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Ah, that would be Merry then.
Yes, he's the one in the introduction to the LotR, so it is Turin's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said "I must indeed abide the Doom of Men, whether I will or nill; the loss and the silence"?
Arwen to Elrond, her father at their parting? Pure guess without cracking a book.
Yes, it's Arwen.
Who said, 'All right' he said. 'Say no more! You have taken no harm.'
Gandalf to Pippin after he had looked in the palantir.
Keerect Thorin, your turn again. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said and where, 'Haste, haste! Do as I have bidden! Slay me this renegade! Or must I do it myself!'
I believe that would be Denethor.

Who said "Tears unnumbered shall ye shed; and the Valar will fence Valinor against you, and shut you out..."?
Mandos, aka N’mo?
Who said, 'They are sailing, sailing, sailing over the Sea, they are going into the West and leaving us.'

Update - Okay, it is Sam. I finally found the quote although it took a few tries since it was earlier on in the Fellowship than I thought.

Anyway, I think that means I get to oput in the next quote so here it is.

"Some there are among us who sing that the Shadow will draw back, and peace shall come again. Yet I do not believe that the world about us will ever again be as it was of old, or the light of the Sun as it was aforetime."
Yep. Smile Smilie Your turn.
Who said:

"That's what I meant," said _____. "We hobbits ought to stick together, and we will."

Posted Sunday 3rd January 2010 (01:55pm)
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Absolutely Correct. Your turn
"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even though the end may be dark."
Gandalf was sort of the subject but he wasn't the speaker.
A much-distant relative of Elrond.
That's right. Your turn to pick a quote.
Who said "Thag you very buch"?
Bilbo said it in that city on the lake, didn't he? Ummmm... Dale! That's it. Or Esgaroth. Either one.
EDIT: answered the wrong question :embarrassed:
Bilbo is quite right Fornac; and it was indeed Esgaroth aka Lake-town. So an extra point for you, despite this Cheesy fellow's comment.
Your turn then.
Why is my post in italics? Is there a way to fix this?
Eruhan's post needs to be Edited. Considering that your name is in italics the open tag comes from above.
This isn't too hard.
Who said this, and where?
'Dwarf-coat, elf-cloak, blade of the downfallen West, and spy from the little rat-land of the Shire - nay, do not start!'
Mouth of Sauron?
aye, mouth of Sauron........ out side the black gates?
I'll give it to Rho because he gave the location too. Well done!
She???, Crikey, I'm one ugly sheila in that case Big Laugh Smilie
Naw, Laurelin can have it, I don't know any quotes, thanks anyway.
Wink Smilie
Oh man, I'm sorry! Just saw Rho and thought... Don't know what I thought! I'll edit.
Ok. Thanks. Although I should have read the question better.

Here is the quote. I am not sure about the original rules, so let me know if Elvish lines are not allowed. In any even, I'll put the translation up in a few days if no one guesses it.

"Onen i-Estel Edain, u-chebin estel anim."

Havn't found the quote, but Estel was young Aragorn's name, meaning 'hope'. Edain is 'men' or Dunedain in this case. So sounds like a quote by Aragorn's mother, Gilraen. Probably.
I gave hope to men. I have kept none for myself.

It is found in the appendix of LOTR, in the chapter of "Aragorn an Arwen" I believe.
And I was worried it would be too hard...

Yes, it was Gilraen. Your turn Gwindor.
Who said, 'Neither office nor rank nor lordship have I'
My first thought was Pippin, even though that didn't sound like something he would say. So I am thinking that it was said TO him, so I think I will go with Beregond.
Quite right,Beregond it is. I would've given the rest of the the quote but that would've been too easy .
Your turn then.
"Together we will take the road that leads into the West."
Haven't found it, but it sounds like Galadriel, referring to the 'straight road', which is actually across the sea. Talking to Gandalf and/or Frodo.
That isn't the right person or place in the story. Maybe the sentence after it will help.

"Together we will take the road that leads into the West.
And far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest."
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