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Gandalf to Denethor?
Yes, Grondy twas Gandalf talking, but not to Denethor - he was talking to soldiers/men of Gondor.

Now you just need to tell me who he was talking about; I'm sure you know the answer so you can go ahead and post the next question with it.
Some people of Gondor standing on the walls of that city looking towards the north wondering if the Rohirrim would come in answer to the Gondor's summons in fulfillment of their alliance.

Who said, "It is not for you, Saruman!"?
Nope, Shaking Head Smilie try again.
:sigh: I sooo need to reread the books.

Nope. Gandalf heard the words, or rather was told them.
Oh! Pippin after he had the Palantir?
Yeah, Sauron told him to give Saruman the message.
Correct. It is your turn Eva. Happy Elf Smilie
"Earendil was a mariner that tarried in Arvernien;
He built a boat of timber felled in Nimbrethil to journey in;"
A hobbit who had many meanings for the words 'Good Morning'?
'Go!' said ________. 'But keep what honour you may, and do not run!.....'
Hint: This happened just prior to a horrible massacre that, thank Eru, didn't happen.
In their march to the Black Gate/Mordor, Aragorn says that to the frightened farmer/soldiers -who have heard the name of "Mordor" only in stories that are told to scare little children- i guess?

Edit : If that's the right answer, i'd like Grondy to keep asking for me please. I've not read the original book (read it in Turkish), so my quotes wouldn't be %100 correct =)
Yes Asteroth, it was Aragorn as the Army of the West approached the Black Gate, he let those who wanted to chicken-out, to leave and clear out any enemy orcs from Ithilien, thus saving a semblance of the honor.

Not knowing any Turkish, I'll have to make a quote for you in English. Elf Winking Smilie

'Ah well, whatever evil was afoot is over now, I hope; or else it is beyond our reach at present.'
I belive sir Grondy, that some of us are in need of a hint or two, if you please! Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Elf Confused Smilie
Ah Well, it has been so long that I don't remember from whence it came. I didn't write it down on my notepad. I googled it and found the next line is probably 'said Aragorn. 'Yet I think I shall mention it to Gandalf, ...' but that still doesn't help me much. Will it help any of you? Or should we just call it 'Grondy's bad' and then you may start another one.
Grondy! You beein'g the bossman here , preferable start a new; and very easy competition ensuring ME to win!!!!!, please, lick, lick, !!! Wolf Smilie Puppy Smilie Wolf Smilie
Okay, sorry about the last one. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

'Here's our collector of information!'
Hint: This was said after one of Bilbo's favourite bath-songs was sung by three weary travellers and after they ate their second supper of the day.
Another hint: It was said after the second meal of Mushrooms.
Merry said this about Sam when Frodo found out that Merry, Pippin, Sam and Fatty all knew that he was planning to leave them and take the ring alone from the Shire.

Is this correct?
Yes it is Maydmarion, your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said:

"Night oft brings news to near kindred"
faramir when questioning frodo in ithilien?
You are correct Thorin - your turn......
As Thorin hasn't been around lately...

Who said: 'But I will not go into any orc-house; or touch Orcs' meat or anything they have mauled.' Question Smilie
Hint: It is from TTT.
Gimli The Dwarf

(sorry about the above thread friends i had forgotten that i had posted here Big Smile Smilie)
Yes Thorin, it was Gimli.
who said?

"Do you remember the Wild Man's words, lod? said another. "i lived upon the open wold in days of peace;......... is my name,..."
Widfara said that to Theoden and "lod" was "lord" rather than as I thought "lad". It is found in 'The Ride of the Rohirrim' of RotK.

Who was this about:
His will was too weak and slow to restrain his hand. It dragged at the chain and clutched the Ring. But _____ did not put it on; for even as he clasped it to his breast, an orc came clattering down. Leaping out of a dark opening at the right, it ran towards him.
Yep grondy widfara is right.

as for your quote it must be sam when he went to recue frodo in the tower on the pass of cirith ungol. And the orc if i remember correctly was snaga.
Yes Thorin, except I don't think the orc was given a name. Snagga showed up on the next page further on up the tower in his fight with Shagrat.

Your turn again.
"Look!" he said, clutching Frodo by the arm. They all looked, and on the edge high above them the ysaw against the sky a horse standing. Beside it stooped a black figure.
Sam said that in 'A Shortcut to Mushrooms' of FotR the day after they met Gildor and Company.

Who was where when he said:
'I suppose so,' said __________. 'I'm tired and I don't think I can scramble among stones much longer.....'
Frodo on his way do mount doom after having left the mountain pass of cirith ungol?
Nope, wrong part of LotR.
After their escape from the tower then?
No, it was even before the cross-roads to Osgiliath.
Hmmm. Well it's still your turn grondy as i haven't correctly answered both parts. fire a new one.
Okay, my previous quote was by Frodo on the page before Gollum climbed down the cliff and where they captured him i 'The Taming od Smeagol' in TTT.

Who said the following and in what location?
'Don't go getting mixed up in the business of your betters, or you'll land in trouble too big for you.'
'The gaffer to sam', or at least he was reporting a previous conversation to the miller, the sranger and the other people who was discussing Mr. Baggins oddities.
Yup, and they were in The Ivy Bush, a small inn on the Bywater road.

Your turn.
who said and where:

"Yes,' he said, `I am here. And you are lucky to be here, too,..."
Gandalf to Frodo in the House of Elrond.
What is this:
Inside it was filled with a grey dust, soft and fine,in the middle of which was a seed, like a small nut with a silver shale.
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