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Phobos means fear...

(Does the fact Phobos is a moon or meaning fear have ANYTHINg at all to do with it?)
Phobos means fear...

Light at the beginning of the tunnel. One of the four words is indeed "Fear".
Is it something like Fear is the Key even though i have never heard of it before
and lock... is that anything to do with key/padlock?
Robbin'wood gets the correct answer. Your turn next. You haven't heard of the movie and/or the book? You might have as well jumped into a well. Go get the book and read it now. Its by Alistair Maclean. And please jump into the well after you've given the clue for your movie.
( sorry it took so long to post. I dont check this thread much and just threw a random guess for the hec of it so didnt expect to get it right. Well on to the movie and sorry it is not very origional because i have no time to see movies with my schedule and those I do areusually with my younger sisters 10 and 5)

Red Flower
How many words does the title of your movie consist of?
The Rose ?
nope. I will give a hint tommorow or after the next guess.
Steel Magnolias ??
The hint is both tthe words are synonyms or a type of the thing. no word Wink Smilie
no sorry.
first word starts with S second word starts with P
I had the answer in my post Saturday, but the dog ate it.

Loni should know the answer to this one.
They seek him here,
They seek him there.
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
That demned elusive Pimpernel. - Baroness Emmuska Orczy
It was the Scarlet Pimpernel.
Thank you Grondy. I knew it was in a thread somewhere and that someone wsa a fan but couldnt remeber who. I watched it for European history extra credit in the begining of the year. but i would like to hear the story of how your dog ate an online thread because it sounds interesting.
but i would like to hear the story of how your dog ate an online thread because it sounds interesting.
When the server crashed late Saturday night/Sunday morning I lost about 12 posts that I had made earlier Saturday evening. I know Amari’ also lost her answer to my missing new Trivia: Barad-d’r question.

Dog Smilie So dude, de server were de dog dat done dood de dastardly deed. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

So try: So Long Extremities (four words)

(Today Grondy learned the title had four, not three words, and changed the above to suit.)
Can we have more clues Master Grond?
Yes, the pseudo dog ate my pseudo silmarill... I didn't loose my hand though, like Beren, so it can't my extremities the movie is about. All I can think about is 'my left foot', but that's not what Grondy is after.
Hint: The book author's daughter was an actress, whose first name was Margaux, while his granddaughter is also an actress and whose first name is Mariel. Neither of them appeared in this film, though actress Helen Hayes did.
A Farewell to Arms (1932)
Thank you, google. Now what have we said about old movies and us ignorant young people, Grondy? Wink Smilie

Can someone post a movie? My brain isn't working...
2 Words - Cold animal
Chilly Dog?

Thats not even a movie i dont think, let's hope not hehe
Well it ain't a hot dog, for sure. Elk Grinning Smilie

Well you're both close with dog Wink Smilie
wolf is coming to me but i dont know what goes with it Sad Smilie oh well if wolf is in it then i am helping someone else.
Ooooooh, poor robbin is feeling unwanted!! Maybe I should go over and make him/her(sorry dont know hehe) feel better.. but what if my other friends at PT see me talking to him/her... I dont want to be a loser but I do feel bad for him/her...

Megan walks over..

There there Robbin, It's okay! *pat on back

Yeah I know I think I'm kinda weird too.... possibly schizophrenic like gollum..who knows
Here's a clue - Cuba Goulding jr
I hadn't ever heard of Chiens des neiges so I looked up the above actor's name. I'll leave it up to someone else to come find the two word English title because I don't want to give the next one as no one has heard of my golden oldies either. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
snow dogs

3 words, "saffron submersible" should be easy........
Any movie named "The Red Submarine"?
Naw, that's the "Red October Hunt"; though I think there was a lemon colored one in which Jeremy the Nowhere Man was one of the stars.
almost, however saffron (or saffron how i know it) is not red, but another colour
So we are with "The Orange Submarine", now?
even closer, it tells the epic tale of the occupation of pepper land by the blue meanies!
Pssst... It may be a good idea to check the list on the first page to make sure the movie hasn't been used before. Though saffron was a refreshing new twist. Smile Smilie
Okay already, it's The Leyyow Submarine.

Try: Shakespeare's Japanese King and daughters. (one word)
Sorry to be so thick but any clues Wink Smilie
Another hint: Akira Kurosawa's 'King Lear'
still very confusing grondy at least for me.
OK, I have done a bit of hunting down and there is a film called Ran. I havn't heard of it before. I love Shakesphere's plays, I saw Sir Ian McKellan and Dame Judy Dench in Macbeth whoops sorry 'The Scottish Play' in London when I was a school. I used this as the book for my English Lit exam (and passed). I really do love Shakeshpere, would you recommend Ran (if this is the film you are hinting at)??

I have just bought A Midsummer's Nights Dream, Love's Labour Lost and Twelth Night on dvd.

Well is it Ran...... Wink Smilie
Absolutely, Maydmarion. You get to do the next one.

If you like samurai movies, big battles, and colour in your movies, then Ran is a good one. Also each faction's uniforms are a different colour so you can tell the players apart without a program; I can't remember if it is subtitled or dubbed. It was Kurosawa's last movie and he did it in epic style.
I do like oriental films, I love Crouching Tiger and - oh I just gave that away Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Here we go......

Shape of peers
Lords of ... (how many words please?)
well if it has to do with lords of then a shape is a ring so...
Lord( or lords as it would be through peers) of the ring/s
Sorry 3 words
Lord of War except I see nothing to do with shape so "Lord" is probably wrong.
No sorry!
Guess we need a hint, please.

Filmed in Ireland, 1995, based on a book.
Okay the initial clue was a good one and were I a movie buff of the modern era I might have known about the movie, but as it is I had to use the hint to find Circle of Friends.

Try: Ooooh Wowsers! I don't think I can believe in them. (two words)
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