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*Nuldanque rides swiftly ahead with a glint of desire in her eye for a fight. She wants to defeat these foul creatures that had stolen her friend. She rode on the battle with those thoughts in her head*
"Lady Galadriel can you ride."said Eldarian "Yes I can, but I never got your name." I'm Eldarian now if you can ride let us go is GImli in your fellowship I know him very well, now I must catch up with the Lady Arwen for I swore on my life that I would protect her.But I have a feeling Legolas will be needing my help, so if you can ride go to the lady Arwen. Eldarian whistles and out of the bush comes running a two tall horses. " Here use Nidian and go to the LadyArwen I must GO and collect Gimli for his help will be needed." And with that Eldarian rode off

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Gimli wakes up uneasy and quickly grabs his axe he soon relizes that everyone had forgotten him. then suddennly he heres hoofs he turns and is ready for battle when suddenly a great white horse comes gallopping out of the forest. "Gimli put your axe down it is me Eldariannow come much haste is needed"said Eldarian. " Why is such haste needed young elf" " I fear Legolas and some of your compannions may be in trouble" said Eldarian.
" Then what are we waiting for let us be off"said Gimli. After that Gimli Got on the horse then him and Eldarian galloped off into the inclosing darkness.

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"Come now for the fellowship...attack"
And so the four friends ran onward to certain doom.
"We shall run no more"cried Merry.
Darous looked down on the hobbit,"Iam glad to have you at my side now come before Nuldanque slays them all."
They arrived on the scene anf already Nuldanque was knee deep in orc bodies."Leave some for us" shouted Elrohir. And so the battle begun they fought with the hearts of champions slaying orc after orc until none were left and before them stood the dark rider.
"By all that is evil, we must strike this foul demon now."
cried Darous and then he drew Gurthang and charged forward with the rest of the group..........
Suddenly as Dauros and his friends advanced on the darl nazgul a cry was heard and a blinding light came from over a hill. There was Lady Eglaviel with her Mirkwood elves ready to help!Charging down the hill Lady Eglaviel brought her and her noble steed right up in front of the nazgul to face it.
" Dark creature and slave of Sauron,"she cried. "you will not do anymore of your evil work here today."
The nazgul seemed to sneer as it reached for it's sword and swung it as it came in to kill.
Clash! As the nazgul's evel sword came down to the lady her sword came up to meet it and with one agile move, knocked it clear out of his hand.
Then, before the nazgul could recover his sword Eglaviel swung her blade again, now at the nazgul's steed.
It reared and knock Eglaviel's horse down to the ground throwing Eglaviel off it.
Quickly standing up she turned to face the nazgiul who came at her with its bare hands. Unable to stop it, she was bodily lifted off the ground and thrown through the air crashing into a tree and then lay in a slumped heap upon the ground.
Dauros, who had been watching all this in horror came alive and ran torward the nazgul yelling" Charge"
The nazgul who saw that it was useless turned and ran. Suddenly another nazgul came from over the hill, picked up the one, and quickly rose into the air.
Dauros turned away and headed over to where the Mirkwood elves were tending to Lady Eglaviel.
" Will she live?" he asked.
" Only time will tell" was the reply.
"my friends I thank you for yor help...but it has came at a grave price. I know some spells of healing and would gladly help to save the life of the Lady of Mirkwood"
"We would be glad for your assistance" spoke one of the elves "come join us in healing....
Eglaviel could hear voices, but they all swirled together fading in and out. Her head ached and she couldn't think straight. The was coming for her and she couldn't stop it. It was swallowing her whole!
Khamul could only curse the luck of the Fellowship. Herumor and Fuinur now agreed that additional help would be needed to rout this bothersome lot. Riding on his winged steed, Khamul rode against the wind like a dart in the sky.
"Glorfindel go and take Nuldanque with you and ride with haste and bring help." Darous shouted to them" the rest shall stay and protect the lady"
Elsewhere: The mirkwood elves that Lady Eglaviel had sent for suddenly felt a cold icy spell pass throught them as they rode in haste onward.
One of the looked at another.
"Something has happened to the Lady!" he cried and urged his steed on ever faster praying they would not be to late.
Stand aside!
*Calenthang approached Lady Eglaviel*
The wound is serious but I think I can help her.
*Calenthang fell on his knees and said something in elvish*
Suddenly a column of bright light covered the body of Eglaviel and she felt her powers restoring again.
-Your elvish blood saved you my lady.
*Then Calenthang shaked hands with his friend Darous and hugged Nuldanque*
*Darous*-Welcome back my friend!
*Calenthang noded*-I am honored to see you friends once again.

Darous stood up and shouted "Now hosts of mordor beware for Calenthang has returned and ye shall now know pain"
Elrohir jumps up on a rock, standing quite hight, he looks forward with his keen elvish sigh.
*turning to Calenthang*

"Welcome back Calen, you are trully needed, i could learn a few medical ways from you. But not at this instance, An other bunch of orcs is approching, a night away, maybe more, we shouldn't stray any longer, if everyone is healthy and up, we should get an early start tomorow"

*Darous and Calen stare the way of the comming orcs"
"The orcs are approaching with great speed.What are we going to do?"
Calenthang looked are Darous...
"I think we must try to avoid them...they are too many.
What do you think Darous?Whatever it is I am with you.
"My friend I am into minds at the moment, I grave for a fight as my sword does...but we could be killed by there sheer amount of numbers. We must regroup with the fellowship"
"My friends fall back...we must regroup." and with that the friends went in search of the rest of the fellowship."
The Lady Eglavie climbed on her hourse and followed the rest of the company. Though she was now healed (she had already thanked everyone) she was still a little weak and her mind was not completley cleared.
As she listened to everyone talk about finding help, something began to bug her in the back of her head. Something she could not quite remember, but knew to be important. Then it hit her or rather she saw it.
"The elves!"she cried standing up in her seat.
"Pardon me, my lady?" asked Darous.
"The elves I sent for have come and the can aid us in our battle against those foul slaves of Sauron!" she said pointing to a growing dust storm that was coming from the east.
"Fate is on our side!" cried Darous as he ordered the company to stop and wait for the elves.
Then something horrible happened, Eglaviel, being still weak could still see much farther than most with her elven eyes, but she couldn't define detail as well.
"Those are not elves of salvation, those are more orcs coming!" cried Darous with great fear and horror in his voive. "We must fllee for if we could not keep off those other orcs, we certainly cannot keep off twice that number!"
All at once the company turned and headed into the woods to find safety and cover. The news orcs had now spotted their quarry and realized it was running away, so they gave full speed ahead.
All the elves chanted spells of protection and of invisibility as the company dashed into the woods blindly, not knowing what was in front of them.

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"Do not run Darous, I want to fight..let me draw blood."
"Be silent accursed sword" shouted Darous as he ran on ahead.
Then he stopped, crouched and sniffed the air "d**n it all
to hell" and then he drew out his sword and stepped forward and with a yell he swung out in an arc and before him fell 3 orc armoured in the blackest armour he had seen.
"my friends do not trust your eyes we enter a trap. So be on your guard...make us of your other senses for our foe is now wearing the darkest black. and will strike at anytime...."
Then from behind Darous an orc appeared but he knew this and swung round and took off the orcs head.
"you wanted you shall have it." Darous whispered.
At that moment, there was a crash through the forest and a cry of many voices. Above the din rose a tremendous roar of terror. Darous, thinking a Nazgul returned, steeled himself for a deadly encounter but turned to face something entirely unexpected.

"A cold drake! A dragon of the icy north!!!" he shouted.

Although Smaug, the last of the Uruloki, was destroyed decades ago, no one remembered that there were cold drakes in the regions of Everlating Cold and the icy paths of the Helcaraxe.

"Gurthang, you drew the blood of Glaurung, the father of dragons. Aid me in taking another demon serpent!" With that, he lunged at the white-blue beast. But alone and in the open, Darous was an easy target to spot. The drake turned its head and stopped Darous stone still with a stare.

"You dare attack me mortal? I am Hithalcon of the Mists!" the drake slitthered towards Darous while the cold ring of Gurthang's voice cried out, "Awaken Darous!"

Darous snapped from his stupor and shielded his eyes from the daunting stare of the beast. At that moment, Calenthang sprang from the thickets with Nuldanque at his side and confronted the drake from behind. As Hithalcon turned to face a new threat, Darous charged at the serpent. Raising Gurthang high aloft, Darous brought his sword down with all his might, driving the point down. But instead of puncturing the armored scales of the dragon, Gurthang slid off the surface.

"Fool! Do you think I would be so unprotected? That is not mere ice that encases my scale but the sheen of two Ages of a cold drake's hide!"

Darous and the others were in a bit of trouble with this little surprise...
*Arwen, Galadriel and Gorwath stopped into a forest*

"we shall rest here for the night" Arwen said.

*She lighed a fire and using magic sent a postBody to each person in the fellowship.

"We shall meet as soon as possible at Edoras, we shall make for Rohan. Be there soon, Kind Theoden is waiting, he has important news for us. They might need our help. Gorwath needs real medicine, my magic won't keep him alive much longer."

*Arwen Called over her horse, Gorwath wasn't looking good*

"Lady Galadriel, we shall leave now, we are making for The Golden Hall of Edoras. King Theoden shall help us."

*They started riding at sunset*
"Noooo" roared Darous "By all that is truly evil,drake you have injured a friend of mines by all my strenght....I will see you pay for what you have done.
"Calenthang take Rawien to saftey,this foul beast shall harm no more"
With that Calenthang took Rawien to one side and the Mirkwood elves began a spll of healing.
"Now foul beast come and face me" Darous roared at the drake."
"So be it foolish abomination. You wish to embrace death so be it"
And with that the drake rose up into the air,Darous was thrown back by the powerful winds which spewed forth from the beast.He rehgained his footing and bgan his attack on the drake.
He threw wverything he had at it but every blow was shunned off.
"How do I defeat this beast?"Darous shouted.
"The same way Glaurang was you fool." echoed Gurthang.
"Yes of course the underbelly..I must find the excact point.
"By the great gods there it is..." and with that Darous ran forward lunging his sword,as he jumpd up the drake swung its tail round and knocked Darous to the ground.
"Great beast I a not so asily defeated" and with those words he grabbed Gurthang and threw into the belly of the drake. The dragon was wounded but slowly it cam upon Darous.
"Calenthang finish it off quickley" shouted Darous.
Realizing that only seconds stand between Darous and his death Calenthang pulled his was going to be only one shot.He closed his eyes for a moment and then he opened them and narrowed them.Calenthang released the arrow...the beast saw it but it was too late.The arrow ran into the dragon's belly and black blood started to drop.The creature uttered a thunderous sound and exploded in flames.Calenthang pulled Darous from beneath the dragon and helped him to stand up.The dragon just melted in the air and the Nazgul fell on the ground.WIthout hesitating he started running.Darous tryed to follow him but Calenthang pulled him"It's not worth it...we will meet him again".
"My friend I thank you, if it had not ben for your quick actions I surely would be in the dragons belly now."
"My friend it was not a problem" and then two had a manley embrace.
Darous stepped forward to the fallen dragon and there lying was Gurthang,but a strange darkness was upon it.
"Well done Darous now you are truly wurve to wield me."
the sword said quietly.
Darous sheathed the sword and turned to his companions
Then he remembered Rawien and he ran over to where the elves were healing her.
*Arwen arrived to Edoras. Gorwath was riding with her, Galadriel was riding just behinnde them. Gorwath was now very weak. Arwen ran through the city. She came to the doors of the palace and demanded to see King Theoden. Eowyn came to see her."*

"We need your help, please, I do not have the powers to heal a Dark Elf, but maybe you do.

"A dark elf?"Said Eowyn,
"What is a dark elf doing with you?"

"It is a long story, please help him" Begged Arwen

"Very well"

*Eowyn called the guards that took Gorwath and walked away with him. Arwen went back to talk to Galadriel and await the arrival of the Fellowship*

And so the travllers sped ever onward to Edoras. The wind ran threw their hair as they galloped.
"Faster companions faster..time is against and we enter the shadow time now when all the elements are against.."And as Darous spoke a darkness fell across the sky and a crack of lighting lit up the land.
"By the great heavens what is this evil that comes upon us now," roared Darous
"It is the darklord Darous" cried Nuldanque as the wind and rain battered their faces."even here his evil touch reaches here,we must ride ever onward"
"But what of Rawien" cried Calenthang "she cannot stand this kind of abuse"
"We must continued" shouted Glorfindel but the plea was lost forever in the wind.
"Look ahead somthing in the middle of the storm a figure"
shouted Darous "Yes I see it but who or what would be out in this devilish storm" roared Calenthang
"We do not know but we must find out..I shall go on ahead..." and so Darous rode forth into the storm to find out who or what was in the storm.
*Elrohir jumps off Isil*

"Darous! don't go, wait-"
"What Elrohir, we don't have much time, we have to hurry" Darous stopped.
"That's right!, so we can't waste much time in battle, and should go the easiest way we can! What if that, on the road, was something of Saurons, a dark creature! We should just all hurry together, just incase, we can't afford to lose an other member of our fellowship!"
*Darous turns back*
*the whole fellowship springs forward t'wards the black shadow standing in the middle of the road*
"Darous" shouted Calenthang "Something is happening with Rawien"
Darous rode over
"She is in a dream trance, in this plane she is battling against her own will. We can only hope that she suceeds.
My friends pray for her"
And so the friends began to mediate and there thoughts travelled to the dream plane to help Rawien in her plight.
The companies stood round Rawien chanting as the wind howled around them and the rain beat down upon their werey faces. It was as if nature itself was fighting an unseen battle while these friends prayed for the well being of one of there own trapped in a realm where they could only aide her with their thoughts.
A great strain came upon them all...
"I am becoming light headed" spoke Nuldanque
"I also feel a strange fatigue coming over me" Glorfindel spoke quietly.
And one by the others felt this as well
"We must!" shouted Darous but the plea was engulfed by the wind and the rest kept chanting.
"No no no"cried Darous "if they do not stop... then they themselves shall join Rawien in whatever plight she beholds.
"Well there's only one thing I can do then" and Darous reached down and brought his pipe out.."hopefully you don't break on their stubborn heads."
And so one by one he went round them and knocked them on the head"
"whats goings on"
and then they got silly.
They looked round all rubbing their heads.."Darous what happened?" they all asked,
And Darous stood there smoking his pipe...."nothing happened" and he smiled.
*Back in Edoras*

*Arwen was sitting in a chair in the palace, Gorwath was having a nightmare of some kind, and he was holding her hand tight. She was very worried. After a while it all ended and Gorwath calmed down. She could then relax, and she fell asleep holding his hand.*
Khamul, bowed to one knee, was before the seat of the Dark Lord. The wrath that eminated from him came in waves, almost enough to knock Khamul off his balance.

"Find them! Stalk them! Destroy them all for their insolence!" the voice in Khamul's mind screamed. After being dismissed, Khamul stomped off from the high seat of the Tower to one of the open windows. He felt frustrated and choked on his fear. To release the tension, Khamul hurled himself from the tower which stood nearly a quarter of a mile high. While falling, Khamul could only think of what it'd be like to actually die but with less than 30 fathoms left until the ground caught up with him, a winged steed swept down to catch him and bore him up to the clouds.

Fuinur and Herumor would need to press the attack while he planned for another heavy assualt. Now that Hithalcon was dispatched before his time, Khamul needed to find a true menace, a terror to sweep away the meddlesome elves and mortals who brought him to the brink of destruction before Sauron the Great.

After riding for five hours, Khamul came to the edges of Khand, far to the east of Mordor, in an almost straight line from Barad-Dur. Summoning up the terror of his might, Khamul greeted Charthost, lieutenant of Gothmog (Lord of Balrogs). After the Battle with the Valar, Charthost fled from destruction to hide in the tunneled remains of Uttumno, Morgoth's first fortress of old. Now, Khamul told him, Sauron called upon the last and greatest of the Balrogs to his command. Charthost burst into flames for the first time in millenia and started on his journey towards the Gap of Rohan.

**Just as a note, I'd like to be able to keep Charthost alive for a while. The death of Hithalcon was a bit premature. Darkness rules supreme!!!**
Eglaviel suddenly emerged from the company and knelt beside Rawien crying out.
" A soul far to young to be tortured, heed not the voice you hear and turn torward the light" and at that point Rawien's burden seemed to ease and she turned torward the sun.
Eglaviel then turned to the company saying.
"That will ease her comfort, but we MUST get to Lady Galadreil as soon as possible for I am not yet stromng enought nor have what I need to heal her here"
And with that the company set off again.
As the company rode ever onward Darous looked round....
"something is not right hummmm" he furrowed his eyebrows. And then he releised....." Meanwhile "Well I have to say these are very fine mushrooms, I was lucky to find them in that hole." "Calenthang" shouted Darous "where is Merry...I cannot see him anywhere"
Calenthang looked round "Darous he must have wondered off...looking for food most likely"
"Well you's go on I am going back for him. Do not wait for me...I shall catch up."
"Wait I will come with you" replyed Calenthang.
"No you stay and keep Rawien safe it is still dangerous around these parts."
"Nuldanque, Glorfindel....Darous now where our they"
said Merry from behind a pile of mushrooms.
As the group watched Rawien start to mummer
"what is she saying" Glorfindel asked
"I'm not too sure but it must be a good sign.This is the first sign that she has made for sometime" Calenthang replyed.
Eglaviel rode over.."She is coming through the maelstorm but I am still unsure if she will surivie, but it looks more hopeful now...but we must hurry"
Meanwhile behind them..."Merry,Merry where are you" roared Darous.He rode on as the rain beat his face. And soon he came to the spot where they had rested before.
Darous got off his horse and went forward....but suddenley he heard a mulching noise and saw a fire ahead.

" Great Gods something has found Merry and now feasts upons him" he went for his sword and ran forward
"Foul beast you shall pay" roared Darous and prepared to strike when..."Would you like some mushrooms Darous they are truly delicious."
Darous looked on Merry and laughed heartly
"you hobbits always thinking of food and hear I was thinking you were the food. Come now me must catch up with the others."
"But I was ready to cook some bacon and eggs..surely you will not miss a meal..especailly one cooked by a hobbit."
"Well....okay Merry let us eat but then me must make haste."
So Merry and Darous sat down to a hearty meal and some ale which Darous had and told stories into the night. Smoke Smilie
Eglaviel, who had been sitting next to Raiwen cried out in joy and said.
"Thank's be to fates that you are back from that place of comfromtation with the great eye, how are you feeling.?"
"I'm very tired and weak, but better than a few minutes ago," Raiwen paused in her answer."How did you know where I was?" she asked.
Eglaviel's face grew sad and she looked away and whispered "There have been dark times in all of our lives, some for different reasons."
*Back In Edoras*

*Arwen was sleeping holding Gorwath's hand. The Ring was hanging down her neck, on a golden chain. Darkness came to find her in her dreams. She saw the end of her race, her father dying and all of her friends being consumed and tortured in the fires of Mordor. The she saw Gondor, as strong as it was becoming, fall, under attack by the armies of Saruman. Then The Eye. The Eye that brought terror and fear in her dreams and her heart, The ring fired up, and left her a scar on her chest, one of the first signs. She woke up screaming in pain, finding herself bleeding, the wound insatiately stopped bleeding, leaving a black scar which would have never gone away."

"The Dark Lord is getting to close to my soul, How much longer will I be able to fight it?" *she whispered, and then she fainted on the floor of the room. That cold floor brought relief to her burning scar, and she stayed there until Eowyn came in to check on Gorwath.8

"My Lady? Lady Arwen are you ok??" *She bowed and took Arwen in her arms, shaking her, tying to make her regain consciousness. But Arwen gave no sign of life.*

"Guards!" Eowyn screamed

*the guards came in promptly*

"Take the Lady Arwen to the white room on the second floor. Go! Now!" *Eowyn commanded the guards, who took Arwen in their arms and run to the room they were told to put her into. Eowyn run in her own room, trying to stay calm, she was looking for something, The Elven Stones of Light. They were given to her father as a gift, form some elves of the woods, and he had given them to her. These stones had the power to show light and reject even the most powerful evil that might be trying to take over a good soul. When she found them, she ran up to Arwen.*

*Arwen was laying in bed, even thought she was unconscious she could feel some presence around her, something cold, and at the same time very, very warm. She was in a dark room, nothing to be seen anywhere and then that Eye came again, to torment her in her dreams, in her heart.*

*Eowyn arrived and placed each of the four stones at each end of the bed. Arwen seemed to calm down. She was ok now, and she was sleeping peacefully*.*
*Arwen was in her bed, now she calmed down. She woke up, and turned around and looked at Gorwath*

"Hey, you are ok! I thought you were going to.... and then i had an aweful dream.. I dreamed that....."

*She touched her chest, where she thought she dreamed of the Eye leaving her a scar, but when she touched, the scar was there*

"It was all real? Eowyn was it all real?"
Darous and Merry finished their hearty meal and set forth after the others.
"We are far behind Merry and I am concerned on Rawien condition."
"Don't worry Mr Darous she will be fine...we hobbits know such things."
Darous smiled " Ah Merry I hope you our right."
As they rode on a wind howled up around them.
"What is this" cried Darous and then as same as before a figure appearred in the middle of the road.
"it returns Merry..divert your eyes while I kill this foul host"
Darous leaped from his hosre and ran forward,he raised his sword to strike when......" Help me please"
Darous stopped and before him stood a fair maiden draped in a white robe.
"please Darous help me" Rawien is that you"
"no Darous it is I Nalreer."
"No no its not you are dead I saw you die"
Darous fell to his knees and wept. Merry jumped down from the horse and ran to Darous.
"Mr Darous what is it,who is she..tell me tell me"
Darous raised his head "Merry she is my.... mother"
Meanwhile..."How can this be?" asked Merry
"Yes how do you appear before me" Darous rises to his feet.
"I too not have much time..he will return soon"
"Who will mother" spoke Darous
"Come to Mordor please my me"
"Wait" cried Darous
"No I must go he returns...find me trapped there"
And then she vanished
"Merry you must not speak of what transpired here on this night...I now know that we must go to Mordor and destroy this ring. But now I must go also into the heart of Mordor into to its very belly, to save her." Darous placed his hand on Merrys shoulder.
"Well you won't go alone...I shall be at your side fighting off any evil that trys to stop us"
"And I'll be glad off it. Now come we have lost too much time."
So Darous and Merry rode like the wind and soon they saw the fellowship in front of them
"Wait my friends" shouted Darous

Eglaviel sighed and began her tale of woe.
"I was a young elf, only a couple hundred years old oo so. I was very close to my mother and every day we would travel into the Mirkwood forest and go pick herbs for the physician. Then one day as we were picking sage a great shadow descended upon us and we looked up in terror as the one and only dark lord Sauron came to us on a foul bird of preyl."here Eglaviel became pale and took a hand to her face to wipe her sweating brow, then she continued.
"He ordered my mother to go with him and she refused saying that she would never enter the world of the dark. Suddenly his great birdl leaped at her striking me with its claw as I ran to help her as it picked her up in her mouth and then flew away with Sauron on it's back.
I don't remember anything after that, I was badly hurt by that foul birds claw and as I sunk into a dark world in my mind I heard my mothers screams and Sauron's evil laugh, for you see my mother was very beautiful and all wanted to win her hand, both good and bad men alike."
The elfs found me lying on the forest floor unconcious
later that day and brought me back to the palace where they broughht me back from the dark world I had been, but I never told anyone what had happened to me as I was unconcious, hunting groups were sent out for my mother, but she was never found.
Eventually Sauron was destroyed, but my mother was never found in any of his dungeons. I still keep up hope that she is alive, and yet, I almost don't weant her to be for I can only imagine what she has gone through.
She is now only a distant memory that I remember when I smell fresh herbs or when the birds return after winter for to her that was a sign of promose."
All was silent after Eglaviel finished her story, then Rawien spoke softly.
"My lady, you spoke of that time when you were in the dark...what happened?"
"It is because of that time that I have so little hope for my mother, for in that time I was taken to the very pits of Sauron's torture chambers and I saw what he did to his prisoners, such tortueous I will never speak of, but he was there overseeing it all and I was like this bound spirit for I couldn't move, but WAS moved whatever force brought me there. Finally after I had seen horror after horror Sauron turned and looked at me or rather where I suppose I was and said in the cruelest tounge I have ever heard, "You will be next" yet I understood it in elven.
I can only think that he means to take me next and since then I have never slept without nightmares of such horrible things, in fact when I was attacked ny that Nazgul Sauron came to me again and said my time was soon." then Eglaviel said no more.
At this point, Khamul and Charthost made their way back towards Mordor, going north through a pass between the Ephel Duath. Traveling just to the western shore of the Sea of Nurnen, Khamul paused to consider whether or not he should (or even if he could) summon a Kraken from the depths of the water to his service.

One of the few Krakens to ever harken to Sauron was in the lake guarding the West Gate of Moria at the end of the road through Hollin. A new Kraken could be used to strengthen the area around Cair Andros but since time was pressing, Khamul put the idea on hold while making his way back to Minas Morgul. Behind him, Charthost was getting edgy...
Darous and Merry finally caught up with the rest of the team.
"Would it be too much to ask if for you guys could slow down abit.I'm not as young as I use to be."
The fellowship slows down,
*Elrohir takes a look at Darous and Merry*

"Darous, what was it that made you slow down on the road back there, what was standing there?"
"It seemed important, but the road is long, we should go on!" Calen exclamed.
"So you our correct Calenthang, the road is long and we must continue. But the figure on the road was nothing...just a waylaid vagabond ask no more." Darous said with an abrutness.
The group turned to Darous "we were only asking" said Nuldanque.
"The road is long and I have not slept for many days....sorry for snapping like that." Darous said.
As Khamul was making his way back to Mordor, Fuinur and Herumor were riding up the Isenmouthe and on their way towards the Gap of Rohan. They planned on stopping by to visit Saruman for fresh horses but they were shut out and they did not have the power to defy him.

"If the Captain were here, we would surely make him rue that decision" said Herumor.

"Forget about that. Our immediate concern is finding the Company and destroying them. Anyway, the Lord Sauron will hear of it soon enough." Fuinur grinned (of course, only a Nazgul would be able to see it!)
In front of them stood Fuinur and a company of orcs. On their left flank, Herumor stood poised and ready to hem them in as soon as they advanced on Fuinur's company.

"Send the Wargs" Herumor snarled to an sniveling orc at his side. "Have them go for that pretty little horse."

Dauros drew Gurthang and waited for the signal to move from Calenthang. All of a sudden, howling broke out from behind them and Raiwen was thrown from Estel. But before anything else happened, Nuldanque let loose five arrows that caught five Wargs in the throat. Estel was safe but the orcs in front of them were pouring onto them like a swarm of bees...
*Meanwhile in Edoras*

*Arwen was healthy again and she was outside, sending another postBody out to the fellowship8

"Please come, we don't have much time, We must destroy the Ring. You must come as soon as possible."

*She then went inside to talk to Eowyn*

"Arwen, where is the old man, Gandalf?" Eowyn said

"I do not know, he got separated form me, I ran away with Gorwath, I have not seen him since, Maybe I should try to contact him or something." Arwen said, as she was about to get up to go Eowyn grabbed her arm.

"Don't. Everytime you send out postBodys like that, The dark Lord can hear them, you are exposing yourself too much, If you are not careful you'll get killed." Eowyn's voice was cold and firm.

"Very well, send out some of you riders and find the old champ" Arwen said walking away.

*Arwen went to the backyard, where she found Gorwath sitting on a bench, looking at the flowers. She moved smoothly, and sat beside him, he didn't even notice.*

"Pretty aren't they? They are called flowers of life and love. It is said that they only grow in gardens where evil has never gone. These flowers were a gift form the elves pf Imladris, to the Men of Rohan, at the times of the War Of The Ring. Eowyn has kept care of them ever since her mother died. Are you ok? you have not said a word in a long time, is something the matter?

8Arwen was waiting for an answer......*
Eglaviel galloped to Arwen panting and shooting arrows at the same time.
"No time to chat!" she yelled."We don't know either!"
*Arwen stared at him in silence.*

"I've sent a postBody out. I know it's dangerous, but it's the only way."

*Arwen's hand was shaking with fear, she knew how dangerous it was, but did Gorwath know?*
Darous looked to the others..."My friends we must strike now!!!" and Darous leaped from his horse and chargred forward into the heaving mass of orcs.
"You try to stop us in our quest..NEVER" and he swung forth Gurthang and struke down a warg.Calenthang charged forward along with Nuldanque. From behind them shot forth a bevvy of arrows... orcs fell but more kept coming..."THERE ARE TOO MANY" shouted Darous but we must not let them overun us.The group fought with all their strenght.
Then Fuinur signalled to the orcs at the back.."Release it now!!!.
And from crashing through the trees came a cave troll.
Darous looked in horror..."What in the world" another bevvy of arrows flew forth.
"Calenthang, Nuldanque we must take down this cave troll or all will be lost..."
Darous raised his sword and ran straight for the troll, Calenthang and Nuldanque joined him in the charge while the others rushed the orcs.
*Arwen was speaking to Gorwath when i cry came to her ears. Her freinds, form the fellwoship were in great danger. Her hands came cold.*

"Are you ok?" asked Gorwath

*Arwen didn't answer, her face was pale and her eyes cold as ice*

"I must go, you wait for my return, do not move..." Arwen said then sha ran away

*Arwen went to look for Eowyn, and told her she was going away. Arwen gathered 10 of the best men of Roha, then she called her horse.*

"My friends are in danger, they are not far, we must go and help them." Arwen shouted form the back of Asfaloth

"Are we supposed to follow a woman, en elf into battle?"
Some of the worriors asked laughing

"Yes, you must. If one of my friends dies, you are the next sol on my list" Arwen's voice was cold and firm, she scared all of the rider that mounted their horses and went behinde her.

"Off we ride, be ready for battle."

*Arwen and the riders rode for a good 20 minutes before they came to the site of battle. Her friends could not hold much more, but now help had arrived. Arwen rode off to Darous, who was fighting on the ground, he had probably lost his horse. She took him up with her on Asfaloth. Then she took out her sword and started talking to him while she killed orcs*

"How did this happen? you should have been in Edoras yesterday, where do these beasts come from?"
"Finally.. did you execpt me to fight this horde by myself" laughed Darous.
"We thought.."an orc leaped at the two, Darous swung his sword and the head rolled to the ground.
"he will have a headache in the morning" laughed Darous.
Darous looked to Arwen " it is good to see you has been too long since I have had your company..."
then Darous saw from the corner of eye " MERRY"
Darous jumped into the air and took out his axes 'matrix style' and let rip a bevvy on a group of orcs who had surrounded Merry he then ran forward and Gurthang hissed with delight "do it now..give me death" "you shall have it RERRRRRYAH " a rage came upon Darous and he took out his double bladed axe as well.
He went running into the frey "you want some come get it then." axe and sword struck blow after blow it was carnage "Merry get out of here..I'll keep them distracted" said Darous with a smile on his face. Merry ran to where Darous had left Arwen.
Darous ripped the orc bodies to shreds " REEEEERAAAA" that was all that was heard from Darous.
A blood soaked Darous looked to his right and saw Calenthang and Nuldanque holding their quater against the troll."that is the main threat" yelled Darous and he ran to join his friends in their all out assault on the troll.
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