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Golly: that's what happened to Belgium: Marc Wilmots' goal should have stood as well. Very Sad Smilie

And I couldn't agree more, Val! Big Smile Smilie
Yeah Tommy! For such a huge tournament, you'd think that they can afford better officials. Poor Italians! I've not totally recovered from the horror yet. I'm going to boycott the next WC if Blatter springs any more 'surprises' on me. Very Sad Smilie

At least Germany's still in! Boring, dependable, solid old Germany. What will I ever do wihout you?
I write to Germany, I write to Germany
To Germany with love... Germany with love

[Edited on 20/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
Erm, if wilmots wanted his goal to stand, he shouldn't have lamped the other guy just before scoring it. I think if he'd done nothing wrong, he might just have kicked up a little more fuss....
What do you mean, lamped? Very Big Grin Smilie
Hey! The ref even admited after seeing the recording during the break he made a mistake. Wilmots didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah gnampie/Tommy. I read that the referee apologised to the fat Belgian manager after seeing the replays.

Big Smile Smilie Ha! I just saw a statement from FIFA boss Sepp Blatter. He admitted that Italy were robbed - he said that Tommasi's goal was legitimate (so Italy had the Golden Goal) and that Totti shouldn't have been sent off. He admitted that some of the linesmen's decisions during the WC had been 'disastrous', with a concentration of their mistakes on Italy's games.

Well I feel a bit better now. Smile Smilie But I'm still not going to watch the WC anymore, unless Germany are playing. *goes off in a sulk, Italian style*

[Edited on 20/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
I just watched England hand the game to Brazil, or so it seemed to this novice spectator. If a team has a man advantage and does worse than when they were playing even, something is wrong. I suppose it can be blamed on inopportune takedowns, heat, and humidity; however, I think for all England's defensive skill in the first half, that Brazil was just better conditioned and wanted to win more. And besides, historically Brazil has had England's number, so they have had a psychological advantage. Big Smile Smilie

Don't know if I can stay awake another four hours just to watch Germany trounce my team. Sleeping Smilie
Sorry Squirrel. If it is any consolation, Brazil is a hard team to beat. No shame is being beaten in the quarter finals. I haven't seen the game yet, time zone thing. CBC will broadcast it later this afternoon.
Very Sad Smilie
Hey... Germany made it. The game was terrible but nevertheless they won it. Now it's against Spain or South Korea. Smile Smilie

[Edited on 21/6/2002 by StormyPete]
Well, hard luck Plastic! England played well in the first half, only to tire & run out of ideas in the second. But remember the awful position that you lot were in when Keegan resigned almost 2 years ago, and to reach a World Cup quarter-final is a great achievement indeed.

Credit also to your fans in Japan/Korea who have behaved extremely well. That, and the fact that you team is very, very young, must be the great points of England's WC. I suppose the win over the Argies is way up there somewhere too. Smile Smilie

As for Germany - well done my luverlies! Kiss Smilie Agree with stormyPete, they were totally boring, totally lucky and totally German! Smile Smilie A grim display as always, and without Kahn the Yanks would have won 6-1. Now try not to trip up in the semis.
Talk about kicking a guy when he's down, first we go out, then the ****ing germans get through. What is it with you and really boring teams Golly? Germany AND Arsenal? Bloody hell!
I'm now an unofficial Korean. Go Korea!!!!
Hah, Spain, now the shoe is on the other foot! No fun losing in a shoot-out, is it? Go Korea! Very Big Grin Smilie
Hey, germany made it! Smile Smilie
Now, who cares about how bad and boring the game was? What counts is the result, isn't it? And now we are as far as Brazil is now. And when Senegal kicks Turkey out we're the last remaining team from Europe.
Who thought of that in advance (certanly not me!)?

[Edited on 22/6/2002 by StormyPete]
Hey StormyPete, don't get me wrong. I'm estatic over Germany's passage through to the semis! It's just that we (I mean you lot) have been known to play a rather boring brand of footy. And lucky. Not that I'm you rightly said, it's the results that count.

I've supported Germany since I was a wee girlie. Actually fell seriously ill (due to crying my eyes out) after Italy beat West Germany in Espana '82.

As for Korea...well I'm totally disgusted. What cheats! Spain had 2 goals ruled out...but Korea won, as usual. I'm ashamed to be from the same continent as them.

[Edited on 22/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
I have just one thing to say to all you Germans and German fans out there.
5-1 :P
Can't agree more. If all football would be as boring as that of the Germans, I don't think anyone would watch the WC anymore! Sleeping Smilie

Go Korea!!! Very Big Grin Smilie And Turkey beat Senegal. Exploding Head Smilie

[Edited on 24/6/2002 by TomBombadillo]
D@mn Germans. Had I been concentrating harder on the game I might have something more constructive to say. Oh well, had better things to do...
Pary Smilie Hooray-yay-yippee-yay-yay-yay!!!! Pary Smilie

Big Smile Smilie I love you Germany! Kiss Smilie

There now! They weren't so boring, were they! Well, maybe just a bit - shades of the old ruthless & efficient German team there. Poor Ballack will miss the final though, but what a heroic sacrifice for the team. Well done!

Credit to Korea though, they ran their hearts out. Maybe I was too harsh on them earlier. Poor things looked so sad when they lost. Very Sad Smilie
Who would have thought that? We made it to the final game. That's what I call success!
Don't be too sad Plastic. It's just as I said before and as I will continue to say: No matter how boring, uncreative or bad a team plays what counts is the results. And those have been quite well. By the way, only one goal against us during the whole tournament till now is quite good, I think.
Now it's just the question Brazil or Turkey. But either way it will be a great game on Sunday for me.
I hope there will be some support here. At least Ungoliant will do that (won't you?).
Smile Smilie
Of course I'll support Germany StormyPete. I do think it will be a more interesting game if Germany were to play Turkey'll be more like a international level local derby then wouldn't it?

Final prediction - Germany A vs. Germany B (oops I meant Turkey). Winking Smilie

After all that's said about Germany Plastic, you have to at least respect their achievements. They were totally written off before the finals, the team had very low expectations and key players were injured. The fact that they even made it past the group stages even surprised themselves. Teamwork, efficiency, dedication will always have a place in football - hats off to the team for recognising their limitations but still working their butts off to get to where they are today. Attacking, creative, South American or total football is sooo overrated. Tongue Smilie

Even Ballack has grown up to be a selfless team player. What heroes - him, Kahn (especially), Ramelow, Hamann (why can't Arsenal buy him from Liverpool?), Schneider & others! They're the true underdogs of this tournament, well done to them.

Great World Cup, this. Big Smile Smilie
Didn't watch it all that closely, so I couldn't say if they played well or not. S'pose it'll be a Brazil germany final then? Oh well, up Brazil! (alright, Kahn's a great keeper)
Couldn't have said it better myself, Ungoliant (except that part with Turkey, of course, but you're absolutely right with that local derby with a few millions living here).
Come on Plastic, be a bit more enthusiastic... being a finalist is not all made up beacuse of luck.
Those Germans really can spoil a good game of football can they? 1-0 again. Boring Smilie

I'll support anyone that plays against them, and if they win, oh well... Boring Smilie I sure hope Turkey will play them. Didn't see the news yet. Has Brazil played them yet? Disturbed Smilie
Aww come on Tommy. I thought you'd be on the side of the underdog...Yeah bloody Brazil won, and a pretty impressive display it was too. Turkey did well initially, but the Brazillians swarmed all over them like Mongolian hordes. Turks were lucky to get away with a 1-0 score. I am seriously worried now. :0:

Well I said Germany B because almost half of the Turkish team are German born. And the Turkish team said that they owe the rise of Turkish football to Germany. If you look at the way the Turkish team play now, they do remind you of the old '80s West German team with Breitner, Littbarski, Briegel etc. Too bad they didn't have a Rummenigge today.
Hey Tom,
that not the support I meant. And by the way, Brazil played 1-0, too, and it was wuite a bad game. The didn't dominate it as much as they should. Seems, as if Ungoliant is my only support here. I will be happy on Sunday no matter how the game ends. A loss against Barzil is acceptable in any way and of something else I don't want to think now. Wink Smilie
Isn't this the first time Germany and Brazil have ever played each other in the World Cup?
Whatever, GO BRAZIL!!!!!
I was hoping Brazil would win because I really want to see Germany and Brazil fight it out for the cup. Now that could be a good game provided it doesn't end in a tie and decided with penalty shots. Do they do that for the final game or can they play until they drop dead from exhaustion? Very Big Grin Smilie Dead Smilie
Not sure which team I will root for.
Boring Smilie I hope not, but with two 1-0 teams in there it probably will be.
Well I though both semis were quite exciting acually. Certainly the Bra-Tur game was one of the best of the tournament.

But most probably the final will be boring. They always are. Very Sad Smilie I just hope that Germany can put up a good fight.

It's amazing that Brazil & Germany have never met in the WC, let alone the final. This is Brazil's third successive final while Germany had the three before that.
Off the top of my head, the previous recent finals:

France '98: Brazil 0 - 3 France
USA '94: Brazil (3)0 - 0(2) Italy (pens)
Italia '90: West Germany 1 - 0 Argentina
Mexico '86: West Germany 2 - 3 Argentina
Espana '82: West Germany 1 - 3 Italy
Argentina '78: Argentina (3)1 - 1(1) Holland (extra-time)
Munich '74: West Germany 2 - 1 Holland
Brazil are seriously on form at the moment ain't they? I('d be worried if I were German... who read Beckenbauer's comments on the German team? ROFLMFAO!
You mean this one?
"We should change everyone in the side apart from Oliver Kahn," growled Franz Beckenbauer. "If you put all the players in a sack and punched it, whichever player you hit would deserve it."

I got it in the mail yesterday from a German friend. Bloody Kaiser. Tongue Smilie T'was funny though.
Hey, this German, Brazillian final is not exactly what I wanted! Cant believe South Korea though...Really thought they were going to do it! I'm in Japan now and the atmosphere is electric!
Yeah, I was kinda hoping they would have done it. Shame really. Very Sad Smilie

Oh well, it's Brazil for the cup now for me. Tongue Smilie
No I don't really care, as long as the final is exciting. Let's hope for a golden goal. Big Smile Smilie
Personally i'm pissed that both are in the final as I was running a sweepstake with my students and both Germany and Brazil were drawn by loads of kids.......and not meVery Sad Smilie But if I have to supprt someone......then I guess its the Brazzillos seeing as it was they who knocked out England. If we're gonna get beat it may as well be by the champions. So Bombadillo you want a golden goal?? I kinda like penalties, I know its not in the spirit of the game, but its sooo tense!
I hate the Golden Goal. Tongue Smilie It's ruining the game, refs tend to make more mistake i.e ruling out more goals by making dodgy offside decisions for fear of errors, and the losing team gets really traumatised by shock of conceding a Golden Goal.

Plus fans like me always get weepy & teary-eyed when watching the losing side afterwards. Remember Italy in Euro 2000? *sob* Or Italy & Sweden in this WC? Waaah! Very Sad Smilie

Penalties are cool though. Thumbs Up Smilie You only feel sorry for the bloke that misses instead of the entire side.
Penalties truly suck eggs, big time.
And how lucky are you Cirdan? In Japan! Wish I was there...Sad Smilie
Me, too!
Cheers! I totally feel like that cat that got the cream! But i'd give anything to be back home for a few weeksSad Smilie
Cant wait for the third place playoff, the Koreans and Japs are preparing to go absolutely nuts!Mad Smilie
Can I just take this opportunity to laugh at the Germans, and say well done to the Brazilians?


Well done, good on you!

Well Plastic, if the fact that we lost against Brazil in the final game ejoyes you so much then it's okay. For my part, I think we played a very good tournament and a defeat against this team is no need to be ashamed. We are vice-champions and that's so much more than anybody hoped for. Bazil is the best team and they can defeat everyone.
I don't give a hoots (would have preferred a much stronger word) about the world cup anymore. Leeds have sacked David O'Leary and look like losing Lee Bowyer, Rio Ferdinand and God knows who else. My world is caving in. Will Leeds be sinking into the dark pit of oblivion once more (and any comments of, "hopefully so", from Plastic will not be appreciated.)
At least with Brazil you have a proven football champion. Think of all the grief and soul searching had an upstart like South Korea or even the US won the WC this time.

From all across Europe I can hear the cry, "Wait 'till 2006!" Smile Smilie
At least with Brazil you have a proven football champion.

Hear hear! Long live Brazil! Big Smile Smilie

I didn't hear that cry here yet. Tongue Smilie
3 and a half weeks to go...
Leeds going down? Sounds promising to me, Dirty, dirty Leeds... Wink Smilie
All I can say is thank god Germany didn't win, oh if Germany had won, the pain Very Sad Smilie
My world is caving in. Will Leeds be sinking into the dark pit of oblivion once more
And if that's not bad enough, it's beginning to look like Boston might not be allowed in the league either now. For the first time in their history they manage to claw their way out of non-league football, only for some official to find some financial discrepency with their books. Thumbs Down Smilie
Life's not fair.
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

Lousy World Cup, glad it's over. Very Sad Smilie

It had to be bloody Brazil, didn't it? The one team that I hate even more than ManYoo. Mad Smilie

Looks like we're buying the entire Turkish team. According to the newspapers, we're eyeing Rustu (yum, pony-tailed replacement for Seaman perhaps?), Sas, Emre & Basturk. long as they get Rustu. Drool... come on the Arsenal!
Sorry that I'm unable to sympathise with Leeds United's predicament, Val. Me no like 'em...I'd rather watch Tottenham. Tongue Smilie

Still, O'Leary's spent too much money (’60m in 4 years?) & has won nothing. Even that stinkin' nasty Blue outfit sacked Vialli after winning the FA Cup. Mind you, the English are a patient lot...he wouldn't have lasted half a season - let alone 4 years - in Serie A.
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