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OK then:


Cafu - Bobby Moore - Baresi - R. Carlos

Platini - Gullit - Rivelino

Garrincha - Pel’ - Van Basten
And yes, Aster, Rushden won the Second Division and will have the honour of being hammered by Luton next season.

hehe we'll see

And we did. Tongue Smilie
Talking about the EPL : Does anyone (besides Chelsea supporters) really think Chelsea can buy success?
Maybe they'll have a chance next season, when the team really starts to fit together.
I am a Chelsea supporter, life-long (and I remember when we really sucked) and even I don't think we can buy success. Every season for the last 4 or 5 years it's been the same thing, "this years squad is so d@mn good we can't fail to win" and every single season something goes drastically wrong somewhere. Mind you, usually it's happened already, hooray! Not yet.

Not a Liverpool supporter with sour grapes are you Naira? Wink Smilie
Does anyone (besides Chelsea supporters) really think Chelsea can buy success?
Having the open bank book to buy players obviously helps, particularly now days. Even the biggest bank balence does not guarentee success, however. I think it is more important to have the right manager and back room staff who know where best to spend that money, and how to motivate those players they buy.

While Alex Fergerson and Arsne Wenger are around with a wedge of cash apiece, I don't think anyone else will get a look in.

Saying that, I think ’75 million would help quite nicely in getting Boston out of the third division.
Not a Liverpool supporter with sour grapes are you Naira?
Thankfully, no, but both my father and my uncle are Liverpool fans, my sister is a Leeds fan, my little brother changes fave team every week, so imagine living in my house, since I'm a Southampton fan. (I know, they are not the best team there is, but still...)

[Edited on 26/8/2003 by Naira]
I went to my very first football game three weeks ago.
I am now officially a football fan! Big Smile Smilie It was GREAT!! I LOVED it! We stood in the cheer section and I sang along with all the songs and it was just GREAT!! Big Smile Smilie

Ok, so I don't know first thing about football, but I love it anyway! Big Smile Smilie
Hehe Aire,I know what you mean.I was watching football the other night on TV and have to confess I fell asleep,I have a bit of trouble understanding the rules.
Our county football team did not win a game all season,I showed up for everyone of them. Very Sad Smilie
Dear Aster:

hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa hahahahahahahaa hahahaha hahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!
England are through and Turkey ain't! hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa hahahahahahaha hahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but hey, no hard feelings Big Smile Smilie
Aster, I will also take this opportunity to say HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
on account of Luton beating Rushden 3-1.
ElberethGilthoniel,American football ofcourse Angel Smilie
By the way Peredhil,I love your new avatar!! I Love You Smilie
Are we rooting for the Lady Sweeds or the Lady Germans for the Women's World Cup, now that Canada and the USA have to play for third place? Or doesn't the game the ladies play count as footie?
Well guess three times! (and if you haven't gotten it right by then, just don't bother. Really. Wink Smilie Tongue Smilie )
And sure Ladie's football counts! It's as important as men's!

[Edited on 15/10/2003 by Airecristiel]
Even the national men's team of West Samoa could win against the current ladies world champions. No offense of course, it was a terrible football match with terrible defensive blunders.
Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Oh, no, now we're bottom of the league... Can things get any worse... Yes they can. We get trounced 6-1 by Portsmouth!!!! Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

70 odd million in debt, no players left, bottom of the league... Is there any way back for Leeds? I think we might finish up disappearing all together at this rate.

Why didn't that Russian take a fancy to us instead of Chelsea. Maybe if we're lucky, he'll take a shine to Viduka and give us ’75million for him.
OK, I just found this thread and I'm very glad I did! First, I want u all to know I'm a fan of Steaua Bucharest and I am very pleased on their current situation: they haven't lost a game yet (they were eliminated in our Cup, yet not in the regular time, so I shall pass over that!)! Besize the fact that Steaua just eliminated Southampton in the UEFA Cup, Liverpool fans should be very pleased to know their favourite team is the ONLY one that left Ghencea (our stadium) undefeated! I look forward to the match on Anfield Road! HAI STEAUA!

Oops, I forgot to put down my fave team of all times:

Maldini - Roberto Carlos - Chivu
Hagi - Zidane - Rivaldo - Mutu
Pele - Maradona - Van Basten


[Edited on 11/11/2003 by bugyfeanor]
70 odd million in debt, no players left, bottom of the league... Is there any way back for Leeds? I think we might finish up disappearing all together at this rate.
Things aren't bright right now, that's for sure. It's a shame, because Leeds had a promising young team back when they still have Ferdinand, Kewell, Bowyer, Woodgate, etc and they could have gone farther than Champions League semi-finals. Maybe they can still survive the top flight if they pick themselves up now, but it's gonna be hard.
yea well when you come home to anfield you're over and out bugy, too bad but the truth hurts i'm afraid..

We'll see about that; there is always hope and I'm not going to give it up 'til the end! May the best team win, Perwing! *shake hands*

Maybe they can still survive the top flight if they pick themselves up now, but it's gonna be hard.
If they drop out of the Premiership (which is likely with the players they have lost), I cannot see them surviving with a ’70 million debt. Like you pointed out, they have gone very quickly from having a very promising team to nothing.

For a while now I've been waiting for the football bubble to burst. Unfortunately, I think its going to begin with my own team.
Well, thx, Perwing! And I do understand the 'good luck' part! lol

Oh, good luck against Spain! You're gonna need it! Norway better change their style, cause from what I've seen in the preliminary group, you're gonna have a lot of problems with them!

*seeks Mr. Meier: 'Here, Ursie, Ursie!'*

Oh well Spain isn't that great either; they never won a European championship or world championship and they certainly don't play like Real Madrid. Don't forget they were beaten for first place by Greece.

And Norway may be have a boring football style, but at least they are Brazil's nemesis. Or at least they were.
They were Brazil's nemesis, back when Flo & co. still played this game called football (or soccer, though I'm pretty sure the English invented it and so have the copyright on that! hehe). In our days, trust me: the thing they're doing in the stadium cannot be called that way!

I'm sorry if I seem too harsh, Per; it's just frustrating to see players like Mutu or Chivu staying home the next summer just cause some 'nice gentlemen' from UEFA think it's more profitable to have the main sponsor's country present at Euro 2004! It's not fair! Well, our days' football seems to be more of a business than a sport.

I REALLY, sincerely hope Norway get their butts kicked by Spain!!!!!

Who would've guessed? Norway could have won, or at least had a draw if not for the own goal. And any England supporters here? Just like to know what you think. Very Big Grin Smilie
We only lost (narrowly) because we only used the match to try out new strategies and formations. IMO it was a success.
Per, I haven't seen any of this weekend's games (cause Italy-Romania wasn't much of a football game, to say the least!). Yet, I was surprised by Norway's result (really, relly tight!) so ... congrats and good luck! Who knows, maybe u do have a chance after all!

Yay i found a Footie thread on PT. *brushes the dust off the top*

Any Liverpool FC fans in the Hoose? Good and Evil Smilie

OR just Manure and ARSE-nal So Angry Smilie
Watch your tounge Lord Aelric.. You know the policy on bad words and cursing. Just a little warning. Play nice, children. Wink Smilie
That's 'Tongue' Amarie. and what do you mean cursing, Manure isnt a swear word, simply a harmless reference to Manchester United, and Arsenal is spelt just like that, with emphasis on the first part, is your problem with Football or the English language?

I dont understand?

I'll delete the post if it causes offense, no sweat off my back.
Rolling Eyes Smilie
Nothing wrong with the post, like I said it was just a friendly reminder. If you HAD been cursing I would have been a lot firmer. When you talk sh... eh manure about other teams you might spawn a whole lot of nasty replys. You are new here but we have had some nasty discussion, there is no need to provoke anything.

And I apologice if my English isn't good enough for you, we are not all so fortunate to have it as a mother TONGUE.
I'm a Liverpool fan, Lord A. Maybe it's a Welsh thing. Big Smile Smilie
Its not my mother tongue either - i'm a subject of the English Oppressive Regime, mine's Welsh.

And i was just surprised to see a Football thread here on tolkien is all, and griefing other teams within reason is part n parcel of the game. I'm sure Manure fans and ArseNal fans dont mind, they have worse names for

Hey Daisy, didnt know you were both a Liverpool fan and blessed with Welshness?

Where you from in da Valley?

"CYMRU AM BYTH!" Cmon boys DO em smarmy, smug Engerlishers in da Rugby tomorrow!!!

Bad! Smilie
Nothing wrong with the post, like I said it was just a friendly reminder. If you HAD been cursing I would have been a lot firmer. When you talk sh... eh manure about other teams you might spawn a whole lot of nasty replys. You are new here but we have had some nasty discussion, there is no need to provoke anything.

Oh! yes Amarie. I've had to put up with lots of these on WSB.

Aelric, I'm an Arsenal fan and AC Milan fan. Don't mind u call my teams names. Anyone can. After all that's wat football is all about.
Well we support the same Italian team then LA86, my mother's family are from the North of Italy, near Milano.

As for ArseNal, well theyre simply playing some of the best football in Europe at the moment, its a pleasure and a pain - out of envy, we at Liverpool only want a return to the days when we passed, moved and blew opposition off the park - late 70's - late 80's Liverpool were Galacticos!

Cmon you REDS!
"You'll never walk alone!"

I used to be a Liverpool fan back in the days when Owen was under 20 and Fowler was next to him. I used to follow the Premier League (and the lower divisions) but then somehow my interest for basketball replaced the interest for football. Well, i still watch a few games a week from the Premier League and seems like Abramovic chose a wrong time to take control of Chelsea. I mean Arsenal's having their best season since we took the UEFA Cup from their hands. Tongue Smilie
So, how's Rushden doing?
Mixing "play nice" with football.. What was I thinking? Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Well LA86 seemed to understand what I tried to say. Messing with peoples obsessions is always dangerous. But as long it stays on the LiverFool teasing-level, nobody will delete anything (unless we have a crazed football fan in the Council). Wink Smilie
Obsessed??? Absolutely! But i am a LiverFool, 100%.

Left a note for the folks of the Straight Road, are you planning to move on with the tale yet? or anytime soon?

Big Smile Smilie
I have replyed to that note a looong time ago Aleric! And we have moved far! Wink Smilie
Ok, no problem, its just that from what i've read so far, all i can deduce in actual movement away from Lorien is very little, Its seems to be lingering with Nil's uncomfortable feelings for Roth(and vice-versa), and thats being bounced around so much, that any real movement is imperceptible. Not a problem, i'll just keep waiting for an appropriate dramatic moment Amarie... I'm a patient man - in most things at least.

Cool Smilie

Back to Football... I got a feeling in my waters that Chelsea will beat them Gooners in the Champs League, Arsenal will beat Manure in the FA cup and win the Prem league, Liverpool, well we'll be lucky to finish 4th, and even luckier to win the UEFA cup... *fingers crossed, doubly so*

Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
nobody will delete anything (unless we have a crazed football fan in the Council).

Hmmphh Sad Smilie Sad Smilie

I think the only thing likely to be deleted this season is my team, Leeds Utd.... Oh well, I'll just have to concentrate on Boston Utd a little more.
We'll be more than lucky to finish 4th!! I think it's more likely to be 6th Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

As a neutral (or as neutral as you can get about football) I'd love to see Arsenal get docked points for having a nasty manager, Man U to get thrown out for being Man U and Chelsea disqualified for having 4 different first teams available and nicking all the good players. That would leave Charlton free to take the title as we haven't got a hope.

Just a quick rugby aside, we're gonna get thrashed tomorrow Lord A. Ho hum, I should be used to it by now. Also, I'm not a valley girl, I'm a Gog. Big Smile Smilie
Well, I never cared about rugby anyway.

Well, waiting for more matches. Hey Aelric, nice to hear u're an AC fan too. And more glad to hear u don't support the Piss-elli's. They are having bad times and that's good. After all Acenal (Arsenal for u) defeated em 5-0 (I think I'm wrong)!

Man U.....excuse me what is Man U. i think you mean Manchester United and why in the name of crud should they be chucked out. What for... for backing one of there players who did not take drugs which was proven this week. And I always believed that Rio never took drugs. Because The Guv first and foremost always stated that he was building a football team for the future and if they win titles then that is a bonus.
They r goin' through a bad patch but they always do and it is not not helped by the so called fare banning of Rio which is a farce itself Jaap Stam and Edger davids to name a few. United was marked even the FIFA president got invilved what business is it off his why doesn' he bugger off.
I see we have a few Scouse supporters in the place....*Dar looks for afro wigs". Liverpool a mighty fine team there. I think the donkey has been whipped long enough nuff said. The team is done Gerrard should get out while the going is good.

Well, I've just seen AC Milan - Deportivo La Coruna 4-1 (and the highlights of FC Porto - Ol. Lyon 2-0)... Let me just say that Arsenal is the only team capable to stop the Latin Armada (Milan, Porto and Real Madrid)... Good luck with that! (Arsenal will need it!)
P.S.: Could it be just a coincidence that the only non-Latin team with real chances of winning Champions League this year has a whole French legion as its core? Henry and Pires are great!
Why am I not surprised that Darous is a Manc! *sighs* that confirms a lot.
My only hope that from one bitter Red to another soon to be bitter Red devil, that Manure will win ABSOLUTELY nowt this year, even if it means all major trophies going to London clubs...bugger it!

Cmon the Mackens (Sunderland).

And as for coincidence that Arsenal are so good because = French connection, well hardly surprising as there's been a french manager in charge now for some 6 or 7 years. And there's the small matter of them having some equally important players that are not french and have been commensurate in their success, Bergkamp(Dutch) Ljungberg(Swede),Edu & Gilberto(Brazilian), Sol Campbell & Cole (English). This takes nothing away from the likes of Viera, Pires & Henry, they have been awesome this year, except i stand by my view that Liverpool outplayed them at Anfield last year, and they spawned a jammy win... We'll have Our Revenge at Highbury, to be sure!

Big Smile Smilie
AC WON!!!! 4-1! They beat Deportivo! Hahaha! Deprtivo has no chance! But I'm dreading of a clash between AC and Acenal! Who should I support in that case?

Anyways, Edu's not in Acenal anymore if I'm correct. (I should be) Btw, u r totally right Aelric. They have some good players and even their youth team has good talent. But I'm not too sure of Arsenal's future. But in the meantime, they r going just great!!!
Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool, *intake of breath*... Liverpool Liverpool Liverpoo-ooool,

Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Liverpoooooooooooooool! etc, ad infinatum...

Marseille, we is gonna kick yo Ass!

"walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, cos you'll never walk alone, YOU'll NEVER WALK ALONE!!!"

Very Mad Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Shocked Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Dead Smilie Police Smilie
Nope, Edu is still at Arsenal! And they were not in one of their best days with Chelsea; they need recover or it's not gonna be Real Madrid - Arsenal in the semis!
Well, yeah! Arsenal drew with Chel-*sic*. 1-1. Stupid scoreline. Well, Arsenal have a lot of work to do in the next leg.
I Hate Football... *whimper* *sighs*

Bluddy French, that goes double for Houllier!

Sad Smilie Shaking Head Smilie Very Sad Smilie
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