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*Nuldanque had sensed, as Arwen had, that the place on which they stood was sacred ground. She kneeled to the ground and rubbed some of the earth between her fingers*

Lady Galadriel, is this place what I think it is? *She asks astoundidly*

Yes my dear child. *Galadriel andswers*
We walk upon the place that once flowed the river Cabed-en-Aras, in which Nienor Niniel's life was taken in a day of old. She must be watching out for us all. *After Galadriel confirms Nuldanque's suspicions, she goes to meet Arwen*

Arwen, my child, the Valar have blessed you, and given you your immortality back. While you slept you were mortal, and you felt the flow of time on your body, which you never felt before. But now you are as you were before, the Firstborn of Eru, of the Eldar, and immortal. This news should please you. *Galadriel does not know if Arwen hoped to stay mortal, for she knows her heart is with Aragorn the man, and a mortal life she might have wanted. Galadriel only hopes se will continue to have the strength to bear the burden of the Ring*

*In another conversation, Nuldanque speaks to Calenthang*
I am very happy to see my friend! *She says as she runs up and hugs him*
Your sword is very swift, I saw it fly from it's sheath when the Nazgul approached, as if it had wings!
*She laughs enchantingly, feeling comfort for once in the many days of fear and dread*
Thank you for bringing my Aunt Galadriel along. She needed to get out of Lothlorien. This quest will do her good.
*Nuldanque's head jerks to the bushes beside her, because she thought she heard something. They rustled again, but then stopped. She didn't say aything, hoping they were not being followed by anything foul, and didn't want to arouse any suspitions. She continued talking the Calenthang for a while more*
*As the new Nazgul approached Nuldanque unsheathed her sword and yelled to the Servent of Mordor*

Pustar, umea lamni Mordoron! (Stop, evil animls of Mordor!)

*She stands ready to fight, with a glowing silver presence encircling her*
*When Rawien got to Arwen Gorwath was pretty hurt.*

"I do not know if I can save him."

*said Arwen with fear in her voice*

"What happened? Who attacked him?"

*Arwen told Legolas to carry Gorwath and then start a fire*

"It will be a long night my friends, my best guess is that he was stabbed by a Morgul Blade. The problem is I do not know if I can save him because i do not know how."

*When the fire was ready Arwen told Legolas to call Galadriel*

"If she wants to help me, we might need her powers. Fly!"

*Legolas ran to find The Lady Galadriel*
Round the fire the hobbits sat with Gimili and Darous.
"And then I said so's your mother Ha Ha Ha" cheered Gimili."Now young hobbits what stories do you have?"
"Well Mr Gimili sir there was the one time when we were chased for stealing the mushrooms from Old Maggot, but Pippin got caught so me and Sam had to rescue him before he fed him to his dogs."
"No you didn't thats a lie is was you Merry who got caught not me" Pippin jumped on Merry I will get you for this." Gimili and Darous sat on laughing supping their ale. Alcoholic Smilie
*Legolas finds Galadriel singing amoung the trees in nearby small forest. He tells her of the happenings, and of the Morgul Blade wound*

I am grateful that Elrond has taught me healing methods for such an injury. Here, fetch me some plants, Nuldanqu’. *Galadriel rambles off a list of herbs and such*

I will gather them right away *Nuldanqu’ says. She finishes sprinkling the enchanted dust over the rocks and ventures into the woods to find the necessary plants*
Legolas runs to find Galadriel

Legolas was thinking as he was blindly running throught the woods, looking for the Lady Galadriel.
Suddenly a grey horse comes galloping into the camp with a tall and regal figure on it's back.
" Where is Legolas?" she cries with panic and urgencey in her voice?" Tell me quickly." she says looking around hastly.
Slowly Gimli rises from the fire and points to the woods " He's gone after Lady Galadriel" he says as he takes another swig of his ale. " Who are you."
Pippen stands to his feet and bows regally. Elbowing Gimli ha turns to the lady and replies" If my studies with my Uncle Bilbo are correct I would presume that you are the Lady of Legolas called Eglaviel. Though all the history books say you often come in a mist, but rarely out in the open... that reminds of another story Uncle Bilo once told me.."
Cutting him off the lady, who was indeed Eglaviel replied saying. " Well, desperate times cannot sit around and wait
for the mist to rise. Now,when is Legolas coming back? For I have urgent news that cannot wait to be told and I am due back in Mirkwood at once!"
Tripping Pippen so he fell, Merry got up from the fire and said, " My lady, if you give me the news I will be sure to give it to Legolas them minute I see him... in fact... I'll go out and look for him right away!"
" Hobbit or even hafling is far to dull a name to call you wonderful creatures!" cried Eglaviel warmly. " You should have been named something much more worthy....but time for that later! Here is the postBody, the Nazgul are coming... many of them. I have sent elves from Mirkwood to meet them, but I fear they will be to late! You must flee this place at once!"
Reaching for his jacket Merry ran torwards the woods yelling, " I'm on my way!"
Pippen and Gimli who had been watching Merry run off turned to face the lady again, but she had vanished! Listening closely they could however, hear the soft beatings of a horses hooves.

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"Now we must flee from this place" said Gandalf "ready your gear and lets go."
"Wait" shouted Darous,"While I was travelling back here I saw an shack it looked like it could be well defended.
If we go there maybe we will have a better chance of holding off the accuresed Nazgul until help has arrived?"

"Your idea is a good one Darous. We should fight these foul creatures and destroy the now." roars Gimili.
"But let us ask the others first" Gandalf answers.
As the groups nears the small shack, they can see a young elven woman sitting inside. They rush in, swords drawn, and ready for battle. 'What is this?" the woman askes. 'We are in need of cover for the time being,' someone in the back said. The woman smiles and welcomes them. 'You are running from the Nazgul, are you not?" she asks. 'Yes, we must stay here until help arrives." Gandalf says. "We could use another fighter, can you fight?" Gimli asked eager to talk to the woman. The woman laughed. "I am the daughter of Haldir. I can fight as well as anyone..." she told them and readied her things...
Legolas runs through the wood, dragging Galdriel behind him.
"Lady Galadriel...Are you feeling alright?"
Mariesthrill jumps up at the sight of Legolas. "My love, it is me, Mariesthrill. I have been waiting here ever since I heard you needed help. What happened? Is the Lady all right?" she asked.
Calenthang lacking behind heard the beat of hooves.He climed the nearest tree and wated.
Minutes later he spotted eight of the Nazgul riding with great speed obviously sensing "the onr ring".
Ignoring all the fear that was in his heart Calenthang blew his horn to warn the others of the incoming danger.
Then he looked at the sky and said:
-Your children need you now Illuvatar.Help us!
In that moment the tree Calenthang was sitting on moved.Calenthang looked at the roots of the tree with a light smile.
Yes the tree was an Ent who was awaken by Illuvatar.
When the Nazgul saw what was happening 2 of them decided to turned back and fight the Ent.

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Legolas sighs.
"Yes, Lady Galadriel is fine. Um...Pardon me, but who are you?"
Legolas quietly reaches a hand into his pouch and draws out his Elven knife, ready, as always, to fight.
Trying to escape the awkward silence between him and the strange woman, Legolas jumped at the voice of danger; also the voice of Merry, the hobbit.

"I am sorry, but danger calls."
Legolas grabs Lady Galadriels hand and said,"Come. My Lady, Merry calls, danger is upon him."
"Young elf were are you going while u are dragging that beautiful lady." said Eldarian

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[Edited on 6/3/2003 by Aragorn2]
Legolas looks up. He didnt know anyone was there. Legolas looked into the face. He was so intent on listenint ot the struggles of Merry that he hadnt noticed the other Elf there.
"There is trouble, Lord, and I was going to help. This is Lady Galadriel, Lady of Light and of the Golden Wood. She has been poisoned in the mind by some dark force..."
Legolas did not know if this was true, but this is what he thought had happened.

Legolas continued,"I have not figured out what this force was yet, but I am trying to find Merry, the hobbit in need. I have heard his calls for help and before that, his calls for Lady Galadriel. He is in great danger. Would you kindly take Lady Galadriel into your care?"
In an undervoice, Legolas added,"And if you see any elf-maidens running around asking for me, please say that I am off doing a great deed and I will probably die so there is no use waitting for me? Thankyou, My Lord."
Legolas put Lady Galadriels hand, in which he had tugged her from where he had found her, in the Lords hand and silently wished him luck. Legolas backed away slowly while telling Lady Galadriel that it will be o.k. He then turned and sprinted in the direction of the distant voice of which he was sure was Merrys'.

Glorfindel lifted his head slightly as he gazed into the fire.

Glorfindels head snapped up. He looked around suspiciously. His eyes riveted to the Dark Elf. he watched his movements closely.

Glorfindels ears perked up. He had heard that voice before. He looks around.

Glorfindel stood up quickly as the realization came to him. Legolas was in trouble. He ran to his belongings and took out all his weapons, storing them in their proper places. He then set off.
"Gandalf, I have heard Legolas calling. He is in need of my help. I will be back as soon as I can."
Glorfindel sprints off in search of Legolas.
Glorfindel called in mind waves.
Mariesthrill rins out side and listens intently to the calls of Legolas. She runs in the direction of his voice. She hears his voice off to her right. She turns but has suddenly come face-to-face with....

Legolas stops for a quick moment. That voice...Glorfindel!

Legolas senses something. He turns around. Nothing is there.

Legolas sprints on, mind-waving Glorfindel to make sure he keeps up with him.
"Merry! Are you all right?!" Legolas calls.
The voice has stopped. Legolas has a strange feeling about who did this to Merry...Someone from the Fellowship, someone who had made Legolas uneasy from the first time he heard his name, his name whom he, Glorfindel, and Rawien had whispered about their uneasy feelings. Legolas finally knew the truth...

Glorfindel thought with joy, but then he realised that Legolas had just realized something, and he stopped.

Glorfindel started running right away. Soon he had passed a clearing and jumped over a little brook, and suddenly, he heard footsteps in front of him. Had he caught up with the younger elf?

The footsteps stopped.
"Legolas?"Glorfindel called out hastily into the night.
Glorfindel heard the feet turn around slowly, and a shaky voice called out,"Glorfindel?"
It was indeed the younger elf and he ran to Glorfindel.
"Glorfindel! I have just found out something very important. I would like to share it with you. Merry is also missing. I have heard his calls. We must find him. I have the uneasy feeling that he is in great danger." Legolas rambled on and on it seemed.
"Legolas, slow down. Yes, i have seen, I know. Merry has been taken. Shall we wait for help or follow in pursuit?" Glorfindel asked
"Follow in pursuit." Legolas answered quickly.
"Ahh...i see. Are we testing our bowmanship and swordsmanship?" Glorfindel asked with a teasing light in his eyes.
"No." said Legolas sharply, dousing the teasing look."We are here to protect the Fellowship. And protect we will. Merry is in great danger. A shadow is in his future. I can see it."
*Galadriel is very uneasy from the dark magic being worked in her, but in her state of illness she could only hear the cries of her hobbit friend*

He calls me!! *Galadriel gasped as she awoke*

He needs my help, the small one does! You must bring him to me, or me to him!
*Galadriel knew not that in her state of despair that she had seen into the future. It was a cloudy future, but evil was soon to come. *

Arwen, be prepared, for tasks that are nearly greater than you are to come. Have faith, and know that Eru will always be by your side. *Galadriel falls back into a deep sleep*
*Gorwath had now fully recovered and was sleeping near to the fire. Arwen was looking at him sleep when a cold wind came to he. She shivered. Something bad had happened*


*She had to catch her breath for a second. She woke up Gorwath.*

"Did you feel that sudden chill? Something bad has happened. The winds are screaming with terror.........."

*She sky grew dark and it started raining*

"Sauron is coming for The Ring. We must leave now. Me must find the others before it is too late. We must leave this place. We shall make for the city of Edoras."

*Gorwath tried to sit up but he was weak and Arwen had not yet cuted his wound. She had dissolved the venum but the cut was still open*

"Stay down, we still have time."

*She put her hand on the cut. It was like magic, her hands started glowing and a great force was called by her soul. The wound vanished, leaving a scar.*

"The pendant that Darous had brought to save me gave me new powers. I am not only immortal now. I can cure wouds and who knows what else."

*Arwen looked down worried..*

"I just hope these new powers will not trick me into error. I'm starting to feel Its call. The Ring is getting stronger, as Sauron is. His forces are multipling."

*Arwen turned around again and smiled to Gorwath*

"How are you feeling? Better? You are still weak. You will ride with me for the first couple of days, you should not be moved but we cannot risk staying here. We must warn Rohan of this new danger."

*Arwen handed Gorwath a lembas*

"Up for a snack?"

*She said smiling, waiting for him to say something, at least to understand if he was feeling better.*
Meanwhile... Eglaviel had been racing her steed onward torward Mirkwood when she heard a scream of pure terror streak across the sky.
Then she saw coming over one hill the dreaded Nazgul and they were headed in the way she had just come.
Then she saw coming from her west the elves of Mirkwood she had sent for. As they were closer to her than the Nazgul, she urged her horse under some low treetops and waited for the Nazgul to pass all the time chanting an elven spell that would make the Mirkwood elves invisible before the Nazgul.
The Nazgul passed like a dark shadow and as soon as they had passed she galloped to join the Mirkwood elves.
Upon reaching them she gave quick orders.
" We must follow the Nazgul for wherever they are headed great help will be needed for those they are a ttacking and something tells me more is at stake here than it seems," then drawing her sword that had been neatly hidden by her flowing skirts she turned full around and led the chase after the Nazgul all reasons to go home
forgotten and unimportant. Before they started full chase however, she did dispatch one elf to ride back to Mirkwood for more help sending with him prayers of good fortune.
*Galadriel's eyes open, and though they are heavy, she forces herself to lift them higher. As the world around her becomes clearer, she sees it is not her world. Whisping, flitting shadows fly across her vision. She had entered the Land of Shadows, the realm of the Nazgul. Darting to the standing position quickly, she became light-headed and more disorientated than before. Something on her hand caught her eye. She looked down and there was Nenya, her ring, on her finger. Gasping at this, realizes that now Sauron could find the company and the One Ring. Remembering the tales of the Edar and of the Shadow Realm, she knows that to take off her ring would endanger them even more. Standing up again slowly, she looks around at the evil in which she dwells. When she galnced behind her, she saw what she had never seen before. A great, evil shape approached her, one of a King of Men of old. One of the Nazgul was coming upon her. Gasping for breath she strikes her hand into the sky, and a brilliant flash of light peirces the realm. Galadriel is lifted up by a great wave to meet the Ringwraith. As it comes ever closer, she calls upon the power of Nenya, and the entire shadow realm is filled with red hot, golden light. The Nazgul shrieks in terror and retreats quickly. Galadriel is placed back on the ground, and falls to her knees. At that moment she felt the Eye watching her. She wearily stood up to face the embodiment of Sauron. "Ash nazg" the eye said, over and over. "Ash nazg, Ash Nazg, ASH NAZG!!!!". The last deep throated yell of the Eye blows Galadriel backwards and Nenya falls of her finger*

(Back in the Realm of the Living)
The Eye has seen me, it knows our place! *She mounts her horse and rides to Arwen. Finding her, she speaks quickly to her*

Arwen, Sauron knows your whereabouts, you must leave now! I will gather the rest of the Fellowship, but you must leave now. Dark forces are already on their way here. Leave, leave now child, and do not look behind!

*Galadriel rides off the gather the others of the company, hoping this turn of fate has not endangered the mission in a great way*
*Nuldanque hears her Aunt's voice in her head speaking of the happeings that had befallen. Fearing for the mission, she rides on Lastoth to Calenthang*

Calenthang, I have heard my aunt's calls for help. The Ring has been found out. We must gather eveyone quickly. Galadriel has already told Arwen to ride ahead. We must hurry.
Let us go then.
We must be quick...some of the Nazgul escaped heading towards the ring!
Glorfindel calms down Legolas.
"Legolas, I know what you have seen. We must be quick, no time for wasting words. Let us pursuit!"
Glorfindel pushes Legolas in front of him, the younger elf starts sprinting. Glorfindel following.
Glorfindel sends the wave to Rawien, hoping she is near by.
Legolas kept sprinting.

Legolas stopped. Glorfindel bumped into Legolas, knocking them both over.
"Glorfindel...what was that."
Glorfindel looked around. He had heard that to. Wait! Rawien!

"Um...Nothing. I didn't hear anything, Legolas. You must have imagined it!"
Legolas got up and stuck his tongue out babbieshly at Glorfindel. He got ready to start sprinting again. Glorfindel grabs his arm.
"Legolas, I think we should wait a little while. We need a destination. The puruiter may be leading us into a trap! We have to be ready. Practice your swordsmanship. I have noticed you are lagging in your lessons. Keep up!"
Legolas narrowed his sharp eyes suspiciously, but nodded in agreement. Glorfindel softly sighs in relief.
Legolas looked at Glorfindel, looked at the horse, looked at Rawien, then back at Glorfindel. His gaze was accusing. Glorfindel smiles back sweetly.
"Thankyou Rawien! I am sure that Legolas will be able to answer your other questions. I am not very much in tune with what is going on, but i know we are pursuing someone who has captured Meriadoc. He is in great Danger. Legolas thinks he knows who did this. He was waiting for you to come so he can share it with the both of us, weren't you Legolas?"
Legolas glared at Glorfindel and started to shake his head stubbornly, but wanting to get it out, started talking.
"Merry was taken by some dark force. I heard him calling for help, and before that, calling for the Lady Galadriel. Merry is in trouble, and we have to save him!"
Legolas glanced at Rawien.
"No, not the Dark Elf, but one of his apprentices. He is a slave of Sauron, and alsways will be."
Glorfindel looks from Rawien to Legolas.
Glorfindel whispers to Legolas,"Calm down Legolas. Gorwath is obviously her friend. Don't get mad."
Legolas glared at Glorfindel, then nodded.
Legolas' eyes flashed in anger.
"I can think what I can think! I think it was a apprientice of the Dark Elf. Once a slave of Sauron, ALWAYS a slave of Sauron! That is my theory, do I have to pound it in your head!?"
"Legolas!!!!! Keep your young mouth shut and let me do the talking! No need to get angry, she is not foe, but a part of the Fellowship! Just like you! Now I am not saying I am on Rawiens side..." Rawien scoffs.
"I am just saying that I am torn between suspecting the Dark Elf like you do, or agreeing with Rawien. Please. We are in pursuit. Rawien, I thought you knew better than that. You started the arguement. Legolas, you know better than to yell when we are in pusuit. Don't do it again!"
Glorfindel looks with satisfaction as the flashing eyes of Legolas turn into eyes filled with regret, and the angry face of Lady Rawien turned into a face of sorrowness.
"Now children. No More Fighting. Let us go and save Merry!"
*Elrohir jumps of *
"Rawien, Legolas, Glorfindel, i caught up with you 3 once more,,,I'll try not to leave this bunch anymore since the roads are getting filled with wrong dooers, and Saurons dark creatures"
*Sits down with th e group*
Ever diligent Eglaviel and her group of Mirkwood elves chase after the Nazgul hoping against hope that they will not be to late.
As she raced on she wondered what had happened to that little hobbit that she had sent on such an important mission. She chanted a quick spell of protection for him as they raced ever onward.
*Arwen back near the fire with Gorwath. He still had not spoke after what happened, it was time to leave now. Arwen called Asfaloth*

"Mae carnen, Asfaloth, mellon nin. It is time to go now."

*The horse ducked down, almost like Arwen and asfaloth could comunicate by telepathy.*

"It is really late we must leave quickly."

*Arwen got Gorwath on the back of her horse and then went to wait for the others, when they were to arrive she would have told them that they were making for Edoras, to warn Men of Sauron*
*Nuldanqu’ rides faster, trying to keep up with Calenthang. Thought run through her head of the possible evils approaching. She shakes them out of her head and keeps on riding*
Elrohir looks at Rawien,
"Well, that's a good question- I was sort of going back and forth from all the different places. The fellowship is breaking up in all sorts of strange ways and groups, so, i desided that i'll stay with you 3, and help you continue where ever we are going."
Glorfindel gazes steadily at Elrohir.
"Of course you may come. We are off on a pursuit of finding Merry, who has been captured."
Glorfindel welcomes Elrohir into the group.
Darous and Nuldanque were heading east when out of the trees laped two figures Darous swung his sword in their direction when Nuldanque shouted "Darous hold back your blade it is Glorfindel and Elrohir." "What our you d**n fools doing jumping out of would both b dead if Nuldanque had not been here. Well what were you doing?
"We are searching for Merry and thought you were the kidnappers. We could ask the same about you?" Glorfindl answers.
"Fools we search for the hobbit as well... so let us join together four blades shall be better than two."
"I saw the group heading east through the forest so we shall head in that direction... come"
Darous returns from hunting to find the fellowship in amok.
"I heard Merry's cries for help , he was taken by one of the Nazgul, he is in need of help. Who will join me to search for him?"
I am with you Darous, *says Nuldanqu’*. I am tired of waiting for something to happen. I feel idle, let us look for our little friend, Merry.
"Come then and lets hunt down whatever foul creature has tooken young Merry and then it will wish it was back in the hell of Mordor" and with that Darous and Nuldanque took off into the forest to save Merry from whatever fate awaited him.
Aside to all characters and players: I am no longer assuming the identity of Legolas's Wife, it seems i have stepped in too late and am at a loss. However, i will try to continue to play. I have another RPG guild and am a bit busy with that one. Anyway, sorry for confusion and PLAY ON!...End of the 'aside to all characters and players'

Meanwhile Eglaviel and here elves are racing on ever closer to where the Nazgul is headed. Suddenly the head Nazgul dives. A scream of terror fills the air!

Loriene88: But, your still gonna keep on playing right? Sad Smilie
The four ran east and soon enough they saw the remants of a some group lying arond the pathes.
" We are near them so stay sharp and stay alert"
Then suddenley from the treeline a figure shot out.
"What do you want, and why our you here?"
The group drew their blades. "we look not for trouble my friend, we only search for a lost friend." Darous said clearly but firmly.
"Then you look for the halfling then? Do not be surprised I have seen him with a group of orcs. They are half a league away due east you must hurry if you want to find them."
"Then who might you be who knows so much of our business?" asked Nuldanque.
"I am Warimir a hunter of these parts and you stumbled across one of my hunting grounds. But since my prey has been scared away what say you that I join you in a hunt of orcs?"
"Your help will be invaluable"spoke Glorfindel "I suspect you have a good knowledge of this area which will prove invaluable."
"Then come the hunt continues" said Darous.
Meanwhile "The road is long and the others must be concerned on or whereabouts." Elrohir said.
"What if they do, what of Merry he is still in the hands of the orcs we must find him." Darous roared.
Then over a ridge the heard laughter."I will scout ahead"
whisipered Warimir. Slowly he crepted forward throgh the undergrowth until he came to the ridge and looked over.
"What is so important about this small man,their is bearly enough meat on him to feed me." said the lead orc.
"Well the master said not to eat him,he spoke that the little one carried something of he is not to be touched.
"Then why do we stay here,we should be moving on and not staying in this place.There is a strangenss to this place I do not like it." spoke a smaller orc who came from the shadows.
"He is right lets us move. This forest is full of strange postThreadIDings."
As the group started to move out Warimir jumped down in front of them and drew two katana swords.
"None of you shall be leaving this place...alive."
"What is he doing the fool" cried Darous "Forward now before he kills himself" The three ran forward into the ridge expecting to see a fallen Warimir but to their surprise Merry was standing with Warirmir in the midist of a pile of fallen orcs.
"He just appeared and then the orcs attacked and he stood their and they all fell. It was amazing" laughed Merry.
"Well it is good to see you unharmed young Merry and you Warimir it would be an honor to have your skills in our quest?" asked Darous.
"I would be honoured but alas I cannot. I fight my own battles at the moment and my family need me but thank you anyway." and then he vanished into the forest.
"Now that we have Merry lets return and continue our journey." and with that the five walked back to the fellowship.
Before they had gotten very far, a shrill cry pierced the air. The company turned to their left and could feel the terror of a Nazgul nearby. Khamul, along with a company of orcs, was hot on their trail. New orders from the dread Captain instructed him to dispatch Ferumor against the rest of the Fellowship. This was going to be tricky, he thought....
"My friends prepare thy selfs for battle" roared Darous
"We shall face the enemy here and none of them shall leave alive" Nuldanque said
Glorfindel and Elrohir readyed their weapons and Glorfindel even handed a small sword to Merry," come Merry join us in battle I will be glad of it." and with that Merry took up the blade.
"Now let us take the fight to them for a change Gurthang hungers for blood." The others looked strangely at Darous but continued to proceed towards the enemy.
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