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"You'll get no apology" laughed Darous "it is none of your concern what happens between Gorwath and myself" stated Darous
"Impudent fool" said Rawien
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that Rawien and you best move on."
Darous walked past Rawien and saw Asteroth standing with Arwen at his side.
"You need someone to help you fight Gorwath." laughed Darous
"No I don't Darous...Arwen you best leave" spoke Gorwath
"Best listen to the him don't want to get your dress anymore dirty." sneerd Darous
"I don't understand you Darous...what has happened to you." asked Arwen
"Well why don't you ask Gorwath sometime. How I ended up in a stinking cess pit for 10 years..10 years the things they did to me...I still remember their eyes and that scream...that soul pearcing scream. He has to answer for that.
*Arwen got in the middle of them*

"Now listen boys, we can do this like civilized people, or we can do this like dwarfs, which one do you like better?"

*Laughed Arwen, trying to chill them*

*She took out her talisman, and chanted a spell that erased all the hatred and the bad memories the two had together.*

"That otta do it!"

*Arwen sat down, she was really tired aftre that spell, she wondered why*

"Now you gusy tell me what makes u hate each other so much?"

"Nothing they answered, we've always been the best team around"

*Arwen smiled and rested a bit*
Darous was walking out when....
"Its a lie Darous" hissed Gurthang "remember Darous "remember the truth"
And with that a floodgate was open in Darous's mind and all the memories came back inculding the spell of forgetfullness.
" try to trick with your spells to save him. Make me forget all he put me through how could you Arwen I trusted you and you do this to me.
Never again will you do this."
*Arwen got up fast screaming*


*Before she could do anything Darous was charging Gorwath with his deadly blade. Arwen didn't have much time, so she decided to fight Darous herself, even if, as weak as she was, her chances were low. She ran, and just before Darous was swinging at Gorwath's head, she put her blade in the middle.*

"Darous, don't! please!"

*Arwen was too tired to fight, but she found strength fomr Gorwath's love. She chanted a reversing spell, so that Gorwath could come to help her. As soon as the spelling worked Gorwath got up, but he didn't come into the battle, he fell down, and stared at teh two fighting*

"Gorwath, please helpm me, I won't be able to last much longer against him"

*Arwen kept fighting, he skills were the best known to elves and men, but her weak body was not helping her*

"Darous stop, what are you doing?"

"Gorwath please help, he's ahs been taklen by rage and violence, we don't need to kill him, it'll go away in a little while, if he doesn't kill me first!"

*Arwen stepped back, and fell. Darous poited his sword against her neck. Arwen closed her eyes, then opened her hand on his chest and an energy wave pushed him away against the opposite wall. That took Arwen a lot of energy, too much. She got up, but she almost couldn't move. darous got up again, and charged her.......*

"Darous, please, stop!"

*Cried Arwen*
Gorwath heard the cry and awoke....
"Darous NOOOOO"
He leapt forward as Gurthang was swinging down and caught it between his hands.
"Don't do this Darous" but as Gorwath looked into his Darous eyes all he saw was anger and death. he was lost in a rage.
"Darous listen to me..I am sorry for what I did..I am sorry for running out on you but the dark elves recognised me as their prince and told me of my past..what could I do."
"We were partners damn it...10 years do you know what they did to me..did to my soul..I am a stranger to myself and you say your sorry. That don't cut it pal."
"SILENCE" roared Gandalf as he entered the room.
"Darous I know what you went through but this is not the way...put down the sword."
Darous started to weaver his grip slipping "Nooooo"
"Yes" said Gandalf
"You know you have to..if you don't you will destroy yourself and everyone around you. And I know you don't want that. Please old friend do it." said Gandalf as his face softened.
"Gandalf what have I become" as the hilt dropped from his hand and fell to his knees.
"Come now my friend let us talk" and Gandalf helped Darous up and they left the room.

"That was certainly close" said Gorwath as the blood ran from his hands.
"It was love, it was"

*Arwen had a strange expression on her face. Sha called Gorwath love. She saw his bleeding hands. She took out the Evenstar and a drop of water came out of it. over to his wounds*

"This is water form the sources of Imladris, it sacred, and it will heal anything, and make you strong again. And it will make you good, truly good, like you should have been born, a Rivendell Elf, not a dark prince."

*Then Arwen fainted in pain. All the energy she had needed for the fight. she was much to tired to carry on now.*
"My dear friend what has happened to you after all these years." Gandalf spoke as he and Darous. "you use to be so care free but now I see a tormented soul beside me what unspoken horrors have you had to live with all these years.

"Gandalf I can not say for if I do then the horrors come back to me and I can not face them again if I do I will surely go insane. But it all began with that flithy dog Gorwath and someday he will pay."

Gandalf did not say a word but walked on with Darous to a spot just outside the main hall.
"So Darous what am I to do with you."
"Do not toy with me wizard"
"But my friend I understand... what happened to you all those years ago...I won't tell another."

"Only if I have your word Gandalf"
"You always have my friend"
"Well myself and Gorwath had been given the job of bringing in a group of Dark Elfs who had been raiding farms on the edge of Rohan. We set out on our journey and arrived finally at the area they were raiding.."
"Go on" asked Gandalf
"Well we waited till they had camped for the night..I thought this would be the best time to strike..but well I was wrong. I sent Gorwath ahead to scout but then he was spotted by a one of them and the next thing I know he was gone....I went back to the guild and then....darkness. I remember a terrible cold and the eyes watching." Darous shivers
*Arwen was tired, but she decided, after she woke up,to go sit on the porch*
"Arwen you need anything" asked Gorwath.
"No the body heals...but thanks Gorwath" she smiled.

Meanwhile...."Gandalf leave me cannot be here."
"But Darous you must......"
roared Darous.
"Gandalf was rebucked by this..."So be it Darous...but I understand and hold nought against you.."
"sorry Gandalf it has been trying on me..and I need sometime to gather my thoughts."
"do not worry my friend" Gandalf placed his hand on his not worry."
and Gandalf left Darous to be with his thoughts.

Meanwhile high in Mordor....."They falter and wait and battle within. Soon the ring will be mine again. And then Middle Earth and with that my master Melkor shall rise again."
"It's Ok, I'm fine my dear friend, but what is bothering you?"

*Asked Arwen*
meanwhile......"well then what do I do...I could kill him, and my revenge is complete. But then what I cannot return to the fellowship..I would not be welcomed......."

Then he heard a rustling in the forest...." what was that!!!" he got down on all fours and started to crawl towards the rustling.

"They our close the master has told us" said Runark
"But when will the reinforcement arrive Lord???
"Soon and when they do the dogs will fall and we will have the ring for I want Darous and Gorwath alive...they will pay for what they did to my father."

"Runark holy crud...Gorwath has to be told!!!!"
"Why does he...let them all die. You saw the way they looked at you. Leave now and let them perish."
"Never" roared Darous but then the enemy became aware of him.
"Someone in the bushes" rored Runark "do not let them escape of they will alert others."
"Time for me to make a exit " thought Dar and off he shot in the direction of the halls.
As he ran he remembered the vial and he reached into his cloak..."I wonder what this does well only one way to find out" and he went to drink it when it slipped out of his fingers....
"Da*n" but as it hit the ground there was a huge explosion..."Sh*t I am glad I didn't drink that but maybe them fools in the halls will take some notice of it...
*Arwen was much to tired of orcs to fight more....*

"Rawien, can't we pack them and send them somewhere? Where is gandalf when you need him... wouldn't mind a little magic here.... they smell...... and I just washed my hair, it took hours to get the blood out, you know how much the orc blood bothers me right???????"

*Laughed Arwen with a smile on her face on her face*
"Gorwath" roared Darous....
Gorwath was in the bedroom "oh dear God he has come." Gorwath spoke....
"No no" he must have spotted the orcs as well let us go and meet them in battle." shouted Rawien..
And So Arwen, Gorwath, Calenthang, Rawien and a various members of the fellowship went out to meet Darous and attack the orcs.
"GORWATH" roared Darous.."He needs our help come the gate..." and as the opened the gate there stood Darous with Gurthang held high and around ley the bodies of the elven and dark elven guard sent out into the forest.....
"I come for your head now Gorwath!!!!" roared Darous as he led the orc army against Edoras.
"This cannot be happening"shouted Arwen..."where is Gandalf"
"Do not fear Arwen I am here" said a voice from the shadows..."Oh Gandalf it is you thank the gods...Darous has lost his mind...please help us!!!!"
"You'll need more than my help Arwen." and Gandalf stepped forth from the shadows and laughed.....
"Muhahahahahahaha" laughed Gandalf as he stood before them in black..."You see Darous has not lost his mind and neither have I, you's have...and now I intend to fix that."

And he lifted his staff and rammed it against the earth and it opened up and from forth came all manners of diabolical creatures from hell itself....and Darous ran forward and raised his sword and all that Gorwath could to was grip arwens hand and then.....Darous found himself on the path to the halls.

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Meanwhile..."what the hell was that?" said a startled Gorwath as they ran to the gate.
"I must get back to Edoras and warn the others of thee impending attack..."Darous ran onwards to wards the gate when from behing him a volley of arrows shot past him..."
"Crud that was close...where the heck is everyone else else they should have seen the explosion from the vial."
Then...."ahhhhh" and Darous fell to the ground is mind on fire..."this pain by the gods its ahhhh."
Darous then blacked out and awoke a short period later...." what happened there...doesn't matter I have to get back and warn the others."
Darous continued on and soon reached the gates of Edoras but was tooken back by what he saw...
"What the heck....did I just step through the lookin' glass or something..." Dar looked on ans saw Calen ,Gorwath Arwen and so on battlin orcs and demons and Gandalf who was dressed in black....and also someome else who was leading an assault against Gorwath...." whoever that is he's gonna take Gorwaths head off...and well if anyone is gonna do that it's gonna be me."
And what a shock Darous would get as he ran into the frey and he saw that it was he who was attacking Gorwath..." what the heck is going can I be attackin' Gorwath I am here bit then who is that unless it is a trap by Sauron...I must help them..."
Darous ran to the others and then they were gone and so were the orcs and his other self. "What the h*ll is happening here" asked Darous as he stepped into the fort.
"It's sign of anyone...wait whats that...." and Darous bent down and picked up another vial...."another one of these"

Darous strokes his goatee.."uhmmmm something is happening around here ever since I dropped that vial"....."Good you finally realised.." said a voice from the shadows.
"Come forth and do not hide in the shadows or face certain doom!!!" shouted Darous as his grip tightened on Gurthang.
"No need to shout I am right behing you"
"What" said a surprised Darous as he quickly rolled forward and prepared himself for battle.
"Do not fear I come not to fight...I am Uatu a mystic as such and I am hear to help you."
"Where did he go" yelled Arwen
"Darous has vanished...something strange is afoot here and I fear it is too much for us to comprend."
"I know what you mean Arwen" replyed Gorwath.
"Attack the orcs..and try to knock out the other darous and Gandalf, I have questions for them!!!" spoke Arwen.
"You heard her guys and gals lets to this thing" shouted Gorwath.
Meanwhile..."So just what is going on here Uatu..before I came here I saw another me fighting the others."
"That is did see that and it is because of the vial you our holding..."
With surprise Darous let the vial slip from his hands but then with a slight movement of the hand the vial leviated back to Darous hands.
"We don't want that to happen again....that is how this whole situation started before and if a second vial was dropped...." Uatu would have raised what his eyebrows were if he had any.." not even your supposed Gods could help you."

"But what is it and what is it doing...tell me now or so help me you will die were you stand" snarled Darous
"If you say so you impudent dog.The vial that you hold is a catalisyt..once released it will begin to break down the walls of reality and they will mix.What you saw was you and another Gandalf who our evil in there own realitys, and that is only the beginning."
"So how do I stop it???" asked Darous
" do you stop it hahahahahahahaha don't make me think that you and your fellowship can solve every little problem that appears..well this one you can't. It's too big for you..but as you caused it so shall you be needed to stop it. Now come we must return and begin"
And a strange light enveloped the two and they vanished. Only to rematerialise inside the fort while the battle insues.
Darous looked about him...."Hey where is my cake...and wheres Rawien"
Darous stood and looked around him pondering..."Well I'll suppose I just have to wait and kill some orcs..come Uatu let s go and sort this out.
"Rawien they took our cake" roared Darous as he gripped Gurthang.
"I'll tell you this Rawien someone head is gonna roll for this" and then darous went on a rampage and slaughtered many orcs and anyone else who got in his way
"Well this is certainly an interesting adventure." said Darous as he looked around and saw jack **** happening." I could go on and and defeat sauron right already tried that" Darous ducks " Well at these someone took notice" He side steps an arrow.
"I wonder how long this will go on for Darous then?"
"I don't know" said Darous
"But it's crap anyway so for the moment I am gonna sit here and have alot of beer and smke alot of...Oh yeah. And punch an orc if it comes by.

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Darous sits in the grass sipping a cool Miller
"Hey thanks Val for the censoring I couldn't be bothered
A orc runs past chasing one of the hobbits and stops beside darous
"What you doin'" barked the orc
"Having a beer want one"
"Why not nothing else is happening" replied the orc
"So what they call you???" asked Darous
"Well they call me Jason"
"Well Jason nice to meet you"
"So tell me about yourself Jason"
"Well I was born....."
And so Darous met Jason and a friendship was born. One that would change the very face of Mars.Uhmmmm but how would this happen.
"Whats going on" shouted Darous he woke...."whats wrong with my eye...I can't see out of it.
*Arwen ran back*

"nothing is wrong ith your eyes, it's a temporary condition, you'll be fine. The lights temporarily blinded you, but you'll be ok in no time."

*Smiled Arwen*
"No its not the light" Darous felt round his face and felt blood trickling down his right eye...."No my eye is gone..cut out as I slept. It must have been the orcs da*n them. But they will not defeat me so easily."
"And Darous jumped up and grabbed Gurthang and started on a group of orcs who had surrounded the hobbits.
"My little friends do not fear...." and he went running at hacked and slashed the orcs.
"You take my eye you....." as Darous ran at them.
"I'll take your heads" and so he did his aim was true and all but one orc fell.
"Now my friend" smiled Darous as the blood ran down him.
"You are gonna find out about action and inaction. Action you cut out my eye. Inaction I rip off your head and..." Darous stopped for a mo and smiled and looked around.
"Well you'll get the picture." and with that he grabbed the orc and twisted its head off.
"Action and everytime." smiled Dar as he took a puff of his pipeweed
"Thats the problem with you people..."started Darous
"All you want to do is sneak and plan and what not, when what we should be doing is going and kickin his a*s from here to the end of the world."
Dar takes another smoke
"And so what if he knows our numbers and what not. We go and hit him fast and hard..and dont give him anytime to wipe his a*s. And if their's gonna be one guy to take on the whole of Mordor well it might as well be me."
Dar turns to the night sky...."If you can hear me Sauron..I'm comin' for you and hell is riding with me."
Darous stands toe to toe with Gorwath...."Don't try and push me boy...I've been doing this for longer than you have...."He feels the blood boiling in his viens and slowly his hand moves to his hilt....and a low growl begins.
"Im trying to keep my comporsue here but your not makin it get out of my way or you will regret it bub and I ain't foolin' with you."
Darous stands back and lights up another smoke.....
"If you want to try and tell me what to do...well your more than welcome...but you wont get far and you'll be in a world of pain when its over."
"Boy I ain't in the mood for this...I have better things to be doin' than listenen to some young punk....stay out of my path and you'll be just fine....don't and its your funeral."
Darous looks to the others gathered around...."We've stood still for too long...planning when we should have been reacting.The time has come to decide what we do." Dar takes a breath
"Do we stay here and cower for a few more months or do we go and show Sauron what we're made off. We can do this people we have the manpower and the the will...but its up to you. You decide"
Darous turned to Rawien.
"Rawien hold back with the dramatic entrance babe."
He turned to Gorwath...."and do what kid. Sit here and play cards.Sauron knows we our here and he's gonna keep sending the sh*t to us, and by the time you's decide to do something most of us will either be dead or near to it."
He looks to the hobbits and back again.
"We have The Ring we take and destroy it and at the same time we keep Sauron preoccupied by kickin' his a*s and all his armies."
"But no you want to play if safe you whiney little bi*ch. You don't want to get your hands elves our all the same. You's sit back and let the rest of us do the dirty work."
"No point talkin' to you fools...I'm gonna do some training..." and then Darous left the stunned Gorwath and went to the training room.
"That was somewhat harsh Darous" said the voice as Darous practiced with his sword.
"Yes it was...but it had to be said. Soon enough he will come and when he does they will not be ready."

A small figure hid behing the pillar listening to the conversation.."Whose he talkin too???" Merry asked himself.
"Theres no one else there... I will listen more"
"I've had up to here you know?
"I know that you have? so why don't you do something about it."
"Like what" replied Darous
"You know what must be done. The others did and now so shall you as well. None of you ever had to strenght to weild me."
"I will not, I shall not" shouted Darous
"Oh but you will....and I will wait that bit longer but it won't be long. And then you will know the truth."
Darous heard the sound of light steps on the floor, he turned around, and he was blinded by a light coming from the door. There was Arwen, back, again. She had been fighting, and had gotten hurt badly, no one had been able to find her, they thought she was dead. He looked at her, she was wearing a white gown, glimmering with a silver armor on it, and she had a silver sword by her side. Her eyes were as bright as ever, almost like she had before all these deeds had started. She looked as young and happy as ever, and had a bright smile on her sweet face. She walked up to Darous, and hugged him.
"I missed you so much, I thought I'd never see you again" She said. She started crying and, drying her tears she looked at him once more, when he looked at her again, he could see that, as happy and young as she looked, all she had been through had left a scar, he could see it in her eyes. He remembered her eyes, the first time he had met her, they’d shine like diamonds in the night, but now, a shadow had come over that shine, and they looked old and sad. He did not know what to say......
He wondered if she still had the Ring....
"It seems that we have both went through a few hardships Arwen" as he hugged her back.
"It has too long since we last talked...but I feel that yer soul is heavy as in mines."
As the two stood together an eery quiet fell over the forest...and a great saddness came upon Darous...
"Arwen...I tell you this now.... my time here is weaning soon I must go. Where I cannot say but another will come in my place and he will know you as I know you but please give him time as he will be young but he will come of age quick."
And suddenley a dragon appeared...
"Darous it is now have spent too long here and my time grows short and I cannot stay much longer."
Then Darous turned to Arwen...
"Well Arwen my time here is finished but it has been a honour serving with you and though I wont be here my spirit we'll be with my son."
And then Darous leapt onto the dragon and away they went into the sky.
And as the dust settled a globe was left where Darous had stood and Arwen lifted knowing that this is what Darous wanted.
Arwen took the Globe to her room, she put it on the bed, and cast a protection spell on it, aftre that she walked to the mess hall, where she would have told the others what had happened. Nobody knew she was back yet, she went to tell darous first, h had been one of her best friends and now he was gone.....
As Arwen went to tell the others of what had occured a strange humming began to come from the globe and in a instant the shell began to crack and from it emerged a young child...
" What is this and where am I at...." said the puzzled youth..
He looked round and tryed to comprehend what had happened.....
"I need some food....where is the food. My tummy is rumbling." he then spied some lembas bread and started to munch on that...
"Thats better" as he put on his clothes
"Now so this is middle earth...not much to look at but I suppose if Dad wants me to help out I might as well."
He began to make his way out the door when he was stopped by a guard.
"Halt young one" barked the guard
"Me stop don'y make me laugh" said the child
The guard then had a bemused look on his face as the young child walked past him.
He then spotted figure dressed in white ahead of him who was talkin' to a strange bunch of people....
"Well I might as well introduce myself" laughed the child
So he crept up behind the lady....
"Hi I'm Gokou.... got anything to eat around here.
"Well will you look at you, you look just like your daddy"
said Arwen laughing. She picked the child up in her arms, you must be tired, here come with me. She too him to her room and gave him some food. ha ate all of it. She was looking at his with her bright blue eyes, "Just like you daddy" she sobbed. Outside it was coming dark, she went out for a moment and came back in a new white gown. Opened the bed, and put Gokou in the bed, and cuddled him up. Then she laid down beside him, and told him "Tomorrow is a big day, we'll start training when the sun rises, now sleep." Then she sang for him, till he closed his cute blue eyes, and slep beside her. She couldn't speel, the felt like something could happen to Gokou, so she stayed there, awake, ready to protect him against anything possible.
"I was gone for too long, It was my fault that your father had to leave, if it wasn't for my weakness" A tear came down her check, while she was thinking about Darous.
"My dear friend, i promised, and i will keep my promise, I'll take care of Gokou, no matter what."
Gokou lay in the bed..."What does she think she's doing... he thought to himself..."But when in Rome Wink Smilie do what the Romans do.
As young Gokou lay in bed he felt strange...."Sumthing is happening And I don't know what...I just need some food."
"But I can't leave with this lady watching over me. I'll just pretend to sleep until she goes."
"Well you little insolent boy," said Arwen getting up
"How did you hear what I thought" said the boy
"I can hear anything, I'm not only an elf, i'm an Elf-Witch, I can read minds and do some manyu more things you can't even immagine. Since you see to be ready, we'll start the training now"
Arwen took the kid up, and dragged him down in the dungeons, she cast a spell, and 5 orcs appeard, and charged Gokou
"Lemme see what you are made of, kid" said Arwen
So Gokou stood ready as the 5 orcs charged....
"Is that all you have for me lady" laughed Gokou as he began stretching....
"come on you silly orcs I'm ready for ya.." laughed Gokou as he kicked a stone into the air
"right then I'm hungry so if I finish this up I can get some grub..." as one of the orcs ran at him.
And he jumped up and hit it square in the head with his elbow.
"Right then" laughed Gokou "whose next then."
And another orc ran at Gokou and he gave it a quick uppercut and it fell to the floor..." call yerself a witch do ya,yer not very scary...."laughed Gokou.
So Arwen watched on unimpressed as young Gokou vanquished the three remaining orcs with no ease"
"Is that you all have for me smiled Gokou...cause I was expecting a tougher challenge......"
But then suddenly a strange light enveloped Gokou...
"Here we go"smiled Gokou
And before Arwen verys eyes young Gokou aged many years in a matter of minutes......
"Well then Arwen what other challenges do you have for me now..." laughed a matured Gokou.

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[Edited on 5/7/2003 by Darous]
"Gorwath" said Arwen surprised, with tears coming down her cheecks.
"i thoguht i'd never see you again, I was taken away and I couldn't see anything and... I just. I was so scared"...
Arwen cried in his arms, after a long wait, she was finnally with Gorwath again....
"I'll try to make it sound os credible as I can... this is Darous' son.... he gave him to me before he left, he wished for me to raise him, and train him, but I'm afraid I cannot do it alone..."
Arwen look at Gorwath, after all that time, what was that strange feeling she had? Almost like everything was going to be ok, as long as he was with her.... she was in love...
Arwen was happy again, not that anything had changed, but now Gorwath was with her, and everything was going to be fine. They were going to train young Gokou, and raise him.
"I'm tired my love, I need rest..Please train him now, the enemy is coming, we have less than one last summer"
Arwen walked away...
"Did I hear it right? did she call me my love?" Though Gorwath, full of happiness......
He turned to Gokou
"You heard her! She's tired, now lets work! Get it? Cmon no rest with me little one, cmon cmon!"
Gorwath was trying to concentrate, but he was still thinking of Arwen, what was wrong, she seemed fine, but she was so pale and tired... he was going to go check on her before nightfall....
"Right then I'm getting some food" shouted Gokou as he wandered off in the direction of the kitchen.
"Come back" shouted Gorwath as he grabbed his shoulder
"Don't even think about it." shouted Gokou as he grabbed Gorwaths hand and threw him over his shoulder.
"Now wheres this kitchen at." laughed Gokou as he left Gorwath lying..
And so Gokou left Gorwath behind him and found his way to the kitchen.
"Where's all the food at...they only have these leaf things..I want a big juicy steak and some boar with potatoes."
He raided the cupboards to see if he could find anything..."This ain't lookin' good..I may have to live on these leaves if I don't find something good. But I suppose they will have to do."
So he grabbed several handfuls of the lembas leaves and stuck them in his pockets.
"Right 'munch' 'munch' now where was that guy who was training me"
"I can't say much for these leaves" muttered Gokou as he rounded the corner..."Theres not much too them and how do I get outside...this place needs more sunshine" continued Gokou as he made his way to the main gate.
"Halt. Who goes there" barked one of the guards
"You talkin' to me???"
"Yes I am...who our you and what is yer business here..."
"Well my name is Gokou and Im lookin' to go outside and also I was lookin' for some half decent food....all you's guys seem to have 'round are leaves and there not very fillin'"
The guard looked on very puzzled
Arwen goes to bed to wake up the next morning
Meanwhile to the east a great army was settin' forth....there goal the complete and utter destruction of all things. And leading this army was the nine and with them came all creatures and daemons of vile and utter evil...and watching from his tower stood the mighty Dark Lord himself whole once again and ready to wield the one ring.
"Soon the fools will come and when they do....they will know death HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...."
And the sky shook all around and the heavens weeped for they knew it would soon be over and darkness would once again envelop middle earth.

In Rivendell Elrond is sitting gathering his thoughts then suddenley all colour leaves his face....
" My lord our you fine??" asked a young serving wench
"No I am and neither is middle earth..... get me Erestor
as quiclky as you can!!!!"
Outside Edoras stood Gokou practicing his attacks when suddenly.....
" Ummmmm somethin' comin' from the east and a great power is growing there as well. This could be bad."
*Arwen suddenly woke up, she was cold.... a cold wind was coming from the door, she ran trhough it, till she came to see Rawien and Gowarth.*
"What in the world is this? looks like a satanic ritual!"
And so black smoke fumed from from Mount Doom and legion upon legion of orcs and goblins poured forth from The Black Gate like a river which has burst its banks.....and in the forest of Fangorn Saruman conversed with Treebeard......"so my friend will you help us in our plight??"
"I must discuss this with the others but if these halflings as you call them are taking the ring to Sauron then they must be stopped. You will have our answer soon."
"Thank you Treebeard my friend....I knew I could count on you."
And so Saruman took his leave of treebeard and took flight back to Isengard where his plans were coming to fruitration.
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