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Once in the main hall, Elrohir meets up with Gandalf and Darous.
*Runing twards them*
"Gandalf, Darous! How nice to see you both, i've heard we must leave soon, and i also know that one of Vethule's sons are here in Rivendell.
Might you have seen my father, Lord Elrond?"
"What is that you hold in your hand Elrohir?" Gandalf said atentivelly.
"It's a very important postBody for Elrond, if you see him, please tell him i'm searching for him, and i need to find him fast, before the company sets out. It's nice having you with us Darous."
*Runs searching for his father*
Nuldanqu’ :

*Riding up on her horse Lastoth, Nuldanqu’ leaps off and runs towards Arwen and the departing fellowship*

I bring news, great news, My Princess. I have spoken with my aunt, I know not if she is to accompany us, but as I was ridding off I saw Calenthang approaching Lothlorien. If he persuades her to follow us, I will be pleased, I am sorry I return so late in the hour of the day, but urgent was the news of the finding of the One Ring, I had to tell the Queen, But now I am here, and ready to depart.
*running up to the front gate*
"Arwen, wait! Have you seen fater? I have urgent news"
*Arwen turns arround*
"What is it Elrohir?"
*Seeing something that looks like a Dark Elf standing beside his sister, he continues*
"Some news from Vethule, nothing much, can the fellow ship camp some place close by tonight? I will catch up with you tomorow, after i get to talk with father"
*looks deeply into the Dark Elf's eyes and turns arrown, and walks away*
"where is it we want my precious, we needs it, we wants it.. my precious" slowly the figure moves his way up to the house of Elrond.
While inside Elrond awaits the company he senses a great evil outside Rivendell. Something horrible, he senses the 9 riders of Sauron, The Ring-wraiths.
Merry and Pippin follow everyone else, unsure of what else to do...afraid of the fellowship leaving without them if they stop to consult to anyone. Feeling a bit out of their element around so many Big Folk wonder where Frodo and Sam had gotten to, exspecially Frodo, since he was the one who got them into this mess....
"Well, no use turning back now," Merry sighed to Pippin.

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*Calenthang and Galadriel arrived in Rivendell*
-We are here and I hope we are not too late
*Calenthang aproaches Merry and Pippin*
-Good day little masters(smiles gently).I can see you decided to join the fellowship.Don't worrie about the danger ahead I will protect you as best I can.
*Calenthang goes to find Arwen and the dark elf everyone spoke of*
Calenthang-Lord Elrond*bows*.Where is everybody?
Elrond-They are on their way to Mordor,druid.You'd better go now if you want to catch up with them.
Calenthng-I will.Lady Galadriel is here maybe you would like to have a word with her my lord!
*Calenthang bows again and then leaves Rivendell with the speed of light*
Outside Rivendell:
While following the tracks of the fellowship Calenthang sees another set of footsteps.They appear to be from hobbit but it seems he is walking on both his legs and arms.
"What are these strange tracks?Is it a hobbit or maybe it's a goblin?!Maybe Gandalf will know about it.Either way I will be more vigilant from now on.
*Two hours later*
-Nature is restless.The trees are saying there is a slaughter ahead.I can smell orcs.*Calenthang sulks*
*Galadriel approaches Elrond* Greetings, Lord Elrond. I have traveled from my home to assist our Ring Bearer on this mission of great peril. There was no way I was to not help. The fate of Ardar lies in this mission. There are many brave souls in this world, but I wonder if any are brave enough to fufill this task. I fear this task stands upon the edge of a knife. If any of the company stray but a little, it will fail, to the ruin of us all. I do not know if all will come to good in the end.

*Galadriel bows her head slightly in weight of thought. The future of Middle-earth is at stake, and her intuition gives no hint as to what the outcome might be. She begins to contemplate if she is has the strenght to accompany the Ring Bearer on the task*
*Glorfindel jumps on his horse and rides after the Fellowship*

*The fair face of Nuldanqu’ is troubled with lines of uncertainty as she follows the company. She wonders where Calenthang is, if he spoke with her aunt, if he will be joining the mission*

Eru laituva voronwienya, ar ilquen otuluva mi i metta (Eru will praise my endurance, and everyone will come together in the end).

*Nuldanqu’ spoke in the tounge of her ancestors to give her strength and to give her hope. It worked, for now*
The company walks on ever weary of what is round the next corner when suddenly a evil cry is heard. They stop and look around."What is that Gandalf" cries Frodo."It is what I feared not to speak off...but they have arrived Frodo and they look for you and the ring."Legolas approaches"you do not mean""yes Legolas I do."
The others wait."Gandalf why speak in riddles tell us now"Darous says angrily."Well my friend I shall tell you.The Ringwraiths are here and they search for one thing only.The Ring and they will stop at nothing to get it and return it to their dark master.So prepare yourself fellowship for death is upon us."
*Glorfindel throws back the hood of his cloak back and breathes the fresh air*
"Its been a long day of riding," he mumbles in his clear elvish voice,"I will rest here tonight."

*Glorfindel sighs and sets up camp*
After a long day of ridding to catch up to the fellowship, Elrohir desides to rest, and start early tomorow to finnally ca5{ something sitting beside the road, he jumps of Isil, and starts mooving twards it slowlly, bow out stretched*
"Who goes there ?!"
*Jumping up*- "Elrohir!, I didn't see you comming, it's me Glorfindel!"
"OH! Glorfindel, my lad, how nice to see you, i thought it was one of those nasty orcs. At least i know that i won't be alone on the road tomorow"

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*looks at Elrohir*
"Of course not. Come, i have set up camp. You can rest with me tonight, we set out tomorrow at sunrise."
The night fell and Cale continued walking on foot...
In the horizon he spotted a fire.He was too mistrusty right now so he decided to stay away from the camp.
Few hours later Calenthang approched the fire and he heard familiar voices.It was Elrohir and Glorfindel.
Cale thought it would be wiser not to reveal himself and stay hidden in the shadows.
"Let us make camp here" Gandalfs says "We shall place guards around the camp." Gandalf sitting beside the fire speaks to the Fellowship."We our at a cruical point my friends. We must stand together and fight as one. for the good of Middle-Earth. Or all will be lost."
*Arwen thought a little bit the said*

"I shall tell you the story of Beren and His Love, Luthien"

*Then she started singing in elvish a song about the great love that there was between Luthien, an elvish Maiden and Beren, a Mortal*
As Arwen sang the group sat and listen and a peace came to them. Then the lookouts sounded an alarm."Someone approaches" shouts Legolas. The fellowship ready their weapons while the hobbits found a safe place. From the shadows steps an elven msesanger.
"I come with a postBody from Glorfindel he rides behind you and he ask for you to wait." "Yes we shall wait for him"says Gandalf "He brings an important postBody."
*Calenthang woke up just when the sun shifted the moon*
-It's late.The sun is rising.Maybe I should wake the others.
*A shadow passed through Calenthang's mind*
In that instant a bear approached Elrohir and Glorfindel.
*Calenthang attracted the bear's attention and with one look he managed to pet the creature.
Then he gave her some lembas and told her never to attack elves again*
-I hope you will like it old friend.
*The others were still sleeping so Calenthang left without waking them from their dream.*

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*Meanwhile back at the camp the fellowship awaits the arrival of the other mebers*

*Arwen stands up and walks away then turns to Gandalf*

"Gandalf, a word with you. Lets walk together. There is something i need you to know."

*They start walking together*

"This place is not save for anyone, I feel that the Ring is in great danger. Great evil is in this forest. Something has awoken during the night. I feels the Earth tremble in my sleep and the winds were houling in my ears. Leave the fellowship with me, we shall ride to Lorien before them. Great and valiant worriors are with them, they will be safe. We must leave quickly. Have you felt this terrible threat?"

* Arwen looks very worried*

"We shall take Darous with us, this lace is not safe. Do you agree?"

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back at the camp, Glorfindel and Elrohir still sleep peacefully
Back at the side off the road-
Elrohir wakes up.
"Glorfindel! wake up, it's early morning, we should set out"
*Glorfindel sits up staight*
"Oh sure, Elrohir, the fellowship isn't gonna leave 'till the sun is out fully. We can eat something, a few crumbs, to not waste anything"
*Elrohir stands up and looks both ways of the dusty road*
...a few minutes later...
"Lets go, ride hard, danger may be behind"
Elrohir mounts Isil, with the thought of the dark elf, and the letter still in his mind.

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*Arwen still walking with Gandalf*

"There is a matter that Darous and I must discuss with my dear friend Darous, you understand. I will be back with him."

*Arwen left Gandalf. She started walking up to darous then she stopped and felt weak, just a second, then everything was back to normall. She looked at her Evenstar Pendant. She knows what is oing on*

"Darous, may i speak to you privatly?"

*Darous got up and started walking with her*

"Darous. Gandalf and I think it is important to get to Lorien as soon as we can, you will come with us we will ride ahead. We shall meet back with the Fellowship there. Great evil lives in this forest. That is not all. I did not speak about this matter with the old man, but you are my dear friend and since you will be coming with us you should know why I am pushing to get to Lorien so soon. the sky is growing darker everyday. Magic is leaving this world. My powers are almost gone, they will be by the next morning, I cannot stay here anylonger. I must get to my grandmother. If i loose all my powers, I will be mortal and I will be vurnerable to deatha dn to heart desires, such as keeping The One Ring for myself"

*Arwen took a deep breath then looked at her friend waiting for an answer*
*Calenthang cathces the smell of smoke in the air*
-They must be near.
*Minutes later*
At last...there they are.What's this the princess seems to be troubled.
*Decides to show up*
-Princess!*bows down to her*
I bring word from lady Gladriel.She decided to join you and aid you in your journey.I am sure she will be with us shortly.Elrohir and Glorfindel are near by as well.
" Arwen with my life and with my sword you shall reach Lorien this I swear.But shortly I must depart for a short time. On my travels through Middle-Earth I have seen many wonderous and magical things. And now with this news you give me I am going to seek the pendant of Shalid.It is a pendant which for a times reinforces the wearers magical ability. I will travel like the wind and return to you with this pendant. So for now I give to you my sword Gurthang, it ill protect you untill I return so. So I will travel half way to Lorien with you but then I mst leave to find the pendant.It is for your own good."
" You are truely kind Darous and I thank you for your sword and what you do. Now let us begin Gandalf come we leave for Lorien."
Glorfindel hops on his horse lightly.
"Im coming Elrohir."

*ride out to meet the Fellowship*
*Looking at Darous*

"My grandmother.She is coming here. My magic is weak. You must go now to look for that Pendant, galadriel won't be able to keep me immortal for too long"

*Sitting down and breathing hard*

"I will be mortal very soon, The Dark Lord is interfearing with my magic. If this is not stopped, I don't know what will come next. I need to rest. Go Please and come back with the Pendant"
-My lady what is it?You seem so everything alright?
*Looking at Calenthang*

"Sauron is interfearng with my magic. he wants to make me a mortal, to make me vurnerable, not only to death but also to The Ring"

*Breaths deeply*

"Galadriel must get here fast, I don't know how much longer I can last."
Elrohir and Glorfindel arrive at the main camp.
*Jumps off and goes running to arwen*
"Sister! I see you are very ill, Sauron is draining your powers throught that ring. If our Grandmother doesn't arrive soon, or if Darous doesn't get the pendant, the ring should find a stronger bearer- just hang in there Arwen, you'll make it, you'll survive."
*walking a bit farther away from the crowd*
"Arwen, i noticed that there is a dark elf here, , , With you. Might you not think that he is helping Sauron?"
"He is not the dark elf ! it's his brother!" Arwen protested.
"It is the dark elf!" -*hands her the letter*
*Arwen talking to her bother*

"Tonight will be dangerous, please be allert. i am weak He'll try to get rid of me, He'll try..."

*Breathing hard*

"......he'll try to take The Ring."

*Lies down*

"I need to rest now, I must be protected. They are coming."
"Silverbollt to me" shouts Darous. Striding over comes Silverbolt"now my friend lets us ride like the devil himself to th destroyed city of Gondolin, there we shall find our prize"
*Calenthang approached Gandalf*
-Where is he going?
-I don't know.I just informed Arwen about him though.
*Calenthang thought up for a second and then he said*
-Everybody left.Who will protect the princess?
*Galadriel, having sensed her kins suffering, made haste for the past days, praying to Eru that she will hang in until her arrival. Now arriving at the campsite, she runs to Arwen*

My dear child, what has overcome you? I feel dark forces at work, ones that sprout from the very essence of evil, Melkor. *She shudders as she speaks his name* I will give you my strength, child, for it is all I know how to give.
*The wind starts blowing srtangely as Galadriel begins to sing an Elven enchantment of old. The trees sway, and the animals rustle in the underbrush as the Tounge of Old is sung slowly and sweetly by the Queen. Many of the words are from Valinor itself, not recognizable by most of the company. A few words are able to be made out*

Ilya lamni, hlare i nulda lambeo, quetea an vala, alta vala. All animals, hear the secret of the word, speaking of power, great power.

*Galadriel continues to sing her song softly, and hopes it will help the burden of the Princess*
As Galadriel casted her spell on Arwen,Calenthang felt a great power floating through him...
Meanwhile, Khamul had recieved orders from Lugzburg that he was to set out immediately from Dol Guldur and find a contact with information. Feeling particularly destructive, he decapitated an orc on his way to the stables...
Glorfindel sits with ease next to Legolas.
"How have you been keeping on this dreadful and dangerous mission, Legolas?"

"Legolas, is something wrong?"
As Galadriel finished her chant new life came into Arwen.

"Galadriel, you came. Am I mortal now? Will I be able to finish the jurney I started? What happened to me? I Could feel the magic leaving but I couldn't understand why....."

*Arwen tries to sit but she is still tired and falls asleep*
Legolas looks at Glorfindel and Rawien.
"Lady Arwen isn't feeling very well. The quest is upon her shoulders, yet she is weak. If she dies, one of us must carry the burden to Mordor and into the mountain of Fire."
Legolas sighs.
"I have a feeling deep in my gut that if Lady Arwen dies, the burden of the One Ring will be put on me or one of you. I also don't trust the Dark Elf. He has a foul look. Like he is waiting for a certain place or point in the journey so he can strike at Lady Arwen. He has already made her weak. He is just waiting for the riht time to take the Ring from Lady Arwen and give it to his Master."
It is true.The Ringwraith is heading this way I can sense it...he is looking for the ring.
*Legolas*-I don't trust the dark elf.He works for Sauron.
*Calenthang*-He is saying the truth.
*Legolas*-And how do you know that?
*Calenthang*-Bacause I followed him.
We must stand and defend here untill Darous returns with the pendant he spoke of.Be at your guard...the Nazgul is near!
We should get Arwen to safety...Lorien is the closest place I can think of.The dark elf,Galadriel and Arwen should leave now.The rest of us must stay here and keep the riders away from Arwen as long as we can.
Ride fast and don't look back!
*Calenthang looked right into Gandalf's eyes*
-Beware of the Elf...I still don't trust him!
*Gandalf noded*
*Calentahg* -Farewell!
Riding hard on the heels of Rawien, Fuinur held aloft Hechara, his axe, and came within striking distance. Just as he was about to swing, Gorwath cut him off.

"What are you doing! Get away!" hissed the Nazgul. Rawien was riding and didn't look back so she didn't she the dark elf intervene.

Meanwhile, as Gandalf, Arwen and company were en route to safety, Khamul and Herumor were trying to overtake them on their right flank. Arwen could definitely sense them now, especially since the leiutenant of Dol Guldur was summonning his malice against them to slow their progress.

"We have to find refuge and take an offensive stand!" shouted Gandalf.

"We can't risk being cornered right now!" Arwen argued. "Conjure up some flares and signal for help."

"We can't give away our position - " Gandalf began, but Arwen cut him off.

"You know as well as I do that they can feel our presence and the power of the ring."

Khamul started slowing down and lingered just behind the party and sent Herumor ahead to cut off their escape. The party's path was cut off from the other end by the icy stream. He couldn't believe his luck. Only five days since setting out from Dol Guldur and now he nearly had his master's desires in his grasp...
*Nuldanqu’ knows as she caught up with the company that she had almost been too late*

My friends, are you all okay? I shall never forgive myself if any of you are hurt.

*She galnces at everyone and sees the impact the journey that has already beset on them. "The fellowship must not fail", she says to herself*


My dear, I have been waiting your arrival. I was in search of you during the Nazgul attack. Arwen is recovering, Sauron worked some of his dark magic. I had to intervine. Manw’ preserved her immortality, but only because he knows of her great task.
*She turns to Arwen and smiles*
You are going to be fine my dear. Everything is going to be fine.

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*Calenthang*-I am happy to finnaly see you Nuldanqu’!
*Nuldanqu’ noded*
Suddenly Calenthang felt something...
-Nazguls...*he shouted*
*Then he ran and took a torch*
-Prepare yourselfs!We are under attack.
Second later four Ringwraiths appeard on the hill near the camp.
*Opening her eyes*

"Galadriel, what's wrong? Something happened. I feel strong again, Let me go, I can fight."

*Arwen got up and took a look at her Pendant, it was shining again*

"The forces of Sauron are low now, we must be into a sacred elvish territory, Galadriel, where are we?"

*Took Her Sword and mounted Asphloth*

"I will fight, I can and I should."

*She rides against one of the Nagzul and the dismounts Asphaloth*

"Fight with me my friends, this is a sacred zone, it won't be long before they feel it too and retire."


*After a while the fights ends and all the Nazgul go away. Arwen calles back her horse and pets it.*

"I'm fine now, We shall stay here untill Darous comes back, This place must be sacred. Send out some scouts. Nuldanqu’, my friend, find out where we are. We will have guards tonight, even if this place is protected evil forces can enter, only for short periods of time. I want to talk to Galadriel."

*Now She speaks alone with galadriel to ask her what happened*

"Tell me, what happened?Where is Gorwath? Am I mortal now? Or now that I have my powers back, I'm immortal again?"

*Arwen stared at Galadriel waiting for an answer*
Legolas walks up to Lady Arwen.
"I will go scout, My Lady."
*Arwen To Legolas*

"very well, be careful. Take Asphaloth with you."

*Arwen calls over her horse and tells him to go with Legolas*
So Darous rode ever onward never stopping,never resting until disiaster struck. From the treeline a arrowshot forth and its aim was true.
It struck Silverbolt and the wound was fatal. As Darous fell to the ground, he readyed hiself for battle. But no attack came. He inspected the arrow.
"D**n these accursed orcs, now Silverbolt is dead and I will lose much time in my search my search. But why have the orcs not attacked...this is very strange but I must continue on."
Darous ran across the plains and barren lands when suddenley a great shadow past over him. he prepared himself, then a voice spoke.
"You shall have no need of your axe Darous son of Rion"
Darous looked puzzled"who said that and how do you know mine and my fathers name?"
And there before him landed a great eagle." I am Gwaihir and I come to offer my services on your journey.And to answer your first question me and my fellow eagles have watched you travelling these lands for many years. And we also know that you carry Gurthang the Iron of Death at your side"
"But enough now we shall fly to the ruins of the hidden city, for you are now without horse and the journey would take to long for you to travel by foot. So jump upon my back and let us begin."
So as Gwaihir flew to the ruins, Darous looked around in wonder.
"How I envy you Gwaihir to see this wonderous site everytime you take to the air."
"Yes that it is but..." and a look on anguish came over
Gwaihir as he spoke"unfortnately a dark cloud looms over this wonderous place... the dark cloud of Mordor. Even now it spues forth from the mountains, destroying all life that is good in its path. Leaving the landscape a sad and barren place."
Gwwaihir paused for a moment "The sooner the one ring is destroyed the better. Then Middle-Earth shall know true peace."
"Gwaihir set me down now we our here" shouts Darous "I will not belong"
So Darous enters the ruins and walks where no one has walked for untold centuries. "Ah here it is now to return to the company."
As Darous leaves with Gwaihir an elderly figure emerges from the ruins. "So it is done now I can return to the west"
As Darous rides back Gwaihir tells him of what the company has done. And soon he arrives.
"Arwen I am sorry that I took this long but I was attacked but thankfully Gwaihir was watching over me and now the pendant of Shalid"
"Thank you Darous, with this I am strenghten even more and I return your sword to you. Now rest for a short while and then we move on."
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