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OK - with that I think I'll need a hint Wink Smilie
Ah Shucks! I forgot what it was and I didn't write it down. Orc Sad Smilie Stay tuned to see if I can remember it.
Well I figured it out, but not by the clue which was too lame.

So here is a better clue to the same movie. Unreal Men of Courage (still two words)
Fantastic Four? The Incredibles? X Men?
Hmmm? Now you mention it The Incredibles was the answer to my first clue. Imaginary Heros was my second. You may take it away Lord Aragorn, for I'm not any good posing questions for this game.
Three Words:
Eyeries: Raptor's nests

(Grondy edited one word which was also contained in the movie title.)
Hint: Soldiers and a tramway figured in the plot.
Another Hint: Raptors accept challenges here.
another hint please Wink Smilie
(1969) starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood.
i think we need a new movie so this thread can be revived.
Fine Robbin, start a new one if you like. Happy Elf Smilie

I'll leave Lord_aragorn86 movie and my hints unanswered, in case someone still cares to guess it.
an easy one...
2 words: the only
The One?

sorry it has been a while but yes Icefangs is right.
Icefangs: you may provide us with our next movie title to guess.
Sorry I wasn't able to post sooner, I was at my mom's.

3 words:
Skin and Search

Will no one guess mine!?

Um, well, I'd guess "Hide and Seek" but I don't know a movie by that title. I'm really only here to tell Grondy (geez, they hadn't heard of the ultimate western, High Noon? Must be furriners) They Might Be Giants did a parody of "Oh, do not forsake me" (and I bet most folks don't know that's what it is, but I caught it immediately) by the same title:

O, do not forsake me, my indolent friends
O, do not forsake me though you know I must spend
All my darkest hours talking like this
For I am one thousand years old

One thousand years old
Sure, you think that's old
One thousand years old
But what do you know?
In my darkest hour I'm talking like this
For I am one thousand years old

Oh, some have forgotten the flower of speech
And walks through the garden where I go to defend
Misbegotten notions while talking like this
For I am one thousand years old

One thousand years old
Sure, I'd say that's old
One thousand years old
But what do I know?
In your darkest hour, my indolent friends
We'll be one thousand years old

It helps if you've heard Tex Ritter do the original. Those who haven't seen High Noon: do so. BTW, for those who don't know (but I bet Grondy does) Tex Ritter was the father of John Ritter. Now if only my record player worked and I could put some Hank Snow on it....
That was it Moramar, Hide and Seek that is. It is a brand new horror movie that, according to IMDb has the tagline: "Come out come out whatever you are. If you want to know the secret, you have to play the game."

I for one, will never darken a movie theatre's door while Hide and Seek is playing, let alone condescend to rent or buy the DVD or VHS.

So it is Morambar's turn to give us a movie to guess.
I thought Hide and Seek was a good movie, but I'm just a huge fan of horror titles.

Didn't recognize it, so I was waiting for confirmation (thanks, Grondy; not sure I could've found the thread again.) 'Tis an interesting grouping there on that first page; everything from "Dude Where's My Car?" to Casablanca. I'd guess who gave us The Thin Man, but I suspect it would be too easy (and where was I?!!!) Well, I'll give it a shot; I also suspect this one goes down easy 'cos it's a popular geek movie, but...

3 words,

"Definite Article Royal Scion Spouse."
Mayhaps it's The Princess Bride?
Yup. One of my all time favorites, though comparing the movie to the book is like comparing the Silmarillion to the Trilogy in terms of detail. Soooo much didn't make the cut. I'm utterly buffaloed on the Rhyme Game, btw; I have a response, but can't think of a link to go with it. Just not enough eagles around, and I don't wanna just shove in another eagle. But I might.
what's the next one grondy?
nuptial wreckers (two words)
Wedding Crashers!

let me think of one...ok

I hope this hasn't been done before...

A cocoa manufacturing facility and Chuck
Charlie and the Chocolate factory, I presume!

The answer to my last question (posted about a month ago) was "Where Eagles Dare" and here's my next one:
2 words:
A kind of a rage when the person becomes a maniac and does not see or care who he is hurting when in the kind of rage.
Caudimordax: Checkout the first post in this thread for a list of previously used movie titles.
I apologize, I thought I did, but I guess I am becoming reckless.

The movie isn't The Grudge is it?
Well, nope!

A hint: Its not all that recent.
Uh... Psycho?

and here's my next one:
2 words:

I hope that will explain why your guess is wrong!
does it have something to do with berserker, and yes i know it is only one word.
Going Berserk (1983) Starring a bunch of the guys from Second City Television.
Although the number of words is correct but its still a wrong guess.

Hint: Its a movie about an American Vietnamese War veteran and is based on a book whose name is same is that of the movie. And its got nothing to do with the word "berserk".
Is the movie recent, like 80s, 90s or 00s?

late 80s. I would have given the exact year but I like things tough!
Oh well, I doubt I could guess that, I was born in '89.... but um... some words:

how about:
nope, can't think of anything...

i dont think i could guess...i was born in '92

will you PLEASE tell us the answer so we can get on with the game.
Oh, all right!

The answer was: Blind Fury (1989) and quite a good movie too!
Ooh, I got one! If I can go next...

And by the way, Lord_A, I've heard that is a great movie, my dad told me, or something....
Go ahead Icey. Happy Elf Smilie
Alrighty then.... let's see...

Tom Mark
(two words)

N E Clues !!!
Sorry I haven't posted lately, what with the hurricane and all.... anyway, about the clues.

The hints do not really relate to the answer, they are just another part or the name containing half the answer.

If someone gets this, or understands my clue, then I shall be amazed....
Ooooh..... my 800th posteh!!!!! yay!

Icey: So far you have stumped us. Shaking Head Smilie We don't have any ideas about what your movie could be. Please give us the year, or leading actor, or the subject, or director, or something that we can build on.
Okay, okay...

Lead actor: Tom Cruise

If I tell you when it came out, it might give it away...

Let try to rephrase my CLUE:

What other words are associated with:
It will have to be a guess - Top Gun

Maybe we could gradually narrow it down Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Nope... sorry.
The title is also a name...

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