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As much as I would like to play, I don't know where to start. Sad Smilie
And thunder crashed and the heavens shook and in a snow feild there stood a lone figure. He could feel the snow beneath his feet and as he looked up he knew hw would have to leave this place.
"For so many many years I have dwelled here and know I must leave....why do the gods torment me so. All I seek is peace and rest. The battles of this place affect me not...I wish for only solitairdy and ti know nothing of the wars of middle earth.
Rawien looked at Gokou. "Who are you?"
" Iam Gokou son of Darous and sworn enemy of all that his evil and unjust so jus' watch it ok" laughed Gokou as he continued watchin the skys.
"What?... But.. You're?" she paused, then turned to the other two. "Arwen? Gorwath? Since when did Darous have a son?"..

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*Arwen had just woken up*
"Don't worry it is all under control, he's his son, it's all good, Darous will come back, he promised me."
*Arwen looks hopeful out of the window*
"He will come back. But now, Gorwarth and I are his protectors, even if he doesn't seem to need to be any. I will teach his the arts of the Elves, control and respect. Gorwarth will teach him to fight as a true and valuable fighter. Rawien, will you help us?You knowledge will be needed, the war draws near, he'll need ready as soon as possible. Will you?"
"Er...Ok. I'll try." She smiled.

Lightning stuck and thunder rolled loud far away over the mountains. "There is a storm coming." Rawien said. "We best get inside -- Oh no!!" she gasped suddenly as the sound of orc voices was heard.

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*Arwen Lowered her head, she was in pain, something inside was bothering her. The orcs were coming, but she felt something, someone was in danger, it was Legolas, somewhere in the wild he was in danger.*
"Legolas needs us!"
*The orcs came and charged them. Arwen didn't even move. In a second, she took her silver silk hood, and threw it on one side. Under it, there was the most beautiful white gold armor. The brightness of it surprised everyone and even the rocs had to suddenly stop and cover their eyes. That gave time for everyone to get ready to battle, there were hunderds of orcs.*
"Friends, it's time to rock"
*Arwen took her white gold sword, and started fighting, along with her friends. They noticed that her tecnique was different, she was fighting like never before, and she was using elf powers like never before, something had changed in her.*
"Everyone all right?"
"Yeah, sure." Rawien replied. >I need a horse.< she suddenly thought. "Arwen, i'm going to get horses. I'll be right back!" and she darted off away from the battle.

Running into the stables, she quickly untied two horses. Mounting one, she took hold of the other and led them out and back down the slope to the battle. "Does anyone need a horse?" she laughed as she galloped straight through the middle of a host of orcs, scattering them everywhere.
"Good job hun"
*Arwen gets on the horse with the grace that nobody else has*
"Lets go Rawien! they will make it alone, but I am not so sure about Legolas, I heard his cry, have you heard it too?"
*Rides away followed by Rawien*
Rawien galloped behind Arwen, crashing through orcs. "Where are we going?" she yelled. "We don't know where Legolas is!"
"We'll find him!" Arwen replied.
"But what about Gorwath and Gokou? We've left them on their own!"
*Arwen didn't even turn, she had to find Legolas, he was in danger, she had to save him!*
"Ride on, they'll be fine, Gorwarth is guided by my love, The kid never needed help.........."
Rawien didn't really know what to say to that, so she didn't. They soon came to the gates, and Arwen dissmounted to open them. Rawien sat on her horse for a while, thinking. Then - "Hang on! If these gates where shut then how the hell did all these orcs get into the city?"
"I dunno." Arwen replied, "But we'll figure that riddle out later. For now we have to save Legolas!" she mounted again, and they both rode through as the gates swung shut again behind them.
They set off again into a gallop, and plunged into the dark forest..
*They kept riding, unitl they heard a scream*
*But then something happened, Arwen suddenly stopped, and started breathing very hard.*
"The Nazgul"
*She wispered. The another scream, and the sound of something falling*
"Don't go Arwen, you'll die"
*arwen kept going, I have to save him"
*She rode on, took out her sword, and charged the Nazgul, aftre a couple of minutes of fight, she saw Legolas on the ground. Still fighting she dismounted, and took Legolas and got up again.*
"Rawien, lets go, he's sick! He's been wounded with a Mourgol blade. COME!"
*She rode off again*
Rawien was rather shocked at the speed in which things had just happened , but nonetheless she rode like the wind after Arwen. However, the Nazgul was not fatally wounded and it took off and dived for them. Rawien was ready, and she let loose an arrow. The nazgul shrieked and soured upwards again..
*Rawien kept fighting when*
"Behinde you Arwen"
*She screamed, she thought Arwen had been wounded, but a great light had come from Arwen, and the Nazgul had been scared from it, and ran away, along with the others."
Gokou came wandering with a sandwich......
"hey look a fight...but I am enjoying this sandwich but what the heck"
Gokou finished his sandwich and ran into the frey chasin a Nazgul down and smiting it with a rather large axe.
*Arwen and Rawien came to the gates again.*
"We have to be quick, he's leaving this Middle Earth"
"who's leavin' middle earth?" asked Gokou as he elbowed a orc who came at him from the side.
"His Soul is!"
"Now this is all too confusing for me....I just wanted ta fight but with souls and all that, plus im still hungry so if ya need me I'll be in the kitchen"
As Gorwath ran onto the frey Gokou stood......
"I get sandwiches handed to me I think I can hang here for a wee bit longer." and he munched on both the sandwiches and made his way to the kitchen......where suddenly he heard a racket and as he dandered in he saw several goblins ransackin the place......
"You dare to take all this food over my dead body mate."
and so he grabbed a wooden pole and whacked the goblins on the head and beat them down...."
Rawien was very confused. "Arwen? Are you alright? I don't get you."
"Hahaha feell my power ya wee nasty cretin." laughed Gokou as he attacked the goblins.
"All this fightin' is hard work I fancy a snack but not lembas bread *yukkk*" as Gokou took a bite and stuck out his tongue.
"Ouch!" as Gokou stuck out his tongue and took a bite.

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"Umm now that is strange I went yukk and not ouch!!!!"
Gokou rubbed his chin and pondered what had just occured.
"Actually, I quite like lembas bread" says Nuldanqu’ as she runs from the middle of the goblin fray.

"I never ge tired of it, even though I've been living off of it for the last few months". She grabs the uneaten part of the labmas bread, takes a bite, and contiues with her previous course of action.
"I miss the good old days when you fought and then had a snack and not this lembas bread it tastes like well ye know" as he deckked a Goblin in the head.
If any of you don't want your lembas bread, give it to me. The trick tomaking it taste good is imagining that it is some other type of food, like honey bread or a turkey sandwich.
*as Nuldanqu’ was expalining a goblin jumped on her back. She stuffed some lembas in it's mouth and it jumped off and ran away srapping it's tounge off.*
"But ye can't beat a tasty steak or anice fillet of pork....and it's just too difficult to think of it as anything better." and at that point a cave troll came plundering round the corner.
"now does this get any better..."
"Rawien quick, go get Gandalf, my powers cannot heal him!"
Rawien was still very confused, but nevertheless galloped off in search of Gandalf..
The cave troll came lundering through the hallways with three dozen Orc and goblins.
"We need back up here folks!!!!!" shouted Gokou as he jumped at the goblins. They drew there blades and there cuts were true...." yikes that was too close for comfort and you just ruined a perfectly good shirt...grrrrrrr" and so a angered Gokou brings out his bo staff....
"its clobberin' time" Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie roared Gokou
*Arwen looks around*
"Gokou, could.... could you tell me what you are trying to do? do you plan to take all Saruman's army on by yourself?"
*Arwen could believe what she was seeing, but then a thought struck her*
"We need to send out a call for anybody who will come to help, we need to take everyone who is still alive to a safe place, and have every strong man fight to protect them, the Huruk-hai will soon come, we do not have much time. Who will ride out with me to find all the survivors of Sauron's first attack? We need to find a safe place, where could we take everyone? some place safe, anyone has any idea?"
*Arweb thought, the Mines of Moria were hard to get into, but sadly once the enemy is in, it's hard for us to get out.... that won't do. Rivendell is much too vulnerable*
"Anyone please, if you know where we could take everyone we'll find, please speak, we do not have much time left!"
Yes find me The seven lights of Valinor. With these I shall summon the might of Ulmo who will flow with might and power to swipe our foe from his lands. And then we shall embark to Isengard. Too long have I waited and watched.....Saurmon shall fall for his betrayal of the White Council and I shall strike him down. So ready the lightbringers and send for the archers. The might of Rivendell moves forward for war.
Arwen was looking for people that were still alive but...
"Nothing, nobody survived... so many... so few have survived, Rawien, what shall we do?"
Rawien was shocked as she looked around. "I don't know, Arwen.... Maybe.." suddenly the world started to spin and Rawien gasped. Then she fainted..
*Arwen run towards Rawien, not knowing what to do*
"No... no no.... this is not good, the light of the Even Star is fading, I don't have enough power to save her.... what must i do..."
*Then, Arwen heard a scream.. a high pitched scream like one of a ....*
*She screamed. No it's couldn't be, they had been killed... but no now she remembered what darous had said before leaving her, they can't be killed, but why not... and then she thought, if i could steal one of their horses... they might be faster than Rawien's horse... If I could just get close enough to one to sing to it... if I could just..... But there wasn't enough time for thinking, she had to run, she put rawien down, and she covered her with the body of a dead child, so that they wouldn't see her gleaming dress. Then she grabbed her sword*
"i will nto leave you here to die, my friend, I lost too many people already to leave you too"
*She run towards the nazgul, and the EvenStar started shining, the Nazgul fell off their horses, and run away... Arwen didn't understand, but she knew that was her chance, she started singing, one of the Horses approached her, and bent down... he was under her spell. It wasn't gonna last, she had to be quick. She took Rawien, and started riding towards the nearest town, hoping to find someone who could help her.*
"Run, run... Don't worry Rawien, we'll be fine... we will be"
*But in her heart Arwen didn' know what was going to happen, she was scared, scared as she had never been before... Rawien was her friend, she loved her like a sister... and she couldn't feel her heart...but only one thing was on her mind, she had to save her, no matter what.*
And so Gokou was battering away at the cave when suddenly a group of goblin archers appearred on a balcony and shot Gokou. h efell to the ground and felt the warm blood tricling down his chest.
"ah well it was a good run and some of them foods were really tasty but I suppose its time for the big guy to come back." and so a light enveloped Gokou and he vanished.
The archers cheered at there victory but it was short lived as the heard a unsheathing of a sword behind them...
"Well they have let this place go to the dogs....but I always liked to do a bit of cleaning"
And as the archers turned all they saw was blackness.
The figure darted between the pillars throwing well aimed axes at nearby orcs.."how I haved missed the killing. but that will certainly change now..." and with a Gurthang raised high he leapt off the balcony and into the horde of orcs..
"You wished to taste blood once again; taste all you wish now." and with a ungodly cry Darous attacked all in his sight.

"You attack my friends and ruin one of my own... your fate has been sealed...." and Darous swung Gurthang and a orcan head fell to the who else wishes to fight me....."
The Orcs cowered before but one stepped forth. His body was riddled with scars of battle old.
"I will fight you swine of man....."
"I aint no swine of man." a angered bolied in Darous.
"I am half dwarf"
And so Darous and the Orc Master stood ready for battle.
"You our a fool to think you can beat me" laughed Darous
"We'll see whose laughing when I take that pretty face of yours" sneered the Orc as he licked his blade.
"Yer trying to sweet talk me are ye...well it aint gonna work.." and Darous whipped out a throwing axe and let it fly through the air, where it struck the Orc in a rather uncomfortable place.
"I'll rip yer head off for that you" howled the orc as it ran furiously at Darous swinging it weapons in every direction.
Darous readyed Gurthang...and the onslaught began.
Blade struck blade as the two fought, and all around them the howls of the enemy could be heard...

"I dont like the sound of that Rana" remarked one of the guards
"I think we should walk the other way!!!"
"Good plan lets go" and so Rana and Garin headed off in the direction of the courtyard where it was less noisy but just as dangerous.

"You know what you should really do something about yer breath...or just stop it with the flesh eating thing" remarked Darous
"Shut up and fight will you." roared the orc.
"Ok if you insisted and Darous kicked the orc off him and got off the ground. Darous charged at the orc who jumped out of the way and struck his back with his sword.."who is laughing now" laughed the orc
"Well it sure in sneck won't be you you." and Darous picked up Gurthang and with a mighty shout threw it straight at the orc.
The look on the orcs face said it all.
Darous wandered over and pulled out the embedded sword from the orcs chest.
*Arwen was riding as fast as the wind... but she could no longer feel Rawien's heart... she arrived to the battle... she saw Darous*

"You... how did you?... but it dosn't matter now... help me... please *she started crying* I can't heal her... I don't know... help me please..."
"Well it look likes i came back just in time then" replied Darous to Arwen as he pulled out Gurthang and sheathed it.
He wandered over to the still breathing body of Rawien. He placed his hand on her body......
"I know her whoever she is but she aint doin' too good and you also but I can't place you either. Ah well I'll have her fixed up in no time."
Darous started to chant and then he rubbed his hands together like a certain karate teacher who he may have seen in a dream at some time Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie. He let his hands hover over the body and ran them the length of it.
"She is to let her rest for a short time and make sure she doesnt handle any heavy weapons in the next hour or so, only short swords, bows etc...
there was a bright flash inside Rawien's mind. She woke up and saw Arwen. Darous was holding her. "Darous!" she choked..
Loni galloped onto the scene, and quickly got off her horse.
"What's going on?" she cried...
"yer wounds have been dealt with for a few moments. You have't regained all yer strenght."
Darous looks around him and sees the last remainig orcs running from the halls.
He wanders over to Arwen who is tending to Rawien. "It looks like they are retreating for the moment; we should tend to the wounded and see how much damage was done. But we should see 'bout leaving soon, it looks like this place has seen a war."
Arwen left Rawien and told Darous to take to a room to rest. She then wanndered off to her room, it was still in good conditions, as the orcs could not pass over the elven spell she had put on it. Sje looked around, the took a white robe, and chenged into it, she then walked away, she passed Darous, and he saw her face. She was crying. Arwen walked down the marble staircase, and went to the garden, there she sat, in sadness and lonliness, thinking what she could do next, the Ring, was hanging at her neck, along with the now fading Evenstar. Darous who had followed her, came from behind and said.....
"what's wrong lass, why ye cryin'" he croutched down beside Arwen.
"So ya gonna tell me whats wrong? Arwen sat on in silence.
Darous sat and noticed a sapling growing underneath a rock...
"see that Arwen..." pointing to the sapling, Arwen looked to it...
"See that sapling its clawin' and growin' its way out from that big could decide not ta bother and just wither away and die...but it isn't. Its gonna grow and show that rock where ta go."
"So whatever got ye down, ye can beat it lass....."
"It's just that.... everytime things seem to be better they just get worse... if you had not come back, and saved her... she would ahve died, I couldn't save her, when I used to be able to, this Ring is killing the Evenstar.... it will soon kill me, what shall we do? I can feel its power growing, ahve you felt it too?"
Arwen looked at his, her eyes filled with tears....
Darous looked and suddenley he noticed that Arwen had dulled ever so slighty. Her hair had less shine and the brightness im her eyes shined less......"one such as this shouldn't carry such a burden" he thought to himself.
And so stood and....."I shall take the ring Arwen, I will take it to the fires and forever destroy it...its yer decesion lass."
While the two conversed they were watched by other eyes.....
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