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Lord_Aragorn86 posted on 26/11/2003 at 17:34
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Well, this is a maniplation of DumbCharades which I hope we all know very well.

Anyways, here we will think of a movie(English only, plz), give the number of words it has and then write 1 or 2 sentences which hint at the movie's name indirectly.

For example, If I say:
4 words.
I'll be off in a minute!.

The movie is "Gone in 60 seconds".

I hope you have understood!

So here we go: 3 words.
I won't be dying today!

The winner gets to write about the next movie!

"I'll die Tomorrow" is a Mickey Spillane book, but I don't know if it was ever made into a movie.
Grondy posted 15 January 2005:

Thanks to Eowiodith unadrieniel for providing this list (which I will try to keep updated.)
(NOTE: When "The" is the leading word of a title, you will find it here in the trailing position.)

12 monkeys
50 first dates
African Queen, The
A Farewell to Arms
A Man For All Seasons
American Pie
Apocalypse Now
Being There
Big fat liar
Blind Fury
Bourne Identity, The
Broken Arrow
Bruce Almighty
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chicken Run
Circle of Friends
Crow, The
Dead Poets Society
Diamonds Are Forever
Die Another Day
Die Hard
Driving Miss Daisy
Dude, Where Is My Car?
Farewell to Arms, A
Fear is the Key
Fifth Element, The
Final Destination
Galaxy Quest
Gangs of New York
Ghost Ship
Gone with the Wind
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Green card
Green Mile, The
Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Hide and Seek
High Noon
Ice Age
Imaginary Heros
Incredibles, The
Jerry MacGuire
Kill Bill
Killer Tomatoes Eat France
Liar Liar
Lost Highway
M (Eine Stadt sucht einen M’rder)
Major League
Maltese Falcon, The
Man on the Moon
Matrix, The
Midnight Cowboy
Mystic River
Monsters Inc
Mummy Returns, The
Mystic river
Nightmare Before Christmas
One, The
Pink Panther Strikes Again, The
Princess Bride, The
Rebel Without a Cause
Requiem for a Dream
Ring, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The
Roman Holiday
Shining, The
Scarlet Pimpernel
Shipping News, The
Sliced Dreams
Snow Dogs
Spider-Man 2
Star Wars
Tailer of Panama, The
Thin Man, The
Thin Red Line
Two Brothers
Wedding Crashers
Where Eagles Dare
Yellow Submarine
No Grondy! I'm only talking bout movies. Nice try though!
Keep thinking!!
3 words.
I won't be dying today!

Die another day

2 words
a dozen apes (it's easy, but I couldn't come up with anything else)
Never heard of a movie called 12 monkeys!

But if it is right! try this:

2 words.


Yes that's the description!
Correct Gnampie! Bravo!

12 monkeys? (HEH! Heh!)

Its a tough one for me!
Sad Smilie
Its a tough one for me!
Lord_A, are you telling us Gnampies movie-question was difficult, or is this a new movie for us to guess? Wink Smilie
I meant Gnampie's question was difficlt!
Wasn't 12 Monkeys the right answer and wasn't he just being sarcastic? If yes to the first, then Lord_A owes us a movie to try and guess, please.
Yes, 12 monkeys was the right answer!

You never heard of it?
It's a movie with Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. The story is about a virus that has destroyed the world and killed almost everybody. A few people escaped and now live under the earth surface. They send a criminal (Bruse Willis) back in time to try to prevent the outbreak, but they focus on the wrong things.

Still thinking about your last description Lord_aragorn
I don't think anybody knows, can you tellus the answer so we can continue with the fun??? pleeezzzz!!!!!
It just hit me!

Midnight Cowboy, (1969) with John Schlesinger, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles, John McGiver, Brenda Vaccaro, Barnard Hughes, Ruth White (II), Jennifer Salt ...

So try two words:

"Greets" is the first;

Dong......Dong......Dong......Dong......Dong......Dong...... is the second.

And it won an Oscar.
Excellent Grondy! I knew you will guess it!! Bravo. it is Midnight cowboy! good!

Is it "Hello midnight"?
Isn't there a movie called "High noon"? *goes to check* Jikes, a cowboy movie from 1952 with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly? Never seen it, must have heard about it somewhere.
Amari’ has got it. Happy Elf Smilie I just couldn't let all those Bells go to waste. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Oh and the movie has an Earworm:
HIGH NOON - Tex Ritter

Do not forsake me, oh my darling
On this our wedding day
Do not forsake me, oh my darling
Wait, wait along
Here is a link to the MP3.

Your turn Amari’.
Umm.. ok. Two words.

First word: Small wound
Second word: omnipotent
Bruce Almighty?

He, he. We probably both looked up the last word in the dictionary. Nice thing to have, dictionaries. Big Smile Smilie

Um.. now to the hard part.... For me, that is, for you it will be dissapointingly easy.. Sad Smilie

One word.

The adjective form derived from the name of a hard metal. A moon and greek mythological creatures share the name of the metal.
Is it Titanic ,GrevBukMcJern?

If it is, lemme tell u that Titans were from Greek mythology but not "creatures" in the true meaning of the word. They were the fathers of the Greek Gods ie Zeus, Hades and Posiedon. They were very arrogant rulers and were overthrown by their sons. U can't call them "creatures"!

Okay my turn.

3 words.

Boron. Atomic symbol 'B', atomic number 5, atomic mass 10 amu.
Titanic it is, lord_aragorn86. Smile Smilie

As for the mythology lesson: I stand, eh.. sit, corrected. Big Smile Smilie

As for the movie, I'm totally clueless! Orc Going Huh Smilie *waiting with interest for smart person to appear out of the blue with the answer*
As for the mythology lesson: I stand, eh.. sit, corrected

Its OK Grev. Mythology and legends are one of my fields of interests.
Wat! is it this tough? nananananana Tongue Smilie

C'Mon ppl think!think!

And u can try wild guessing!

Wild guesses: Wink Smilie

BAZ (How many get my drift here, I wonder?) Smile Smilie
B15/B51 flying fortress(es) (Yes, it's supposed to be 52, but...)

Vizard of Oz

Born to kill (boron movie rewiev)
Star is born
The real blonde

atomic symbol, B, boron is the 5th element in the periodic table (atomic number 5) with an atomic weight of 10.81. A group III element boron is an acceptor in silicon, i.e., makes silicon P-type. Boron is the most commonly used P-type dopant and has a relatively high diffusivity compared to arsenic and antimony, common N-type dopants, and a diffusivity and similar to phosphorus, another common N-type dopant

If boron was a hint to something computer related, give me a hint, will you? There is just too much to choose from.

By the way: You don't work for GCHQ, do you? Wink Smilie
boron is the 5th element in the periodic table (atomic number 5)
Oh jeez, it's the movie "The Fifth Element"!!! Couldn't have done it without you mr McJern!

Um.. let's see.. Hehe. Ok, Two words.
Locating nobody in latin
Finding Nemo? Smile Smilie

Iiiik! 5th element!! Well, you know what they say; the best place to hide an apple, is in a barrel of apples. Smile Smilie

Three words: Small children is this, and a little later they are given the third word to keep for life.

[Edited on 14/12/03 by GrevBukMcJern]
Amarie! U've got real brains! I bow to you! *bows* it is the fifth element!

thinking bout urs Grev!
Three words: Small children is this, and a little later they are given the third word to keep for life.

Little Man Tate?
Tate was the boy's last name, given him for life. Could this be the answer?

four words: a pack of trouble in the big apple
It could have been, but it was not. Big Smile Smilie

I can perhaps reveal that the children are rather passive. Someone else is doing all the hard work, and it marks them for life.

The third word is also, don't know why, used for "useful" things like cos2x=1-sin2x (where 2 is a power)
Amari’ have brains, alright! Big Smile Smilie

*making "Amari’ for prime minister"-buttons out of old cardboard*

And today she had exam. Hope she did well. ... Of course she did, silly me. Wink Smilie

*bows a bit too*
Me as prime minister.. Well that would be interesting to say the least, but I'm sure I could do some changes before they kicked me out. Big Smile Smilie

Oh goody, the last movie involved chemistry, this one has maths.. It is holidays people!!! Wink Smilie
I have to say GBMJs "riddle" is giving me a real feeling of Deja vu, but I have no idea where I have seen it! It's drivng me nuts! Or more nuts... if that is possible... Merry Christmas Smilie
If my hints resembles a riddle you have solved before it is purely by chance. Paranoid Smilie

3. hint: (come on, it's not that difficult) Smile Smilie

The second word is a name. It sounds the same as what the children is by sweating others, but is written differently. Also a German physicist with first name Max but not Planch have a family name like what the children is. He once said:

If God has made the world a perfect mechanism, He has at least
conceded so much to our imperfect intellects that in order to predict
little parts of it, we need not solve innumberable differential
equations, but can use dice with fair success.
Well in 1963 I had my first and last course which delved into very rudimentary’considering how much they have learned and had to unlearn since then’"quantum mechanics". So your German physicist is Max Born the coiner of the term. He with his subordinates Werner Heisenberg and Pascaul Jordan developed the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which says, "The more precisely the POSITION is determined, the less precisely the MOMENTUM is known"

So second the word is "born". The third is an "identity"

May I have the envelope please? And the winner is .... "The Bourne Identity" starring Matt Damon or was it Richard Chamberlain?

Someone else may give us another one.
I had an other posted with my 'Little Man Tate' answer (four words: a pack of trouble in the big apple), but I guess that is way too easy for you people. I must think of a more difficult one.
WHEE! *bows for Grondy* Pary Smilie Birthday Smilie Genius Smilie

I think this must be one of the very, very few times quantum physics have ever helped someone to better understand something. The usual result of quantum physics is utter confusion, and a strange desire to knock ones head into a wall. Very Mad Smilie Disturbed Smilie

Yes Gnampie, that one was a bit easy. Haven't seen it yet though. Smile Smilie
Yes Gnampie, that one was a bit easy. Haven't seen it yet though.
It was at the bottom of her post of 16 December and I will have to admit I missed it also.

Was it 'Lost in New York' as in 'Home Alone 2'?
No, it was Gangs of New York

Grev said it was too easy, but didn't even bother to give the answer, so I leave the next one to someone else (than me). Meanwhile I will try to make a more difficult one.
Um..mine's pretty easy!

3 words.
My mother has come back!
Hehe, The Mummy Returns

Four words
Nocturnal ponygirl ahead of Noel
I give up amarie. Tell us the answer plz!
Just posting to revive the thread. ....which I also did a couple of days ago but it seems to have disappeared. Come on folks! Guess!
The night before Christmas? Dunno where the ponygirl comes into it though, if that is the answer.
Ooooooh! That is so close!
Come on, someone must have seen it? Jack, Sally, Halloween and Santi Claws? Pumpkin Smilie
Nightmare Before Christmas
Good one Amarie. Once I reverse ponygirl to girl pony the little lightbulb came on.

1 word
canine-female parent

2 words (easy one):

Shredded fantasy.
Is it "Torn Dreams"? I know the word "torn" is there somewhere.

if it is, my question is:
4 words.
Only you are allowed to see.
I know the answer to yours, but your answer to mine was wrong, sorry.
Shredded fantasy.
Is it Scattered dreams?

Only you are allowed to see.
For your eyes only

Sorry, I'm no good in finding new ones. Can I leave that to someone else? Meanwhile I will try to come up with something good.
Your answer to mine was also wrong I'm afraid Gnampie. It's proving to be tougher than I thought. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
But your answer to mine was correct Gnampie!
Shredded fantasy = Sliced Dreams

Three words: An old boy who needs to put on a little weight.
"The thin man", 1934? Smile Smilie

Hmmm...... *thinks*.... *shocked by this new experience I come up with an simple one* :

Four words:

Fatal vegetables devour the home of the frog-eaters. (this is an UK site, right? Wink Smilie )
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