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Thread: Sound Charades!!

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Two words: "Celestial Conflicts" (I hope this one hasn't been done previously.)
Haha, Star Wars!

Okay, assuming that I'm right...

three words.. sorta:

10x5, the day after the 31st, and, a kind of nut...

(I hope the word is a nut, if its not, sorry!)

50 first dates! Big Smile Smilie It is a... fruit I guess.

Ok two words:
Big black bird.
The Crow? By the way, if that's what it is, good taste, Amarie-it's a shame we lost Brandon Lee, too.
I don't think anyone has heard of that one

Alright, try this:

Seven words. Involving the benevolent, the rotten and the unattractive.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Along that same line: an elevated lunch time.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..... or did someone else get there first?
Opps they did, but are we still on 7 words, elevated lunch (High Noon?)
and the others......or?
Terrijayne: Please, we need to know how many words in your elevated lunch time movie title, of course if it was 'High Noon', Elanor can pose her title or not..

Meanwhile, you all may work on another: Big Black Bird, in three words.
Hint: In it, Bogie played the part of Sam Spade.
The Maltese falcon?

If so, Murder William (two words)
Ah, I know that one and its sequel, but I'll wait and give someone else a try. Cat Smiling Smilie
Dismember Will Smith? No? Alright, it's Kill Bill, and I swear on my grandmother's grave that I just saw Vol. 2 for the first time last night! could you know that? Are you stalking me? You know, I've got a Hanzo sword... Boring Smilie

Okay, four words: Left Alongside the Gust.????????????????
Gone with the wind? lol

Ok, one word: White house.
Light Home? not a movie.... don't know, any other hints, Tommie?

I've sent a message to Tommie in Minsk asking her for a clue.
(Thanks Grondy, and sorry for the inconvenience)

Hint: Translate "White House" into Spanish.
OOh ooh!
Casa Blanca!

Two words:
Phantom Yacht

Casa Blanca!
Except you need to combine then for the movie title: Casablanca.

I think 'Phantom Yacht' would be Ghost Ship.

Try Share the Labor (One word.)
Hint: A Beatles' Movie.
Answer is Help.

Someone want to give us another, seeing how mine appear to been lame?
Hey, Tommie! How's Minsk?

I love the movies Help and Hard Day's Night! Anyone who thinks that the Beatles are lame, Grondy, needs a labodomy!

Can I take this one?

My movie is: one word, phantasm. And it is not Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi weird pottery scenes in my movie!

I didn't mean the movie was lame, I meant my clues are lame. Happy Elf Smilie
Craft? Is that the name of the movie?
Well since it isn't Ghost. Then maybe it is Poltergeist?
Why is this thing stuck?
The Sixth Sense? This really could be anything related to ghosts...
Ulmo lord of waters: The movie title is one word in length.

Moderator Smilie I sent a PM to Laurelindhe ilmarin yesterday, hopefully she will get here sooner than later, else Amari’ had better assume her answer was correct and post us a new one.
I read that like an idiot. I thought she said the clue was one word. Haha. How dumb am I?

Is the answer Phantom?
So sorry for the delay-haven't been able to hook my computer back up until today...anyway, Amarie is correct, the answer is Poltergeist, which in my opinion is one of the scariest movie ever! Take it away, Amarie!
Yey! I'm so clever. Tongue Smilie Ok, here is an easy one:
Two words: "Show me the money!"
Wink Smilie
The Heist ?
Nope. It's easy if you've seen it. Wink Smilie
Jerry McQuire?
MacGuire, but yes. Knew you would know that one. Smile Smilie You're next, Goddess!
Well, the only McGuire movie I know is Lizzie McGuire... and I don't know even know what it's about!!!!!!!! I've just heard of it. You're all doing weird movies I don't know!!!!!! And on the first page of the thread, with the clue '3 words, I won't be dying today' and you all were humming and harring, I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!! I THOUGHT EVERYONE had seen Die Another Day!!!! It's makes me so aware that most people here live hundreds of miles away from me!!!!!!!
Some of us live thousands of miles away from you Loni. Just be thankful I haven't tried to stump you all with one of my "Charlie Chan" movie titles.

A rectangular arrangement of mathmatical symbols. (two words)
Aka a tensor, or in limited cases, a vector.

The Matrix is popular on these forums! Big Smile Smilie

Two words: Misplaced road. (Hope you have not seen this one. It will drive you mad! Mad, I tell you!! )
Good clue! I guessed the name and have decided I havn't seen it. I'll wait a couple more days to give others a chance. Happy Elf Smilie
Lost Highway

Try: cowardly unterseeboot (two words)
I don't think I've ever been in this thread before...

Is it Yellow Submarine, and if so you'd better let me know what I have to do next.
You now post a hint for the title of a movie and how many words the title has. Smile Smilie
Revelation 3 Immanent (two words)
I had forgotten about this thread and up until now hadn't been able to figure out what "Revelation 3 Immanent" meant. Then I went biblical and it was obvious. Appoclypse Now. Good one Val. Happy Elf Smilie

So try: compressed carbon eternally (three words)
is there a list somewhere of all the movie titles already used? if not it might be handy to so that th same movies are not used multipule times. just a suggestion.
Hey Grondy, how about Diamonds Are Forever?

Next one, Transporting a Single Posey. (3 words)
You got it TJ. Happy Elf Smilie

is there a list somewhere of all the movie titles already used? if not it might be handy to so that th same movies are not used multipule times. just a suggestion.
Eowiodith unadrieniel: If you or anyone else will copy down the movie names used and PM them to me, I'll alphabetize the list and post it at the beginning of this thread.
Grondmaster: i've sent the list.
Terri: by posey are you meaning a pretentious person, or were you meaning posy which is either a type of flower or a verb meaning to compliment, or am I totally wrong in all of my thinking?
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