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If we fail to get through then I say Senegal for the cup!!!!

You're just saying that cos they beat the French... Smile Smilie

I don't quite like Senegal though - they were too cocky & physical (a bit like how the French used to be really) during the game against the Danes. They deserved more than 1 red card I reckon. For African teams, I prefer Cameroon. Skillful, graceful & not a bunch of cheaters either.

Speaking of cheaters - down with Brazil! Tongue Smilie Never liked them, but now I certainly hope they lose their next World Cup games.

As for the Argies...well that's the beauty of being a foreigner. I supported you lot during the Falklands War (I lived in London then, so it would be a bit rich if I didn't). But I've always been partial to the Argentinial football team - skillful yet not pussies like Brazil. So yes, I supported them in '86 and '98, chortled at the 'Hand of God', thought that Maradona was the greatest fottballer on Earth - even better than Pele, Cruyff or Beckenbauer. Argentina is what you'd get if you combined my top two favourite teams (Germany & Italy) - so they're my boys from South America.

Besides, I'm a softie at heart and I absolutely melted when I read about how the Argentinian players are going to "win the World Cup not for ourselves, but for the people back home, to give them something to smile about - Veron". How noble...

The game yesterday between Germany and Rep of Ireland was amazing. Under the wire or what! I cheered my little lungs out. Pary Smilie
Aaaurgh! Don't remind me! Sad Smilie Although I must admit that Ireland deserved their equaliser, and.....more. Hope they beat Saudi by zillions next game, and Germany beat Cameroon.

France 0 - 0 Uruguay. I actually felt sorry for France towards the end, the Uruguayans were a bunch of cheating $!@#! The French looked poor though. Definitely not World / European Championship class.

England - Argentina tomorrow! Can't wait!
Very Sad Smilie Boo hoo! What a horrible week. All my favourite teams screwed up...Germany drew, Argentina lost, and the Italians were ROBBED! Very Sad Smilie

Sob. How on earth could the stupid linesman disallow TWO bloody goals? I can't believe Italy lost! Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

And oh. Congratulations Plastic. Very Sad Smilie
Heh! Talk about the tournament of the underdog, France Italy, Germany and Argentina al in real trouble. And did you see Japan yesterday against Russia? Fantastic! Beautiful football, really beautiful...
Shaking Head Smilie The USA played like they could care less about the winning the cup; they were lucky to get a 'sister's kiss' out of the match with South Korea yesterday. Got The Blues Smilie
World cup fever has bitten even me! Disturbed Smilie

Ireland-Germany: fantastic, hope they beat Saudi!

Belgium is not doing great, I'm afraid. Sad Smilie Doh! They seem to be unable to win. 2-2 against Japan, and now 1-1 against Tunesia! Tunesia, can you believe it. Now they'll have to win by two goals against Russia. So, Belgium's out of the cup. Very Sad Smilie

Oh well, as long as Ireland and England do well, what do I care? Big Smile Smilie
The French Have gone! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Smile SmilieWOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!Big Smile Smilie
Gee, Tom, don't feel so bad about Belgium. Canada didn't even make it to the World Cup at all. Maybe next time.
Now that the French have gone out, I'm starting to feel sorry for them. And I used to hate them with a vengeance!

Yay! The Germans are through - almost gave me a heart attack in the 1st half, but a commanding display from them in the 2nd, as always. Big Smile Smilie: Did you see the ref and his record breaking performance? Mad Smilie Did his wife get a headache the night before or what? He needs to get seriously laid, what a jerk.

Poor Tommy - even your own striker (Strupor something)called Belgium 'hopeless'. I missed that match so I didn't see what made him so upset.

Did you see the S. Korean goal celebrations? In your face, Apolo Ohno (another bigtime jerk)! heh heh.
IRELAND IS THROUGH!!! Ireland for the cup is my device now! Beat the Arabs 3 to nil!

Very Sad Smilie Boo hoo! No Argies in the 2nd round! Very Sad Smilie

This is the worst World Cup I've ever watched. I think it's the heat & humidity - I hope they don't have any more World Cups in Asia from now on. It's ruining my football. And the 3 o'clock kick-offs? Even back in Asia we didn't play football outdoors until 5 pm!

Spain looked sharp though. If it's to be the tournament of underdogs then let the Spanish win. That Raul & Morientes - frighteningly on form and on target. Mendieta, Luis Enrique, Helguerra, Hierro,! But knowing them, they'll self-destruct in the 2nd round.

Well done Paraguay! They're through to the 2nd round. Big Smile Smilie

So why don't you support the Asian teams Golly? They're playing really well. And the cup is ours (or maybe Brazils, or more likely Spain I suppose realistically speaking)
You should try supporting a team that is used to losing for once Animated Wink Smilie
Of course I support the Asian teams (go Japan & Korea!), but since we're doing well I can't whinge can I? But Asian teams, especially Japan & Korea tend to want to be Brazil all the time, and you know how much I hate poncy attacking football. Besides, I grew up watching the Italian/Spanish/English leagues, so I'm more familiar with them.

Once we Asians start playing solid, intelligent and defensive football then I'll go all the way! Any Asian German or Italian teams out there?

As for teams that is used to losing...well Malaysia didn't even make it to the World Cup. And we're pretty defensive. Yay!

[Edited on 12/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
Lol! Good point!
I still contend that this is the best world cup I've seen, it's definitely the most open and interesting. A lot like this years premiership battle after Man U. went tits up.
Well it is more open, I grant you that. And Spain, the Chelsea of World footy looks like they've finally got their act together.

Brazil looks lethal though. 5-2 against Costa Rica, 2 goals by Ronaldo. Damn!

Well done the Turks! They're through too.
Yeeeaaaahhhh !! The Belgian team made it to the next round!!
They have to face Brazil in the next game.
BELGIUM FOR THE CUP !!!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
LOL, you don't seem too optimistic there gnampie. Who knows, maybe Brazil will have an off day or something - I certainly will be supporting Belgium in that one. Out, Brazil, out!

Japan through, YAY! Next game Portugal vs. S. Korea. Dunno who to support now. I prefer Korea but I wouldn't want the Portugese to miss their best chance yet. Wary Smilie

Never thought they were going to make it, to be honest, but they have! Watch out Brazil, here we come! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

And Spain will have to face Ireland, so I'm not so sure they're going for the cup... (let's be optimistic!) Very Big Grin Smilie
*sighs* Well if only Croatia could have won yesterday, and if only Italy hadn't equalised, I would have been laughing myself senseless all day!
Very Big Grin Smilie
Still can't believe Belgium won. The world must be laughing at us now... Big Smile Smilie
Nothing new there then...
I happened to watch the Belgians beat the Russians 3 to 2; and even though neither one of them wanted to win very badly, the ending was very exciting. I'm lead to understand my getting a good nights rest served me better than had I stayed up another two hours to watch Poland crush my team. Anyway, thanks to the South Koreans, my Yanks backed into the second round. Ho hum!

At least watching World Cup Soccer isn't as painful as watching NBA basketball. One Eye Smilie

[Edited on 15/6/2002 by Grondmaster]
I think most matches (with the exception of S. Koean & Japan ones) would be quite slow in the beginning as most of the teams aren't used to the heat & humidity, and would be trying to conserve their energy for the 2nd half. Asia sure ain't a good place to hold a World Cup, FIFA should learn their lesson now.

Yay! Korea tops! Amazing!

Boo hoo! Portugal lost. Did anyone see the last 10 minutes or so? Korea were practically begging for Portugal to score, but they fluffed their chances, the idiots. Shaking Head Smilie
You're so very right about asia being a bad place to hold the world cup, I don't like having to set my alarm clock to go see the footy!
And I laughed at Portugal, not as funny as the end of the Mexico Italy game though, LMAO!!!

amusingly enough, the band in my local last night had a danish guitar player, he was lucky to get out alive!
Well, well. Good birthday for you yesterday then? I liked the scenes from Hammersmith pubs (I think) that I saw yesterday - everyone cheered each time SG Eriksson's mug came on tv. Big difference from when he took on the job, eh?

Germany won, YAY! We were even more boring than ever, Woohoo!
And Ireland lost. Very Sad Smilie Can't believe it. They should have won, they deserved to pass. That match was so exciting, I thought I'd eat myself alive! First that early Morientes goal (8'), then Harte who unbelievable misses the penalty, then Robbie Keane who scores in the 90th minute (!), then no golden goal, and they lost because of the penalties (3-2). My god, I thought I'd die. But still, they should have won. They played a brilliant match, and made Spain shake with frustration and fear. God I love those Irish! Big Smile Smilie
Well, after being absent for a while I thought to have a look and am quite amazed to see the all new pages.
I saw the game, too, Tom and you're perfectly right. Ireland was the better team, still their qualities surely are not based on penalty shooting.
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Does anyone have a dry towel, mine is all wet from my tears.
You are right, Tom, it was a really good game. I hate sudden death Dead Smilie , but I suppose they can only play extra time for so long. Penalty shooting doesn't really show the strength of the team and puts too much pressure on the guy kicking the ball. Canada lost an Olympic medal in hockey a few years ago throught the same process. Heartbreaking!
Anyway, Ireland still did us proud so I guess I shall dry up and start cheering again...... maybe for England. Big Smile Smilie
I had a little discussion with my parents yesterday about this game. My father thinks penalties are no way to determine the winner at this level. So we were thinking about other ways to settle this. He would like the extra time last as long as it takes to make that golden goal. That would really be a drop out race! Smile Smilie My mother had a different idea: get everybody off the field but the two keepers. Put the ball in the middle, let the keepers run towards it and the first one who scores wins. Imagine that! Would be fun to watch. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
COME ON!!!!!!
Fantastic game, shame about the Irish, they wuz robbed. And the Germans are as lucky as ever, they did NOT deserve to win after subjecting the world to 90 minutes of the most tedious football ever. Nice goal though....
So for today... COME ON BELGIUM! Do us a favour, please?

We had a similar thought to your goalie idea gnamps, but we thought it should be the managers playing 1 on 1 til one of them scored.
Seems that I'm the only one happy about the result last night...ooops. Spain were the better team in the normal period since they were more positive (except for the last 15 minutes when Raul got injured), but I agree that Ireland were better during extra-time. You mustn't forget that Spain played with 10 men then though.

They should stick to penalties since it's more exciting for the spectators. The tension was unbearable...even for a neutral like me. Casillas & Mendieta were unbelievably cool througout the entire ordeal, I take my hat off to them. Well done Spain!

Hey! The Mexico-USA game was even more boring than Germany-Paraguay! The US were terrible cheats and Mexico was terrible, period.
I'm still convinced that Ireland was the better team throughout the match and that they should have won. And those penalties are not fair, no. But sure they are exciting! Man, I think I would have eaten myself if it would have lasted much longer! The Irish are maybe not too good at doing penalties no, but their physical strength is amazing! They've been running after every ball for 120 minutes on end! And they have done that in every match so far. Whereas most of the Spanish team didn't play the last match, but they seemed to tired to run in the extra-time. Quinn should have made a golden goal. Or anyone in the Irish team. I certainly think the Spanish did not deserve to go through. Only the keeper. Big Smile Smilie

If Belgium wins... naah, they won't. Probably not. But I sure hope they will. Dunce Smilie

[Edited on 17/6/2002 by TomBombadillo]
Maybe we have a chance? Brazil isn't playing that well at all, and the Belgians are certainly going for it. Maybe we have... this tiny piny chance? Dunce Smilie

PS: I shouldn't be here now, I should be studying my head off. So see ya later. (I'll probably be back for a sec after the match, but that'll be it, I hope). Big Smile Smilie
But the sad truth is.......
....... Belgium lost
2 - 0 for Brazil. Very Sad Smilie
Yes indeed. The truth can be hard and painful sometimes. Very Sad Smilie

But we could have won. The Brazilians weren't playing *that* good at all. I mean, we've created so many chances, but we couldn't finish it. All they got was two or three real chances, and they scored two times. That's the difference, I guess... Nevertheless, we can leave Japan with our heads up high. Big Smile Smilie
Yup you certainly can Tommy! Although I must add that you blew it...could have won by 3 or 4 there.

Oh dear, oh dear. If that's the way Brazil's going to play against England, then they shouldn't bother turning up. England's strikers are a tad more ruthless than Belgium's I reckon Big Smile Smilie ...looks like Brazil's gonna get slaughtered.

Plus the players sound naive. Their coach is pulling his hair out cos his defenders want to attack all the time - he wants them to be a bit more defensive but the players (I quote Ronaldo) saying that the England game will be a bettter one (i.e more entertaining) since England are a better team as compared to Belgium. Poor Brazil. They think that England came to the World Cup to play the beautiful game. Heh heh.
I wish I could share your confidence, Ungoliant. Unfortunately, I think it will be bye bye England. If we score four, they'll get six. Our form says it all really; 1st game-C**P, 2nd game- Brill, 3rd game-C**P, 4th game-Brill, the next one's gonna be C**P.
But there again, what do I know about football?
Well, all England have to do is frustrate the Brazillians by playing it tight, and they'll defeat themselves eventually. I could be wrong, and this Brazilian team may have more character than the previous ones...but I doubt it.

But then I support the Germans, so obviously I know even less....must go get my head checked sometime.

[Edited on 17/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
Right up until the first goal went in, I thought Belgium looked the better side today, honestly.
The brazilian defence is s**t full of holes, and perfect to get picked off by Owen, I think we've got a pretty d@mn good chance. Though we've got to play in the heat, and look what happened last week when that happened....
My mother had a different idea: get everybody off the field but the two keepers. Put the ball in the middle, let the keepers run towards it and the first one who scores wins. Imagine that! Would be fun to watch. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Oh yeah!! And the score for that period would still be nil-nil because they'd both be unconscious after butting heads trying to pick up the ball. Big Smile Smilie

Of course being a Yank, I should keep my mouth shut and let you professional fans get on with it. Tongue Smilie

Ungoliant: Your Germans better come through for you, because there are already enough anti-American feelings in the world. Can you imagine what would happen if by some ungodly miracle we took over the World Cup too? Oink Smilie
LOL! I can just imagine the two keepers being stretchered off!

Oh yeah, I forgot the Germans will play the Yanks next. And if the Germans lose to you guys? I'll personally take a plane to Berlin & pelt the team with rotten tomatoes! So Angry Smilie

It won't be as bad as the Italians's possible punishment though! Berlusconi (their PM) said:
'Seeing as I have been depicted as a tyrant and a dictator,' the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi told the players, several of them his employees at AC Milan, 'I tell you, "Go to Japan and win, or else when you come back I will put you in jail. And in chains, with a ball at your feet."'

I guess they'd better get used to prison food 'cos without Nesta & Cannavaro, and Maldini off-form, that pretender Inzaghi in the team and Totti virtually invisible, the Koreans are going to slaughter them. Hope not, cos I'll then have to take a plane to Rome & pelt them with rotten tomatoes too. Very Sad Smilie
Forza Italia!

And if the Yanks win the cup? Well I don't think anyone would mind as long as you don't swagger & boast (your coach Arena needs a lesson in graciousness btw). And stop calling the game 'soccer'. Winking Smilie Every winning team would get some stick though, it comes with the territory - look at France, Italy etc. The best solution would be to let the Germans win, since everyone hates the Germans anyway. Smile Smilie
I definetely think England will win if Brazil keeps playing the way they played Belgium. But I guess they just underestimated us, and didn't play at their best. They'll have to do better against England, otherwise bye bye Brazil! I hope England beats them! Big Smile Smilie No one left to support, so I'll support England now. Tongue Smilie

US winning the cup! That'd be an unbelievable end to an unbelievable tournament. Dunce Smilie
What a brilliant game! Italy were robbed! AAAAAUUUUUURRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

Sack the ref!!!!!!!!!!

But Korea were brilliant though! Well done!

Shades of '66 here. First the defending champs out in the 1st round (Brazil/France), now Italy gets knocked out by Korea (North/South). Any more? Only a fool would bet against England now.
Fantastic! Go Korea, I loved that, best thing i've seen in a while (the celebrations anyway) You gots to laugh when Italy go pear-shaped though haven't you?
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry actually. Happy that the underdogs made it through, but sad because Italy had such a beautiful team. And I'm not just talking about Nesta's pout either.

A beautiful, classy defence & a fabulous front line...old Trap ought to be sacked for not putting Montella in.

I must admit the referee was a complete disgrace though. Totti should have had a penalty, and Tommasi's goal should have stood. I'm still in shock. Have to go lie down for the next few days... Very Sad Smilie

Bravo Azzuri! You were robbed! Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Who'd have thought it? Bet you would have got good odds if you'd gambled on those three going out early.
Seems to be the year of the underdogs.
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