I need to get all those hours hacked down by Feb 1st Juggling Smilie (unfortunately, what I don't manage to use will get lost. Sad Smilie Doubly unfortunately, if I don't want to go back to a mountain of work, I'll have to take a heap home with me during the holiday Very Sad Smilie )
Perhaps you just need to find new ways to increase your productivity, such as: "If you can't get the job done working twenty-four hours per day, work nights." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I've been pretty busy myself too, but I managed to find some time and I finished the new quiz. Do you want me to put it up, or would you like me to postpone it a little? Just say it, it's all the same to me. Animated Wink Smilie
Put it up now Tommie. Smile Smilie
Tommie, go ahead and put your's up first. I'll wait until your's is done and over with before I post mine (which will also give me more time to work on it). I really should be doing my homework instead but oh well...this is too much fun!
Yesses pleasses do put it up now, wesses would I Love You Smilie a new quizzzzz. Fast Asleep Smilie Elf Winking Smilie
We wants it NOW, my preciousss! Ach, sss! Filthy little delay! *we need a Gollum / Sm’agol smily Smile Smilie*
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