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This sounds fun... do we get a new quote then, Fingolfin?
If fingolfin's answer was corrrect he or ye may start another one.

(I've got The Lay around someplace, but haven't bothered looking for those stanzus.)
ah sorry about that, i was doin so much homeowork that i created a small cave around myself, ive been diggin for 3 days straight.........

"King and father, wilt thou not restrain the pride of our brother"
Sounds like something said by a sibling of Feanor. If so, I'll leave it for someone else to figure out who, as I don't know.
well if thats not a clue i dont know what is........
High time we got this game going again! It was said by Fingolfin, actually. Wiggle Smilie

So, who said this:

I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him.

(It can be non-Tolkien, right?)
I think this game was supposed to be Tolkien based, not that it really matters.

Your quote sounds like something Will Rogers might have said.
Oops, sorry! Disturbed Smilie Won't happen again!
Nope, we are looking for a well-known Italian astrologist who died quite some time ago.
Hint: Both his names start with a G.
Galileo Galilei?
(I always was told that Galileo was a scientist, not a humbug soothsayer. Elf Confused Smilie Now had you said an astronomer, like he discovered four moons of Jupiter, I would have known of whom you were speaking.) Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Oops! Sorry Grondy! Disturbed Smilie I meant astronomer and I could have sworn that's what I typed. My vocab memory must have let me down. I wanted to put scientist first, but then I decided to be more specific. Disturbed Smilie

It is of course Galileo, so Gildor gets to post a new one.
Alright, methinks Gildor isn't going to post, so can I? Now let me think of a quote...

"A loon is he who will not sing, for water Hot is a noble thing"

I think that's how it goes.
Sounds like Bilbo to me, but I'm not sure.
Wasn't that merry or pipin?? Elf Confused Smilie
Loni, Loni, wherefore art thou Loni?
In the LOTR, the quote belongs to Pippin. However, the song itself is Bilbo's.
Thanks, Handamo!

Okay, whoever goes next can post a quote I suppose.
Can someone please do so? I would post one myself, but I don't have my books here.
Ok. I'll have a go..


"But how is this?" asked _______. "All is vain, you say, if he has the Ring. Why should he think it not vain to assail us, if we have it?"
I guess that's Boromir son of Denethor.
No. It isn't Boromir.
It is Eomer
anybody gonna tell us the answer or type a new quote? Elf Confused Smilie
’omer said those words in RotK, Book V, Chapter 9.

Fingolfin had it right and may start another one for us to guess if he wishes.
no ill pass, anyone else like to post one?
ok i will...

'The Lord does not permit those who wear the black and silver to leave their post for any cause, save his own command.'
I'm thinking Gandalf to Pippin after his honor and guilt overrule what little sense he had to begin (that's less of a shot than an observation.) If it's my second choice I'll feel dumb.

Sigh. Oh well, once is enough for me.
maybe the father of the boy who guided pippin through minas tirith? Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie I don't know his name, sorry.
r u thinking of Beregond?
It better be, or I'll feel ultra-dumb.
yes, beregond, I haven't got a good memory...
Well, then you were right.
so go ahead and post the next one so the rest of us can guess it!
ok, here I go:

It is difficult with these evil folk to know when they are in league, and when they are cheating one another.
could it be Aragorn maybe?
true!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Aragorn said it in TT towards the end of the third book after the victory over Saruman, about Saruman and Sauron and their plans...
very good, so it's your turn, rivendellelf!!
ok here I go

"I do not know which to hope," said _______________ grimly: "that Gandalf will find what he seeks, or that coming to the cliff we shall find the gates lost for ever. All the choices seem ill, and to be caught between wolves and the wall the likelist chance. Lead on!"
That was Boromir, as they were looking for the western gate of Moria in FotR.

Who said:
'I saw him, Mr. Butterbur,' said a hobbit; 'or leastwise I didn't see him, if you take my meaning. He just vanished into thin air, in a manner of speaking.'
might have been Nob.
Might of, but I don't think he was in the room.
then I guess it was Merry...
Correct Ithil, your turn to give us the next quote to guess. Happy Elf Smilie
Orc Grinning Smilie *jippie*

ok, here we go:
But death in battle may come to us all yet, willing or unwilling. You will be better prepared to face it in your own manner...

it's not the end of the sentence, but the next part is too revealing, it would be too easy then... if it isn't too easy anyway... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

btw, do the quotes have to be from lotr, or can you also take f.i. one from the hobbit?
King Theoden?

(Me thinks quotes from The Hobbit would be fair game, but would rather we not use ones from The Silmarillion as they aren't that well known.)
I gonna dare to doubt Grondy, since someone already answered his Trivia with a QUOTE (bleah!)

Denethor II to Pippin. And, of course, if Grondy is right I've lost nothing. And if I'M right...

I win again, Lews Therin.
sorry, neither theoden nor denethor... go on guessing!

(Me thinks quotes from The Hobbit would be fair game, but would rather we not use ones from The Silmarillion as they aren't that well known.)

I think you're right, guessing quotes from the silmarillion right is really difficult, there are so many characters, and most quotes would certainly fit to a dozen of them... it's already quite hard enough with the lotr quotes. but hobbit quotes wouldn't be that bad...
could it possibly be Aragorn? i dont think that is right or anything but i might as well guess!
no, it's not Aragorn... you were right guessing it's wrong. Wink Smilie
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