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Is it Bilbo speaking to Frodo?
Is that the one of the Galadhrim before Galadriel had come to that blessed land? Does his name start with an 'A' ,said to his lover?
And his lover was Nimrodel whose name the river after bore.
Don't have it yet. Think Two Towers.
I was thinking Amroth the Silvan elf from Lorien who had lived there long ages before GAladriel and Celeborn came upon the place
It is from the song of the Ent to the Ent wife
"May the Valar protect you on your path under the sky." Guess Who?
Is it Elwing to Earendil?
Nope, guess again. But he/she is of the line that never dies out.
OK. Since no one seems interested in answering, it is said by Elrond of the line of Elwing and of Luthien to the Fellowship as they take the dark road to Amon Amarth.
Your turn again Undomiel since no one guessed correctly.
Easy one then now,

"Onen i Estel edain, u chebin estel anim"
Yup, correct guess, if it is one.
Who said and to whom?

"Let's go to old Farmer Cotton's down South Lane! He always was a stout fellow. And he has a lot of lads that were all friends of mine."
Sam to Frodo.
The who is correct but not the whom!
Sam to.. 50/50 chance... Pippin!
Sam to Pippin.

I get the PS because he said it was Sam to someone called '50/50 Chance... Pippin'. Cheat! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Question us then Eruheran.
Oh come on! You know what I meant, Eruheran. 50/50 chance between Merry and Pippin.
Anyway, we have to wait for Thorin to give either of us the thumbs up.
Both of you are wrong.
Big Smile Smilie
OK, fine, Sam to Merry.
I agree with Sam to Merry.
Fornac is right and gets to post the next trivia.
Who said this?

"Goblins?" said .... "O ho, so you've been having trouble with them have you?"
Well done Eruheran, you get the next question.
Big Smile Smilie


Extended Edition Movie Quote. Hint: It is that characters only line.
Some sort of soldier or guard? That quote is nearly impossible!
EDIT: You'll have to narrow it down. For example, if it is a soldier or guard, you can tell me that, then I can make another guess, or something.
Hint; He is speaking to an Elf and is somewhere in the south. And it isn't a guard, but could count as a soldier.
Hmm, his only line, probably speaking to Legolas, could count as a soldier.
Lol, still no idea!
Unless your toneless "No." could be a "NOOO!!!" in which I might think he was a spearman of Harad being thrown off a Mumakil by him. But that's a wild and random guess. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The elf wasn't Legolas. It wasn't a "NOOO!", and it is related to the start of the first film, but fully shown in one of the other two. He is also playable in the Tutorial Level of LOTR: Conquest.
Extra Hint; If He had said 'Yes', the movie would be about some Hobbits eating scones.
Ohhh... Elrond?
Elrond is the elf, but didn't say it.
Got it.
Isildur, when Elrond told him to throw the Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, but he turned around and said "No."
I'm sure that's right!
It is right. Your turn.
Sorry about my absence! Here's my quote:

'What an abominable notion!'

Hint: A certain small creature might have been offended by this, if he/she had heard it.
I believe Frodo said that with some heat about Gollum to Gandalf in the chapter of FotR entitled, 'The Shadow of the Past'.
Correct! Grondy gets the next question.
Who said, "Now come with me," he said, "and taste the new wine that has just come in."
Bilbo heard the king’s butler bidding the chief of the guards good-night with that right?
Correct Odette. And the butler's name was Galion.

Odette's turn to pose a quote.
"You choose well,"he said;"and I give him now gladly"
Who said this?
Fingolfin to Turin?
I think it was Theoden King who spoke to Gandalf the White. They are speaking about Shadowfax, lord of the mearas
Estel is correct.
His/her turn
"By Varda and Luthien the fair!"
Frodo against Shelob?
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