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If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

-not in LOTR
Thorin said it of Bilbo?

I really need to read the Hobbit again - or I would if the person I'd lent it to hadn't moved away.. with my book Very Sad Smilie
Tin’viel, don't you have access to a library? They should have at least one copy of The Hobbit.

Your turn unless Elrose doesn't like your answer, which I think is correct, though I haven't liiked it up, which I will do forthwith.

Yes, that was said at Thorin's deathbed, so it's Tin’viel's turn.
Yeah, I could go to the library, but I think I should rather just buy another copy in case I need to look something up instead of looking like a ninnyhammer and getting a lot of the answers wrong.

Ok, here's an easy one: who calls himself a ninnyhammer in lotr?
That guy, with the trick rope, what's his name; him what later stuck Shelob with his master's pin. Orc Grinning Smilie
Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I think you got it Grondy... unless you wanna wait for someone else to give his name.

Sorry I didn't ask a more challenging question. I only have internet access from work so I can't check up the quotes to make sure it's correct before I pose a question.
Naw, Sam is the answer. Okay, who said:
'Your business is your own, no doubt,' said ______; 'but it's my business to ask questions after nightfall.'
The gate keeper. At the west gate
Yes Tubby, except you forgot to say that the gate was to the village of Bree. Anyway, it is your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
YAY! lol

okay, who said
If Saruman had heard it, he would be a hundred miles away by now, even if he had to run on hus own legs
I knew it was either Merry or Pippin and it was when the hobbits were recounting their adventures with the Orcs and Ents to Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. Turns out it was Pippin and it was what Saruman would have done had he heard the Ents' following song, of which Pippin and I have only presented a couple of lines:

'Though Isengard be strong and hard, as cold of stone and as bare as bone,
We go, we go, we go to was, to hew the stone and break the door!'

Who said:
You may triumph on the fields of the Pelennor for a day; but against the Power that has now arisen there is no victory.
Is that Saruman at Isengard in TTT?
I'm gonna take a wild guess and say Denethor.
Yes Tin’viel, during his pep-talk at the Last Debate, Gandalf attributed those words to Denethor. I couldn't find Denethor's statement when I looked for it today, but I'm tired and may have skipped over it. Anyway, it is your turn to ask the next quote question.
Ok, here's one I came across a couple of days ago while re-reading LoTR:

In the movie Grima says of Eowyn: "like a morning of pale spring still clinging to winter's chill"
In the book someone thinks this of Eowyn (the wording is not exactly the same in the book, but it's close enough). Who are these thoughts attributed to?

*I'll only be able to check the answers on Monday, I hope that's ok*
Found it!!!
She did not answer, but as he looked at her it seened to him that something in her softened, as though a bitter frost were yeilding at the first faint passage of Spring. A tear sprang to her eye and fell down her cheek, like a glistening rain-drop.
And of course it was Faramir who thought that in the Chapter of the RotK entitled 'The Steward and the King'.
Sorry Grondy, my question was a bit vague... my apologies.

The quote I'm looking for is:
...cold and fair, like a morning of pale spring that has not yet reached womanhood.

When I read this line it immediately made me think of the scene in the Two Towers movie when Grima came to Eowen while she was sitting by Theodred's bed after he had passed away.

Ok, so according to the book, who thought the above quote?
It is too warm to go hunting through TTT so I'll try again tomorrow. It is only 85 in my appartment now, but I'm not sweating and I'm miserable. We seldom get temperatures into the high 80's and only a couple days in the 90s a year. And this dry weather is cracking the webs between my fingers and also my toes: We are used to those Seattle rains. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hey Grondy, are you still "too warm to go hunting through TTT"?

If so, anyone else care to guess the answer?
Well, it is only 81’F at the present, so I picked up my movie cover paperback edition of TTT and it fell open to the pertinent page where the narrator stated:
Thus Aragorn for the first time in the full light of day beheld ’owyn, Lady of Rohan, and thought her fair and cold, like a morning of pale spring that is not yet come to womanhood.
This took place as Gandalf was leading Th’oden from his dark hall out into the fresh air and sunlight.
So who said and where?
'O Fair Folk! This is good fortunebeyond my hope.'
Well done Grondy, I'm sorry my quote wasn't exact, I had to do it from memory.

Wild guess: Was it Frodo who said it to the Elves that came across their path while they were being chased by the ringwraiths before they got to Bree? I could be a little off, but hopefully not too much.
You have the correct scene Tin’viel, but the wrong speaker. Try again. Happy Elf Smilie
I believe it was Sam
Nope, two down and only one to go. :elftongue:
wait 1 left...
an elf?
Nope, at the time Merry was in Creekhollow unpacking all of Frodo's belongings. I suggest you guess the other hobbit, not the Gaffer, Rosie, or Ted Sandyman. Orc Grinning Smilie
Ah well that can only leave Pippin! - my favourite hobbit Happy Elf Smilie
I He's the one Tin’viel, your turn to give us the next quote. Happy Elf Smilie
Sorry I've been quite busy this week, but I'll be sure to post a quote tomorrow.
Ok, who said the following and where:

Look! The king has a crown again!
It was Sam talking to Frodo at a crossroads where Gollum had led them in the Wilderness
Almost, but it was the other way around. It was Frodo who said:
'Look Sam! he cried, startled into speech. Look! The king has got a crown again!'
- from the last page of 'Journey to the Cross-roads' in TTT.

Who said to whom:
'No lord or loyalty dost thou know, save the hand that wieldeth thee. From no blood wilt thou shrink. Wilt thou therefore take _____ ________, wilt thou slay me swiftly?'
It was Turin Turambar speaking to his sword, Gurthang from the published Silmarillion. (Heh, I had to double check it against the Narn).

Who said to whom:
"A week! If it must be so, it must. But you are like to find only ruined walls in seven days from now, unless other help unlooked-for comes. Still, you may at the least disturb the Orcs and Swarthy Men from their feasting in the White Tower."
Well, I had first thought it was Gandalf or Aragorn, but I couldn't find either of their saying it. So knowing it was said to Theoden, I found it in the 'Muster of Rohan' of RotK, where Hirgon, errand-rider of Denethor is conversing with Theoden after bringing him the Red Arrow of war requesting Rohan's help in the defence of Gondor.

Who said:
'...I do not hope to see you again on any other day under the Sun. But you shall go now with my blessing upon you, and upon all your people.' ...
Hint: Some three hundred thirty three pages later his prospects had gone through the pits of dispair, on down to death's door, and then back up to the highest peak.
From your hint I would guess it's Gandalf, but I don't remember where or who he would be talking to??
No, I wasn't speaking literally; this person lost a brother and father, but gained a King, wife, and some acreage.
I'll guess Huor, but I could be way off... I'll have to page through my copy of Sil - assuming it's from there?
I'm putting in my guess at Faramir loosing his brother to the orcs and his father to the pyre.
Faramir it was Rafael, your turn to give us the next one. Happy Elf Smilie
He lived on the mountain slopes west of Isengard. He was not one of the hasty folk
That was Treebeard talking to Merry and Pippin about Fladrif (Skinbark), who along with Finglas (Leaflock) and himself, Fangorn (Treebeard), were the only surviving original Ents from before the Darkness.

Who said:

.....'Bless me!' he mused. 'How long have I been asleep?'
Question Smilie
Was it Frodo?
I would rather think it was Bilbo
Nope, Orc Sad Smilie neither of those, though Frodo was present at the time.
Sam would be my next guess... and actually sounds more correct now that I think about it.
Yes it was Sam when he awoke on the Field of Cormallen after he and Frodo were rescued from the slopes of Oroduin by Gandalf and the Great Eagles.

Your turn Tin’viel.
its been 5 days, should i go?
Sure, go a head. Happy Elf Smilie
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