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As Merry shouted on Darous Gorwath tuned round when he heard the name and they both saw each other.
" it can't be him.Not after all these years." Gorwath thought to himself.
"You look as if you have seen a ghost Gorwath." Arwen said.
"Maybe I have Arwen..maybe I have.
"So he has seen me. Well he will know what is to come then!!!!!" spoke Darous softly.
"What's that Darous???" asked Merry.
Darous turned to Merry.."Nothing my little friend,just talking to myself. Now what say we go and sample some of the ales and pipeweed on offer in this fine establishment Merry. I could drink a trough."
"And I say you probably would" laughed Merry.
As they left Darous shot a look at Gorwath one which would chill his very soul.
*The Nazgul was standing on the sacred land Arwen came up disarmed and started saying a spell*

"Don't worry Nuldanqu’, everything will be allright."

*Then Arwen turn around and faced the Nazgul. it was the magic of the elves against the Dark magic. But the place was sacred and Arwen sent the Nazgul away with no trouble*


"Nuldanqu’, this is a magic powder. Sprinkle it on some rocks. It will protect the camp from bad spirits and Dark Forces. Where is Gorwath? Ask around, find out who was the last one to see him."
Calenthang three days away from Rivendell*
-I must go to the council in Rivendell folks are sying that "The one ring" has been found and now it is time to decide it's fate.
*Summons on of the Mearas and heads to Rivendell*

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*Glorfindel runs up*
"Legolas! The Council is about to begin! Why is your head in the clouds?!"
why? because the sea is the most beautiful thing in the world. I am near running water. I thought it was the sea.
"I was thinking of how beautiful Imladris is. Come! Let us go."
*Arwen walking up to Legolas*
"I've heard a great deal about you. My father as been talking about your great accomplishments, I heard you are the first archer of Mirkwood. Your honor is great and you have no fears will you try to take the Ring and destroy it yourself Lord Legolas?"

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Now many miles from Rivendell a figure is rushing down the road. " These damn Elves always calling on my assitant at the last minute, when will they learn to find me early....." Suddenely he stops and sniffs the air but before he can reach for his sword a group of orcs is upon him.
"Never can I have an easy day." The orcs come at him from all sides. "Gurthang do you wish to draw blood?" "Soon I will draw yours but for now the orcs shall do." "Orcs you ambush the wrong dwarflin". And suddenly Darous goes into a rage never seen by the orcs and one by one they are slayed. But suddenly from behind a tree an archer prepares to fire..................
*back in Imladris with Arwen*
"well...i will do the councils will. What is your purpose on this mission, Lady Arwen?"

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*lowering her voice, afraid of being heard*
"The One Ring has been brought to Imladris. The smallest of us showed the greatest courage. Frodo, an halfling, from a distant place called the Shire has brought it here. The meeting will decide who shall destroy The One Ring.
I'm afraid. I fear that someone in the meeting will take this burdein on himslef."
*Arwen looks at the sky, now grown dark and rainy*

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*Elrond gracefully enters Rivendell's commons, flanked on each side by his strapping young sons. He throws a casual glance about the immediate area, and let's loose his long rehearsed welcome for all those present.*

Elrond:: "Ah yes, Friends, Allies, Free Peoples of Middle Earth, welcome........ to Rivendell. Also known as Imladris,
Karningul, The First Homely Home, The Last Homely Home by the Sea, The House of Elrond Half-Elven, The Hidden Refuge, etc. Please find your way over to the council chambers as there is much to be discussed. Erestor, my chief counsellor, will be provided the refreshments."

Erestor:: "Hey"

Elrond:: "On your way over be sure to check out the shards of Narsil and the statue of Gilrean. The council will begin shortly, if you have any questions ill be at the 26th waterfall from the right of the west wing. Again, welcome, im pleased that many have decided to make the journey, as all our fates, regardless of race, are bound by the issue at hand."
"Lord Elrond, is there anything else?"

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"Halflings? From the Shire? How can a halfling carry the One Ring? Cut from the hand of Sauron himself? Where did he find it?"
*Arwen speaks again, looking at Legolas*

"Yes an Halfling, of great courage. One in his family found him. The same Hobbit that came to live here."

"I shall go now"

*Arwen looks worried*

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*Frodo sits down in a chair* ""Procede Elrond."
*follows Arwen*

*walking with Legolas In the halls going to the meeting*

"Tell me about pal, it's going to an extremely long day"

*Arwen takes a seat and shows Lagolas his*

"Father, where is Darous? Why isn't he here? Has something happened to him?"

*Arwen is very worried*

"I hope nothing wrong has happened, Frodo, you were the last one to see him, speak tell me where he is!"

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Frodo says, "The last time I saw him he was in the Fire Hall among the Elves, singing and listening to songs. Though he has traveled on the road with us for many miles, he is probably weary."
*Nuldanqu’, fearing she is late, walks swiftly to the side of her Princess*

My Young Lady, if any inconvinience I have caused, you have my deepest regret. I have seen many on their way here, and many yet to come. I wish to give greetings to Master Elrond, but shall wait till after the decsion. I fear for whoever must take upon themselves this task. It is a great burden. I must stop my mouth now, for it goes on without ceasing when I allow it.

*She takes her seat beside Arwen's. She wonders in her head where Aragorn is, for she saw him prior to her arival. She keeps quite though, not wanting to give Arwen anything to worry over*

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Well isn't this a nice little gathering. I wonder where Glorfindel is. He was supposed to be here. where is Darous? he is also supposed to be here.
*Master Elrond takes his seat at the head of the table. It's cold out, not extremely cold, but not real comfortably cold, kind of more like seasonably chilly..... for the time year. *

Erestor: "Sit down."

Elrond:: "Thank you Erestor." *clears throat* " Free Peoples of the West, Friends of old, im pleased that you have all found your way throught the hidden valley into my convientantly placed refuge among innumerable waterfalls and harzardous cliffs. We have gathered here today to answer the threat of Mordor. Even now the Nameless One gathers all his thralls and wicked men into his domain. Reports have it that the Morgul Host has pushed as far as Osgiliaith. Reserves from the Harad road swell his armies everyday. Each race is bound to this fate, this one doom. We here present must decide what course of action the free peoples of Middle Earth will take to answer this growing threat. Im aware that each of you have urgent news from your homelands, and this will all be addressed now."

*Elrond gestures for one of the members seated to address the Council.*

*Arwen Stands up and starts speaking*
"I shall speak of the matter Father. War is upon us, we must unite. We are here to decide who shall take this burdein upon himself. I decided that I shall take The One Ring and destroy it in Mrodor, all those who will want to follow me, shall have free will to do so. If you have any reason for me not to take this road speak now. Father will you let me go on this mission to destroy the one Doom of Middle Earth? And Legolas, dear friend, and best archer of all, I'm asking you to come with me, for the road is dangerous and I shall not go alone. Will you help me?"
*Looking at Legolas*

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*looks up*
"Of course Lady Arwen. This will be a dangerous journey, though, are you sure you are willing to go?"
*Nuldanqu’ stands in protest*
My Princess, I fear you should not take upon this task. For one of your stature, you should stay with your people. But alas I fear my biddings will be unheard of by your ears. I shall go with you, Princess Arwen. To the very edge of Mt. Doom my sword will be in alleginace with you.

*Nuldanqu’ gracefully and powerfully strikes her sword in to the sky*

I shall go with the Princess, and who with me? But whoever goes, may it not be Arwen, I shall be gaurd and protector. I once again ask of the Young Lady to not take this task upon herself.

*rushing into the room*

"sorry i'm late, i've been riding from Lorien as fast as i could for 15 days now, bearing an important postBody: Orcs are invading Lorien, and are heading for Rivendell, they are smelling out locations and are destroying everything in their way"
*falls down on a chair*
*Arwen spoke with courage in her eyes and voice, but with great fear for her people "

"My heart is full with sorrow, all the people shall leave for the Gray Heavens. Father please leave too or come with me, I don't want anyone to stay here. Imladris is loosing power, My Magic and My Father's cannot protect It from this attack."

*Arwen rested her voice and then spoke again with tears in her eyes, tears of fear for what is left of the world she knew"

"I shall go my dear friend Legolas, and I will have you with me. And you Nuldanqu’, one of my dearest friends, i know that you fear for me, but the best way to help my people right now is to save them from this one Doom. I will go and You will have free will to come with me. I worship your loyalty to me, Is anyone else willing to come with us?"

*Arwen looks at all the other members*

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*Arwen Speaking to everyone*

"An army of monsters....."

*With Tears in her eyes*

"How could this all happen all so soon, Lorien under attack,
Saruman turning his back on us"

*slamming her hand on the table"

"We cannot stay silent to this, all of us must act now, at the turn of the time. Please help me in this missing, we have valiant worrios here, please let this not be the end, but the biginning. The bignning of a new allience"

*Looking at the mebers awaiting for an answer*
*standing, looking around the room*
"I am willing to come, I'll never let my sister go alone in times such as these"
*speeking loudly and clearly*
"This is a strange and sad time for us all, and i will not allow our people to be brought to death. We all have to do what we can to protect each other, and save our world from this destruction. Who else is comming along to fight for our world?!"
*stands firmlly, looking around, as tears start to drip down his cheek*
*Looking around and the listeing to the sounds of the wind*

"Orcs are close, 3 maybe 4 nights from here. we must decide quickly! Who is coming with us????"
*Calenthang arrives in Rivendell bows down to and sits down*

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*Looking sad*

" He escaped my guards, he is not welcome here. But I shall not have him killed.You know what a risk it is for Dark Elf to come to Imladris. Why would you serve me? Why should I trust you? Why did you come here? Was is only because of your brother?"

*Said Arwen with warm voice*
*looking at Calenthang*

"I am going to Mordor, some are coming with me, will you come calenthang?"

*Looking down with tears in her eyes*

"I decided to take this burdein upon myself, to protect my people. you don't have to come, the choice is yours."

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Calenthang stands up*
I will protect you with my life Arwen.
But I hear Lorien is attacked...I must go there and see Galadriel to safety.Maybe she will join you as well!
*exits the room and heads toward Lorien*

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*looking at Calenthang in his bright blue eyes.*

"Are you aware of the danger? we could both die and I couldn't let you die to save me."

*Trying to smile but with tears in her eyes*

"I will take the Ring to Mordor, call me when ready, I shall go now... I need some rest before we leave."

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Suddenly through the door comes Darous. "Sorry I am late but I was attacked...Arargorn has filled me in on the current situation, and you will have my sword among you."
Arwen smiles "We thank you for your services Darous but I am troubled with the Dark Elf escaping","Well I do have some good news on that subject, the orcs mentioned a Dark Elf while they were attacking me,but since they are all dead it means that he is still out there looking for them and we still might catch him."
"We cannot start surmising what the Dark Elf wanted he is now gone and the ring has to set out on its journey,for the eye now looks at Rivendell." Arwen says worringly.
*Looking at Darous*

"Yes you shall come with me. But i fear that something bad will happen. We need to leave as soon as possible. For my magic is weak and I cannot stay here anymore. I'm in danger."
*Arwen Walked to the doors of Imladris*

"Who are you stranger, what do you want? This is a sanctury for good, not evil. Are you here on political purpuses? Or is it something else?"

*Looking At the Dark elf right in the eyes*
*Arwen Got closer to him*

"Take my hand, I will take you with me inside, they will not attack you if they see you are with me"

*Offering her hand*
*In the mean time Calenthang arrives in Lorien* seems that Lorien was able to push off the attack.I have to see lady Galadriel!
*Asks one of the gurds where to locate Galadriel*
*Looking at him*

"I do not want your brother. revenge is not my desire. We are leaving soon on a missing. Come with me I shall give you new weapons, weapons worthy of the archers of Imladris, but know, these turn your back on me, and you shall not live to tell the tale."

*Arwen said firmly, but with great feeling in her voice*
*Arwen took him to her room. Called a servant and told him to get new cloths and weapons*

"Now listen to me, I don't want to tell you again, this is a sacred place look after yourself. And be careful"

*The servant arrived with everything he was asked to take*

"I will see you in the main hall"

*She then left*
*Calenthang wating in front of Galadriel's throne room*
One of the gurds steps forward and says:
-The queen will see you now.
*Calenthang enters the throne room*
The room appears to be a carved core of a big tree.The walls are covered with ivy and the air id filled with sweet scent of fruits.
*bows to Galadriel*
-Lady Galadriel.As you already know "The one ring" is found and the council of Rivendell has decided that it must be destroyed.I also bring word from lady Arwen.She ask for your assistance in this quest!
*Calenthang is wating for response*

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*Knocked on the door and then entered. With a tray in her hands*

"i thought you might be hun...."

*She dropped the tray. Gorwath looked like any other elf in Imladris, she couldn't reconize him. Then she realized that she had dropped her tray*

*She bows down to pick everything up*

"I'm sorry I'll get a servant to bring some more food"

*talking outside*

"Now, we are about to leave. i hope you are ready, try to stay close to me for the first couple of days, the others still don't know that you are coming with us"

*The servant came with some lembas*

"Here. Now lets go"

*Glorfindel rides into Imladris*
*looks around*
"Where is everybody?"
*Runs to find Elrond*
Merry and Pippin come at last to the council meeting place, having slept late into the day. They are ashamed and worried to find that everyone has gone. When they learn what has been decided, they are filled with great fear and admiration for the great Lady Arwen. They both know in their hearts what they must do and run off to find her.

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Elrohir comes out of his room, and goes down to the small hall-
"Merry! Pippin! What a pleasure to see you both, i assume you've heard of the dangers we are going through, as i imagine, you might want to come along as part of the fellowship"
"We are off to find The Lady Arwen" both exclamed.
"That is a good idea, i think she might be in the main hall, , , it would also be good if you could talk to Elrond, if he isn't too busy."
*Runs off to get Isil-his horse*

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Meanwhile in Isengard Saruman sat smiling."Ha Ha they have not even started their journey and there is chaos, the fools will never make it... my follower will see to that."
"Wormtongue where our you you miseriable creature."
"Here master." When you return to Theoden suggest to him that he should be weary of a fellowship if he hears of it." "As you command Saruman" and Grima slithered away to do his master biddings.
Back at Rivendell Darous is standing on a balcony looking out into the forerst when suddenley something catches his eye. He jumps down and runs into the undergrowth but what ever it was had vanished.
"Is something troubling you Darous?" Gandalf asks. "No Gandalf..I just thought I saw something in the bushes but its gone now." "Yes I saw something as well but at this time I cannot say what it is. Now come we must rest for tomorrow the journey begins."
Back in Rivendell, Elrohir is about to mount Isil when a blue arrow misses him by an inch, and hits the wall.
*jumps up*
"WOW, what could this be?!"
*callming the alarmed horses, opens the scroll rolled arrownd the arrow*
-Dear Elrond,
All of our people hope you get this letter. As you know, my imprisoned son has escaped, he is heading your way, and so far, no one could stop him. He is a danger we should all fear, aspecially the company that is setting out.
Sicerelly Vethule
Looking around to see if anyone was looking, Elrohir sped back to the main hall to find Elrond.

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Calenthang left the borders of Lorien and kept walking on foot.The forest was all quiet and he decide to camp there for the night.In the morning he summoned one of the maeras to take him to Rivendell.
*Galadriel, after her long silence, has come to a verdict to Calenthang's question*

I know long you have wiated for my answer, and I apologize. My things I had to think about, concerning the recovery of the One Ring. Much evil will follow it's path. If I do not do something to help the Ring Bearer. My neice, Nuldanq’, has told me some of the happeings in Imladris, but she travels to her Princess' side as we speak.

It is known to me that my husband will not approve of my assisting you, but it is my duty as Queen to help you. Take me to the Ring Bearer, for I will help.

*she makes haste to catch up with Calenthang, hoping Nuldanqu’ will meet with them on the way*
*Looking arounds to her fellowship*

"Gandalf, old man, you shall come with us. Yes yes, it is time, we must depart now."

*Started walking out of the doors of Imladris with her fellowship*
"Gandalf all that he told me was that he was meeting other rangers, so they could scout ahead fo any raiding parties.", "But I have to agree with you this fellowship is not prepared for the task that lies ahead. We are now entering a dangerous time my friend, one that will change all of us and the very face of Middle-Earth." Gandalf looked at Darous "My friend you have truly grown since we last met. I will be glad to have you with us."
From around the corner comes a elven guard."Mithrandir,Darous please come to the main hall...Lord Elrond has need of you both." and with that the two ran off.
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