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She meant a flower, one blossom on a single stem riding in a buick or was it an olds. Elf Winking Smilie

Okay, I've alphabetized (after I learning how to do it) and posted Eowiodith unadrieniel's movie list at the bottom of the first post in this thread. Link to Movie List.
i've racked my brain terrijayne, but i'm not being able to think of anything. wanna give us hint or something?
Sorry my hint wasn't the best, Eowiodith. A clue would be the word posey refers to a flower; the single refers to the marital status of the main character of the movie. Another hint, the flower has white petals with a yellow center.

Hope that helps. Hopefully the next sound charade will come from someone better at this game. hint, hint, Grondy Winking Smilie
I also gave a hint to TJ's movie title, which if I'm not mistaken was Driving Miss Daisy starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy. Elf Winking Smilie

Try: A large watercourse meandering through the fog. (two words)

(Oops, I should have waited another day or two before guessing TJ's flick. Sorry)
Wow...thanks for guessing my movie Grondy. I had totally forgotten about this game and finally found it today, wondering if everyone was mad at me for not coming back to finish the game. Glad you took care of me! Big Smile Smilie

I'm sure I know the answer to your clues Grondy, being the "mysterious" type that you are. But since I don't want to take another turn right now and mess up the game again, I'll let someone else guess.
I keep forgetting this nice thread too.

Umm... Mystic river?
Yes, that's the one Amarie. Happy Elf Smilie Your turn.
4 words

skinny and blushing boundary
ummm... is there a fence anywhere in there? Red fence.... I never have any idea of any of the movies you lot watch.
I got it! Your "Red" is right Loni. Happy Elf Smilie
G-master seem to have it. Anyone else? Smile Smilie
Just stumbled onto this site.

Thin Red Line
Yup. You're next Smile Smilie
uh... okay,

Like an ancestor of the gods
How many words in your title, Shaya puma? Happy Elf Smilie

One word

Like an ancestor of the gods
Titanic, I believe. But then, that's been done once before!

Check the list of movies that have already been played (its on the first post) and make sure that your movie isn't one of them.

Someone else give the movie to guess because I'll be out for 4 days!
yes and I'm sorry about the repeat.

How about -- a collegial group of dearly departed writers? (3 words)
Dead Poets Society?

If so try: sub-Mediterranean ruler (three words)

(I had better update the list, and keep it updated in the future.)
Would that be The African Queen?
Yes it would Oloriniwasinmyyouth, your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Sorry about the delay.

How about existing in a location

(two words)
Hmmmm? Still working on it.
Being There
Nice, Shaya Puma. You're up.
Okay, try this
Roman 1k
Amelie (from 2001) ?
I don't get how that could be an answer. In any case, it's wrong. Rather than jam a fun thread, should I just give the answer after a period of time? I didn't think this would be that hard.
Or you could expand your hint:
I V X L C... ? I don't know if there is a movie by that name, and thus *poof* (disappears in a puff of logical smoke)
It seems like you know the answer but possibly don't know that there's a movie of that name.
I don't get how that could be an answer.
Well here was my thinking at the time: A roman is an Italian; 1k is a thousand; an Italian thousand is "a mille". Hence my guess was "Amelie"

Okay, my answer was lame because the spelling is different and I don't know how either are actually pronounced. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Shaya puma: If no one guesses the answer after a couple of days, give a hint and if they still can't do it, give another.
Okay, this has gone on a while. I think the clue is doable and I erred in giving too obscure a movie. Actually it's one of the great classics, but it's old, older than the LOTR books, and it's German from between the wars. That might help.

Roman Ik
M - Eine Stadt sucht einen M’rder. ( a city searches for/seeks a murderer)

PS! A rule instituted by Amari’ say the movies can't be older than Grondy! Big Smile Smilie

Hmmm. *thinks, then ponders then go to find a broom to sweep up all the hair on the floor around the chair*

The Clue: "A melody of mourning for a REM session" 4 words.

(Grondy merely highlighted Grev's answer to the old one and his clue for the new one.)
I left this for a while because I got the name without knowing there was such a movie and thought that wasn't quite fair. I'm sorry about breaking the rules earlier.
requiem for a dream
That's the one, O' great cat from the Shire! Big Smile Smilie

Never mind the rules! Who cares abo.. *sees Grondy* Uh oh! *runs!!* Wink Smilie

Your turn! Smile Smilie

Guessing is easier than making up clues. I've gotta stop this.

Guy appropriate to winter, spring, summer and fall
Might it be, "A Man For All Seasons"?
Yes, it is.
Take it away, Terrijayne.
Devour the twentieth epistle. (Sounds like two words)

I'll give a better clue later, if this one proves too lame.
Waiting for next clue, Grondy... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Okay, maybe this hint will help: superfluous earthling in addition to the preceding clue.
Extra Terrestrial? hmmm?
So what was the name of the movie in all the ads and on the Marque? It wasn't actually advertised as ' Extra Terrestrial' was it?
Well, ET really, but then its just an abbreviation of Extra-Terrestrial. Don't both mean one and the same thing?
Surely, but my first clue doesn't work with "Extra Terrestrial", while "Eat-T" does. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Anyway, it is Lord_aragorn86's turn to give us a better one. Happy Elf Smilie
4 words:
Phobos will open the lock.

(PS, I'm changing the movie to be guessed since I didn't like the clue to the previous one I had posted here. Anyways, happy guessing on this one.)
Another hint : Its a movie based on a book
Another hint: The movie was made in the 70s. Think, think!
I don't have a clue, even with your new clues. 'Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance' doesn't make sense and was made much later. Phobos is a moon of Mars. I'm not good at this game. Sorry.
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