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Aragorn to the Fellowship after they failed to get over the Redhorn Pass?
Correct Grondy. Your Turn now.

(I'll pop in sometimes to play if possible)
'.....First they say it's a great Elf in bright armour, then it's a sort of small dwarf-man, then it must be a pack of rebel Uruk-hai; or maybe it's all the lot together.'
Orc soldier, talking to the snuffler/tracker Orc, when they are hunting for Frodo and Sam in the Morgai valley shortly after the escape from Cirith Ungol.
Yes, your turn Meneldur.
"Who are you, that come hither as a thief, and unbidden dare to approach my throne?"
Legolas's daddy to Thorin after capturing the Dwarf in Mirkwood?
"You are not a winner. Please try again." Wink Smilie
Well the only other thrones I remember was Gondor's which was empty and Thingol's, so it must have been Thingol to Beren at their first meeting.
DING DING DING DING DING!!! We have a winnah!

Yes that's what Thingol said when Luthien first brought Beren to Menegroth. I could just picture Luthien, "Daddy, Daddy, look what followed me home! Isn't he ADORABLE? PLEEEEEEEASE Daddy, can I keep him? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE? With lembas on top?!"

Your turn GrondyMeister MeisterGrondy. Happy Elf Smilie

(P.S. You forgot one throne: Turgon. At the time when Tuor came, he was High King of the Noldor and should have been entitled to one. But I can't find any direct references to "a throne" in the SILM. In the chapter "Of Maeglin" it twice refers to Turgon's "high seat" but not a throne. He wasn't High King yet anyway, so that could be why.)
Theoden probably had a throne in Meduseld too. Okay after looking it up it was described as a 'great guilded chair' in TTT.

"You've left the burglar behind again!"
Well, it's gotta be one of the Dwarves from the Hobbit. Where's Thorin, I thought he was posting in here too? He was the leader of that crowd, he ought to know who said it. I'll never figure it out unless I go back and read the whole darn book! Elf Winking Smilie
Well, there were only thirteen dwarves in the party and I'll give you some help in that it wasn't Thorin. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
ARGH!!!!!! You're so are SUCH a Nazgul, LOL! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Anyway......well, this could take a while..... Was it Balin?
No, but it was said to Dori, so that reduces your choices down to ten. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

You may want to look it up now that you have taken a crack at it from memory. Happy Elf Smilie
Nah, memory has nothing to do with it, I was just going to name them in "whatever order" until I got the right one. I guess I'll use all 13 guesses in one shot.

Let's see... Balin, Dwalin, Ori, Dori, Nori, Oin, Gloin, Fili, Kili, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and especially Thorin Oakshield.

So how many guesses did it take? Wink Smilie
Too many: it was Nori to Dori sitting in one of the five fir trees.

Meneldur gets the honor of posing the next one by default. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ok well he was 5th in my list, so it took me five guesses. Does that mean I have to give you five quotes now? LOL

"For this he was born into the world."
Right now I don't even have the merest hint of a clue as to where to look; though I'd guess it is probably from the Sil?
Sorry Grondy, I wasn't able to expand it any more without "giving it away" -- now that I look at it a second time, yeah it's pretty impossible. It was Ulmo, when he and Mandos were discussing the fate of Earendil after he sailed to Aman. Okay so scratch that, I have a better one:

Beware the sons of Feanor! The shadow of the wrath of the Valar lies upon them.
Sounds like something Melien wormed out of Galadriel. But I don't know, for my knowledge of The Silmarillion is the weakest.
Yeah right, "weakest", my foot! You nailed it bro!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

It was Melian the Maia warning Thingol to be careful in his dealings with the Noldor, right after she had questioned Galadriel about why/how the Elves came back from Aman. From "Of the Noldor in Beleriand". Then a few paragraphs later Thingol got a REAL EARFUL from "angry Angrod".

I'll try to pick more stuff from Hobbit/LOTR for ya. But SILM still is my favorite, that's why it seems like I usually go there first. Anyway, your turn. Smile Smilie
'We took long roads, desiring to escape the perils of Middle-earth and the dark things that dwell there; for we heard that there was Light in the West.'
LOL!!! And then here you go, picking something from the Silmarillion. Wink Smilie

Okay well I remember the line, it's one of the leaders of men soon after they crossed Ered Lindon and came into Beleriand. And I remember they (the Men, as a group) were kinda upset to find out that the Light was yet further west in Valinor. (ARE WE THERE YET DAD??? LOL)

I don't think it was B’or speaking to Finrod (explaining the reason for their migration). I'm pretty sure this was later, at Estolad, during the debate between the three Houses of the Edain. That was the meeting when someone (presumed to be an emissary of Morgoth) came among them and pretended to be Imlach (or was it Amlach?), spreading doubt & fear, and saying that Aman and the Valar were a myth. The speaker of your quote was NOT the Imlach-impersonator, it was one of the other guys.

I'm gonna go with Haldad, father of Haleth and leader of the Haladin people.
No it was two guys, one was of the house of Beor and the other was a grandson of Marach and his name did start with "A". You did have the occasion correct in your first paragraph. Happy Elf Smilie I'm impressed you rememberd the occasion, but then I've only read the Sil twice and wasn't studying it either time.
Leave it to me: there are THREE Houses of the Edain, TWO were involved in this quote, and I pick the ONE house that should be left out of the answer, LOL! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Well I'm ashamed to admit, I had to go look it up to get the actual names. All those B’orians with the "B" names always confuse me. Same thing with the Haladin "H" names. And then the later Marachians (Hathol, Hador, H’rin, Huor) just HAD to join in with "H's" too, just to confuse me even more as to whom is a part of which house. Elf Winking Smilie

Okay, so I did actually mention one of them in my previous post, albeit parenthetically: Amlach of the house of Marach. It was he (not his father Imlach) who later was impersonated by "the unknown bad guy", but that quote seems to occur shortly prior to (or say "in the days/weeks leading up to") the conclave, at a time when Amlach really was himself.

And speaker #2 was Bereg, great-grandson of B’or the Old.

So here's today's quote. Be careful, this one is a little tricky...

"That may be. Nonetheless the Dwarf spoke the truth in one point at least, calling you a fool. Why must you speak your thoughts? Silence, if fair words stick in your throat, would serve all our ends better."
Haven't found it yet, may have to think on it a while. Elf Winking Smilie
Ok here's a couple of clues.

(1) We all know this story very well, but perhaps not this version of it.
(2) It's not from Hobbit or LOTR or Silmarillion.
(3) It sure SOUNDS like something Gandalf might say, but it's not him.
(4) Take note that the quote mentions a Dwarf, that will help you narrow it down.

Honestly, I have to say, I just REALLY like the quote. It's such a "proper and sophisticated" way of telling someone to basically "SHUT UP", LOL!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yesterday I thought it might have been about M’m, but I couldn't find it in the Sil. Today armed with your clue, I went straight to UT and found it forth with.

T’rin said it to Ulrad in M’m's secret house.

So who said "Long will I tarry, ere I begin this war for gold." Question Smilie
Ahhh that's an easy one, I just read that last night when I was picking my quote for the "Finish the Sentence" thread. It's the Elvenking (Thranduil) in The Hobbit, towards the end when his army and the men of Dale are camped outside of Erebor, Thorin's company is holed up in the mountain with all the gold, and Dain's army has just arrived from the Iron Hills.

BTW, good detective work on the UT quote. I knew you'd figure it out pretty easily. Wink Smilie

"We were wet, cold and hungry, but all that you have cured. Come, sit down! And if you have any pipe-weed, we'll bless you."
Well, the pipeweed says hobbits are involved but I can't remember any meetings with them so it could involve a ranger or Gandalf, or even Elves, but I can't place the conversation anywhere. Guess I'll need a clue again.
The person speaking is not an Elf or a Dwarf. And yes there are hobbits present in this scene (more than one).
I'm still looking for it. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
No prob, take your time. BTW when I said "more than one", I meant more than one hobbit is present in this scene, not that there is more than one scene where this is said. (Just wanted to make sure I clarified that -- on second reading I realized it could be interpreted two ways!)

Here's another hint, it's in LOTR, not in Hobbit/Silm/UT/HOME.
Found it: Gandalf said it to Barliman Butterbur upon his and the four hobbits' return to The Prancing Pony in Bree.

Who said, 'I reckon eyes are better than your snotty noses.' ?
Ah I think I know who it is -- it's the big "soldier orc" complaining to the little snuffling "tracker orc", when they're hunting for Frodo and Sam in the Morgai valley. Is that it?
Yup that's it, I just checked it. I knew it sounded familiar, I just re-read that passage a few weeks ago for another quote. And besides, who else but an Orc would use the word "snotty"? LOL

"Receive thou thy fee, for thy fair keeping of my children and my wife!"
I'm going to have to buy a new paperback copy of The Silmarillion, for this one has started losing its pages.

The quote was H’rin's insult (under the influence of Morgoth's lies) to Finrod as H’rin presented Finrod with the Nauglamir, the Necklace of the Dwarves, that he had taken from Nargothrond, after on its doorstep, he had slain M’m, who had ratted out T’rin and caused his death.

I guessed it was H’rin right off, but had to look-up the occasion.

He was not really in doubt. He knew that he must go down to the gate and not linger any more.
You basically got it, except it was Thingol not Finrod. That's okay, I knew who you meant -- they both live in caves so it's easy to confuse them. Elf Winking Smilie

Okay well I'm going to have to search around for the one you gave me. It's not coming to me right away like they usually do.
Dag-nab-it, I knew that and thought I had corrected it to Thingol, after having written it wrong at first. I do get tired and absent minded by the time I reach all these games. I've been here since before 3 and its now after 9 PM, though I did take off an hour to watch Tom Baker as Dr. Who in 1911 against Horus who was trying to escape from the prison Sett trapped him in Egypt some 7000 years ago, and the controls for the doors are located on Mars. Nest Saturday we get the next two half hours and find out (again) how Sarah Jane Smith escapes from the android mummy who is choking her. Last night I watched the newest Dr, Who help Will Shakespeare save the world by throwing a word spanner into the machinations of the Three Witches who were aliens intent on.....what else?.....the destruction of earth and the human race.

Thank heavens for BBC-America, the Sci-Fi channel, and one of my PBS stations, which broadcasts the reruns of Dr. Who; though it costs me $200-300 a year towards the $30,000 it costs them to keep the old ones coming for an hour a week on that PBS station.
Wow, that's a lot of hours of PT. The only time I've spent that long is either (a) when I was reading the Fan Fiction section (which I've long since finished now), or (b) if you mention something outside of Tolkien and I go to look it up in Wikipedia or wherever. Like in the sword-making thread, you mentioned to go look up "Gladius", which I did, but then that article mentioned bloom furnaces and blast furnaces, and I was curious what the difference was, so I looked them up. That led me to some interesting articles about smelting and ores and stuff, and actually I never came back to PT because it was late and I was falling asleep. By now I should know better than to go research your "side comments" because I always end up sidetracked for 2-3 hours, LOL!!! (BTW that's what I used to do as a child, with my mom's set of 1954 World Book Encyclopedias. It would take me all afternoon to look up one thing, because I'd get sidetracked into other interesting topics.)

Anyway. So I found the quote, it was Sam when he was first crossed into Mordor and was approaching the tower of Cirith Ungol. He was trying to make up his mind to go down and basically barge right in the front door to go rescue Frodo.

"And I reckon there's Elves and Elves. They're all elvish enough, but they're not all the same."
Right off the top of my head without looking for it in any of the books, I'd say it was Sam, talking to Pippin after they met Gildor near Woody End or whatever that southern portion of the Shire south-east of Stock was called. I don't remember the quote, but it has the right flavor, though I suppose it could have been some comparison between Glorfindel and Legolas, between high elves and wood elves. And then it might have been Frodo to Sam, Or about Gildor and Glorfindel.
Well you got the right speaker, but wrong scenario. Go hunt for it! Wink Smilie
Well, I seem to remember it was in answer to a question by Bilbo or Frodo to Sam in Rivendell, but I can't find it anywhere. Later: Oh it was to Frodo by Sam in Lothlorien just before they went peeping in Galadriel's mirror.

'But if you will trust me, it may be that I can advise you in your present quest, whatever that be’yes, and even aid you.'
Faramir to Frodo, when they are at Henneth Ann’n.

"I can't abide changes, not at my time of life, and least of all changes for the worst."
Gandalf to Saruman at Isengard?
Nope. But you're on the right track, it's a quote from LOTR, not one of the "other books". Elf Winking Smilie

Here's a hint, try to think of someone who complains a lot.
Still thinking and looking. Maybe Bilbo, but will have to figure out when.
Ahhhhhh you're getting warmer. It's not Bilbo, but that's the right line of thinking.

BTW in case you didn't see my Journal Entry, just wanted to let you know I won't really be around much (or at all) for the next week or so. Saturday is our "moving day", so things are pretty hectic around here right now. So you can take your time figuring out the quote, there's no rush. Smile Smilie
Okay Meneldur, move swiftly, don't drop anything or pinch anyone's fingers. And have a good time while moving: like keep your cool and don't hand out any beer until it has all been put in the correct rooms. Wiggle Smilie

Found it: Gandalf said it at the Council of Elrond, but he attribulated it to Gaffer Gamgee when Gandalf on Shadowfax was looking for Frodo in the Shire. The Gaffer was complaining about the Sackville-Bagginses, the new owners of Bag End.

Who said and where?
'He came at night, and rode away yestermorn, ere the Sun had climbed over the mountaintops.'
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