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Not always you win Aelric. Also Marseille is a strong team. We lost last night as well. And we have won the first game against Valencia. This is football you know. Anything can happen.
My team lost against the French vinegar-drinkers of Bordeaux. So what? just a game. Of course, i lost a bet and my house by it, but again : who cares?
So you're a Club Brugge fan eh? If you could beat Bordeaux and we could beat Valencia, we'd play against you. Well what can i say. Maybe next time. Wink Smilie
Ah Well, another year of crippling and excrutiating underachievement draws to a close, Houllier will leave to manage in his native France (me hopes) and Liverpool can offload the cr@p that he brought in from Senegal and his homeland and rebuild for another five years .*sighs*

Man, i'm so depressed - it really shouldnt bother me, but i am a believer/supporter so i must cleave to my pain, like a spiky security blanket

Sad Smilie
If you dont like football, or really really really dont like football, then i cant see how by explaining why i or others like the game will win you over...

Simply, start a "I Hate Football and your mother" thread, that way you get all the ladies on board and have a bit o needle involved (sorry to all the mums out there who may bare the brunt of this irresponsible idea)

Cool Smilie
True, Ric. And if you don't like football, then there's no point of posting in this thread. I don't post in the "PJ is a modern god" thread either, do I?
Aye ya do V.,

i saw that post about "Peter Jackson is a love-god & i want his hobbit babies!" on that thread, and you used the pseudonym - Rimoriv...

tut tut...
Very Mad Smilie

Stay on topic boys and girls. If you try to turn this thead into a "I-hate-Pj" thread, I will delete your posts.
Juggling Smilie

People who don't like football has the same right to post in this thread as the movie-haters have to post in threads about the movie.
Chill sis! U r taking ur job a bit too seriously. Just keep having fun.

Football is a very good game. A perfect workout for ur whole body. Unfortunately, being a goalkeeper, only my top half gets excersiced. My legs are sed only to kic the ball during goal kicks or kick the person who's trying to score a goal. fav national teams are Italy, Germany and Netherlands respectively. Italy and Germany r doing fine but I'm saddened about Netherlands condition. I mean, its high-time they sacked their stupid mamnager and get a new one who's more sensible. The team has very good talent but r rudderless. Quite like a paper aeroplane.
It's always the same with the Netherlands. One of the best teams in the world, but they never make it. They always are unlucky ’nd they cannot take penalties.

Look at what happened at euro '96, WC 98, Euro 2000 : they cannot take penalties so they were out.
They didn't qualify for WC 2004 because of their arrogance. They think they're so big and that they can beat anyone without doing an effort. Heh, only Brazil can do that.

Perhaps that's the reason why the Netherlands hasn't defeated the national football team of my big little country, Belgium, in 3 matches. Bet they'll do it later this year, anyway.
Not the result I was wanting but at leats the Arse didnt win and were still in there and next week we'll kick em out of the F.A cup and then onward to glory.
But now ta see what is spouted next.....
And we did and we did it with style....Scholes is the ginger warrior of justice and might and Arse are abunch of divin' hooers Bergkamp would do well being in the ballet and King Arse himself I was so glad ta see the look on his face at the end of the match oh it made me smile hahahhaha. Next Millwall and Birmingham should be a doddle.
What is the world coming to? Mad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

Arsenal lost to Manure in the FA cup, lost in the champions Leage and AC Milan is also gone!!! Shocked Smilie Where is the fun in the Champions League now? *cries*
Right well were runnin abit behind here now with euro 2004 and all like.. So let us recap on what has gone before... right then Portugal and Greece got through....portugal has been playin well and greece were ok. As did france and England good on the lads I say but unfortunatley the French bah don'y like em they eat horses that aint on....but if they continue to play the way they have been they could be out of it. But if they pick up the pace they could breeze through.
Sweden and Denmark went through as sweden in there openin matches superb I must say, but ye have denmark creepin' around they may pull sumthin' off we'll have ta see.
And finally The Czechs and the Germanys....soley disappointed with Germany there standard of play is quite bad. But the Czechs are the ones ta watch I say. They could be the dummy side which does something special. well thats all fer now we'll see what happens later.
I hope Portugal will win the Euros... now that they're through, hopefully they'll play better and better every match - they really can be the Brazil of Europe when it comes to football. Let's see if Portugal will be able to keep Albion at bay. The Czechs are superb as well... they are going to get the final as well me thinks, if they don't play each other sooner.

For the rest, Sweden and Denmark are going to be hard to beat... pity Italy is out. Tonight will be decided whether Netherlands or Germany will go through... i hope Netherlands will go through, as they play the better football... but i wouldn't be surprised if Germany makes it as they're always there on big moments. Don't forget they played the final of the WC 2 years ago.

Wwwhooooo!!!!!!!!! Ausie Ausie Ausie Oi Oi Oi..... Australia won against Scotland in the rugby union. Twice! I saw the game in Melbourne it was brilliant. Anyone else here a rugby union fan? Or for that matter a Essendon fan in the AFL?
Eh, no we discuss FOOTBALL in this thread, round ball you know?
No, "roundball" is basketball, "elipsoidalball" is rugby, Oz and Melican football, while "footie" is Melican soccer and World-Wide "football". "Youse gots to have a program to tell whose playin' and wozname's da name o' de game."
Portugal, i love you, maybe those stupid car flags will staart to disapear, doubt it though people still have the red noses with arms on their cars
Shut it Ross.
Greece for the cup, but the Czechs wil probably get it.
waaaaaaaa!!! My football team is out of the finals, we were thrashed. It was so bad that it looked as if my team hadn't shown up. Very Sad Smilie oh well, at least i still have rugby union.
Whoa!! Did anyone see the Champions' League this week? Should have watched Real Madrid getting beaten 3-0 by Bayer Leverkusen. Whoa!! And did anyone see Pavel Nedved? Awesome goal. I love that guy. But i think the best goal of the week was that of Baros. Fantastic. Say, who's with me for an AC Milan and Chelsea final? Though I'd love it if Ajax were to win the UCL this year!!
Mark my words : FC Barcelona wins the CL this year. And the Primera Division.
Barca look great don't they? I think it'll be a showdown between Barca and Valencia for the League. I don't think Real can pull anything off this year and Depor don't look like Championship quality this year, somehow.
I'm with Floyd on this one: Barca and Valencia will fight for the Primera... and who knows, maybe for the League as well! (I hope so!)
I also hope my fave team, Steaua Bucharest, will get to the UEFA groups; it's gonna be a tough one, since they've only beaten CSKA Sofia with 2-1... What am I saying?!?! They WILL go to the groups! They've got to! : )
Football-wise, I'm satisfied at the moment, because Luton are now 9 points clear at the top of League One, remaining the only unbeaten team in the league. I can only hope that this form continues. Paranoid Smilie
YAY!!! Steaua went through! They got a draw (2-2) in Sofia and they'll now go to Tuesday's draw! *holds his fingers crossed*

So, who was it that was telling me that Romania would qualify above the Czechs? Look again laddie, Czech Rep 1-0 Romania!!!!

I want the Czechs to win the World Cup!!

(Umm, I hope they qualify !! :S )
As the Netherlands were held by the Macedonians, I think this group is gonna be a tough one... with enough surprises to keep it interesting til the last games! If Romania manages to win all of its games (except those with Czech Rep. and Netherlands), I think we'll advance with no problems... maybe even first place!

Considering Portugal's little "adventure" in Liechtenstein (2-2), I'd say to be defeated 1-0 by the Czechs is not the cruelest fate!
Not to mention, Macedonia lost against the football heroes of Andorra... the first ever victory for that tiny nation since they banned the LOTR movies from their theatres!
Well, well, well. Just coming off from the Manchester United site and having a look at the World Cup Qualifires' results. Seems to me that both Netherlands and Czech Republic won. And that group is really getting interesting now. Romania 9 pts from 4 matches, Holland 7 from 3 and Czechs 6 from 3. This group is looking awesome!! Nistelrooy scored twice to beat Finland and Holland take on Andorra next. Oh man, I can't wait for the next round of matches.

Moving onto the other groups, Portugal have thrashed Russia 7-1 with two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo. I think that fellow is awesome. Grabbed the Matt Busby award for the last season!

I think from Group 4, Rep of Ireland and France are both going through. Both are tied with 8 points from 4 games at the top.

YAAAYYY!! Italy are top again with a 2 point lead on Norway and Slovenia with the same no of games played.

Somehow, this is unfair. England, I feel are the most overrated team. They've got a nice and easy group, which they top. Looks who's second : Poland!! Sheeesh!!!

Moving onto South America, Brazil held to a goalless draw by Columbia. But they still top, with Argentina in second. Take my word, Argentina look awesome. They've got their best chance of lifting the cup in Germany.

P.S. OMG!! USA have won 6-0!!!
AC Milan - Barcilona on matchday 3 in the UEFA Champions' League. Not to be missed.

I don't think Milan would win this one. I vote for a 1-1.
THE POMS!!! GO THE POMS!!!! THEY ROCK!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! (What are their names again? All I know is BEckham is 7. And what is 7?) BUT THEY ROCK!!!! Alright, so I don't live in England. BUt I'm still half-pom, and I can still be a pom at heart, can't I? THE POMS!!!!!
Poms? Who are poms?
Lots of things happened! First of all, Real is gonna have a hard time pulling itself together... but I don't care! Barca looks great (despite losing to Milan tonight, I still think they're favorites for the UEFA Champion's League this year). Valencia, though, I'm worried about: first 1-2 with Sevilla and now 1-5 with Inter?! What has gotten into them? Where is their great defence? I just hope they manage to get back in the League; I'd hate it if they get kicked off so soon!
I think Arsenal and Chelsea will go far this year too... but in the end, it'll be a Spanish team to win the trophy: cause they're simply the best! hehehe

I hope Steaua, my fave team, will do its best in the UEFA Cup groups... starting tonight, vs Standard de Liege! GO STEAUA!!!

But I'm not happy. Barca hit the bar twice. I think Milan are going to lose in Nou Camp on 4th November. And Valencia? 1-5? What's wrong with the defence, I mean I saw the goals and the defending was horrible!! *sob* Oh well. I would have loved it had Arsenal lost.


Man Utd - Arsenal on Sunday. Go Reds!!
Arsenal hasn't lost a game since Julius Caesar invaded Gallia, it seems. Of course, they will reach the semis, and they have a good chance to sneak past the Italian and Spanish teams. Manchester United is good at home, outside home they always lose it. The magical year of 1999, when they were the best football team ever, after the Brazil team of 1958, won't come again. Needless to say, Arsenal will trash them in the weekend.

Come to think of it, what Spanish teams? Valencia is dead, and Real will be lucky if they'll make it to the semis. They just can't defend. And Depor is just bad. Of course, Barcelona is still there. We'll have to wait for them to grow a bit weaker : their form won't continue. The Primera Division and CL is just too hard.

Well, actually i hope Juventus will make it : they show us how calcio should be played.

The UEFA Cup is a boring and useless competition, where the minor teams of Europe are grounded down by the subtop of Spain, Italy, Germany and England. A big bla. Don't bother watching it. In the end, it is either Atletico Madrid or Lazio Roma who wins it anyway.

The UEFA should never have cancelled the old UEFA Cup III competition : the Cup Winners' Cup. It was just special.

But, Aimar's back Big Smile Smilie
More importantly : Real's back! Forza!
AAAAAAh yes!! Especially Raul looks much better. Big Smile Smilie
UNITED BEAT ARSENAL! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm sooooooooooo happy!! Big Smile Smilie

And what's more, United didn't concede a goal. Arsenal couldn't score!! Speaks volumes that!!
I've just seen one of the best games in the Champions' League for years. Barca - Milan, just awesome game. Barca were awesome. Milan's defending was superb. In the end, it was only a wonderful goal by Ronaldinho that separated the two sides. I've got absolutely no complaints that Milan lost this one and not to mention, they'll still be top of the group. Magic, absolutely magic!!!
Valencia better sack Ranieri and get a good manager from Italy who can get them organised defensively once again. Their defending just gets worse day by day and I think they're lucky to get away with a point against Inter, but I think they're out. Only a miracle can get them through to the knockout phase now. *sigh* I really like Valencia.
Hehe, I was just watching the German Bundesliga highlights. There was this one match, Schalke 04 - Vfb Stuttgart. That one produced the craziest of the first halves I've ever seen. I mean just look at this:

Ref blows the whistle, and Stuttgart kick off the game. The forwards pass the ball back to the centre midfielder. He passes back to the LCB. He goes left towards the LB. Back again to LCB. This time to the RCB. Then back to the LCB. Now this fellow gets bored. Decides to move the ball forward. Goes inside and tries a long pass, a flat pass at waist height through the middle towards one of the forwards and the Schalke midfielder intercepts, near the centre circle. So now this LCB fellow tries to close him down and the Schalke player sends a through ball to the striker over the top. The golie comes out, but the striker beats him to the ball outside the penalty area, turns and places the ball in the net. Goal for Ailton in 39 seconds. Shalke lead 1 - 0.

Stuttgart kick off again. This time the striker gives the ball to the LCM player. He gives to the RCM, who's on the edge of the circle. He tries a forward pass and gives the ball away immediately. So Schalke break. Something like 4 on 4 and a goal within 15 seconds of restart. ROFL!!!

Well, Schalke went 3-0 up with a good counter attack later. Then Stuttgart scored 2 goals to make the score 3-2 at halftime!! The game ended 3-2 to Schalke with one of the most boring of the second halves!!

Oh well, I still can't help laughing at the first two goals... ROFLMAO!!! Very Big Grin Smilie
Mad Smilie Sad Smilie Shocked Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Very Sad Smilie Wary Smilie Shaking Head Smilie Lighening Smilie

Manchester United drawn against AC Milan!!!! The two teams I wanted in the final.....

But..... on the bright side, Barca against Chelsea Big Smile Smilie
Well, I'm all for football anytime, but with the World and Arena Bowls behind us I'll have to make due with Wimbledon this weekend and suffer withdrawal until late August (like every year.) It should be interesting to see how long the Pats can hold together a really stellar team that seems unaffected by all the free agency defections last year (and you thought the days of dynastys were behind us.) I think it's really more about an outstanding coach, but I'm hoping a certain other outstanding coach from Denver gives him trouble in future years (Go Broncs!)

If there's more than one halftime in football this side of the pond it's news to me. There's also a reason for most of those obscure rules. The only reason we still have football is 'cos after a series of serious injuries turn of last century the Feds were talking about shutting it down, and that's why you have to have seven men on the line of scrimmage today (see "Flying Wedge" which you rugby fans would love.) And there was a time when "equipment" consisted of a leather strap over the head and a pair of cleats, too, but I think someone got tired of wasting a college education on guys lucky to know their whole alphabet by careers end. Sorry, I'll be a football fan 'til I die (though I'm still not sure I like the promotion of the two point conversion to the pros, but I only like REAL football and not that promotional circus in the NCAA.) Besides, I think the Texans are just about ready for regular playoff appearances; I can't stop now.
WHAHAY!! Pary Smilie Arsenal have drawn newcastle...Arsenal have drawn newcastle...Arsenal have drawn newcastle...Arsenal have drawn newcastle... but then on the other hand.... Chelsea (boo hiss) Angry Elf Smilie Bad! Smilie have drawn wigan...
Since the last time I've posted here, Steaua eliminated Valencia in UEFA (YAY for Steaua... sorry for Valencia...) and won the 22nd title in Romania. VICTORY! STEAUA IS THE BEST!!!
Orc Sad Smilie We lost the SUPERBOWL, Sunday. Orc Sad Smilie

The Pittsburg Steelers came to play, my Seattle Seahawks didn't. We let the three questionable calls by the refs rattle us and made too many mental errors, which resulted in touchdowns being called back or the ball being turned over. Oh well, it only took us thirty years to get there, maybe we can do better some time in the next thirty years. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I know, I know, this thread is for worldwide spherical football, not for American ovloid football, but as it was currently unused, it was available. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
I had missed this 'til now; sorry, Grondy. But if Holmgren did what Jimmy Johnson, Dick Vermeil and Bill Parcells couldn't (win a Super Bowl with two different teams) my remaining faith in the League would be gone. Things have really gone downhill since Rozelle retired. On the plus side, I loathe the Stones, so during HT I went outside to, well, do the same thing many of the concert goers likely were, and came back in in the mood for the replay of the longest run in Super Bowl history. Nice. Hate to say it, but the better team won.

I feel your pain though; I was doing my happy dance when the Steelers beat the Colts and had to play the Championship in Mile High (OK, fine, Invesco Field at Mile High.) And then that worthless so-and-so Plummer came out and turned the ball over FOUR TIMES BY HIMSELF. Know any good QBs that like snow...?
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