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Thread: Sound Charades!!

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Here's one:

5 words:
Unusually coloured cat hits repeatedly
The pink panther strikes again. Smile Smilie

Two words: A scary business.
I'm thinking 'The Firm' or 'Dangerous Liaisons'.

Good guesses, Wiggle Smilie
Monsters Inc


WHEEE! Vee is right again! Pary Smilie Juggling Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie

And in excsssitement we waitssss for the nexssst riddle. Smile Smilie
still waiting and getting bored! Boring Smilie
Ok! I decided to present my own.

1 word
Screaming with a letter missing!
Puh! Finally! Wink Smilie

Um! Shrek?
Gr8! Grev!

Ur turn!
Sorry, I was away over the weekend and not had time to look.

Wanna another one?


Last stop.

Film, 2 words.
Final Destination.

Another one:

1 word
Upon your finger
Yep, your turn.
3 words

A person who doesn't speak the truth.
Big, fat liar.

Same clue, two words.. Smile Smilie doubt there is a movie by that name and it does fit the description perfectly but it isn't wat I had really in mind. But, I'll give u the benifit of doubt, Grev. So We'll take it as correct.
Grev: Liar Liar?
What did you have in mind, Aragon? Or do you want to use the clue a third time? Tongue Smilie

Peredhil read my mind, though. Your next! Smile Smilie
2 words:

The Shining

Assuming that was correct......

Scary stones caught on film,

5 words. Film. Musical.
is "Scary stones caught on film" your clue or is "Film. Musical" your clue??

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Scary stones caught on film was the clue.

I'll leave it to someone else to set the next one.
Yeah!!!! I'll do it!!! Since I'll probably never get one right!!!! here goes:

One Word:
Courage Organ

I know it is correct!

Here's mine:
5 words

Wat do u say when u see an empty parking lot?
Somewhere to park at last.

Well, you didn't say it had to be a film.


"Dude, where is my car?"

Two words:

The land of the great apple pastry
American Pie! Appels? Hm!

Three words: "An environmentally friendly distance"
Is it The Green Mile?
BraveHeart is right of course!!!
Hey I finally got an avatar!!!
The Big Apple- New York
The land of the Big Apple is America. maybe not too well written but you got it GrevWink Smilie
Halo_Black: Yes it is! Give us another one! Smile Smilie

Ama: I was thinking about the song/anthem(?) ".....and the la-and of the great" . Never understood why New Jorvik is called "the big apple" ... Hm..
okay it's an easy mistake she just must not have seen that she got it right!!
I'll give a new one!! Then when Halo sees the post she can do the next one!! Deal!!


One word:
Rags to Riches (Hint: Disney)
Is it Alladin?

Well, you didn't say it had to be a film.

Vee, we are only discussing movies here so no need to say that!
That actually does work but I was thinking Cinderella. You can give the next one though!! Big Smile Smilie
2 words:

When u don't "live easy"!
A little brain dead. Can I have another clue because I'm special? Cool Smilie
Is it Die Hard?
That may just be it! I had a minor brin fart, but thanks for thinking for me.
yes it is Hobbit Homie 05!

Your turn!
WOW!!! I actually got one right!!! Super Wow Smilie It's unbelievable!!!!!

Okay next one!!

one word:

Rocky! I'm not a Sylvester Stalone fan, but I thought those were funny.
We still don't know if I'm right about rocky!
Black? How many words in the movie?
Moderator Smilie Assume Rocky is the correct answer.

Erbalwen: Is' black' your clue to a movie title? If so, how many words in that title?

Also, please don't use the forum for conversation, use the Private Messages or visit the chat room.

Thank you
Since this thread has been idle for quite a while, I'll give the next movie:

2 words
disected missile
Broken Arrow?

4 words:

Someone making clothes in hot climate.
Broken arrow is right!

Thinkin about urs Grev!
OOh, toughy! Can't figure it out!
Tinker, ******, solider, spy... Moved from sawille row to somewhere with bananas and hats..
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