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"What was that noise?!" Arwen turned around. but it was too late, an Uruk had caught her by the hair, and was pointing a knife at her throat. "Where is it?" he mumbled to Darous, "Where is it?" then he pulled Arwen's hair harder making her fall to the ground, screaming. Darous moved to pull out his sword, "You move, she dies. It's your call" roared the Uruk.........
"You want it fool put down the woman and come and get it" a low growl came from Darous as he unsheathed Gurthang.
The Uruk threw Arwen to the ground and produced to fighting knives....."Im goona skin you little man...." laughed the Uruk

"Many have said that and by the look of you there'll be syin it for a good while longer....."
A elf steps out of the shadows .He points a glowing finger at the uruk and shots forward a jet of silver light that hits the uruk in the forehead. The uruk seems to be paralyzed. He helps Arwen gently up "Are you all right my lady?" Happy Elf Smilie
The others stare at the elf in suprise.
*Arwen gest up all dirty and her dress ripped....her thoat was bleeding, her voice was low the tone was of someone in pain but she turned around to look at the elf, her bright blue eyes started at him for a second, then with a forced smile and a sweet voice she said*
"Yes.... quite allright..... I've been so close to death so often of late that now the idea doesn't scare me as much any......"
*Her voice stopped, Arwen turned around, and saw what she thought was coming, a Nazgul.... she didn't know what to do... would she have had enough powers to save Darous and the new elf that had just saved her.... she started concentrating.... her body was glowing... but the Nazgul said something and a black ray of power came from his sword, and with it he tried to hurt Arwen, while her glow still protcted her, she realized it wouldn't have worked for long*
"Run Darous... plase.... and you my savior.... run for your life.... please."
*her voice broke, in that split second the Nazgul threw her against the close tree, her arm was bleeding...she was still alive... as the Evenstar was still glowing...... now the Nazgul was slowly walking towards the elf and Darous...they had to save her.... not only because she had the ring...*
Darous readied Gurthang as the Nazgul approached......"try yer best cause yer gonna need it"
and with a unholy cry the Nazgul flowed forward and smashed Gurthang out of his hands.....
"Why ya......" the Nazgul produced a small blade and tried to stab Darous but he rolled out of the way and grabbed two axes from his belt.......
"come on then ya rancid fiend ye" and Darous shouted as he leapt at the Nazgul axes blurring into one movement screams of delight and terror were heard.
The elf looked at the Nazgul batling Dauros and came from behind. With the sharp bit of the sun on top of his staff he cut the Nazguls back , and where the cut was a light shone out and the Nazgul screamed ! A scream that even if the Nazgul did not feel pain showed that it feelt this and it wasnt good. It was pure good!!! And thats what hurt it so depply!
Darous, my god, are you allright?
Rawien heard screams. She stood up and looked around. In the distance she could make out Lady Arwen leaning against a tree and a great dark figure stooping. She mounted her horse quickly and set off towards them...
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