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Calenthang clambered over the orc bodies trying to reach Rawien."Hold on" roared Calenthang
Meanwhile Fuinur stood watching the onslaught around him and smiled. "Soon this fellowship will be no more" he laughed. Then he saw Calenthang making his way to the aid of Rawien.
"Not so fast my friend" he brought out his bow and fired it at Calenthang.
"Calenthang" roared Darous as he and Nuldanque continued to hold off the assault of the troll. "Duck"
Calenthang looked round and ducked...and just in time as a arrow shot over head.
"D*mn" spat Fuinur, and he readyed to fire another arrow when.." Not so fast friend" shouted Darous as he threw an axe at Fuinur and knocked the bow out of his hand..."Next time it will be your head" shouted Darous..then he was flung against a tree by the troll.
"dang" said Darous.
Eglaviel galloped torward Raiwen her horse leaping over slain bodies, orcs and men alike and reached downand grabbed Raiwens hand and swung her onto her back and galloped off.
"We must help!"cried Raiwen turning.
"No, we must wait and be snipers."Eglaviel replied.
"Snipers?" asked Raiwen.
"We will hide in these bushes, observe the scene and shoot off all orcs before they try to pounce on soemone, now... hurry!"
Raiwen nodded and the two crouched behind some bushes and began to shoot arrows onto the mob, being careful to only get orcs.
Time passed and Eglaviel whispered to Raiwen.
"Do you think later we otta tell Darous and everyone how much we've just saved their life?"
Raiwen only smiled, then frowned whe she noticed their diminishing arrow supply.
Darous raised himself up and ran at the troll.
"where the heck is the backup" roared Darous as he continued to dodge the trolls attack. "Calenthang, Nuldanque how you holding up? "We could be better"replied Calen "I think its weakening" "it better" replied Nuldanque.
Fuinur looked on and saw that his orcs were being picked off one by one.."something strange is a foot" he looked round and then spotted in the treeline two figures hiding but still attacking.
"they think to hide like cowards" Fuinur called over some orcs "circle round the back and come at them two from behind. Do not be seen"
The orcs left the battle and begin there attempt to take out the snipers.
"Now how does my troll fair in the battle."
He looked in horror as he saw his troll stumbling to the ground, Darous, Calen and Nuldanque had over powered the troll and were about to administer the death blow when suddenley........there was a blood chilling scream.
Darous looked behind him and saw a Nazgul riding into battle. "Not this time got me once never again" and Darous ran straight at it raising Gurthang into the air and leaped into the air.........
"Die fiend of Mordor" shouted Darous as he struck the Nazgul.
"You tried to destroy me once but never again. I will hunt you and your brethen down for what you did to me!!!!"
He grabbed his axe and began an all out assault on the Nazgul.
"You took my life and know I will end yours......"
He raised Gurthang high into the air...a dark light envaliped the sword.."Now you will know pain,now you will know suffering, now you will know death."
"I am vengenace and I am your doom"
A great rage came upon Darous. his eyes flared with the fires of hell.Every blow hit hard upon the nazgul he did not stop...the blood rage was upon him.
Meanwhile Calen and Nuldanque battle onward with the troll."We have it on the run Nuldanque continue the attack."
The two parryed and dodged the clumsy blow of the troll. They struck hard against the troll and it began to falter.
"YEANOOOOOOOOOO" cried the troll...the others looked round... an arrow had struck the troll in the eye.
"Now while it is blinded" Calen and Nuldanque blows struck true and the troll fell to the ground.
"YEAAA" roared the two
"But what of Darous" they looked round and saw him ripping the nazgul to shreds...then they notice a band of orcs preparing to jump Darous.
"DAROUS" cried Calen but even the voice of the Ainur could not reach Darous he continued the assault.
"He cannot hear us we must stop the orcs before they strike " the two companies ran to the aid of their friend.
Eglaviel galloped after Raiwen on her grey dapple who has named Sudden Storms, but she had lovingly shortened it to Stormy.
Suddenly she saw the orcs preparing to jump Darous
and the other two, Calen and Nuldanque coming to help but she knew they would be to late.
She charged and swung her sword low,calling Raiwen to her aid. As their swords swung, their horses trampeled and they bought the precious time that Calen and Nuldanque would need in order to come in time.
*Arwen kept fighting until she heard the scream of the Nazgul, she knew she couldn't possibly face them, not even her powerful new amulet could have helped her.. she yelled at everyone to get a horse and ride to Edoras, the guards would have taken care of it*

"To Edoras, now, fly!! We do not have the mental strength right now to face the Nazgul, not one, not any of them."
Darous looked round and saw the others fleeing. He saw Calen calling to him but he could not make out the words Nuldanque was also with horse but all he could think about was the nazgul.
Then...."you fool get up and go with the others,or we'll both be lost." it was Gurthang and slowly the blood rage subsided.
"Calen, Nuldanque I'll be with now"
"But first i have something to finish" he smiled down at the nazgul."
But suddenely a arrow shot from behind and he saw a new horde of orcs coming.
"This is not have been lucky on this night. But when next we meet you will die."
And Darous ran over to Nuldanque and jumped on the horse.
"Its good to have you back with us Darous" smiled Nuldanque.
" thanks for waiting"
and the company rode as fast as they could to Edoras.
"We must ride faster! They are catching up! What kind of creatires are these? out in the sun? travelinga s fast as elven horses??" cried Arwen out to teh group
"I have heard rumours of evil goings on in Isengard" shouted Darous to Arwen.
"Maybe this has something to do with it."
The wind changes
"They better have a d*mn army in that fort"
shouted Darous.
"Why 's that" asked Calen.
"Well..." Darous sniffs the air "Cause there's alot of bad behind us and I mean alot."
"Where the heck is Gorwath" roared Darous
"Gorwath" shouted Darous
Darous was readyed to look for him when..
"Darous we must continue on" said Arwen
"We must all go on together..we cannot wait.There our too many."
"We cannot go any further without him!!!" spoke Darous
"Then I'll wait in the wood side for him to come."
"It will be easier for one person."

The guard left the dark elf at the gate.
"Who does he think he is coming to this place and wishing an audience with Lady Arwen.Keep an eye on those at the gate soldier." as he walked past another guard.
"And if they so much as move an inch....tell the archers to fire!!"
Outside the gate
"I don't like this, I don't like it one bit. What does Gorwath think he is doing. Coming to the aid of these things." said Vezer.
"I agree...he has become too soft. Having been around these creatures for too long. And you see the way he acts when her name is mentioned. No good will come of this I tell you this now."
The two continued to talk.
Meanwhile inside....."Lady Arwen..there is a thing at the gate who wishes to speak with you."
"A thing!! what do you mean a thing. Who is at the gate?"
"He calls himself Gorwath."
Gorwath was actually close behind the party but was so far out from the main host of orcs that he wasn't spotted. While running parallel to the right flank of the host, Gorwath managed to conceal himself in the thicket. He could feel the presence of the Nazgul leading the attack but couldn't pinpoint his location. Suddenly, from behind, a Black Rider appeared and was riding hard on his heels. Gorwath turned for the assualt but Dauros leaped from the west and charged at the Nagul!

"Gurthang, glisten in the light of the world and strike down this Dwimmerwaik!" Dauros roared.

But Gorwath saw something that chilled him to the bone. "He'll be defenseless against those Uruks behind him!" Gorwath sprang to cover Dauros' back and charged against the five massive Uruk-hai that threatened to hew Dauros down. "Dauros, TURN AROUND!" Gorwath shouted.

Dauros instead flipped out a dagger and hurled it at the Nazgul's horse before somersaulting back to avoid being trampled down. Swinging Gurthang around, Dauros managed to catch one Uruk in the throat while Gorwath cut down one in the rear of the group. A loud thud drew the attention of them both before they saw...
"Ha ha" roared Darous
"Thank you Gorwath" smiled Darous
"Now let us repay these monters, plus I have to finish my converstaion with that Nazgul."
And then the two bold warriors ran onward to there victory.
*Arwen looks back*

"What am I going to do with them? It's like children on Xmas day! Like they are opening gifts! Killing orcs and Nazgul!" Arwen says to the others.

*She is still galloping on Asfaloth, when she turns with him. Fast, nobody saw that coming. They are just under the doors or Edoras and she turns around and is now galloping, going towards the orcs. She takes out her sword. *

"Time to show them that when you play with fire you get burned!"

*Arwen rides through the orcs head on, with her sword, cutting heads and heads. Not even Darous saw that coming and stops for a second looking at her. Laughing, cause he sees that with that expression on her face, it almost looks like Arwen's having fun! She rides back, cutting more heads and rides by Darous*

"Didn't think a chick had the guts to do that did you??"

*Arwen said, almost challanging him.*
"Well well well" spoke Darous as he continued fighting.
"Finally gonna get your hands dirty" he laughed.
Arwen glared at him...."You our wasting valuable time here...we should get to Edoras and regroup there."
"Whats the point...Edoras cannot hold out to an attack of this size. They do not have the least here we can cut down their forces.We our the most skilled warriors middle earth has. If we cannot defeat them then who will." Darous jumped back into the fray and roared with delight.
"I am your doom" he roared as a orc head fell to the ground.
Gorwath turned to Arwen..."Well what now, he does speak the truth. Edoras cannot hold out to this."
*Is fighting, and is thinking8

"Edoras won't hold, we cannot risk Eowyn's and The king's life, we must fight. Here, now."

*She rides through the orcs again, killing even more than before*

"About 600 left. Thinki you can make it?"

*Yelled Arwen at Darous*
*An orc swings his sword and hurt Arwen on her arm*

"You studip smelly animal!"

*she kills him*

"Darous! We won't be able to last for long, be ware of their swords, they are poisoned, the Evenstar is protecting me, and the Charm will heal me. I don't know if you guys are immune, and I rather not try it!"

*Arwen looked at all the orcs again*

"500 left!"

*Then she hears a scream, and has a fit, she falls down of her horse*

"The Nazgul!"

*She screams petrified*
Alright, sorry for not playing for so long, but can i just re-enter? Alright, ok, here.
Legolas came riding up behind Rawien, chasing the orcs. He pulled out his knife and threw it at an orc. It missed. He took out another knife and aimed. He threw it and an orc fell to the floor. If not already deda, the orc was dead after Legolas's horse trampled him. The orc screamed a dreadful killing song in Orcish and died.
Looking back at the dead orc, Legolas took out his bow and arrow and turned back around. He glanced at Rawiens retreating back and shouted, "Go! I can handle them!"
He then turned back to the orcs still alive and running and headed towards them, hoping to trample some of them. Then he strung a bow and released it, killing 2 orcs, one after another.
He thought with ease.
"I was doing so well as well...i only had to kill a few more hundred...""They always spoil your fun Darous hissed Gurthang.
"Quiet sword...others will noticed"
As the rode onto Edoras, Merry came trotting along side Darous.
"Excuse me Dar.. would it be imposing if I could get a lift?"
"Certainly not Merry..I would be glad of the company."
Darous stooped down and picked up Merry.
"There you go my little friend. You weren't harmed in the fight at all were you?"
"No sir I wasn't....but I did get a few of them nasty orcs!!!"
"Really well then this calls fo a celebration" Darous reached into his pocket and produced some pipeweed...and the two lit up their pipes."And Merry none of this sir me Darous.
Darous stepped forward and approached the two strangers..."So pilgrims what brings you to these parts."
"Why would two strangers arrive just as we were attacked by a horde of orcs....they maybe spies from Mordor!!!"
Darous raised Gurthang "speak the truth now or face death."
"Yes speak the truth now" said Boromir as he aproached from the shadows. "How do we know you do not seek the ring for yourself?
Darous and Boromir stood before the two strangers...swords raised ready for anything....when suddenley a flaming arrow shot passed Dars head...
"Damn there already here"shouted Darous.."Boromir your with me, lets stop them breaking the gate....and i will have questions for you two later" sneered Darous as he and Boromir jumped the wall.
A recon force of orcs, led by Fuinur, made their way towards Dauros. At this point, Fuinur was seething with rage and furious at the disaster of slaughter. Gurthang rippled and shimmered in the light of the day as Fuinur let out a scream of terror into the sky.

Dauros faltered for a moment before Gurthang's cold voice rang out: "Do not waver! Take heed and watch out!" At that moment, Fuinur lept upon him and brought his mace down on Dauros' sword. A shower of sparks erupted as Fuinur was pushed off and Dauros regained his balance. Funuir lept on his horse and hoped to ride him down but Dauros leapt aside and into the woods. While making a tactical retreat, a stray arrow struck him in the arm below the elbow. "Arrgh, that's not supposed to happen!" he yelled.
"Da*n" roared Darous as he inspected the injury. He placed his hand on the arrowhead sticking out from the back of his arm and pulled it on through.
He then went into his scatchel and produced some alcohol " What a da*n good waste'll keep stop any infection."He then proceeded to soak the wound when...a fire arrow hit the tree.
"Thanks friend this will be even better." he then grabbed the arrow and stuck it in the wound.
"Right then pretty boys let rock." He produced his sword and axe and headed for the nearest orc.
"Try to shoot me will ya!!!" and off came its head. he then saw a crowd of orcs running at the gate.
"Boromir the gate" Boromir looked up and began to run to the gate with Dar.
"We attack from both sides Boromir try to confuse them."
*Arwen Looked at her bleeding arm*

"This is no good...... Where are all the other orcs? We have killed so many, why aren't they here? What happened?"

*Then Arwen understood, some other orcs took away their deads*

"So that we won't be able to study them and learn the weaknesses! Darous! get one of them, bring him to Edoras! It just might give us the answers we need to kill all of them.... if only Gandalf were here! Go now! Fly!"
Meanwhile, Khamul and the Balrog made their way towards Rhovannion. Khamul meant to stop by Isengard to see what services Saruman would offer to aid him in capturing and destroying the Party. But something unexpected came up. The Balrog was getting VERY restless and meant to attack Saruman.

"An Istari, whether in the service of Sauron or not, is my enemy. If he is not engulfed in flame as I am, then he will be!" roared the demon.

Khamul was at a loss. He couldn't overpower the Balrog and he didn't have anyone else to help him. Instead, he decides to lead him to Isengard from the west and so come to Edoras first. There, the Balrog could take out his blood-lust on the pitiful Horsemen.
*Arwen kept riding and killing*

"have you gotten one Darous? Any of you has one? I want ti alive!!!!!!"
"Arwen i will try but I am a bit busy here!!!!" roared Dar as he battled a ween of orcs.
"You know what I need right now.....STACKRON STACKRON where our you????"
"I need a song for killing"
"Right away Darous."
And from the shadows out jumped Stackron, Darous's ever faithful ministrel. And he begun.."Darous of the land of Gander...he smited the dragons as they came from the hills."
"Excellent" roared Darous.
So you want one of these boyzes alive then...its gonna be hard Elf but I'll see waht I can do.
he slashed his with through the orcs heads here, arms over there...he even saw one sailing over the sky like a star plucked from the heavens. But then he realised it was but an eye. He was finishing off the last orc he saw when.....from the corner of his eye he spotted some underneath a bush.
"I smell fear." said Darous as he crept up on the individual.
he thought it might have been one of the hobbits, hiding from the battle.Bt to his surprise it was an tried to run off just as Dar appeared over it but it was too slow.
"Where to you think your going???" and he grabbed it by its throat "Get over here!!!"
"Hey Arwen I got what you were looking." shouted Dar as he dragged the orc behind him.
Arwen approached.."thank you Darous now take it inside and guard it closely. We cannot let it escape."
"No problem Lady"
But then in the distance....a horn boomed.
"The horn of Gondor" shouted Darous "Boromir must have seen something.
And then through the forest came running Boromir
"my friends we must retreat..or we will not live to see 'morrow."
"what is it???" asked Darous
"The worst that we could have feared.....a balrog comes."
"By the great gods" said Darous
"Right then...well I have never fought a Balrog before, but what the heck."
Darous took out Gurthang and it shone with a dark light.
He ran forward to the Balrog when suddenley Gandalf came riding out of the trees.
"Do not be a fool Darous...even you cannot defeat this minion of Mordor...this calls for one thing Magic and at the moment only I can slow down this devil."
"But Gandalf I can help maybe distract it with my rugged good looks" smiled Darous
"Ha ha ha Darous even now in this moment you make a old man laugh...but now be gone with that orc we have much to ask him when this is over.
But rather than letting Gandalf face the Demon of Fire alone, Arwen knew she had to help him with the light of her blessing. Gathering the company together, Arwen hoped to make a circle light around the Balrog with the power of the Elves combined.

"Stackron, you have to help him! We need a song of power and enchantment. Weave music to aid us in our need" Arwen pleaded.

The Balrog, meanwhile, was swelling to a massive bulk and engulfing the surrounding woods and grass in flames. Feeding off the fear of his potential victims, Charthost took this moment to relish his sport. And the first person he laid eyes on was Dauros. Dauros was not caught unawares, however, and steadied his nerves for combat. This would be the greatest challenge of his life as well as Gurthang's endurance. The sword's cold voice again rang out:

"Know this Dauros, i will give my flame to combat this menace of the underworld. If together we fall, it will be the most glorious wielding since Turin Turumbar, son of Hurin himself, the greatest warrior and Mightest of Men."

Dauros took one sharp breath, and lunged himself at the flame...
As Darous charged forward a strange brillance came upon. he felt a power coarsing through his very viens.
"demon you wish to harm my friends..then you must face me." roared Darous he withdrew his double axe and steel struck against the giant Balrog.
"Come now do your worst and let me send you back to your master whimpering"
Gurthang gleamed as it swang threw the air and as Gurthang struck blow after blow Darous felt the power growing inside him.
"What is happening to me" thought Darous...somehow I feel the power of Turin coarsing through me.
"Darous does well Arwen, while he distracts the Balrog I can conjure up surpreme power to take down this evil..But I must hurry for even though he is strong of heart and will he cannot withstand this beast for long." said a hesitied Gandalf.
"Mr Darous needs some help!!" said a startled Merry.
"And I will be the one to help him." and with that Merry grabbed a elven blade from the stores and ran to join Darous.
"Mr Darous sir I'm here to help" shouted Merry
But as Merry approached the Balrog also so him coming and it looked to him.
Darous saw this and "Merry no get back!!!!" then the balrog released his whip and lashed out at Merry but Darous jumped into the path of the whip and was struck.
"ROEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" shouted Darous he fell to the ground.
"Now foul beast you shall fall" roared Gandalf.
And Gandalf and the very heavens themselves opened as if the gods of old had returned.And lighting shot down from the skies and envelpoed Gandalf
"Be gone foul demon and never come before us again!!!!!!"
And with that the Balrog was gone and all that was left was a smouldering pile of death and the fallen carcasses of fallen orcs. A few ran into the forest but Arwen sent out elves to bring them in....and also there lay Darous with Merry by his side.
"Calenthang, Boromir bring Darous now" shouted Arwen
"We must get him inside now and hope he is still with us."

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Inside Edoras there was a strange quiet...the quiet before a storm. Darous lay catatonic after his fierce battle with the Balrog.
"Will he live?" asked Arwen
"I am not sure his wounds are severe the battle with the balrog took much out of him. How he has withstood this much damge so far his a mystery to me. He is full of surprises this one he is."
"Well Gandalf whatever you need you will have...but please bring Darous back from whereever he dwells. But now I have other matters to deal with also an troop of elves has arrived I must see to this.."
Meanwhile.."Where the heck am I and what the heck is that." as a strange iron monster went past him..with a balck stench similar to that of mordor which he had smelt many moons ago.

*Arwen rides to edoras as soon as she can, still covered in blood of her enemeies, she runs up the stairs to help Darous*


*She starts chanting to the spirits to save him*
* thats cool Arwen*
darous was at the side of the road and he levelled his thumb in the calm cool calculus of reason.
Then he saw a light in front of him..."What the smeg is this I wonder."
*You know I love you Darous! *KIss Kiss* I couldn't let you down!*


"welcome back to the living babe..... that was quite a run you took, I didn't think You'd make it back....."

"how you feeling?"

*Arwen knels down and puts his head on her knees*

"You are going to be just fine ok? Don't you worry. You'll be better off tahn before, and ever more handsome, not that you need to be off course!"

*Arwen smiled, but her worried face was still there and he could see that*
*Hey Arwen right back at ya babe, we don't chat much but always hope your keeping safe and well.*
Darous tried to raise himself up...but near all of his strenght was gone..the battle had took much out of him.
"Me any more handsome..heck the ladies would never leave me be." smiled Darous.
"But Arwen thanks for all your help...I appreciate it."
"I think that darous should get some rest now Arwen." spoke Gandalf softly.
"He has been through much and needs the proper time to heal."
"You our right Gandalf as usual, we shall let him rest for now...but we must talk of these rages of his..." but Darous didn't here a thing slowly he drifted away into a peaceful which he had not had for many a year.
The bell rang and suddenley a large thumping noise came towards the gate.
"What is that" shouted one of the company.
The door opened and...."You rang"
"Can be speak to Lady Arwen?"
The door then closed.
"What a strange I think he reminds me of someone." said Vezer.
"Well Lurch I think" Tongue Smilie
*Arwen left darous with rawien*
&She ran down to find an army marching towards Edoras*
*Arwen turned around before leaving*

"he will be just fine love, don't worry. take care of him now"

*She ran down, her dress flying in the wind, she came to the gates, where she found Gorwath*

"What is this?"

*She asked, not knowing if she should be afraid of being attacked, or ghappy because of the help received"
"Rawien you couldn't get me a bottle of Jim Beam and a 20 pack of Marlboro Reds" Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie "No some water would should survise. Also i have a terrible itch could you scratch it for me. Wink Smilie Wink Smilie
"Well I suppose their ain't much to do lying round here I might as well see what all this ruckus is." said darous as he threw on his gear.
"I will drink from you soon as I have done from the others." hissed Gurthang.
Darous looked round..."It will never come to that."
"Now be quiet or else"
Darous left the room and walked down the hallway..."ribs still sore have to watch them."
He turned round the corner and saw Arwen standing with Gorwath.
"why that dirty lowdown...." Darous reached for Gurthang when suddenley.." Darous your okay" shouted Merry as he came running up the hallway. Darous slipped Gurthang back in its sheath.
"Merry I see your still up and running then." as he turned round.
*Arwen looked surprised, as she stared at the army he had brought for her, to protect her, why would he do that?*

"Why did you take them with you? What made you come? You were free, you could have gotten lost, wherever. But you came back......"

*Arwen was confused, and was trying to find an answer for all of the questions she had*
"So Darous what is on your mind" asked Merry as thay sat at a tree having a smoke.
"What to you mean Merry." asked Darous
"I am not slow Darous I saw the way you looked at that guy before we came here."
" I can not say little friend but I must find him."
and with that Darous grabbed Gurthang and went in search of Gorwath
"GORWATH GORWATH get your yellow hide out here now you coward." shouted Darous he he walked through the halls."
"What is that racket" asked Arwen
"Destiny Arwen...Destiny." Gorwath spoke as he walked to the voice.
"So we do you yellow dog" growled Darous
"We had a job to do and you went and high tailed it with our bounty..and i was left to pick up the pieces. 10 years I spent paying off your Godd*mn mistake and your gonna pay boy."
Darous drew up Gurthang " Now you want blood my shall have it."
"darous wait you our making a mistake" said Gorwath as he readyed hi sword.
"Only mistake I made was ever meeting you."
"I'm gonna make you pay for what they did to me ROARRRRRRRRRRR" and Darous howled as he leapt at Gorwath his blade was coming upon Gorwaths head when Arwen rounded the corner.
Arwen came running up..."What the hell is going on now.Stop it now you two" shouted Arwen.
"Don't get involved Lady it's none of yor concern." growled Darous.
"it is my concern when you two try to kill each other."
"Come Gorwath we have much to talk about "said Arwen.

"This ain't over bub you got lucky cause the dame came."
said Darous as he walked off.

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"D*mn it, d*mn it" spat Darous as he went outside.
"Why did she get involved in business that didn't concern her." said Darous as he brought out his axe.
"I'll get him later on...and he knows it..." as he started to cut a tree.
But then he saw something in the bushes...he went over and saw that it was a vial of some sorts.
"Uhmm wondering who left this here...well it mines now." and he put it inside his cloak.
*Arwen walked with Gorwath.. then she turned around and saw blood coming down his shoulder, then he fell down in pai*

"Oh my god, you guys, what did you think you were doing? You could have killed each other!"

*Arwen kneeled down, and took his head on her lap, then ripped a part of her beutiful white dress, and used it to stop the blood coming out of Gorwath's shoulder*

"Look at this, Darous is going to hear it"

*Then she took her pendant, and swang it over Gorwath's shoulder. Instantanely, the cut because a scar, that looked old and lived*

"Now now, that's better, here, i'll take you to a room, and you can rest a bit, you must eb tired"

*Arwen helped him up, and she walked him down to a room. Afetr she had put him in bed she smiled and sat with him.*

"Now tell me, where are you form? tell me all about yourself.... by the time you will be done, your shoulder will be as good as new!"

*Arwen smiled and a new and fresh air filled the room*
"you want a piece of me Rawien" yelled Darous as she stormed off "then bring it on."
"why can't they mind there own da*n business, this doesn't involve them....but I should know better,they will make it there business."
Darous took out Gurthang and started to practice......
"I knew this day would had to happen but why here and now and what the crud is he doing here with that small army..." thought Darous to himself as he blocked and dodged.
"With the gold we would have made from that job we would have been clear...."then Dar pose changes "but no he high tailed it out of there with the bounty and left me with all the mess." Dar thrusted his sword and became the aggresser.
"He has alot to answer for and he will and then some...."
"Care to speak of it Darous" spoke Gandalf as he came out fom the treeline.
"No Gandalf I wish not to...for soon enough that is all I'll be asked. What transpired between Gorwath and myself is between us." Darous said in reply.
"Well it will be our business if it threatens our journey in anyway.....and then you will have me to contend with then."
Darous was wandering round the halls a man possessed.
He knew what to do a conflict going on within his very soul.
"I must do it..honour requires it. But he may have a reason for it . It does not matter."
"Soon they will turn against" hissed Gurthang
"Be quiet you venomus vurd" roared Darous
"Why do you taunt me...all i want is peace..but yet wherever I go...I am always tested. WHY D*MN YOU...WHY"
"He is certainly a strange one" stated a elven guard.
"Well he is a there lies your answer" replied the archer.
Darous then strided off in the direction in the direction of Gorwaths room.

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