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Well here we are then: my new quiz, finally! And in time with the new (absolutely fabulous) pt!

Y'all know the rules, but just to be on the safe side: do NOT post your answers below please, you can email them to me at:
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below.

To find the KEYWORD: Look at the previous five answers and find what they have in common. - So added Grondy 06 Feb. 04 after reading Tommie's post of 05 Feb. 04. Cool Elf Smilie

Please be aware of the fact that many clues are hidden in the answers. You don't always need the whole answer as a clue. Sometimes the answer is a lead to the clue. There are 20 keywords to be found. For the correct answer to an "ordinary" question you get one point. For the correct answer to a keyword, you get two points. So, in all, you can earn 140 points.

I will give you until the end of February (yes, that long) to send in your answers.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the quiz!

1. The One, God.
2. A port built by the Eldar on the eastern shore of Tol Eressea.
3. Kingdom of the Dunedain in the Second Age.
4. Dwelling-place of the Valar in the time of the two lamps.
5. The Argonath.
6. Spouse of Vana.
7. Great jewels made by Feanor.
8. Green mound before the western gate of Valimar.
9. Another name for the Void.
10. The southern portion of Aman.
11. Dwelling of Elrond.
12. Son of Eomund and Theodwyn.
13. Coastal area in Harad.
14. A seeing stone.
15. Town of men and hobbits, situated at the crossing of the Great East Road and the North Road.
16. Gandalf's faithful steed.
17. Father of Eorl.
18. Other name for the One Ring.
19. The Edain.
20. Land of the Valar in Aman.
21. English translation of "mellon".
22. Lady of the Golden Wood.
23. The Aglarond, also called the ... ?
24. A metal, only to be found in the mines of Moria.
25. Mountain east of Mirkwood and west of the Iron Hills.
26. Quenya for "foam-flower".
27. Three-peaked mountain raised above Angband by Melkor.
28. He was slain by Bard.
29. A discussion that seems to have no end: do Balrogs have ... ?
30. The Stone of Erech.
31. Land previously known as Calenardhon.
32. Wood east of the southern end of the Misty Mountains.
33. The greatest river of north-western Middle-Earth.
34. Author of "The Reckoning of Years".
35. At the time of the War of the Ring, this marked the northern boundary of Rohan.
36. One of the three kindreds of the Eldar, led by Finwe on the Great Journey.
37. Lands of Arda east of Belegaer.
38. Father of Idril.
39. He stole a fruit of Nimloth from the courts of Armelenos.
40. The Orkish name for this fortress is Lugburz.
41. In the First Age, he was the Lord of the Falas.
42. Fortress in south-western Mirkwood.
43. Fortress built by Gondor in the days of its power in Nan Curunir.
44. Son of Erendil.
45. The three kindreds of Elves of the Great Journey.
46. One of the ambassadors sent to Valinor by Orome.
47. With Mablung, he was the only Elf of Doriath to fight in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
48. Anduril, also called ... ?
49. A black, shining metal that was malleable but as hard as steel even when thin.
50. The underground halls built for Thingol.
51. The south-kingdom of the Dunedain.
52. The usurper of Gondor
53. The great haven far to the south of Gondor.
54. The title of the lords of the Dunedain, Elendil and his descendants.
55. He was slain by the Wainriders in the Battle of the Plains.
56. Orc-chieftain of Moria, he slew Thror.
57. The Dimrill Dale.
58. Father of Balin.
59. Son of Gror, of the royal line of Durin's Folk
60. The End of the Elder Days.
61. Dwarvenking who deserted Khazad-dum.
62. Only son of Belladonna Took.
63. Great battle fought before the gates of Erebor.
64. One of the seven clans of the Dwarves, those that were descended from the oldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves, another name for Durin's folk.
65. Range of mountains running west to east and forming the likely northern border of Rhovanion.
66. The name given to the fourteen powerful spirits who took physical form and entered Arda after its creation to give order to the world and combat the evils of Melkor.
67. The last king of Numenor
68. Any of the races of Arda who were subject to old age and death, but the name applies especially to Men.
69. The departure of this ship from the Grey Havens marked the end of the Third Age. It was built by Cirdan and the shipwrights of Mithlond.
70. The haven of the Elves who lived on the isle of Tol Eressea.
71. A stone by the side of the East Road that marked the point where the borders of the Eastfarthing, Westfarthing and Southfarthing of the Shire came together.
72. An inn on the East Road, about halfway between Hobbiton and the Brandywine Bridge.
73. Title given to the "police-force" of the Shire, the ones who kept order.
74. A fertile but boggy farmland region on the western banks of the River Brandywine.
75. The first of the five wizards to arrive in Middle-Earth.
76. The "country of Balar".
77. She came under the dragon-spell of Glaurung and married her brother.
78. Battle in which the Noldor and the Edain purposed the final overthrow of Morgoth, but they were themselves utterly defeated.
79. The chronicles of the Second and Third Ages.
80. The long Elvish lay that told the story of Beren and Luthien.
81. The emblem of the Princes from this city was the Ship and Silver Swan.
82. Titel of the ruler of the Dwarves of Erebor.
83. River in Gondor that joines the Morthond and has its source in the White Mountains. (There are two rivers that match this description, the one you are looking for is the one to the east)
84. From what language is the name Belegorn originally?
85. City and port in Eldamar, on the coast north of the Calacirya, built by the Teleri, when they came to Aman. (two names, only one contains a clue!!!)
86. Pass over the Ephel Duath, just north of Minas Morgul.
87. One of the Mearas, sire of Snowmane.
88. Special fate of Men, place upon them at their making.
89. She was called "Her Ladyship" by the Orcs of a particular group.
90. The Ring of Adamant.
91. Region where Hobbits live.
92. River, crossed by the Great East Road by the Bridge of Stonebows.
93. Son of Fortinbras Took and 26th Thain of the Shire.
94. Great bow of Beleg which was buried with him.
95. Number of gates in the Orfalch Echos.
96. Great Dragon of the Ered Mithrin, possessor of a large Dwarf-hoard.
97. Eldest son of Denethor II.
98. She killed the Witch-King of Angmar.
99. Old German currency, now no longer used since the Euro took over. Tongue Smilie
100. Title of Chapter VIII, Book 6, The Return of the King.


#9: Multiple answers possible, I count them all correct of course, and most of them contain a clue to the keyword as well.
#19: Again several answers possible, and in one way only one of them contains a clue, in another way they all do, so this one shouldn't be a problem.
#44: There are two, I know, you only need one of them, but both count as correct.
#46: Three possible answers, only one gives a clue for the keyword, again any of the three is correct of course.
#54: Several answers possible, two contain a clue to the keyword.
#55: I will only say that there are (much to my surprise) two answers possible, but only one leads to the keyword.
#57, #60, #73: Two possible answers for each, both correct, and both providing a clue, so no problem.
Thanks Tommie, it looks like a good one and I my be able to start it by February. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
It was a really great one, Tommie! I enjoyed it a lot! Now I'll be waiting for the correct answers, as I have already finished it in my haste!

I'm a quarter way through and am only having trouble with two of them so far. Good Quizzerini.
I'm now 45% finished. I like those keyword questions, they are clues that help answer sometimes harder questions elsewhere.
Well that certainly wasn' the intention, but I'm glad you like it anyway. Very Big Grin Smilie
60% finished.
Well that certainly wasn' the intention, but I'm glad you like it anyway. Very Big Grin Smilie
Well then, Perhaps I said it backwards. Elk Grinning Smilie
Halloa! Yes, it's still good old me, but under a different nick. I have permanently changed to this nick, for reasons I have explained elsewhere, but I just thought it best to put it up here as well, otherwise it might just be a little queer to people who don't know that. Animated Wink Smilie
99% complete finished; semi-stumped on #68. Must sleep on it some more, except its kinda lumpy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I finished the quiz and emailed my answers to Tommie today. Dunce Smilie

There is still a month for the rest of you to try your hand at it. I found most of the answers in Hobbit, LotR, and Sil, with a couple in UT, and one via Google. Teacher Smilie
I am confused as to what the KEYWORDs are for in Tom's quiz. I haven't been on the boards in awhile, and was wanting to get back and do the quiz.

Are they related to the items that are preceding them? A little help please to one who wants to come back into the fold.

I figured they were the answers to the questions above them, of course I could be wrong. The main thing is they are worth double points. So I just tried to answer the questions on each side of them.

It is so nice to see that you are back. I have missed seeing your insightful posts around here. Welcome back to our new and improved website.



I love the quiz i am about a quarter of the way through it and I am really enjoying it. Thank you so much for posting it. Hopefully, I will have time to finish it this time.

Let me explain the KEYWORD questions again:

There are 100 "ordinary" questions. Below every group of 5 questions you see the word "KEYWORD". The answers to the five questions above that word will lead to a "keyword", a term that is related to all five answers. In other words, when you have solved 5 questions, you need to look for a word (it can be anything really, a person, an object, a river, a region, etc.) that is related to all 5 answers. If it's not clear, email me and I'll try to explain again. Animated Wink Smilie

So, Grondy, I received your answers, but I don't think you included any of the keyword answers. You can still send them in if you like, I haven't corrected anything yet.

Good luck Bain and Mellie! Looking forward to seeing your answers!
Oh, now I understand; I've never run into a quiz like that before. But Tommie's above post clarifird it for me.

We are supossed to look at the previous five answers and find the common denominator, which will be their keyword.

I'll edit Tommie's Quiz post to clarify what the keyword represents. I'll also try to solve this mini puzzle that should be fun now that I have the hundred answers finished, They may need changing if common denominator only stands out for four of my five answers, for that will probably mean one of my answers is wrong.

The keyword is like the checksum, which I encountered with the old type-in programs before software was commercially published on disks or cartridges. We would spend hours entering lines of code from a magazine and save them to disk or tape cassette in order to later run and play some fun games on those early computers.

Aftrer each line of code was a checksum and if we had typed the line correctly, our input program would display the same check sum as was listed in the magazine. Compute! was one of these magazines and they had these type-in programs for the Atari, Commodore 64, and the IBM PC.

Some of these programs were written in Basic and some in Machine Language. The machine language ones were very dificult to type, because the lines were just strings of digits and the letters A through F, but they ran so much faster and were really impressive graphically.

But enough of this reminiscing; I've got a forum to read through.
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've had time to look on PT so I'm a little behind. Tommie, I will try to get as much done as possible, but could I send these to you after the deadline? I'm very short on free time. Good luck to eveyone else though!
Lol! And there was I who thought my deadline was a pretty long one. It's all right, Uruk, you can. But if I have finished correcting everything else before I get your answers, I will put up the hall of fame and add you later on, if that's ok.
I have a few corrections to make to the quiz, but I don't have them here right now. They don't concern anything important, most are about multiple answers possible, so the ones who have already handed in their answers needn't worry. I will put up the corrections somewhere this week or over the weekend at the latest. We apologize for the inconvenience. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have just put up the corrections.

I must say I'm having a bit of a struggle correcting the keywords, because it seems you see other links then I do. lol Anyway, looking forward to more answers. Big Smile Smilie
Ah, those keywords can be annoying. And you've stumped me on say, 20 questions, or so. Wink Smilie

Edit: more like 11 Keywords and 2 actual questions Smile Smilie
Ok. I have received answers from three people. I think that's not enough to conclude this quiz, because two out of those three didn't get the chance to ponder long enough over the keywords apparently. So, I have once more decided to give you some extra time.

Well, some, I give you another month, so that means you have until March 31 to send me your answers. Those of you who still wish to send in the keywords as well, please do. Otherwise I'll just give you your score on 100 instead of on 140.

Good luck!

I found the quiz and maybe, just maybe will have a go. Can you explain the keywords please?
Tommie's previous explaination of the keywords was....

Let me explain the KEYWORD questions again:

There are 100 "ordinary" questions. Below every group of 5 questions you see the word "KEYWORD". The answers to the five questions above that word will lead to a "keyword", a term that is related to all five answers. In other words, when you have solved 5 questions, you need to look for a word (it can be anything really, a person, an object, a river, a region, etc.) that is related to all 5 answers. If it's not clear, email me and I'll try to explain again.

Basically, the keywords are common denominators for the five answers preceeding them.
Yes, thank you Val. That's exactly what I was trying to say, except you are more clear. I always have trouble explaining myself. Oh well. Cool Smilie

Please do have a go, if you haven't finished it by the "deadline", feel free to send it in later, I will still correct it for you. Big Smile Smilie
*Bugyfeanor impatiently awaits for the answers*

Oh, I should've made that patiently and at peace! Well, too late...
Big Smile Smilie You did very well, Bugy, no need to worry. Tongue Smilie

Anyone else still working on it, or... Oh well. I'll just have to wait, just like everybody else. *sigh* Animated Wink Smilie
Actually, my friend and I have all the easy ones done! It's the keyword parts that are difficult (obviously). Some of these are so different that we can't piece it all together. But I guess that's the challenge.
That should be the challenge, because most of the other questions are fairly easy. Problem with the keyword questions is that sometimes you see links that I didn't see. We'll see... Animated Wink Smilie
*Bugy's counting the days: 9,8,7, ...*

No, I am not impatient! I can wait!

*Bugy goes on counting: 6,5,4,3...*

Still haven't had any answers in, other than the ones I had in before the previous deadline. *goes on waiting patiently*
I should be sending it soon, after I solve a particularly vexing question. Smile Smilie

Yerrm. I thought you had sent in yours already, Arco? Or do you mean the questions you hadn't solved yet? Paranoid Smilie
I keep meaning to look at it.......

Good intentions...... oh look the road to hell......
Isnt that a dodgy quote from Chris Rhea (Rea, or whatever)... that guys dusty isnt he, pushing up musical daisies, i dont mean HE's dead, just his music. lol

Vee, i though you'd be into the Venga-boys or summat?

Tongue Smilie
I mean the unanswered questions and keywords, Tommie Smile Smilie
Good. You nearly got me there! Tongue Smilie
Well, the deadline has passed and I haven't received any additional answers.

For those of you who have sent in their answers, you can still send me the answers to keywords or any previously unsolved questions.

I will try to put up the answers and the hall of fame as soon as possible, but it will be some time still. Cool Smilie
Sorry it took me so long, thanks for all your patience, and finally here are the answers I was looking for:

1. Eru
2. Avallon’
3. N’menor
4. Isle of Almaren
5. Pillars of the Kings
KEYWORD: Meneltarma
6. Orom’
7. Silmarils
8. Ezellohar
9. (the Ancient, Outer, Timeless) Darkness, the Everlasting Dark, the Nothingness, the Void
10. Avathar
KEYWORD: Ungoliant
11. Rivendell
12. ’omer
13. Umbar
14. Palant’r
15. Bree
KEYWORD: Aragorn II, son of Arathorn
16. Shadowfax
17. L’od
18. Isildur’s Bane
19. Fathers of Men, Elf-friends, Atanat’ri, Men of the Three Houses (I was looking for the first answer, since Felar’f was the "father" of the Mearas)
20. Valinor
KEYWORD: Felar’f
21. Friend
22. Galadriel
23. Glittering Caves
24. Mithril
25. Erebor
KEYWORD: Gimli, son of Gl’in
26. Vingilot
27. Thangorodrim
28. Smaug
29. Wings
30. The Black Stone
KEYWORD: Ancalagon
31. Rohan
32. Fangorn
33. Anduin
34. Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck
35. Limlight
KEYWORD: Entwash
36. Noldor
37. Middle-Earth
38. Turgon
39. Isildur
40. Barad-d’r
KEYWORD: Gil-Galad
41. C’rdan
42. Dol Guldur
43. Isengard
44. Elrond, Elros (I was looking for Elrond)
45. Eldar
KEYWORD: White Council
46. Elw’, Ingw’, Finw’ (I was looking for Elw’)
47. Beleg
48. Flame of the West, the Sword that was broken, the Sword reforged (the clue to the keyword was in ’flame’)
49. Galvorn
50. Menegroth
KEYWORD: Anglachel
51. Gondor
52. Castamir
53. Umbar
54. King of Gondor, King of Men, Faithful, Elendili, Elf-friends ("King" was the clue to the keyword)
55. Narmacil II
KEYWORD: Telumehtar Umbardacil
56. Azog
57. Nanduhirion, Azanulbizar
58. Fundin
59. Na’n
60. War of Wrath, the Great Battle
KEYWORD: Battle of Azanulbizar
61. Thr’in I
62. Bilbo Baggins
63. Battle of Five Armies
64. Longbeards
65. Grey Mountains
KEYWORD: the Arkenstone
66. Valar
67. Ar-Pharaz’n
68. Mortals
69. White Ship
70. Avall’n’
KEYWORD: the Undying Lands, Aman, the Deathless Lands
71. Three-farthing stone
72. The Floating Log
73. Shirriffs, Bounders
74. The Marish
75. Saruman
KEYWORD: Frogmorton
76. Beleriand
77. Nienor
78. Battle of Unnumbered tears, the Nirnaeth Arnoediad
79. Tale of Years
80. Lay of Leithian
KEYWORD: Narn i H’n H’rin, Tale of the Children of H’rin
81. Dol Amroth
82. King under the Mountain
83. River Ringl’
84. Sindarin
85. Alqualond’, Haven of the Swans
86. Cirith Ungol
87. Lightfoot
88. Gift of Men
89. Shelob
90. Nenya
KEYWORD: Phial of Galadriel
91. The Shire
92. Baranduin, Brandywine
93. Gerontius Took
94. Belthronding
95. Seven
KEYWORD: Gorbadoc Brandybuck
96. Scatha
97. Boromir
98. ’owyn
99. Mark
100. The Scouring of the Shire
KEYWORD: Horn of the Mark

Hall of fame

Bugyfeanor: 94/100, 35/40 -> 129/140
Arco: 95/100, 18/40 -> 113/140
Grondy: 91/100

Arco didn't have the chance to answer all the keywords, the ones he did answer were correct though.
Grondy didn't have the chance to answer the keywords at all. Tongue Smilie

Thanks for doing my quiz, hope you enjoyed it!

On to the next one then, I guess!
Anyone want to make us another quiz Question Smilie

The length should be from about 20 to 100 questions long and they should come from only The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and maybe the Unfinished Tales with a note at the beginning if the latter is used as a source.

Give the membership a month to complete it, unless it is a long one, in which case maybe it could be a Summer Quiz with the deadline being the first of September.
I have a little idea for another quiz, but I won't get that one up before September. And that's at the earliest, because if I'm going to Minsk, it will be even later. Anyway, if you have a new quiz, just post it! Thumbs Up Smilie
Could we make a separate area for the Quiz?

It is getting unmanageable to look for a new quiz through 38+ pages of posts. Let's have a central Quiz area with whatever specifics are needed...due date, who to send it to, and we can maybe set up a difficulty ladders for different levels (some are just LOTR, some add Sil., some more add UT, etc.)

Just a thought.

Any others,
Be nice to have some mini quizzes whilst waiting for the big one, like 10 questions and the first one to get all the answers right takes the lead and gets to set hi/her next 10 questions?

So in the meantime, if anyone wants to join in, feel free - here's my ten questions

1.This place was founded by Elendil in the year of 3520 in the 2nd age?
2. This is a village in Bree where both Men and Hobbits live together in peace?
3. Bilbo leant his vest of Mithril to this place to put on display?
4. This place has sides so steep that neither Men, Dwarves or Elves have ever set foot on it?
5. In Sindarin, this name means SNOW-POINT?
6. Crafted by the Noldor in Amon, these are unbreakable spheres of crystal?
7. The spheres number 8, the Master Stone was kept in Tol Eressa but where were the other 7 to be found? (clue, 4 could be found in the land of Gondor, 3 in the land of Arnor)
8. Aragorn and Arwen's marriage was one of 3 known unions between Men and Elves, who were the other 2?
9. Son of Beregond, Pippin's guide in Minas Tirith?
10. King of the Teleri Elves, lives within Alqualonde?
Could we make a separate area for the Quiz?

This is a very good suggestion and one that has a good possibility of implementation. Smile Smilie

. Minas Ithil,
2. Bree,
3. Mathom-house,
4. Tindrock,
5. Caradhras(?),
6. The Palantiri (?),
7. Osgiliath, Amon S’l, Minas Ithil, Ann’minas, Elostirion, Minas Anor and ofcourse Orthanc,
8. Alliance between Men and Elves (?) and the love of Beren and L’thien,
9. Bergil,
10. Olw’.

Gildor has sent me his answers for my quiz, here are his results (you can answer them here saves on Mithril):-

1. - No
2. - Half right, its in Bree
3. - Correct
4. - Yes
5. - No
6. - Correct
7. - Correct
8. - You got 1 pair, but who were the others?
9. - Correct
10. - Correct
1. Minas Tirith
2. Staddle?
3. Mathom-house
4. the Tindrock (a.k.a. Tol Brandir)
5. Aeglos
6. The palant’ri (were made by F’anor in Tirion)
7. Minas Ithil, Minas Anor, Osgiliath, Amon S’l, Ann’minas, Orthanc, and the Elendil Stone on Elostirion in the Emyn Beraid. Sauron took the Ithil-stone to Barad-d’r, Denethor had the Anor stone, the next three were lost with Arvedui, the Orthanc-stone came to Aragorn, and the Elendil-stone was taken on the White Ship to Aman.
8. Beren and L’thien, Tuor and Idril
9. Bergil
10. Olw’
Gildor got number 4 correct, my goof, sorry about that, I blame the mini heatwaves hitting Wales at the moment Smile Smilie

Arcormacolind’va has correctly answered all of the questions except for Number 1

So, here's a clue for you to help you along:-

At its greatest extent it encompassed almost all of the lands between The Misty Mountains in the East and Ered Luin (the Blue Mountains) in the West
Then 1 should be Arnor...
Correct, Gildor gets the Mastermind Shiny Bauble!!
I think number 8 is too restrictive. There were three known unions of the Eldar and the Edain (correctly given by Gildor). But I think it is implied that there were other unions between the races (no doubt very rare).Note the references to Prince Imrahil possibly having Elvish blood from a pilgramage of Elves from Lothlorien (Legolas sings of their journey in the FOTR) to the mouth of Anduin. In fact, I'm not sure that it isn't more a matter that there were three known unions between the royal houses of the Eldar and the Edain.
i have not come across this in any of the books i have read but in Morgoths ring, Peoples of ME, Sauron defeated or War of the jewels, is there a chance of a union of races other than Man and Elf?
probably not but i thought i'd ask anyway actually i am 99% sure that there isnt so this is more a verification that there wasnt than a question of if there was.
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