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Was it Eowyn?
I had to look it up again. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Yes, it was ’owyn at the muster of the Rohirrim at Dunharrow.

Your turn Maydmarion. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said...."Hail, and well met at last"
Glorfindel the Elf-lord to Frodo on the road to Rivendell ?
Yes you the expert Grondy :o)
Who said: 'It was the 1417 crop, that is last year's; no, the year before, of course, now: a good year.'
Yes it was Pippin in answer to a question by Aragorn, just before Gandalf's confrontation with Saruman. I hadn't written down the answer and had to look it up again as I posted it a few days back. I knew it was in TTT, but not where. Luckily I had put a post-it on the page.

Your turn Maydmarion.
Who said.....

"There let it lie till the mountain falls!"
Isuldur, after having planted the white tree at Minas Arnor? I know that's not it, but it could have been. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hint.......The Hobbit - so Grondy once said!!
The "it" is neither Bilbo's multiple lost buttons nor the buried Troll treasure, nor the boat beside the sleepy-time stream in Mirkwood. So if memory serves, the "it" in question could be the body of Smaug, and then I'd have to say the speaker must have been Bard the Bowman, the future Lord of Dale. Of course I could reach for the book to be sure, but that would take the fun out of it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Whoop, whoop, whoop..... Wiggle Smilie

Your go..... Big Smile Smilie
Who said: 'Go on, whistle again! I am in for a party, it seems, and one or two more won't make much difference.'
Beorn - from The Hobbit when all the Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf got to Beorn's Hall.
Yes, your turn again Maydmarion. Happy Elf Smilie
Who almost said....

"A warm bath and late breakfast on the lawn afterwards....."
Bilbo, except he had to wash up the dwarven dishes instead, but I couldn't find it there. So I'll have think about it some more.
Grondy your right Bilbo thought this but didn't actually say this in The're good Super Wow Smilie
No, it was just a deduced guess this time.

Who said, 'Come now, ride with me!'?
I though about 2 poss answers - both not correct Wink Smilie any hints

Eowyn when she takes Merry with her when she disguises herself as Dernhelm.
Aragorn when he talks to Theoden at Helms Deep when they ride out together.
Neither, and I forgot to mark or write down the answer, so I had a heck of a time finding it.

Hint: 'Famous last words.'
Yes;and that was a hard one as there wasn't much to it that pointed to the occasion. Anyway, it's Maydmarion's turn again.
Who said....

"The Lord's errands are urgent and should not be hindered by me......."
Beregond to Pippin upon hearing Denethor was taking Faramir to Fen Hollen, the houses of the dead? This was another guess without hindrance of the books.
Got it in 1......your turn.

Happy Thanks Giving to you and yours love Maydmarion XXX
And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too Maydmarion, we won't actually celebrate ours until Thursday, I think the Canadians celebrate theirs on 12 October (our Columbas Day).

Oh Wow! I'm impressed with my last guess; though I couldn't think of a better occasion for those words to fit.

Okay, so try:

'Those are Periain, out of the far country of the Halflings, where they are princes of great fame, it is said.'
Oh, very good; Thumbs Up Smilie your turn again. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said...

"Taking in folk off-hand like, and eating extra food, and all that"
The Gaffer, about the eleventy-first birthday party?
No - sorry
Another pure guess: Robin Smallburrow or one of his helpers in the East Farthing to Frodo's party upon its return to the Shire after the War with Sauron.
No- sorry again - but it is a Hobbit hint...hint Elf Winking Smilie
Laketown's gloom and doom expert; I don't remember if he had a name, could that have been Bard too?
No....think of the end of LOTR it was a Hobbit!!!!!!! Animated Wink Smilie
I'm going to guess Samwise, before or during or after his and Frodo's journey to The Grey Havens?
Nope, it was Bob Hayward to Merry and the other three hobbits, the remainder of the Fellowship at the Brandywine Gate upon their return to the Shire when they asked for lodgings for the night.

So who said:
'...Who made this track, do you suppose, and why? I am sure it was not for our benefit. I am getting very suspicious...'
I decided to try and resurrect this game, but I couldn't remember who made the quote. Even when I googled it I only got referred back to this post. So then I had to limit my search to those areas of the books where one of the charachters might have made it. I found it on the second try.

Hint: You can find the quote in Book One of The Lord of the Rings.
Yup, it was Pippin in FotR,] 'The Old Forest'

Your Turn Thorin. Happy Elf Smilie
Who said:

"I'f it is a worse road than the Red Horn Gate, then it must be evil indeed,"
Off the top of my head I'd guess it was Sam to Faramir about the road/path to Cirith Ungol.
Uhhhhhhhhh...........hopelessly wrong!

Come on grondy you can do better. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Gimli to Aragorn about the Paths of the Dead? I'm trying to do this without refering to the books for a few trys anyway. Happy Elf Smilie
Hey hey hey............

Still wrong grondy.....Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Well, it must be someone commenting on the road under the mountain through Moria. Now I have to figure out who said it.....maybe Boromir? Tomorrow, I'll use the book if I'm wrong.
You're on the right track but its not Boromir. Wink Smilie
It was Merry. Happy Elf Smilie

Who said, 'Very well!' said ___________. 'But don't forget the sniffing!'
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