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Killer Tomatoes Eat Paris?
Well, Grondy I think u might be right. So give us the next clue!
I thought the movie was called "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" but I checked and found
Unknown to most people, there are a total of four tomato movies, following the original, there is "Return of the Killer Tomatoes!", "Killer Tomatoes Strike Again", and "Killer Tomatoes Eat France!".
So the correct answer is Killer Tomatoes Eat France!

Four words: Now that the other side has conceded on all points and there are no remaining issues to be contested, she continues to fight for the revolution.
Right you are, Grondy. Big Smile Smilie Sorry for my non-participance the last few days, "the internet got broken". Wink Smilie

As for your riddle? A female character fighting for revolution automatically makes me think of Joan of Arc. However there are about 4.3 million movies about her, and I found none with titles matching four words. Unless I cheat and say Joan of Arc is one name? Or Jean d'Arc are two words? Or I stomped right in your trap and are now in the wrong field in the next county. Smile Smilie
What is another name for a revolutionary? And I only said "she" because "he" is an often overworked word.
"Rebel without a cause"
You got it Amari’; your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Four words:
Neil Alden Armstrong
The Eagle Has Landed, 1978 staring Michael Caine, Robert Duvall, and Donald Sutherland. I was all enthused by the previews, but thought the story was kind of a let down. They were supposed to assassinate Churchill and failed.

Two words: Das cowardly Boot
I'm clueless.
Good one, Amari’! And Grondy. Smile Smilie
As I study astrophysics I am a bit ashamed to say I needed to Google that one to figure it out... Aehmm... Good book, by the way. Ken Follet? Don't remember... :/

Grondy: I thought we were only supposed to use english movies? Wink Smilie
Submarines might be cowardly boats, but I wouldn't want to be in one in action!

Your movie is, I presume, "Das Boot" (eng. "The boat"), a very see-worthy (if not sea-worthy Wink Smilie ) movie aboat a german submarine and it's crew struggeling to survive at the end of the war.

If I'm right: Smile Smilie
3 words: information about cargo transport.
The Eagle Has Landed, 1978

Well that is not what I was thinking of, though it does fit the decription. Who was Armstrong?

Ok then, another clue.
And it is quite new and I thought it was brilliant!
"Well that is not what I was thinking of, though it does fit the decription. Who was Armstrong" Niel Armstrong was the first man on the moon. I thought everyone knew that...
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Exactly!
Good work Crystle caves! You're not clueless, you're the closest one yet! Thumbs Up Smilie
Two words: Das cowardly Boot
Good GrevBukMcJernword, almost there. Das Boot is the part of my clue that you picked up as "Submarine" Now what is the first word in the title of my movie?

Four words: Neil Alden Armstrong
Man on the Moon (1999) The story of Andy Kaufman's quick rise to fame.

3 words: information about cargo transport.
"Bill of Laden", except I couldn't find a movie with that title. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Ok Amarie, I don't know wat movie u r talking about but I think that this post may help others guess ur movie if I'm thinking on the right track. REM reminds me of the Rapid Eye Movement that happens when we're dreaming. Is it something to do with that. There has been a movie named "Dreams" but I doubt that this is the one u're talking abouut as u say that ur movie is new. Still thinking though!

PS I'm glad to know that lotsa ppl have liked the game.
Man on the Moon (1999) The story of Andy Kaufman's quick rise to fame

BINGO!!! You got it Grondy!!

Hehe, I now know what movie you are thinking about, but I haven't got the time to think of a new movie right now.

R.E.M. (the band) has a song called Man on the Moon written as a tribute to Andy Kaufman, it also is in the movie.
3 words: information about cargo transport.
Ah, that must be The Shipping News. I don't know anything about the movie, book, or plot, but the name popped into my head when I reread GrevBukMcJern's clue.

nine words: "Blustery Ann and Joe's Missing Length of Circle Pirates"
Das Couardly boots, if das boots is submareen, then the moovie must be "Yellow Submareen." I love the Beatles.
LOL, and I thought that REM was the clue for the next movie. hahahaha! *shame on me*
Grondy is as usual right. Smile Smilie The shipping news it is.

The "spaceship" that landed on the moon was called Eagle. Therefore the first message from the Moon to the Earth was: "The Eagle has landed" More famous is probably the small steps taken later... Wink Smilie

"Blustering Ann and....." Help! Nine words? "Lost dimention: Bragging Ann and Joe's ring of pirates" Wink Smilie
Crystle caves has the right anwer with Yellow Submarine,

That's one small step for man, one Giant step for mankind
were Neil Armstrong's first words as he steped on the surface of the Moon in July 1969 and I was there’no, not on the moon silly, in front of my tellevision set watching him in the wee small hours of that morning. His first words upon the actual landing were
The Eagle has landed

Sorry, GrevBukMcJern those weren't the right nine words, so I think the only one unanswered one remains:

nine words: "Blustery Ann and Joe's Missing Length of Circle Pirates"

Look for synonyms, sound alikes, group words together, and rearange.
OK Grondy, here's my wild guess:

Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi

The Jedi can be seen as pirates, well, they are rebels
Circle: running in circles, returning to the place you started from, so 'return'
Blustery: war

But it has only 8 words, so it's probably wrong.
Sorry Gnampie, but thats not it, though it was also an action picture. It might help to just key on Missing Length of Circle Pirates which make up the important last five words of the movie title. The first four Blustery Ann and Joe's will become obvious when you get the last five.
Is it Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

If so, try this one (it's quite easy):

Six words
Manually swinging the litttle bed
The lost arc/k part is ok, but "blustering Ann"=Indiana?? Explanation? Using small spoon, please. Smile Smilie

Peredhil is probably thinking of "The hand that rocks the cradle". Baby Girl Smilie

Two words: Old eggs in swift motion.
The lost arc/k part is ok, but "blustering Ann"=Indiana?? Explanation? Using small spoon, please.
'Windy Ann and Joe's' sounds a bit like 'Indiana Jones'.
Peredhil is probably thinking of "The hand that rocks the cradle".
I was. Smile Smilie
Two words: Old eggs in swift motion.

Chicken Run! It's so funny!

One word: Produce lots of offspring.
Is it Spawn?
Peredhil had mine right on all counts. Cool Elf Smilie

I think it is probably Daisy's turn seeing as how Spawn sounds like the right answer.
Spawn is correct, Daisy you're next! Smile Smilie
Ok, here goes: 2 words


vacanza = Italian for vacation house (I think) So I'm seeing something with Chevy Chase, which is probably all wrong. Dunce Smilie
Oh dear. Probably my dodgy Italian. Drop the house part and forget about Chevy Chase.

Holiday Inn?
Nope, guess again Wiggle Smilie
Hihi! Clever one, Daisy! Smile Smilie Teacher Smilie

Roman Holiday? Was wondering why you wrote spanish/italian/portugese/rumanian. It makes sense now, particulary since the linguists here say it is italian. Smile Smilie

Hmm: One word: Russian linux system.
Yay well done!!!! Big Smile Smilie

Haven't the foggiest about yours, but then I haven't had about many of them. Not a clever hobbit.

Noone? Hm! Not even wild guesses like "Red hat"? Don't know if that is a movie, though. Maybe? Wink Smilie

It is not the linux system that is russian. However the name of the system is the same as the name of the movie(s). The russian part you must figure out self! Smile Smilie
The only one word film I can think of which has anything russian about it is


I shall consult my linux administrator about the linux connection.

No, not Speed. Is there something russian about speed? *trying to remember* Hmm..

The only linux things I can think of are

Shadowman (which was a film)

Sun might be a hint. In more ways than one..

But that is Unix not Linux.

The movie(s) are/is Solaris! Full marks! Smile Smilie

I was very unsure about the Linux/unix thing. Wrote Unix first, then googled it. On the Sun page it was listed with many other OS's and they were all Linux(I think) So I changed it.

Have seen part of the movie. (Original russian one) Didn't understand squat and gave up. Apparently the book is really good and the movie makes good sense after reading it. It's now on my "things I'll do before the world ends - but probably not much before"-list. Wink Smilie

So! Your next! Big Smile Smilie
this is easy.......
film, 2 words

Looking for chocolate.

"Willie Wonka" ?
Galaxy Quest?

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