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Liverpool is the funniest team in england - conceding 9 goals at home in two back to back matches.
Big Laugh Smilie

Chelsae got really lucky, they were offerred their match against wigan on a golden tray Mad Smilie

And united got a hatrick against villa. Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Liverpool up against Chelsea tomorrow. And for this game only, I support L'pool.

Man U meeting Arsenal in London, Sunday. Thumbs up for Man U.

A rumour here tells that John Carew, a Norwegian player in team Lyon is on his way to the Villains.
Liverpool won 2 - 0 over Chelsea. I didn't get the blues! One Eye Smilie
How can I express my sorrow. Life can't be fair when Arsenal plays Man U 2 - 1.
And to make my day even more miserabel, it is snowing. Very Sad Smilie Very Sad SmilieShocked Smilie Very Sad Smilie

What seems to give me a glint of hope, is that my granddaughter's Handball team won today! Animated Wink Smilie
yeah and today when i reached college i warned all my friends not to speak football to me atleast for a day.... Very Sad Smilie
As the Norwegian team failed in the World Handball Championship in Germany. Played vs Denmark 25 - 27. Norwegian Newspapers had as usual, decided that we had a fair chance to win the Championship. Very Sad Smilie Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!:Very Sad Smilie
Carew has been been swapped for milan baros by lyon.
And they've named him THE HULK ,it's also said in Norwegian news that he chose a club in England to be near his colleagues at the Norwegian team (many of them play in England)
the only one i know is the baby face assassin from man utd.Elk Grinning Smilie no offence meant
None taken , but babyface is good though Smile Smilie Gamst is playing for Blackburn , ever heard of him ? He scored 2 goals last time
Morten Gamst Pedersen? Never knew he was norwegian. Thanks for the info.
Morten Gamst Pedersen , that's him Smile Smilie Riise plays for Liverpool .The new young man is Kristifer H’stad but he didn't have a good start , he kicked the ball so that the other team scored (he is playing for Wigan though)
the only one i know is the baby face assassin from man utd.

Ah yes, Baby Face Nelson?
Sunny's career in Man U, may be over in a year or five, but as far as I remember the said Nelson Vir are refering to has luckily passed away some 75 years ago. According to FBI he wasn't a very nice man. But I bet the G-men wanted to put him on the transfer-list. Elf Winking Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Gamst had a new goal today with a nice volley Smile SmilieThey (Blackburn ) won 4-0 against Luton
Ups! Man U played 2 - 1 against Pompeys. Wayne Rooney did it again! Thumbs Up Smilie

Downs! My grand-daughter played handball this weekend, they struck a 4 goal loss. Thumbs Down Smilie
Gamsten scored a goal for Blackburn and it's 1-1 in the half break ,in Aston Villa match Carew has done the same Jumping Flame Smilie Way to go our Norwegian heroesSmile Smilie
And Chelsea played Charlton 1 - 0. Very Sad Smilie So Angry Smilie
Man U won 4-0 which saved my day! Pary Smilie

The Colts won Super Bowl, was that to your liking, Grondy? Angel Smilie
Man U won 4-0 which saved my day! Pary Smilie

Indeed saved mine too, I think it is Charlton next.....

I bought Man U's latest shirt, and had my last name on the back Elf With a Big Grin Smilie and as my last name is extremely rare, then it might make my top the only one in the World Orc Smiling Smilie

Congrats' with your trendy new shirt, Loss. I'll have to wait 'till the Reds have won the league before I'll buy one. Your shirt are special indeed, but I believ they won't be able to spell my name. Another side of the saga, is that my name is to long to go on the back of any shirt except XXXL.
Thank you, but if someone who had your last name played for any decent team had a shirt, then they would have to compensate like Ruud Van Nistelrooy (if that's spelt right Orc Smiling Smilie ) they put a small V with a full stop next to it and then Nistelrooy curving a heck of alot to fit it in. Unless your name IS longer than his Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie then you would have to compensate, my name is quite long, so it bends quite abit. So the question is, are you willing to sign up to Man U to see how they would do it??? Elf Winking Smilie But I wanted to purchase the shirt so that I can say, I have the season shirt from the year that Manchester United won the Premier League, they may not, but at least I'll have the one where they were on top continously Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And as true fans we are with OUR club in good as in bad days!

Heard just that my national team BRANN (meaning FIRE; guess what colours) has come to agreement with Winter, one of the Scots who was threathening to leave the club. He was a very important player last year when they won silver.
Our National Team played Kroatia this evening!!

To me the result was depressing: Kroatia - Norway 2 - 1
Man U is winning again, but so is Chelski.

I am glad I have stopped watching football, considering what happened on the island of Sicily after the match Catania-Palermo, or in the Brazilian competition in the weekend; it again proves what a great feast football really can be.

How very strange that such horrible events do not happen in other sports, like basketball, volleyball, baseball, American/Australian football, tennis, curling, so on and such like.

I believe we both know that crazy fanatics appears and that tragedies are being provoced and occurs in too many situations throughout the world. I see fanatics not football fans in such tragedies.
I was particularly referring to sports tragedies, which only seem to be the privilege of football. A dubious honour, to say the least!
You are of course right Vir, but you also touched a sore toe of mine. How can we stop hooligans. I do not see them as football-fans. They destroy football for decent people. I see them as fanatics hunting for crowds to make trouble!!
Riise scorded when LIverpool wun against BarcelonaJumping Flame Smilie
So Man U and Liverpool should have very fair chances when Lille and Barca come to England!
Man Utd's goal was irregular.
Irregular according to ....? According to the regular, international rules one may kick the ball after the referee has given his signal. As far as I could see that was what happened. The one to blame was the keeper. But I am a fan!
Man U limping to the quarter final 3 -2 vs Reading!
Hardly surprising. The people from Reading are bookworms, not footballers.
Nice touch, Vir! I guess you netted there!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Man U won 1-0 over Liverpool (with a bit of luck ), did anyone see the match ? I certainly didSmile Smilie
Man U - Lille ended 1 - 0 Jumping Flame Smilie
Man U - Lille ended 1 - 0
Which to means that there are still justice in my world!

Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
It won't be long before soccer starts up in my country for a new season!
We here on the other side of the pond are getting ready for March Madness the U.S. College and Uni Roundball (basketball) Championship Playoffs involving the best 64 teams for the men and I think 32 teams for the women. I am also looking forward to the start of baseball season which starts next month; however, we adicts can get the edge knocked-off right now, as the meaningless Spring Training games are now being broadcast daily.
England is the one of the best teams on paper but what the hell happens when you field the players? Can somebody explain????? Mad Smilie
Champions League quarter finals
Anyone watched the MUnchen-Milan match? Greta match but shadowed by some curious refereeing and bad tackles...

And liverpool are unfortunatly throught to the semi cause i can't see PSV beating them 4-0. Very Sad Smilie
Man U are still in the lead, winning matches and keeping ChelsKI enough points behind!

Next week starts the Norwegian league! Jumping Flame Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
Well though maun u was beaten by roma yesterday we still have an magnificent away goal scored by rooney an di hope we can crush roma at OLD TRAFFORD!!!!!!

Hi raffy Waving Hello Smilie
But today Man U stumbled against Pompeys and thereby has only 3 points lead to Chelski!

I find reason to agree with Vir. Some crazy idiots are destroying soccer games for common people. How can we beat such a problem.

I see you Thorin!
Beats me.

But maybe we could shoot all the Russian oligopolistic oil tycoons...
I would be satisfied if the joined a to me completely uninteresting sport; like boxing 30 feet underneath water for example! In such a sport of public interest all holligans may attend, without any breathing-help that is!
You heard of the violence the Roman police showed against the united fans raffy? Absolutly dusgusting when you think of the women and children gettin beaten.

Shame on the Roman! So Angry Smilie Bad! Smilie
My favourite team BRANN (in the Norwegian league) won their first match tonight 1-0 Jumping Flame SmilieAnd I believe Man U also won against ROME ..Could it be better ?
Chelsea impressively dispatched of the strong Valencia. Truly stellar performance by the Blues. I think they'll go all the way this year, both in the Premier League and the Champions League.

And in the first competition day in the Mongolian league, Dalan Dzadgad Utd won against my favourite FC Ulaanbaatar. Boooh!!!!! :-(
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