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Well, technically Melian and Thingol would be one such (and I believe Brandir was supposed to be half elven, too, but I may be mixing LT2 with the Silmarillion here, and most folks don't like that) but I'm assuming you mean human/demi-human not human demi-god (or cherub, as the case may be.) Also getting hypertechnical, if Aragorn, descendant of Elros, and Arwens, daughter of Elrond, union counts as mortal/elven then presumably that of Earendil and Elwing should also. While he may have deferred the choice for both of them to her, their blood, like that of their descendants Arwen and Aragorn, was of both (for those just now considering this relationship I think marriage to ones first cousin thirty odd times removed is OK, but don't quote me.)

Well, I reread the Silmarillion week before last, and, true to my word, decided to go back and read Tinuviel and Turambar from LT2 instead of being a "Gondolin junky." I couldn't understand why I couldn't find anything on Brandirs half-Elven lineage in the Silmarillion. Until, that is, I got back to the LT2 version, where I found my worst fears confirmed: it was in THAT version that Brandir (here going by Tamar, but still lame) had a Noldorin/Gnomish mother. All I can say is, "Pick a $##%@! narrative and stick with it!"

On the other hand, it's still better than calling Celebrimbor "Curufinwe" like I'm wont to do ("Pick a @#$$$@! name and stick with it!") in another post I can no longer find. Yes, Curufinwe was Feanor, and I really did know that, but for some reason I try to make him sing Homer and Jethros "I'm My Own Grampa."
is there a chance of a union of races other than Man and Elf?

Do you mean by this a mixed union other than Elf-Man, Elrose? If so Saruman's breeding of half orcs from a union of Uruk and Man would count.
Sauron's Olog-hai may also fit this mold; though Appendix F to LotR says " from what stock is unknown." The Olog-hai were giant trolls that were immune from sunshine paralysis.
darn my memory. i read that all before..not that that matters...will there be another quiz?
Only if someone wants to build another one.

There is a Trivia Quiz game in our #Bilbos study chatroom, but I suppose those questions have become stale with the passage of time. If anyone wants to add some new ones for the chatroom, send them to Vee or Rednell and they will try to have them incorporated.
i guess i will make a quiz though it will not be as good...
well, here it is. i got 36 questions. email the answers to or private message them to me.

1.what is the Standing Silence
2.What is the Springle-ring
3. where is the Springle-ring most common?
4.what language is "Daro"
5.what does it mean?
6.who is named Carc?
7.what is Carc's race?
8.Carc is whose father?
9.what is Borgil?
10.what was the last (known) Dain number?
11.what was the origanal spelling of Quenya?
12.what is the Quenya word for Middle-Earth
13.what is an Entyd?
14.of what Elvish house is Glorfiendel?
15.who bore Theodens banner at Pelanor fields?
16.what is the Kine of Araw?
17.who was the third king of Arthedain?
18.what elf clossed his door in the face of a Vala?
19.who was that Vala?
20.whose 'shields were shining as the moon'?
21.whose 'lances keen of steel were hewn'?
22.who said "rede oft is found at the rising of the sun"?
23.who convinced the herald of Manwe with his voice?
24.who said "thou art mad" to his father?
25.who wished for a time machine?
26.what is Mandos talking about when he says "not the first"?
27.what hound can speak 3 times?
28.who said "its out of his own head, of course."?
29.who was he talking about?
30.which of the 4 hobbits had the best hearing?
31.who is the first elf to be in Middle-Earth?
32.who could see the best in the dark in the Fellowship? (excluding Gandalf)
33.whose shining shield was scoured with runes?
35.who said "it is not easy for us to distinguish between to mortals"?
36.who said "well, let us go have lunch then"?

there it is. have fun (sorry if the questions are to easy or to hard or horrible)
YEA! Talk about good timing; I just happened to pop in here 'cos it's one of several spots I've got book marked on PT. I finally get to embarrass myself. I'm gonna double check for a time limit since I didn't see one, but I'm guessing not more than a month. Hopefully at least a couple weeks though (I don't have a printer handy so I'll have to do some fancy foot work.)
Val said:
Do you mean by this a mixed union other than Elf-Man, Elrose? If so Saruman's breeding of half orcs from a union of Uruk and Man would count.

Now there's another interesting question, how on earth did this cross-breeding take place? Was it like a scientific experiment (meaning non-sexual breeding)? Were there females involved? Which leads to the next question -- are there any female orcs (are they like dwarf women)? Was the breeding forced if it was sexual breeding (for I couldn't necessarily see orcs and men wanting to breed)?
Well, if we're going with the "orcs are perverted elves" theory, which I guess most of us are since that's what the Silmarillion says, then it works the same was as half-elves work, though I don't doubt it was forced (who but an orc would willingly breed with an orc.) All things considered I'd think it was probably male orc+female human, though I don't really wanna think about it further than that.

There had to be orc women though, since THEY weren't grown from stone (though, come to that, neither were dwerrows.) Now, whether they were any more distinguishable from orc men than dwarven women were from dwarven men I have no idea. I envision it like it's portrayed in "A Day in the Life of an Orc" in fan fiction; orc women existed in one capacity, since "Love" seems like it would be a challenging concept for any orc. Speaking of which, it was just the once, and while there was enough for two, it was all in one. Oh, well.
a time limit....Sep. 1 is good?
Works for me; maybe I can get a nice Psuedo-Silmaril for my birthday. To tide me over 'til KoD. I'm still waiting for you to tell me who you suspect of being Black Ajah so my thread doesn't die, btw. I've only started one thread and I'm very protective of it.
how are we all doing?
I still have two that are probably going to remain unanswered. I'm pretty confident about the others; however, I've been known to misread questions in the past, so I probably have given the right answer to the unasked question one or three times. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
well i guess it is Aug 31 but i'll put the answers up any way...D’neniel got 5 right and Bugyfeanor got thirty something you guys need more time? or is my test thing that lame....?? hahaha
Elrose: Did you get my email of approximately 25 AUG 2005 with my answers, or should I resend them to you via PM?
Bugy Feanor WINS! yay if you want me to post the answers i will within 2 or 3 days.
hold on....i check mail and it is not there, pm me please
Have just sent them by PM.
and Grondy wins with 35 right!
Weird! I thought at least three or four that I had to guess at would be wrong. And as I'm in the books daily and usually have an idea where to look, it may have been unfair of me to enter. Teacher Smilie

So I say a 'Well Done' to whomever comes in second. Thumbs Up Smilie

And I would also like to say, "Thanks Elrose, for posing this quiz." Happy Elf Smilie

If anyone wants to make another quiz (the doing is harder than it seems), please go ahead and post it.
Weeeee!!! I got 5 right! I only thought I was going to get 2 right! Ha! Take that evil test!

Big Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
1. Dunedain Tradition-look West before dinner.
2. rigouruos dance
4. Sindarin
5. stop
6. raven of lonely Mt.
7. roac
8 . I think it was Mars but to people said something else so hey
9. 7
11. Endore
12. Ent yes it was a typo
13. Finaphice? cant read my handwriting.
14. Guthlaf
18. Feanor
19. Melko (Morgoth, Melkor ect.)
20. Thigol
22. Legolas
24Herendil (answers may vary i think)
25 Alboin argue but both of these are from lost tales.
26 the frirst elf to die
27 Haun
28 Frodo
29 Sam
30 ditto
31 Finwe
32FRODO! yes i have a quote
33 Earindel
34 to protect from harm
35 Lindir
36 Gimli
Argue if you want. answers might change after.
yes htere have been if you mean like a man-elf then ya becaus saruman bred orcs and goblin, men. which also ask why would a man want to have intercours with a goblin. Disturbed Smilie and what about the union between sauron and sauruman with the orcs and uruks. so even not with breeding, ya there was
Answer to the seventeenth?
The answer to the qn no 31, is that right? I am guessing it is Imin or someone else like that. Or if your logic is on a different track I'd say Glorfindel
31. who is the first elf to be in Middle-Earth?

And Finwe was answered. If this means who first awoke: according to one HME text Ingwe first awoke, but this is a relatively early text.

Imin ('One') awoke first according to an Elvish fairy tale (or an Elf-child's tale mingled with counting lore), but I would stress according to this text.

With respect to the Later Quenta Silmarillion, Ingwe, Finwe, Elwe (Olwe) are not said to have awoken in any case.
I was thinking 'Elf to be again in Middle Earth, something like their re-birth.
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