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Err... it's winters stop over here....
and i'm not that interrested in football... (american, is great though) Ajax is top of the leguae again hooray ..
NOOO!!! Not a football topic again! Wink Smilie
Wait til Plast sees this... Wink Smilie
I'm not that interested in football to really. And American football is really not my kind of sport, not even to watch. I only enjoy watching snooker and F1. Schumi rules! (pity he's a German though). Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
What! ARSEnal are top! And we helped them? I forgot to watch any footie yesterday, and this happens!
You'll have to learn to live with it, Plast! Smile Smilie
And if I have to support any English club, let it be Liverpool. Don't know why, but apparently they are playing quite good this year! Wink Smilie
Hmm, Liverpool are alright Tommy. They're nice & solid again - almost like us back in the good old days when we were boring. I hate the new attacking Arsenal.

Do you get a lot of American football in Holland, Boring? It's ok - the only American Big 4 that I liked, but I prefer rugby anyway. Now *that's* a real game. Wink Smilie

Ewwwww, Tommy, McLaren rules! And Hakkinnen is an annoyingly inconsistent twat, but I prefer him to Schumi. I loved it when he cried in the bushes...heh heh.
Soccer (yeah I'm american, whatever) is actually more popular at my school than football...I went to a game...once...a while ago...

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hey i recall somebody here saying schumi rules!
though i luv playing football, dont really like watching it....
and i dont know the diff between american football and rugby is cool!
jordan rules!
You bet Schumi rules! Big Smile Smilie Haha! Getting support here, *ungoliant, you better watch out! As for Hakkinen, he's just pathetic! And he's taken a year off, so no Hakkinen this year! At last! Big Smile Smilie
The difference between American "football" and rugby is that the poor girly yanks cover themselves in pillows so they don't get hurt! And the rules are incomprehensible, and they get three half time breaks. Real men play Rugby and get brain damage. Smile Smilie
You must be a real fanatic then, *Plastic.
Very funny. Actually I don't play anymore, did for about 4 years back at school. I don't really even like the game much.
The difference between American "football" and rugby is that the poor girly yanks cover themselves in pillows so they don't get hurt! And the rules are incomprehensible, and they get three half time breaks. Real men play Rugby and get brain damage. Smile Smilie

yeah that means they can throw themselfs even harder at their oponent and its not about banging eachother brainless it's about the action and tactics and cheerleaders Smile Smilie

as there is a dutch American football club consisting out a load of americans a few dutchmen a few (or single one) Japanese competing in the NFL Europe known as THE Amsterdam Admirals Smile Smilie they aren't very good well.. they almost always win at home.. i think it has to do with the crowds and making a lot of noice which overwhelms the oponent, a very good tactic if i may say so. Unfortunatley it isnt on the telly anymore for more then a year now.. superbowl has been broadcasted here in holland though. My brother plays american football he tried to get in the national junior selcetion this year but his condition wasn't good enough. and my little sister plays flag football and is very excited about two german womenteams who are coming to promote womenfootball here in the netherlands. Even I tried to play american football but it gave me a headache as the helmet i wore was to big for me Sad Smilie

Tommy: you can watch snooker? yuk... thats like watching cricket... bleuhrg...

as for F1 Jos Verstappen Rules! whatch out for ARROWS this year! (I hope with jos)
sorry I'm a bit chovinistic sometimes Smile Smilie

Ungoliant: can you acctually follow the english league where you are?
I like Hakkinen 'cos it sounds like Harkonnen, Tommy. Plus he's cute.

Yeah Boring I can get English league here, but I have to go to the pub to watch it since my cable tv only show the Italian & Spanish leagues. Don't mind that much though - Serie A players are yum, yum, yum, yum, yummy! Drool. Big Smile Smilie Nesta rules!

There's an NFL Europe? Didn't know that. We used to get American football, but they never show my team (Redskins) cos we're rubbish.

McLaren champions next year!
Let me see if I have this right: This week Arsenal forfitted, Liverpool couldn't take advantage of the situation, and Chesea stunk up the place again. It all sounds like my Seattle Sea-Turkeys. Big Smile Smilie
You're right Grondy! And might I just defend my favorite game, cricket, from the slurs of Boring. It is a marvellous game and a true pleasure to watch, and my team are actually good at it for once! (Surrey that is, not the national side!)
I thought England were doing pretty well at cricket lately. Cricket's ok - I used to watch it in the '80s & certainly prefer it to baseball. :P

Arsenal's match was only postponed Grondie we didn't lose any points or anything...yet. And at least Seattle Seahawks didn't get thrashed gazillions-to 3. Sad Smilie
Oh, good play! Calp, clap, clap.

Hey, I've hit 200. Big F'ing Deal. Still says I'm a Moderator. Big Smile Smilie
LOL Big Smile Smilie very funny grondy, but a little risque on the language front Wink Smilie
Of course does Schumi rule... well I think I just have to say that. Who else could rule?
Hakkinen! Cos he looks like Simon le Bon!

McLaren rules! Yesssss!
Schumi's the best!
And you just proved, ungoliant, why hakkinen can't rule! Anyway, he's out this season, so bye bye hakkinen!!! Big Smile Smilie
hakkinen won't be back!

I still think Jos Verstappen ruls (but offcourse I'm Dutch) So let it rain cats and dogs out there on the tracks!
Sure. Will only help Schumi! Big Smile Smilie
And I do hope Hakkinen won't be back! One pussy less! Smile Smilie
International friendlies yesterday.

Germany 7 - 1 Israel. Fantastic! Hooray-yippee-yay-yay-yay!!! We're going to win the World Cup. Big Smile Smilie

Only managed a draw against the Dutch eh, Plastic? Ah well....Big Smile Smilie
S'only a friendly, don't mean nothin! Mad Smilie
Two world wars and one world cup, doo da, doo da.....'ll be saying that you didn't have your full team on next...Wink Smilie
Well, we didn't Smile Smilie
Well..they all say that...Smile Smilie Although I suppose it's true in your case since you didn't have Gerrard & Owen, so I'll give you that.

Have you seen the Pepsi commercial? I love it - Beckham, Raul, Davids, Petit, etc vs. a bunch of sumo wrestlers. The sumo wrestlers won of course...I was laughing so hard that I almost lost my lunch. The best bit was when one sumo wrestler did an overhead kick, and the ground shook when he landed - which knocked the All stars goalie down, and the ball flew into the net. Best footie advert of all time! Big Smile Smilie
Nope haven't seen that one yet. Is it better than the Kit-Kat one which features Roy Keane doing embroidery, Daleks chanting with Hare-Krishnas, Lemmy playing in a string quartet and Bernard Manning suggesting dinner with his Mother-in-law?
I haven't seen the Kit-kat one so I can't comment. Is that a new or old one? Must find it and see! But I must say that I like the sumo advert out of all the ones I've ever seen.

D*mn! I wish that someone would release all the footie related adverts on CD or video. I'd buy it. Smile Smilie
yeah, the one with the pocket-sized DiCanio is just too funny. Plus Gary Lineker and David Seaman's new crisps one had me rolling about the floor.
I haven't seen any of the new adverts either. Maybe they'll show it tomorrow during the European Cup maches.

Have been playing All Time XIs vs. Martian XIs at the pub with my mates.

Goalie: Sepp Maier
Defenders: Bareshi, Beckenbauer, Nesta, Thuram
Midfield: Paul Breitner, Figo, Gerrard, Zidane
Strikers: Rush, Rummenigge

Subs: Oliver Kahn, Roberto Carlos, Karl-Heinz Forster, Platini, Zico, Maradona.

Can't wait for the World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still think the best advert is the one with the Scottisch players lifting up their kilts! (don't know if it's a footie one, think it's rugby or sth) :grin
Football on a Tolkien site. Whatever next :-
Mordor 2 Rivendell 0

Anyway, since I'm here, can I just say one thing?
Boston! Boston! Boston! Boston! Boston!
We're finally in the league!
I shall gloat now, for next season we'll be in the Conference again.

Sorry. No offence meant to any Dagenham & Redbridge fans out there.
Yeah, good job.
Chelsea for the cup!!! May the fourth be with you!
And Bayern Leverkusen beat ManUnited!!! I laughed my head off!!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
So did most of the population of Great Britain! Damn but we got drunk last night celebrating that one.
Ungoliant hasn't been able to post here due to some bug in the system; however, she has been reading your posts. I received the following as part of an email from her this morning and I have decided to post it:
If anything, I'm desperate to tell Plastic that he's sadly mistaken if he thinks that Chelsea can win the FA cup this Saturday. Plus I noticed that you have two posting freaks now....

Bergkamp, Bergkamp, there's only one Bergkamp! - Ungoliant
I hope we can figure out why she can't post, because I miss the spider lady. She gets the post reply page, but it doesn't have the white box in which to type her comments. Sad Smilie
Well, I was missing her, but if she's gonna be like that then frankly I'm glad she can't post Tongue Smilie
I'm not going to be around for the 1st week of the World Cup, so....


Failing that,


My, my, that Totti is simply heavenly..... Animated Wink Smilie
Germany!?!?!?!?! but they're crap at the moment! (Not that we brits can say much with the whole damn team in an ambulance...)
Belgium is actually doing pretty well in the world cup so far, I must say. Right? Very Big Grin Smilie
Yeah, right! Well, at least you can have a good laugh! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Erm... but it doesn't start til Friday Tommy....
True Squirrel, but at least in this years' World Cup, Belgium's loss column still registers zero. That will probably increase once the games actually start. Winking Smilie
Only 25 hours to go til Kick off people!!!!!!!!!
I'm back, but trust Germany to spoil my mood! Saw the 8-0 trashing of the Saudis though (heh heh, gloat, snigger), but today's game almost gave me a heart attack. Germany 1 - 1 Rep. Ireland. Boo! Sad Smilie

Ah well, at least it was a point for the Irish - I do hope they go through, they deserve some good luck after all that's happened with Roy 'Drunken Tramp II' Keane, that arrogant twat.

At least Italy won! And that Totti...drool. Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie

And sorry Plastic, but I'm supporting Argentina tomorrow. Classy team, classy players, and as Tord Grip said, 'What a bench!'

But I'm feeling too depressed to continue, so I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Ooops, forgot to congratulate you Yanks out there. Well done, you've pulled off the second biggest upset so far! Your boys worked awfully hard out there Grondy, they deserved it.

Portugal 2 - 3 USA. :0:
Yup, very well done on that one Smile Smilie

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It was certainly a surprise wasn't it?
And you can't support the bloody argies!!! Ever! Did you take their side in '81 as well?
If we fail to get through then I say Senegal for the cup!!!!
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